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So Black and White have been out for a while, and I thoroughly enjoying mine. The story was pretty good, and a lot better than in the past games. Heh, never thought I'd play a pokemon game and be most interested in the story. It was like playing the manga Pokemon Special, in my opinion, though I haven't read the B/W chapters yet.

Anyway, I've got a heads up on the Gym Leader for the next city. When I first planned it, there was no one but Deidara from Iwa who I have other plans for, but now, we're starting to see more from that village in the manga. I've decided to make the Gym Leader one of them. However, I've decided that so I don't let the ideas submitted go to waste, I'm going to be using the ideas as opponents in future chapters, such as filler in tournament chapters(I've got more than a few planned), random "trainer-of-the-days", and such. I'll also use other ones I'll ask you guys for in the future. As for who the Gym Leader will be, well I'm not gonna tell you yet, but they'll be appearing within the next few chapters.

And enough of my ramblings. Onto the story.

It was the next day, and the group continued down the path. As they walked, they evetually came to the entrance of a town, which was known simply as Mountain Town, the name coming from the fact that it was situated right near the base of Mt. Iwa, and was frequented by trainers getting ready to make their way over the way over the mountain. "Alright! Now that we're here, I'm one step closer to my next badge!" Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"Pix!" Vulpix chimed in at his side.

"Naruto is quite excited." Lee stated.

"Hes like this everyday. Everything he does is 'one step closer' to his next badge." Sakura commented.

"Even so, I can only admire his passion. My master taught that having such passion and decation towards a goal allows one to grow even stronger!" he stated, putting his own passion into the explanation, a metaphoracal inferno blazing behind him. "That is the power of youth!"

"Personally, I think it just gets really annoying after a while..." Sakura commented, having completely ignored Lee's speech.

"We should probably head to the Pokemon Center first." Neji said. "We can rest up there and start heading up the mountain first thing tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me. I wanna relax a bit before we head out." Tenten agreed.

"Well, I'd rather get going as soon as possible, but I guess we could stay the night." Naruto said. "I'm starving though, so lets get something to eat, too."

"Vulpix!" his partner agreed.

As they walked into town, a particular sign caught Sakura's eye. Walking over to read it, she shrieked with delight as she got a good look at it. "Guys! Come here!" she called over to them, and they did as asked.

"Whats up, Sakura?" Tenten asked.

"Look at this sign!" she said as she pointed right at it. The sign read 'While in town, visit our local hot springs! There free all week!'

"Hot springs?" Naruto questioned.

"The point is that they're free! We just have to go!" Sakura said. "There are few things in this world more relaxing than hot springs!"

"Free, huh? It would be pretty relaxing, so maybe we should stop by." Tenten agreed.

"Well, I guess we could since we're spending the night." Naruto said.

"We have to head there right after the Pokemon Center!" Sakura said as she lifted up Eevee. "You're looking forward to relaxing in the hot springs, right Eevee?"

"Wow, I don't usually see Sakura get like this." Naruto commented.

"Yeah. Sure, she gets exited for contests, but she never got like this." Tenten added. "Shes practically ecstatic."

A little while after, the group of five walked through the entrance of the town's Pokemon Center, and inside, they saw a few familiar faces at the front desk.

"Thanks for healing our pokemon, Nurse Shizune." Ino thanked the nurse.

"It was no problem at all. You three have a nice day." she replied.

"Ino?" Sakura said, surprised to see her old friend and rival here.

"Sakura? Imagine running into you and your friends here." Ino said as she walked over to the group. "And it looks like you've got two more with you than last time."

"Friends of yours?" Neji asked Naruto.

"Sorta. Thats Ino, Sakura's rival, and her friends are Shikamaru and Chouji." the blonde replied.

"Greetings, friend of Sakura." Lee said as he stepped forward. "My name is Rock Lee."

Ino briefly flinched at the sight of his eyebrows, but quickly recovered. "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Ino, and thats Shikamaru and Chouji." she pointed to the two with her, Shikamaru nodded lazily while Chouji continued to eat from his bag of chips. Ino then turned her attention back to Sakura. "So, I bet I know what your plans are while you're in town." she said with a knowing grin.

"Of course you do. Knowing you, you've got the same plans." Sakura said.

"The hot springs!" they both said exitedly in unison.

"Those two are acting frendlier than last time." Naruto commented to Tenten.

"Its because there isn't a Contest or anything going on right now." Shikamaru said as he walked over to them with Chouji following. "From what I've heard, they've always been like that. They get along great most of the time, but when they're competing against each other at anything, then they're both at the others throat."

"Just wait until those two are competing in a Contest together again." Chouji added. "Thats when sparks are gonna fly between them."

"I see..." Tenten said.

"Naruto! Tenten!" Sakura called out to the two, already standing at the front desk with Neji and Lee. Eevee and her pokeballs were already set onto the table. "Lets hurry and get our pokemon healed, then we can head over to the hot springs with Ino and the others!"

"Uh, right." Naruto said, still surprised by the girl's enthusiasm.

Later on, once their pokemon had been healed, the group now stood outside the entrance to the town's hot springs.

"Hey, I was wondering. Why are these free all week anyway?" Naruto asked the rest of the group.

"Apparently, the springs are 'at their best right now' and the town is celebrating something, though no one is saying what." Shikamaru elaborated.

"Oh, who cares about all of that anyway. Lets just go in and relax!" Ino said as she headed inside and was quickly followed by Sakura. The others then followed in behind them. "Hi, three girls and five guys." she said, and the receptionist handed them the appropriate passes. After that, they all split up and went into the dressing room for their gender.

In this boy's side, the five of them all walked in, and found a place to sit down and bathed in the relaxing waters. "Aaahhhhh. You know, maybe Sakura was on to something. I wasn't too interested earlier, but this is pretty nice." Naruto said, then looked to his side where Vulpix was partially submerged. The fox pokemon had its eyes closed with a look of content. "Heh, I guess the water is perfect for even a fire-type like you, buddy."

"Hm, I see. This hot spring is as relaxing for our pokemon as it is for us. Well then, come out, Hitmonlee!" Lee said as he threw a pokeball and his own partner came out. "Hitmonlee, let us both relax and enjoy the soothing waters of this hot spring together!" he loudly declared

"Hitmonleeee!" the pokemon replied and they both sat into the hot water side by side.

"People are staring." Shikamaru commented, pointing out how the other males in the springs seemed to be staring at Lee after his little speech to his pokemon.

"Yes, he does have a way with drawing unnecessary attention, doesn't he..." Neji groaned.

As the five humans and two pokemon relaxed in water for a while, Naruto looked over at Shikamaru. "Oh yeah, thats right. I wanted to thank you for giving me the heads up about the Mist City Gym Leader's type." he said.

"It was no problem." Shikamaru replied lazily.

"Of course, only my Bulbasaur had the advange there. But I managed to beat him in the end."

"Yeah well, good for you."

"So since you knew about the type, I take it you're trying for the Pokemon League as well, right?"

"Yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to."

"You don't really seem to enthusiastic about it. Don't you want to win it if you're aiming for it?"

"Not really. I couldn't care less whether I win it or not."

"Then why are you even trying in the first place?" Naruto asked. He couldn't believe the guy before him.

"Well, theres a very good reason for that." Chouji interjected. "His parents kicked him out of the house because hes such a slacker."


"His mom said 'you're not allowed back until you've become a great trainer!' and forced him to travel with me and Ino when we all got our first pokemon together."

"Don't tell them that!" Shikamaru said.

In the girls side, Sakura and Ino sat near the edge. "Aaahhhh. It feels so nice." Sakura and Ino let out in unison as they soaked in the hot water of the springs.

"I'm actually glad you convinced us to come Sakura." Tenten said. "This is a lot more relaxing than I expected."

"Yeeaaah..." Sakura said. "Oh, by the way, how have you been doing lately, Ino? Win any more contests?"

Ino sighed. "Unfortunately, no. I've only entered one since I saw you last, but I didn't win. Made it to the last round, but my opponent beat me. So I'm still at just two ribbons." she said.

"Thats too bad."

"Yeah, tell me about it. I forget her name though." Ino groaned. "So, how have you been doing?"

"Me? Well, I'm glad you asked." Sakura said proudly. "I've also been in one contest since I saw you last, and in it, I won my very first ribbon."

"Hey, good job!" Ino congratulated her. "Makes sure you get four more. It wouldn't feel right winning the Grand Festival if I didn't get to compete against you in it." she said with a smirk.

"Gee, what a coincidence, I was thinking the same thing, only it involved me winning it." Sakura replied with a smirk of her own.

"Here we go..." Tenten said as she rolled her eyes. As she looked around the spring, she saw women of many different ages around, from a bit younger than her, to much older. As she did, she caught sight of something in one of the decorative bushes.

As the boys were relaxing on the other side, they suddenly heard a shout, followed by large a number of loud shrieks from the girl's side, and then followed by more shouting. "What is going on over there?" Lee asked with concern.

"I don't know. But the girls could be in trouble!" Naruto said.

"What? Oh no!" And without a moments hesitation, the two began to quickly scale the dividing wall between the two sides, and at remarkable speed no less.

"Sakura! Tenten! Are you ok-" Naruto began to ask, when a bair of buckets flew at the two boys and hit them in the face, and they fell back to floor and fell unconcious.

"...I think maybe we should have tried to stop them." Chouji said.

"Somehow, I doubt they would have listened to reason." Neji stated.

Sakura sighed, though she didn't look back as she held her towel tightly to her body. "Those two idiots. What did they think was going to happen." she said. She and the others hadn't thrown the buckets, but other women in the spring had. Considering the situation, the other women were not in a good mood.

"How did a pervert even get into the women's springs anyway?" Ino asked, also holding her towel to her body as tightly as possible. Ino was of course refering to the man that Tenten had discovered hiding in the decorative bushes.

Meanwhile, as the other women were frantically running around the spring, trying to get out of the area, one girl was actually running towards the peeper that had been discovered in the bush. "I'm not going to let you get away with this, whoever you are!" Tenten declared, then held out a pokeball, glad that she had brought it in with her. She never went anywhere without the pokemon she kept in it. "Go, Skarmory!" she shouted, and her armor bird pokemon flew out. "Get him with Aerial Ace!" she called out, and her pokemon used said attack as it flew at the man in the bushes.

"Uh oh, things aren't looking to good right now..." the man said as he leaped up, his face concealed by a mask. "Better take care of this. Toxicroak, go!" he said as he threw a pokeball, and out came a purple toad-like pokemon that stood on its hind legs. "Use Brick Break!" the man called out, and his pokemon chopped the steel bird as it got close, sending it flying away and into the dividing wall. Skarmory managed to get up, but it stumbled a bit; it wasn't out yet, but it was clearly left very weak from the attack.

"Woah... What a powerful attack..." Tenten let out in amazement, but quickly recovered as she recalled her goal. "Skarmory, can you still fight?" she asked her pokemon and recieved a nod of confirmation from the armor bird. "Good. Then lets hit that Toxicroak with Aerial Ace!" she called out, and her pokemon took back to the sky and flew at the other pokemon.

"Not backing down, huh? Well then, Toxicroak, use Thunderpunch!" the man called out, and toxic mouth pokemon struck Skarmory with an electrified fist, and sent it flying into the divider once more. This time though, it was down for the count.

"Skarmory!" Tenten called out to her unconscious partner.

"And I'll be making my exit now." the man said as he made his way towards the exit, only to have his path barred by two girls. "Huh?"

Sakura and Ino, now fully clothed after having left to get dressed while Tenten had attempted to attack the intruding pervert. "Don't think for a second that we're gonna let you get away." Ino said as she pulled out a pokeball, her anger evident in her tone.

"Not only did you ruin our relaxing bath in the springs, but you were peaking on us and all the other women inside." Sakura said as she also pulled out one of her own pokeballs. She sounded just as furious as Ino.

"Well, if it makes you girls feel any better, I wasn't really looking at you. My attention was on some of the more developed beauties." the masked man said. They both ignored him as they threw their pokeballs.

"Go, Torchic!"

"Come out, Tepig!"

Sakura's Torchic came out of its ball, and was joined by an orange and black pig.

"Look you two, can't we just forget this whole thing ever happened, and let me be on my way?"

"Torchic, use Ember!" Sakura called out, and her pokemon shot a several small fireballs from its mouth, which the opposing Toxicroak easily leaped aside to dodge.

"Flame Charge, Tepig!" Ino called out, and her pokemon ran at Toxicroak as its whole body was lit aflame. But it easily dodged this attack as well, and landed near its trainer.

"Don't yougirls think that two against one is a little unfair?" the man asked.

"Shut up!" both girls responded in sync.

The man sighed. "Well, since you two aren't giving me much choice, I guess I'm going to have to force my way out of here." he said, his tone becoming serious, and he looked over to his Pokemon, who gave him a nod. "Okay Toxicroak, lets give em a taste of your toxic!" he called out and his Pokemon spit out a disgusting purple liquid towards the two fire type Pokemon. They dodged it, but just barely, and were also now surrounded by the sheer amount it had spit up. "Now that we taken care of that, Toxicroak, use your Rock Smash!" the man called out, and his pokemon ran foward as its fist began to glow, ready to hit its target. However, it ran past both fire Pokemon, and kept going and hit the dividing wall with a powerful punch, causing a large portion of it to shatter.

"What the...?" Ino let out. She was confused by what the poison and fighting tye pokemon had just done.

"Well, that takes care of that." the man said and quickly made his way towards the hole his pokemon had created in the dividing wall. "This was fun, but lets hope we don't have to do this again!"

"Wait!" Sakura called out as she and Ino chased after him, but immediately oulled back in embarrassment. They didn't want to go any further; they didn't want to go into the men's side. The man meanwhile had his Toxicroak create another hole in the wall on the other side.

"Another daring escape!" the man said as he removed his man, and a thick mane of long, spiky white hair was set free.

His Pokemon was a bit less amused, and gave him a quick, light jab.

"Hey, I didn't get caught, and thats all that matters!" the man defended himself, and his Toxicroak gave him a blank stare. "Hey, let me enjoy myself for a bit! I don't have to meet them until tomorrow, so I had to keep busy somehow! Whats the harm?"

His Toxicroak then made several motions with his hands, and then a punching action, and then feigned being hit with a powerful attack.

"Yeah, you're right. If Tsunade found out what I was doing she would hurt me pretty bad..." the man said with a shudder. "Well, Jiraiya has had his fun for the day anyway. Lets set up camp for the night, and we'll set out up the mountain to meet up with the others first thing tomorrow."

Meanwhile, at the foot of Mt. Iwa, Tayuya, Kimimaro, and Sneasel stood there. Kimimaro then pulled out a picture, and a paper with their orders written on it.

"So, we're gonna find that thing here?" Tayuya asked as she looked over the boy's shoulder at the image.

"Yes. The boss's information is very reliable." Kimimaro replied. "A Heatran is definitely somewhere in this mountain."

"Just wait until we get that thing!" Sneasel said.

"Ayway, theres a Team Sound hidden base thats been set up nearby. We're supposed to go there and recieve further instructions."

There's the eighteenth chapter. Theres no other way to introduce Jiraiya but a hot spings chapter. But I bet you were surprised to see Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji again. I want to have all the main characters make regular appearances, so you never know when them, or Kiba, or Shino, or Hinata, or Gaara's group, or any other reccuring characters could show up.

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