Hakuba gave an uncharacteristic grin as Kaito entered the room. Hiding a few stray giggles behind his hand he straightened his face and forced himself to calm down. Kaito walked over to his desk and with a flip of Aoko's skirt began a normal, daily routine.

The closer it got to lunch the quicker Hakuba's heart raced. The more he thought and rethought his plan of action, the more he was beginning to doubt it. He would finally get back at Kaito for all his pranks and embarrassing tricks on him. Not to mention for being KID and embarrassing the whole task force...

The bell for lunch rang and Hakuba grabbed his bento. Then he sat himself down by an old oak tree. Aoko and Keiko followed and sat by him, then came Kaito and Akako. He opened his bento and looked down at it. Predictably a puff of smoke was seen and a 'poof' was heard. Kaito was then seen munching on some chocolate covered something-or-other as Hakuba watched with a grin. Aoko turned to him with a question...

"Why are you not mad at him?" She asks watching Kaito closely to see if he's poisoned or something of the sort.

"Hey, Haku-chan. What is this? It's pretty good. Here try some Aoko." Kaito said popping another in his mouth and handing Aoko one. Aoko nibbled on it slowly watching for Hakuba's reaction.

"Take a guess." He says eyes alight with joy.


"And...?" Hakuba asks laughing

"I don't know, but I do know I've had it before..." She says swallowing the bite down almost painfully. "It's not a very good combination. What IS it?" She asks a look of almost disgust on her face.

"Chocolate covered Fish." Hakuba says laughing hard, as Kaito turns from white to blue and then green.


This Idea came to me at the dinner table actually. My mom tried some foreign food and didn't like it. She said it was sweet but not sweet like a cake sweet but like something that's not supposed to be sweet, sweet. So we listed a few things that weren't supposed to be sweet like hamburgers and fries ect... Then she said, "Fish, but not like teriyaki fish more like chocolate covered fish..." And so then I was wondering 'what would happen if Hakuba fed Kaito Chocolate covered fish...?' And...This fic was born! Tell me what you think! Should I make it a tad bit longer?