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Disgaea: When Netherworlds Collide

King Laharl sat upon his throne, waiting. How he hated waiting. His fingers rapped impatiently upon the armrest. My vassal should be back by now, he thought irritably, what's taking him so long? He let out a wide yawn, the force of which shook the chamber within his castle, causing some lesser demon servants to stir, daring not to look like they weren't busy doing something. Laharl rested his head in his right hand, the ring finger of which bore the signet of the overlord. His index finger began to tap upon the side of his head as he continued his wait.

Several minutes later, a figure suddenly appeared below his throne, kneeling. "Lord Laharl, I have returned," his deep voice came.

"About time," Laharl grumbled, making no effort whatsoever to conceal his impatience. It was Ricon, one of his most loyal vassals. A master of the shinobi arts, he was a formidable force in battle, and his abilities as a scout were unmatched among Overlord Laharl's servants. "Well, did you find anything?" Laharl asked gruffly.

"I discovered an old gate on Blackness Peak that was releasing the strange energy we detected not too long ago," Ricon reported. "I do not know who built it, or where it leads, but it appears to be broken down."

"Broken down?" Laharl said with an air of disappointment. "Can it be repaired?"

"I believe so, if we brought a skilled repair team, and a dimensional gatekeeper to operate it."

"Hmhmhmm...good. Fetch Zaeon, and tell her to assemble a repair team."

"At once, my lord." Ricon stood up, bowed, then disappeared in a flash.

Where could this gate lead? Laharl wondered. Wherever it lead, there must be something powerful living on the other end for it to emanate that strong demonic power he had sensed all the way from the castle. The thought of it made Laharl grin with excitement. If I defeat whatever's on the other side, I will truly prove my power as the greatest Overlord in all the netherworld.

"Haaaaahahahahahaha!" Laharl laughed out loud, startling some nearby prinnies.

Fallen Angel Flonne was tending to a garden of flowers she had planted in the palace courtyard. It was an open air layer of the castle that stuck out like an oversized balcony. The large crescent moon shone brightly in the starry netherworld sky, as Flonne cheerfully sprinkled water upon some yellow and purple flowers. She suddenly felt a presence behind her and spun around hastily, spraying water everywhere. "Oh! You scared me!" squeaked Flonne.

Standing there was Zaeon, the royal attendant. She was no taller than Flonne, with curled golden hair tied into french braids. Her dreamy blue eyes reflected the moon's light, like two crystal mirrors. Zaeon's sunrise-blue gown was now partially wet from the spray of Flonne's watering can. "Oh, I'm sorry." Flonne apologized.

"It's alright, mistress Flonne." Zaeon reassured dreamily. Due to her mild and polite demeanour, sometimes it was hard to believe she was a demon. Then again, as Flonne had learned, demons were capable of love and kindness, even manners too.

"Please, you don't have to call me that. Just 'Flonne' is fine."

"You remind me so much of her..." Zaeon trailed thoughtfully. "I cannot help but address you like I did her."

"Excuse me, but who?" Flonne leaned forward curiously.

"The late Queen, Lord Laharl's mother. I was her attendant when she lived here in the palace."

"Oh..." Flonne trailed into reminiscence of the woman whom she had met in prinny form. It was her that had given Flonne medicine when she had lost her pendant, back when the demonic aura of the Netherworld was too potent for her as an angel trainee. Now that she had become a Fallen Angel though, this was no longer a problem. Laharl's mother had passed on now, with the rest of the prinnies who were fortunate enough during the last Red Moon.

"Are you alright, miss Flonne?" Zaeon inquired, noticing Flonne's vacant expression.

"Oh, sorry, I'm fine." Flonne blushed, shaking her head out of the clouds. "I just got lost in thought."

Zaeon smiled and turned to face the flowers by the open end of the courtyard, where the night sky twinkled agelessly. "My Lady would have been happy to see this garden. It's very beautiful."

"Thank you," Flonne beamed. "I thought the palace could use some pretty flowers to cheer everyone up."

Zaeon continued to smile serenely. Though Flonne had become part-demon, her simple, angelic demeanour hadn't changed at all.

Just then, a loud sneeze issued from behind a bush with scarlet blooms. Out stepped a tall, lean male demon with wild white hair, and was wrapped in dark ninja garb covering most of his features. "Zaeon, I have orders from Lord Laharl," he stated, rubbing his nose.

"Oh Ricon, are you OK?" Flonne asked in concern, noticing the shinobi's passive eyes were watery and slightly red.

"Allergies." Ricon sniffled.

"Oh my..." Flonne said dismally, never imagining her flower garden could cause harm.

"What is Lord Laharl's command?" Zaeon prompted mildly, but held a serious attention for the response.

"You are to gather a dimensional gate repair team, and report to His Highness at once." Ricon continued to rub his nose, wishing he had tissues instead of kunai in his back pocket.

"Very well, I will go at once." Zaeon bowed politely to both of them, then turned and left the courtyard. Her light footfalls were heard until she disappeared down a hallway, out of hearing range.

Flonne felt sorry for the pollen-intolerant ninja, and reached for a handkerchief she kept in her dress pocket. But once she had produced it, Ricon was nowhere to be seen. Alone once again in her courtyard of flowers, the Fallen Angel let out a lonely sigh.

A small flock of prinnies trotted down the red draped hallway of the palace. The thumping of their peg legs upon the carpeted stone palace floor could be heard like the sound of a small troop of soldiers marching on stilts. Held in front of them were large silver plates the size of tires, bearing chocolates, cakes, and other sweets. They were bantering indignantly amongst themselves as they usually did.

"Why does master Etna need all these sweets? There's enough here to feed a small army, dood."

"Don't ask me, dood. But one thing's for sure, she's not gonna share 'em."

"Careful dood! Don't drop any, or she'll have our hides!"

"Do you think she'd notice if we just snuck a couple?..."

"Dood, are you crazy? I'm not taking any chances. She only orders this much when she's depressed or grumpy. I sure don't want to be on her bad side when she's like that. It's suicide, dood!"

"If she pigs out like this so often, I'm surprised she isn't fat and bloated. Now that would be a funny sight, dood."

The prinnies began to chuckle amongst themselves at the thought of their tyrannical master round and inflated like a giant beach ball.

"What's so fuuunny?" a high, playful voice came from down the hallway. Ahead of them, peering at them from behind a corner, was a young female demon, with cascading blue hair that nearly touched the floor. Though relieved it was not their master Etna, the prinnies were still alarmed at the sight of Nikka, also one of Etna's vassals. Her innocent face concealed mischief and slyness.

"N-nothing's funny, dood. Nothing at all," one of the prinnies insisted in vain.

"Oooohhh! Watcha got there? Are those chocolates?" Nikka hustled down the hall toward the plate-bearing prinnies, arms swaying girlishly. She wore a frilled navy blue dress that widened out beyond the waist, ending just above her knees, and a frilly hair band with ribbons tied to the side that made her look like a classy maid. Her white stockinged legs ended in a pair of red shoes. Her ocean blue eyes were fixed greedily upon the nearest plate of sweets.

The prinnies backed up as an apprehensive unit. "These are for master Etna, dood!"

"Just a couple..." Nikka bent over one of the plates, an eager hand held towards a small dark chocolate ├ęclair.

"No way dood, I don't wanna be turned into a skewered roast tonight." The prinny holding the plate turned it away from Nikka's nabbing fingers.

"Awww, too bad," Nikka pouted, turning away. "Guess I'll just have to go and tell mistress Etna what you said about her..." She slowly began to walk off.

"N-no! Wait, dood!" The effectively blackmailed prinnies began to cluster around her, each holding out a sugary offering. "Just a couple, OK dood?"

Nikka giggled triumphantly and cutely popped some chocolate into her mouth, noisily savouring the flavour. After having more than a couple of sweets, she bid a triumphant 'bye-bye!' and happily pranced out of the hallway.

"It just sucks to be us, dood," one prinny indicated direly.

After re-arranging the sugary morsels on the plates to hide the absence of Nikka's indulgences, the prinnies marched stiff-beaked into Etna's chamber. It was a lavishly decorated room in the palace, lined with pink and black drapings, and a heart-shaped mattress in the center, on top of which Etna was lazily reclined. "About time you got here. You shouldn't keep a girl waiting," Etna scolded.

"Here's what you ordered, dood." The prinnies trotted up to their mistress, presenting their burden as if serving royalty. For all-practical purposes, they were. One by one they placed the plates onto the mattress before her. Etna grinned with delight at the many sweet morsels before her. She began to sample them, issuing a loud 'mmmmm!' of approval. The prinnies began to slowly back out of the room, hoping Etna would be too distracted to notice their absence.

"Hey! Something's missing here!" Etna declared indignantly.

The prinnies instantly froze in their tracks, breaking into a nervous sweat. Their peg legs clanked together like a nervous drumstick solo.

"Oh, there it is!" Etna pulled one plate closer that was out of her view, bearing a quadruple chocolate cake. She produced a bizarrely large fork, and began devouring it.

Each prinny let out a mutual sigh of relief as they quickly exited their mistress' chamber. "That was too close, dood. I thought we were goners."

"Yeah, I thought for sure she would have noticed some were missing, dood."

"Now that you mention it, I thought there were fewer ├ęclairs than I ordered."

The prinnies nearly jumped out of their skins from the sound of Etna's voice right behind them. As if in slow-mo, they spun around to find their mistress towering over them, bearing her spear, the mighty Longinus, and a sadistic grin that told them they were beyond dead meat.

"W-ww-w-w-wait dood! W-we can explain." pleaded a prinny, sinking lower still.

"Oh really? Well that's too bad. I'm in a bad mood today, so I really don't feel like listening. Since I don't have all the sweets I ordered, I'll just have to take out the rest of my bad mood on you," Etna said with sweet sadism.

Hustling down the hall, Zaeon heard faint screaming and crashing noises in the direction of Etna's wing of the palace. This was not unusual, especially recently, and Zaeon was too busy to investigate anyway. She had to hurry and gather a dimensional gate repair team for her master.

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