Chapter 19: Seventeen Years and Two Months Later

Chapter 19: Seventeen Years and Two Months Later

The entire castle was up at the crack of dawn. There were many details that needed to be finished in order for Lady Alianore's bonding later that night. Being the only daughter to their Lord and Lady everything had to be extra special.

Harry awoke to an empty bed. Figuring Hermione went directly to Ali's room, he got up and began to get ready for the emotional day ahead. As he stood in the shower memories came flooding back.


There was no time to return to Potter Castle. Hermione was in labor and minutes away from giving birth. Harry made Hermione as comfortable as he could. While she had a death grip on his various parts of his body, Nicholas returned to the castle for Morgana. The old woman seemed to know that she was needed as she was already waiting for someone to take her to her Lady when Nicholas appeared. The other Potter women were also waiting. Ginny gave him a quick kiss and hug.

"Tell Hermione that someone will bring her parents here. Everything will be ready for when they all return."

"How did you know?"

"Morgana. She said that Hermione was in labor but that she couldn't be moved right now."

Nicholas had no idea how the old woman knew and had learned never to question her about such things. The answers were worse than the questions.

Nicholas and Morgana went to Riddle manor. She literally shooed everyone away, except their poor Lord, who looked like he was going to collapse at any minute.

Behind closed doors everyone heard their Lady threaten their Lord with everything from a simple stinging hex to full body mutilation. Andrew grinned when Hermione yelled that Harry had better think twice before he touched her again. The cry of a baby was soon heard afterwards.

Minutes later Harry came out of the room with a blanket wrapped bundle. A small baby was quietly looking at her father as he showed her to his family. No one saw Victoria as she turned the corner. She let out a screech that started the baby crying. Andrew practically flew over to her and restrained her.

"NO! It wasn't supposed to live! My grandchild is supposed to be the new Lord or Lady!"

Andrew quickly silenced the harpy. "Harry, allow me to deal with her. I promise you that she will not bother you or the family again. Her betrayal is evident."

"Do as you will Andrew, I trust you in this."

Whatever Andrew did to her was never discovered, not that anyone asked. She was never seen or heard from again.

Once Junior and Hermione were home in Potter castle, Harry turned his attention to the other traitors in his family. Draco was executed by Harry, only after he revealed who had helped him. Four guards were dispatched for Crabbe and Goyle, who tried to blame two first years. Harry saw through that and punished them accordingly. He gave them as slaves to Morgana. She made sure that they saw every gory and disgusting thing that she could. No one hurt her Lord and Lady and got away with it.

Nicola was spared until the birth of her two children, a boy and girl. Both children carried the characteristics of all three parents. She was then executed by Harry. The children were in the care of Severus and Narcissa, a surprising arrival.

End of Flashback

Harry shook his head. Never in a million years would he have thought that Narcissa Malfoy would show up at his door asking for sanctuary subsequently helping raise her two grandchildren. It truly surprised everyone when she and Snape had married just before the twins, Salem and Sarah, turned one. They were the oddest couple of the castle but the love they radiated was strong and left no doubts. Harry still chuckled over how Snape had acted over the last year while Narcissa was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Marissa. That child had her parents and her siblings at her beck and call. But Harry could see that she wasn't going to be spoiled like Draco had been.

Harry finished his shower and got dressed. He went into the sitting room where Meghan had just finished placing his breakfast on the table. A second placement was also there.

"My Lord."

"Will Hermione be joining me?"

"No, my Lord. She is with Lady Alianore. Lord Longbottom wishes to join you."

"That's fine. The boys?'

"Have eaten and are with Lord Nicholas in the training courtyard with his sons, since Lady Ginny is with the other women in Lady Alianore's room. Lord Nathanial has his hands full at the moment, as Lady Pavarti and Lady Lavendar have left him with their children while they join the others."

Harry let out a chuckle. Apparently Nate had done or said something that made his two mates leave him in charge of their six girls. Harry was sure that they would join their mothers soon enough, but not before teaching their father a lesson.

A knock on the door interrupted Harry's thoughts. The door opened to reveal that Neville had arrived.

"Come on in, Nev."

"Thanks, Harry."

Neville Longbottom, Professor of Herbology for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat down next to his future father-in-law.

They talked of neutral things as they ate. Finally Harry looked at Neville and said, "Nev, I'm going to tell you what Hermione's dad told me just before I Bonded with Hermione. Just promise me that you will protect, cherish, and love her and I might not have to hurt you. If you ever hurt her, no power on earth will save you from me."

"I give you my vow that your daughter will never be hurt by me. I find that I love her too much. If I ever did I probably would kill myself before anyone else could."

Harry nodded. "Good. Now that the father threatening the son-in-law is done, I can say that I have never been more surprised then when Ali told me who her mate was."

"You! Try me! I was her professor! I watched her grow up! Hell I helped changed her nappies! Now I'm bonding with her and I have never been happier in my life."

Harry had to laugh as Neville went off. All of it was true. He had known Ali since she was born. Everyone, including Ali, were totally surprised when after she went through her inheritance, she ended up with more of the Vampire genes. Her senses told her that her Herbology Professor and friend to her parents was her mate. She had tried to deny the feelings for over a week and nearly went into a blood frenzy before admitting to who her mate was. It had taken two months of 'dating' before they accepted their fate. Though Neville had stated that he would not Bond with her while she was still a student. They would wait until Ali graduated. It was the only thing that he wouldn't give into. Thus the 'dating'.

The two old friend finished their breakfast and then headed down to the training area. Harry noted that his three sons, James, Sirius, and Remus, along with Salem and Remus' and Tonks son, Teddy, were off to the side plotting.

"Think that they're planning something for the ceremony or the dinner afterwards?" asked Neville. As a professor he had learned to spot trouble from a distance.

"If they don't want their mothers on them they better not. Not to mention Ali if she gets a hold of them."

Neville shivered slightly. Ali's temper was legendary. She had Hermione's brain to remember dozens of spells and Harry's power and precision. Neville didn't want to be on the end of that temper if he could help it. He planned on making Ali happy by never having her lose her temper on him. Others were fine, just not him.

As the two watched the training Harry leaned over to Neville.

"Just promise me one thing."


"Don't make me a Grandpa too soon. I'm not ready for that."

"I think that you might be too late for that."