Caught in the Rain

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. That honor belongs to Tite Kubo.

Warnings: Spoilers for the Soul Society Arc and beyond

#01 - Air

The breeze tugs at his haori as she smiles and takes his hand, fingers twining together.

#02 - Apples

Her mouth is soft and familiar against his, breath impossibly sweet.

#03 - Beginning

Jyuushiro doesn't know when it really started, but he swears that it will never end.

#04 - Bugs

The jigokuchou lands on his finger, dainty but strong, and he doesn't even need to hear its message to know who sent it.

#05 - Coffee

He always wakes first, bright and cheery and ready to face the day; she still can't figure out how he does it.

#06 - Dark

Night has long ago fallen, but he doesn't move from his spot on the floor, her head cradled in his lap and his fingers stroking her hair.

#07 - Despair

Rukia loves him in the rain, loves that his tears flow just as freely as hers.

#08 - Doors

Jyuushiro pauses in the doorway, watching her throw a pillow at his best friend and grinning as she proceeds to beat him with his own fan.

#09 - Drink

Shunsui brings him home, and it takes both of them to put him to bed, but thankfully, she's the only one he tries to kiss.

#10 - Duty

Byakuya gives him a glare that could scorch ice, but it eases when he realizes just how happy this man makes his sister.

#11 - Earth

It's not Ichigo or even Ishida-san who is the last left, and he sits with her by Orihime-chan's bedside as they wait for her to come home.

#12 - End

Her kimono is white, hair elegantly styled, and eyes only for him.

#13 - Fall

She falls, falling, fallen… but he's always there to catch her when she needs him the most.

#14 - Fire

Skin against skin and his name on her tongue as heat races through his veins.

#15 - Flexible

Shunsui's eyebrows wiggle with implications, but Jyuushiro just smirks.

#16 - Flying

He soars, legs wrapped around his waist and her mouth on his.

#17 - Food

He has trouble looking at strawberries and cream the same way afterwards.

#18 - Foot

Ichigo just shakes his head and reaches under the table to redirect the toes on his calf to the person next to him.

#19 - Grave

They talk about it more than most couples, but he only ever sees determination on her face.

#20 - Green

That particular shade is magnificent on him but even better as she takes it off.

#21 - Head

"I know that look," Shunsui comments, "and you always were a stubborn man once you have an idea stuck in your mind."

#22 - Hollow

She wonders sometimes, thinks about what he would do if she doesn't make it home one day.

#23 - Honor

"You will ask Rukia what she wants and will accept that answer and no other," Byakuya commands with his strictest tone.

#24 - Hope

They don't name him Kaien, but both swear that they can see the same fire burning behind his eyes.

#25 - Light

He knows that gleam, that cast to her face, and the way her lips pull as she gazes at him.

#26 - Lost

One glance is enough to make her forget herself.

#27 - Metal

There's a sharp clink as her sword meets his, and he is gracious enough to give her time to recover.

#28 - New

Her little hands and fingers are so incredibly tiny, and he stares at her with awe as his wife gentle soothes the bundle in her arms.

#29 - Old

Genryuusai-sensei gives him a look, but Jyuushiro can see the amusement tugging at his mouth.

#30 - Peace

He just lies next to her, watching the rise and fall of her chest.

#31 - Poison

The tea is clearly dangerous, but he still drinks what his daughter offers him, brow lifting as his wife laughs behind her hand.

#32 - Pretty

The other women glare, but Rukia smiles in return, fingers naughtily toying with the edge of his haori.

#33 – Rain

Their oldest is born during a storm, her cries intermixed with the thunder and his heart all but bursting from his chest.

#34 - Regret

It all starts when she suggests that Shunsui might need a wife and only goes downhill from there.

#35 - Roses

He has never once brought her flowers, instead choosing to plant a garden.

#36 - Secret

"Go on," Ichigo tells her, knowing smile and all, "I can handle it for a day."

#37 - Snakes

"Absolutely not," Rukia states with one hand on her hip, "and I don't care how much Shunsui begs."

#38 - Snow

He plays with the children, too much like one himself, and she notices him building a fort and launching projectiles at the unsuspecting.

#39 - Solid

Renji is a captain in his own rights now but still very much a boy at heart, and she's glad when he is finally able to move on.

#40 - Spring

She feels the first kick just after the snows melt, and his face reflects her wonder.

#41 - Stable

They sit together at her brother's wedding, knowing that their time will be soon enough.

#42 - Strange

Their youngest son is a bit too much like Shunsui for either one of them to be comfortable.

#43 - Summer

He thinks that she's the most beautiful then, lying in the soft grasses with her belly so swollen and full of life.

#44 - Taboo

After the war with Aizen, like with so many other the rules, Yamamoto-soutaichou just doesn't bother to enforce it.

#45 - Ugly

His hands are stained red, the blood not his, but she doesn't hesitate to reach for him.

#46 - War

The Kuchiki are thrilled to be rid of her, and for once, she doesn't fight to stay.

#47 - Water

The bath she draws is warm, and he blushes as she slips in behind him.

#48 - Welcome

She stands on his porch, gaze hopeful, and he invites her in without question.

#49 - Winter

It is still his favorite time of year, even though he doesn't need an excuse anymore to curl in closer.

#50 - Wood

The trees behind his home are in full bloom the first time he brings her there, and it is only centuries later that he realizes she has never truly left.

Ever Hopeful,