Love Hina: Keitaro's Wrath

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Chapter 1: Keitaro's Suffering

It was a bright sunny day at Hinata inn. Keitaro was doing his usual chores as manager of the apartments. Somehow, he just felt today was going to be his lucky day. (A/N poor sap) While he was waxing the floors in the hallway, Kitsune, looking even more out of it than usual, came walking down the hall, sake bottle in one hand, newspaper in the other. Now one might expect she would slip on the newly waxed floor and land on top of Keitaro. Unfortunately, Keitaro wasn't quite that lucky today. Kitsune kept walking in her daze along the floor, only to bump right into Keitaro just as he was standing up. The sake bottle flew out of her hand, onto the floor a few meters away.

"My Sake!" Kitsune yelled as she attempted to jump for it, crashing into Keitaro knocking him down. His head hit a loose floorboard. As fate would have it, the sake bottle had landed on this very floorboard and was launched into the air and landed right in keitaro's mouth. After accidentally swallowing a couple sips of sake, Kitsune, in her overly intoxicated state, kicked Keitaro with all her might, sending him out of the hall, and into Naru, who had just started running up the stairs to see what Kitsune was yelling about. They both fell down the stairs and into the living area. Naru, as usual, acted on impulse.

"You pervert!!!" yelled Naru as she punched him with all her might, sending him flying into the next room.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Shinobu was preparing a big lunch. She wanted to be prepared as Motoko was standing right beside her, stomach growling loudly and a very hungry look in her eyes. "Must have been that 6 hr straight training session she pushed herself into this morning." thought Shinobu as she started chopping the vegetables. Imagine Motoko and Shinobu's surprise when a certain someone came sailing in at full speed from the living room and landed face first on the floor beside Shinobu. This did not bode well with Motoko at all and despite her immense hunger, she was never too tired to induce an attack on Keitaro.

"Keitaro, you fiend, you could have hurt Shinobu!!! Rock Splitting Sword!!!" Motoko yelled as she unleashed a powerful ki attack knocking him into the wall right next to the table. Now, Motoko wasn't the only one getting hungry. Su heard the crash of Keitaro hitting the wall in the dining room and, in her experience, this often meant the food was ready. Just as Keitaro pulled himself from the wall, stood up and prepared to try to asses the damage that he had just sustained, Su ran into the dining room with her usual greeting for Keitaro

"Hello Keitaro!!!" yelled Su as she attacked Keitaro with her usual flying kick, knocking him right back into the wall that he had just freed himself from.

Keitaro once again freed himself from the wall, experiencing serious depression regarding the insult-to-injury he had just been dealt. "Being knocked right back into the exact same wall before I even get a chance to recover from all the attacks and apologize, how degrading" He thought to himself as he once again freed himself from the wall. He brushed off the damage as he usually did, unable to realize that his torture had only just begun. The doorbell rang and Keitaro, being the gracious manager that he was, answered the door right away.

"Hello Keitaro, how are you today?" Greeted Seta as he walked in the door, Sara walking beside him. "Well, aside from being beaten half to death for the umpteenth time, I guess I'm doing ok." Well I hope your day gets better Keitaro. "I hate to ask this of you again so soon but I've been asked to go on another urgent dig. Would you be so kind as to watch over Sara for a few days?" "Daddy, I wanna go with you!!" Yelled Sara, tears running down her face." "I'm sorry Sara but it's just too dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt." And with that, Keitaro agreed. After Seta went on his way, Keitaro's bad day continued.

"This is all your fault loser!!" yelled Sara who followed up by kicking him right below the belt.

After about an hour of recovery, lunch was ready. Everyone was quiet as they hastily ate the feast that Shinobu had spent hours of work in preparing. Beating the snot out of Keitaro was hungry work (and being the one taking the blows even more so). In his haste, as he attempted to grab the butter, he accidentally intercepted narus hand, who herself was reaching for the butter.

"You never learn do you!" Naru yelled as she hit Keitaro full force through the ceiling and into the air. As he landed, the roof just barely broke his fall and managed to endure the force of his impact...for about 2 seconds. (A/N Come on Keitaro, you outta know better by now) The roof then proceeded to give way, leaving Keitaro falling back into the kitchen and square in Motoko's lap.

"Rock splitting Sword!!" Motoko shouted as she sent Keitaro flying into the living area of the Hinata apartments. After regaining his bearings, standing up, and brushing himself off, he returned to the kitchen. Poor Keitaro was too late, all the food had been finished off and he was left hungry. Shinobu offered to make him another dish, but Naru forbid it.

"Its his own fault Shinobu, he shouldn't have tried to grab my hand." Depressed, Keitaro returned to his usual duties as manager.

Later that evening, it was time to clean the hot springs. Now, most people would have known better than this by now, but poor Keitaro is just too trusting. After making the mistake of asking Kitsune if the hot springs were clear and ready to be cleaned, and Kitsune, sadistic as she is, giving him the go ahead, he gathered his cleaning supplies and approached the hot springs.

If only he had knocked before he entered. "Keitaro!!! you pervert!!" Motoko and Naru shouted in unison, and with that, they simultaneously attacked him sending him sailing all the way to the middle of town. After the long walk back, Keitaro put away his cleaning supplies in frustration and prepared for his study session.

Naru and Keitaro began studying, both dead silent. Keitaro could see that Naru was still very angry with him just by looking at her eyes. Keitaro found himself at a loss to concentrate and decided that perhaps it just wasn't the best night to study.

"I'm going to bed, goodnight Naru." Keitaro said, and with that, he climbed down to his room via the hole in Naru's floor.

"Poor Keitaro" cried Shinobu as she watched them both through a small hole in the wall. Kitsune had drilled this hole in Narus wall, mostly for the occasional thrill that she could witness. However, Shinobu, caring as she was, was worried sick about Keitaro and had decided to spy on the two of them, hoping she could figure out something she could do.

Keitaro tossed and turned that night. All the while thinking "Why do they do this to me? Why does everything I try to do for them blow up in my face? It's just not fair" after a long session of thinking such thoughts to himself, Keitaro finally cried himself to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be better

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