Love Hina: Keitaro's Wrath

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Chapter 4: The Truth is Revealed

The residents were all in suspense as they could tell Haruka was about to reveal something big. Haruka just sat there a minute, eyes closed, thinking deeply. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Haruka continued to speak

"As you are all well aware most members of the Hina family are gifted at martial arts. This is because many generations ago, our ancestors found themselves far too often in situations where they had to be able to fight in order to survive. Thus, ever since, most everyone in the Hinata family is taught these skills just in case they should ever find themselves in such encounters. However, every so often, we get a child who has nearly zero strength. We are unable to teach those skills to such children and are forced to protect them as long as we can and hope to the gods that they will be fine. We have had a few children similar to Keitaro, with no strength whatsoever but an ability to take a major beating and just brush it off as if nothing had happened. They, like Keitaro, are usually gentle, kind, and naive. As such, they are taken advantage of. Every time they are taken advantage of, whether they are beaten up, scammed, or used as an emotional punching bag, a small amount of anger builds up within them. The result has been the same with every such person. The anger eventually built up to the point where something inside snaps. This is exactly what happened to Keitaro. When this happened, he instantly became several times stronger and more aware than ever. While the anger was gone the minute the snap occurred, this increase in physical and mental ability is permanent. From this point forward, you had best stay on Keitaro's good side."

All of Hinata's residents sat there, shocked at what they had just heard. After about 5 minutes of speechlessness, Naru decided to break the silence. "So if all his anger has subsided, why is he in his room alone right now?" "He's likely studying. As I said, he has become several times more aware than he was before and he now knows the path he must take in order to become accepted at Tokyo U. He may have improved himself, but he still has promises to keep and once he makes a promise, he will do everything he can to make sure that promise is kept." Haruka replied as she got up from her chair.

At that moment, Keitaro came down the stairs to find all the residents of Hinata glaring at him oddly. "Oh hi everyone, nice to be the center of attention" He joked as he entered the living area. "Sorry I went off like that earlier, but I really don't like being knocked around like a pinball and, well, I thought I would try teaching you guys for a change. Though, based on the looks on your faces, I would guess Aunt Haruka already told you all what happened." Haruka smacked him lightly on the head "Geez, how many times do I have to tell you, just call me Haruka." Keitaro rubbed his head, and gave a warning glare at his aunt. While he had no intention of going on a shooting rampage, he was tired of being used as a punching bag and wanted it perfectly clear that no one, not even his own flesh and blood, was allowed to mess with him any longer. She retreated a few steps, surprised that her nephew felt that strongly about it. She got the message and decided to drop it, for now at least.

"You should all get some rest. I can tell I did quite a number on you guys and I can handle taking care of things for now. I'll wake you up when dinner is ready." Keitaro said as he walked into the kitchen. The residents, still a little uneasy about what had happened, decided to do as he said, just to be on the safe side.

Much had happened in the Hinata Apartments that day, and the day was still not quite over yet. As all the residents walked up the stairs to their rooms, all tired and ready to take a nap before dinner, a familiar face approached Hinata Apartments.

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