Queen of Bandits

-Shot 1: Sixth Heaven-

With a roar and a screech the vehicle came to a stop. The condemned glanced out the small windows to gaze upon their deathly fate. A large castle hovering just above the ground shadowed over them, blocking out the sun and the sky. With a hiss the doors opened and the driver cackled,

"Welcome to Sixth Heaven you slimy bastards." The shingled group stumbled out of the cramped bus, among them a young boy of only sixteen years or less. Accompanying the boy was a small bird with a rather large beak.

"Oi Jing! What're we doing at a jail again? You know stripes don't look good on me." The bird complained loudly as the group was greeted by a large group of men with devil wings on their backs. From the center of the group a man with horns at the sides of his head appeared and hollered,

"You lot get in a single file line or it's to the devil's cavern!" the group murmured worriedly and quickly stepped into line. The man with the horns smirked and had the devil like guards guide the group to a small platform underneath the hovering jail. Wails of pain and anguish rung from the towering castle as the boy; Jing followed the line. The bird at his side was still busy whining,

"Jing, Jing, Jing are you listening to me?"

"What is it Kir?" the boy addressing the bird as Kir asked, while distractedly staring up at the impressive building. Kir flapped over to Jing's shoulder and landed.

"Jing you didn't answer my question yet! Why are we at another jail? Is there treasure waiting for us?" Jing smiled and responded,

"We're here to visit an old friend." Kir blinked confusedly and opened his mouth to speak again but was jabbed in the side sharply with a trident.

"You two! Don't think you'll be let off easy just because you're under age and you're a bird." The man with the horns snarled and flashed an impressive set of sparkling fangs. Once he left to heckle the others Kir leaned over and whispered,

"Hey Jing, doesn't he remind you of someone?" Jing smiled and shrugged as the group crowded around on the platform. The man with the horns cleared his throat and pounded his trident on the ground for attention,

"Alright you maggots, once the beam starts up there is absolutely no moving outside the yellow line on the platform or else . . . well let's just say it isn't pleasant." He grinned as the group shuddered.

"Ok hit the switch!" he commanded and a devil guard typed rapidly on a small panel set up next to the platform. A sudden flash and rays of light began to circle the platform. Slowly the platform rose and the lights grew brighter until with a steamy hiss the platform stopped moving and the lights faded.

Kir blinked as the light spots flashed across his view. Jing continued indifferently with the crowd through a set of large metal doors. Above the doors in big rusty letters the words 'Welcome to Sixth Heaven' were engraved.


"Oi, Jing who's this friend of yours, is it a girl?" Kir pestered as the two, clad in stripes sneaked down the dimly lit hallways. Jing turned back and brought a finger to his mouth, signalling Kir to be quiet. Kir shut his beak and followed Jing around a dark corner.

Before them was a set of long winding stairs that led to a never ending darkness. Jing glanced around at the several pipes that were covering the ceiling. Then he spotted one with a rather large valve, he grinned and jumped up, grabbing the valve with both hands. He swung it clockwise and dropped back to the ground. The stairs instantly faded away and a rusty elevator appeared.

Jing stepped in with Kir following him closely and pressed the last button on the panel. It was grimy and covered in dust but with a quick blow a skull could be seen. Kir gapped in shock but the elevator had already closed its doors and was sending them down into the earth with a rickety rumble. The elevator has a stern steel frame and a metal fence surrounding the frame. After what seemed like forever the elevator finally came to a stop and the door slowly slid open.

Kir grumbled queasily as Jing stepped off the elevator. Kir leaned against the dirty cement wall as the elevator faded away and a set of stairs appeared. Their surroundings were similar to the floor they had just been on except that the atmosphere was much colder and in some areas, icicles hung from the pipes. Kir shivered and followed the now jogging Jing. They took a sharp corner and before them was a large door with several crates piled in front of it. Jing grabbed the shivering Kir abruptly and joined together as Jing shouted,

"KIR ROYALE!" unfortunately nothing happened. Jing shook Kir rapidly as Kir screamed,

"Stop that!" Jing sighed in annoyance and as Kir bawled,

"How do you expect me to do the 'Kir Royale' in such freezing conditions?" Jing sighed and disconnected with Kir and began to move the crates to a side. Finally all the crates were pushed aside and the door was clear for the opening. Except for the large device resembling a lock attached to the door handle.

"Jing, what're you doing in front of my cell?" Jing and Kir turned around to see a young girl around Jing's age wearing similar stripped attire as the two. Her long black hair was pulled back in the front by a bright red bandana. Kir gasped as hearts popped into his eyes and he flew over to the young girl.

"Young maiden, your beauty has-." Jing interrupted Kir suddenly as he walked away from the metal door,

"Hello Kami." The girl smiled (ignoring Kir) and greeted Jing back,

"Hello Jing, it's been awhile." Then she turned and pointed down the hallway,

"Come on I found a way out." Kir gapped angrily as he didn't get to finish introducing himself but followed the two anyway.

Back in the girl's cell, behind the ten ton steel door and double coded lock, a large tank of water sat bubbling in the middle of a sea of piranhas and sharks. The heavy lead top of the tank was sealed with several chains and double the amount of locks. At the bottom of the tank a wooden chair lay on its side with several loose chains scattered around it. Among the chains lay a small silver key.


The trio ran (flew in Kir's case) down the long hallway towards the blinding light at the end. Once they stepped into the blinding light they found themselves floating gently in a sea of different coloured clouds. Jing looked over at Kami,

"A way out." She smiled back and stated,

"A way out." Suddenly the air flow changed and they were shooting upwards with a large gust of wind. The colours of the sky mixed and blurred together as the three rushed to the top of the never ending sky. Kir was screaming in complaint but from the roar of the wind it seemed only to be a small hum in the ears. Finally with a poof they stopped soaring and landed on a cloud. A green grass covered cloud with trees and flowers everywhere.

Jing and Kami staggered to their feet as a gentle wind whisked through the peaceful meadow. Kami pointed to a large golden adorned door in the distance and ran towards it. Kir pulled Jing back slightly and asked doubtingly,

"Neh Jing, you're friend seems to be leading us to no where, how do you know for sure that she'll get us out of here?" Jing began to jog after Kami and responded,

"Don't worry Kir; Kami knows where she's going." Kir sighed and followed the two. They reached the door and pulled it open. Kami jumped in then Jing and finally Kir.

They were sent careening down a long tunnel with a small speck of light at the seemingly never ending tunnel. Suddenly robotic mannequin like figures began to emerge from the walls of the tunnel. Kir screamed as one of the mannequins grabbed his tail. Jing shot his arm blade out and sliced the mannequins head off. Just below them Kami was wielding a long metal staff and beating the robots dead.

Jing continued to fight the robots and as more appeared above them Jing tore through them with a Kir Royale. The robots burnt away and made way for a new mannequin. Jing stared at it as it fell rapidly towards them. It spun past Jing and Kir quickly and for a second they saw that it was much different than the other mannequins. For one, it had on a large crimson red Victorian dress with frills at the edges and second it had a large red haired wig positioned on its head. Jing spun around in mid air in time to see Kami slice the mannequin in half and grab the small glowing jewel inside. Kami grinned at Jing and Kir as she stood in front of a door that had suddenly appeared on the walls of the tunnel. She waved to them with a small sparkling ruby coloured rose shaped jewel in her hand.

"I win this time King of Bandits: Jing!" then she disappeared behind the door as Jing and Kir were engulfed by the light at the end of the tunnel.


Once they opened their eyes they realized that they were in front of the long winding stairway again. Kir blinked and began questioning what had just happened as Jing smirked and placed his hands behind his head, he whispered,

"Until the next time Queen of Bandits: Kami."

-End of Shot 1: Sixth Heaven-

This was my first Jing fanfic so I hope it wasn't too bad. I'll work on the second chapter soon so review and no flaming. Until shot 2, farewell!

A/N: Keeping Kumakura's style of using alcohol based names; Kami's name originates from the cocktail Kamikaze.