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Warnings: Major Slash / Embarrassment / Adult Content / and Slight (erm…) Sakura Bashing…

The room was completely dark. Only a sliver of light was shed upon the dark mohogony floor, pooling at the base of the bed like liquid. The air hung heavily, weighing down with the smells of sex and lust, the two people's moans the only thing slicing through the midnight silence.

Sasuke closed his eyes, letting his mind run wild. It was at times like this, in the middle of hot, uncensored 'love making' that his true fantasies came to the forfront of his mind. He didn't even have to open his eyes to see the soft, smooth tanned-skin beneath him as he ran his fingers down the squirming body. His nails would lightly rake the skin, not so much as to hurt though, but just enough to cause his lover to gasp and writhe underneath him. Without opening his eyes, he imagined everything that was underneath him at that very moment; a small, childish looking boy, sweaty and sticky hair clinging to his roundish face as he panted Sasuke's name over and over in a round of passion; the boy had large, round uke-ish eyes that would open slightly to look up at Sasuke's face in wonder, filled with such love and tenderness for the normally calm and stoic boy.

Sasuke loved moments like this. Moments where he could let his mask slip, just a little bit… and only for the blond. His blond. His Naruto. Yes, Naruto was the only one he allowed inside of his head, the only one allowed inside of his heart, and the only allowed to look at the bare Sasuke without his mask.

"I love you…" Sasuke whispered breathily, putting his head onto his partner's shoulder. Sasuke felt the legs that were situated around his waist tighten as he spoke the words that he'd been too afraid to speak before. It felt like a weight was lifted off his chest. He liked this feeling. He decided to say it again.

"I love you, I love you, God, I love you," he chanted, speeding up his thrusts. They were both sweaty from the labor, and they were on the edge of hitting that bridge of ecstacy. Sasuke could almost taste his orgasm that just lay beneath the surface, waiting to explode in a fit of raw power and need.

Beneath him, the other shifted just a tiny bit, causing him to finally lose himself as he tumbled into the dark abyss of his mind, only one thing managing to slip from his mouth.

"Naruto!" He practically screamed, sinking his teeth into the other's shoulder to silence any more shouts of happiness as to not wake every one else in the neighborhood. Slowly, the stars began drifting away, his body began floating back down to earth as he recovered from that explosive orgasm. Rolling over, he was just about to fall into the deepest and most welcomed sleep of his life, when a very not-Naruto voice sounded from next to him.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked in confusion. Sasuke stilled.


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