A month has past since the last chapter, and that is what I was aiming for. This chapter is a little longer than the others and I didn't mean for it to be. Not much action in this one, and the end was a little rushed... okay, so I reallllly rushed it, but bear with me. Anyway, here's chapter 9!

Chapter 9: The Sixth Keyblade Wielder

Sector 1, Main Rambosan Base…

A man, consisting of waist-length red hair, sporting an elites uniform, opened the door to enter his Superior officer's room. The room was much darker than others. It consisted of priceless paintings and ancient objects. One would think the room was designed to replicate a small museum.

In the farthest corner of the room was a desk, with a man sitting behind it. It was shrouded by the darkness shadows that the room provided, making it hard to see the figure's face.

The red-haired man walked in cautiously. "You wanted to see me, sir?" He asked in a shaken tone.

"Yes, I did." The Superior officer spoke. "It is of the princess, the one you captured on the world of Destiny Islands."

"What of it, sir?" The man asked.

"I have been informed that she has escaped, thanks to the vigilantes, in the region of Sector 18." The Superior leaned back in his chair. "Though it seems that she may still be in Sector 18, I want you to return to Destiny Island and make sure she is not there."

"But sir, I'm sure she-"

"Do as you are told, Mr. Blazer." The Superior stated firmly with annoyance in his voice. Mr. Blazer nodded quickly.

"Ye-Yes sir!"

"You are dismissed. You are to leave right away."

Mr. Blazer nodded and exited the room, leaving the Superior to himself, once again.

"So, what's this you have to tell me? Something about a Keybearer?" Tiki asked, as she slammed her fist onto the table.

Lonela looked up from her book and glared. "Keep it down, will you?"

The two of them were inside of a library, of some sorts. The room contained millions of books, so one would think of it as a library.

"Hell no! I've been looking for you, all over this place!" Tiki shouted, pulling a chair out and sitting down. She lifted her feet up and rested them on the table, making her more relaxed. "Now, spill it. What's this about a mysterious Keybearer?"

Lonela sighed heavily, knowing that Tiki would continue to bug her about the subject. And there was no use in lying, because she was going to report back to the Superior.

"Well, if you must know, there is estimated that there are four Keyblade Wielders; King Mickey, the two kids from the princess's homeland, and the traitor."

"What? The traitor was a Keyblade wielder? I never would have thought." Tiki smirked, folding her arms. "So, is she the mysterious one that the Superior wants to know about?"

"No," Lonela shook her head. "It seems he already knew of her power over the Keyblade. What he doesn't know is that King Mickey is also a Keyblade Wielder. That is probably what he wanted to know."

"I see." Tiki stood up. "Well, that's all I wanted. I have to get back and let him know."

"Wait," Lonela said instantly, causing the General to stop in her tracks. Tiki turned around with a questioned look.


"I'm not finished." Lonela replied. "Lieutenant Colonel Ganboia just recently returned from the King's kingdom."

"Okay…and? What happened, did baldy have some trouble there?" Tiki asked, as she leaned against the table.

"Yes, it seemed he did." Lonela closed her eyes, trying to think. "In his report, he informed us that he was attacked by two teenage boys. One, of which, wielded the Keyblade."

Tiki stared at her fellow officer with confusion. "Was it one of those kids? The traitor, maybe?"

"No, it was someone completely different from the others." Lonela opened her eyes and stared over at Tiki. "Ganboia said that he acted as if he had two personalities…maybe he is the one the Superior is looking for."

"Maybe." Tiki said. "But we won't know until we find out. Anyway, I'll report back to the Superior and let him know what I've learned."

Lonela nodded and watched Tiki as she left the library. Once she was gone, Lonela buried her head back into the book.

Mr. Blazer, also known as Brigadier General Fanix Blazer, walked down the long hallway, trying to figure out some way to avoid the island. He was most positive that the girl had not returned to her home, because she did not have any knowledge on how to do so. Still, the Superior had ordered him to go back and he had to follow orders…unless…

A young man, with thin, silver hair, turned the corner and proceeded down the hallway. His uniform was one that looked exactly like Fanix's, except for the lessen number of medals that told of his rank.

As the young man walked down the hall, Fanix formulated a simple plan inside of his head. He smirked as the man walked up to him.

"Hello, Brigadier General Blazer! What, exactly, are you doing just standing in the hallway like this?" The young man asked.

"Uh…Lieutenant Colonel Patch, you were just the man I wanted to see." Fanix replied, still smirking.

"Really, sir?" Patch asked with a confused look on his face.

"Yes, I've been looking everywhere for you." Fanix placed a hand around Patch's shoulder. "I need you to do a little favor for me."

"Yes sir, anything."

"I need you to go to Destiny Islands. The Superior ordered me to do it, but I have other things to attend to." Fanix lied. "You should take only a hand-full of soldiers, and bring your best equipment. The princess is supposed to be there."

"I see." Patch placed a hand on his chin. "So you want me to capture the princess, is that it?"

"Yeah, that's exactly it. But she might not be there, so don't get your hopes up." Fanix replied.

"I won't, sir." Patch replied. "Now, I must be off! Letting you down is not an option!" Without allowing Fanix time to reply, the young Lieutenant Colonel rushed off and disappeared behind the corner.

Fanix snickered to himself, and then walked off in the other direction.


The young crimson haired princess sat alone. She had requested that she have some time alone, to think things over, and Merlin allowed her to use the small room in the back to do so.

The room certainly wasn't bigger than the main room. In fact, it wasn't big at all. It consisted of a small bed, a bookcase, a lamp, and a window with ripped curtains. The floor was made of stone, as did the walls, and the room looked, somewhat, ancient.

Kairi had taken a seat on the bed, which was slightly next to the window. Her back was turned to the door and she was staring outside. She had been thinking a lot about her friends, Sora, Riku and the other islanders, as well as her new friends, Greg and Brandon. She continued to think that Sora or Riku would come and save her. Greg and Brandon seemed unlikely to do it, since they had only recently met the day she was captured.

Her train of thought was soon broken as the sound of a door shutting made it's way into her mind. She blinked a couple of times, and then shook her head from side to side twice.

"They must be back." She stood up and headed to the door. She opened it to see that Cloud and the others had returned. Aside from the fact that their clothes looked a little dirty, they seemed to be okay.

Aerith closed the door and sat down at the table. "So, did everything work out? Is the base destroyed?" She asked, directing her question towards Cloud. The swordsman just grunted and turned away.

Leon spoke up, since Cloud obviously wasn't going to.

"We managed to drive all of the soldiers away, so there was no need to destroy the base." Leon leaned back against the wall. "And we ran into one of their elite officers."

"She was quite an opponent." Cloud finally spoke. "She held her own against Leon, Tifa, and myself."

Merlin, Aerith and Kairi's mouths dropped open. They questioned at how someone could be so skilled as to hold their own against those three. From what Kairi could remember, not even ten soldiers would be able to handle Cloud, but then one person held their own against him, Leon and Tifa?! Just who was this person?

"She was definitely skilled." Tifa added. "She had to be at least a General, or somewhere around that rank."

"Wait, this person was a female?" Merlin asked.

Leon nodded. "Yeah, she was probably around the age of nineteen, or so."

"A nineteen year old?!" Everyone shouted in awe.

"Yeah, she was somewhere around that age."

"That is remarkable, for someone of that age to be a General and have those kind of skills. It's truly amazing." Merlin rubbed his beard. "What did she look like?"

"Well, she had short, blonde hair and she wore a white uniform, which caused her to stand out from the rest of her comrades." Tifa said.

The description felt quite familiar to Kairi, she just couldn't put her finger on it. The white uniform is what really got her mind going, because she knew she had saw someone wearing something like that.

While the others continued to discuss the young, blonde-haired woman, Kairi was busy thinking. Suddenly, it came to her. She looked up at the others.

"I think I know the girl you three fought." Kairi muttered. She was most positive that this was exactly who they had fought.

Cloud raised and eyebrow. "Who?" Tifa asked.

"When I was trapped in the cell, I heard one of the soldiers calling her "Colonel Bridges". So, that would make her a Colonel." Kairi informed them.

"A Colonel?" Vincent asked.

"Not only is she not a General, she is a lower rank than a General! AND she is nineteen!! NINETEEN!!" Yuffie shouted. "Just think of how strong the Generals are!!"

"Calm down, Yuffie." Tifa placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "They probably aren't coming back here."

Leon sighed. "That's not necessarily true. If they are after Kairi, then they are sure to come back."

"Leon is right." Cloud muttered.

"Well, what do you propose we do?" Tifa looked over at Cloud.

"There is not much we can do, other than protect her." Leon replied before Cloud could respond.

Merlin placed a hand on his beard and stroked it slowly. "Kairi, didn't you say your friends might be looking for you?"

Kairi was caught off guard by the question. What did her friends have to do with those Rambosan soldiers returning to Radiant Garden?

"Yeah, why?"

Merlin closed his eyes for a moment, seemingly trying to think. "Well, there is a world where people are sent when their home world is overtaken by darkness." He opened his eyes and stared at the young girl. "I know your world wasn't overtaken, but if your friends have found out any info on where lost people end up, they'll head to Traverse Town."

"Traverse Town?"

"Yes, a place where those who are lost, or when their home world is overtaken by darkness, go to. If they are looking for you, they'll head there, I'm sure of it." Merlin looked over at Leon.

"I see, so we should take her to Traverse Town?" Leon asked. Merlin nodded. "Not a bad idea, we'll leave immediately. That way, the soldiers will be too busy retreating to notice my ship."

"If you don't mind, I'll be coming with you." Tifa said, standing up from her seat.

Leon nodded. "I suppose I could use a hand, if they try and take her back by force." He looked back at Kairi. "Okay, lets go. My ship is halfway across town, at the Gummi Garage." Without giving the others a chance to reply, Leon exited the house to head to the Gummi Garage.

"Let's get going, Kairi." Tifa said as she walked to the door. Kairi nodded and followed her.

Before exiting the house, she turned around and looked back at everyone. "I never got a chance to thank you all for saving me. So, thank you, everyone." She said with a smile. "I promise you, I'll find a way to repay you all."

"No need to repay us, kid." Cloud said, looking over at her. "We were just doing what we thought was right."

Kairi nodded. "Well, thank you," She turned and headed out the door. "And goodbye!" She called out, following Tifa and Leon down the road.

Greg and Others…

The young Keyblade Wielder moaned loudly in annoyance and banged his head on the back of his seat. "Are we there yet?" He asked.

It seemed like they had been flying in space for an eternity, which in reality was only forty-five minutes. He was quite eager to see a new world, to see what it would be like to live on a whole new planet. From what he had seen in the Disney Kingdom, the worlds seemed totally different from Earth, as well as the civilians. For as long as he could remember, he had been fascinated with outer space, and the mysteries it held. He had always dreamed of finding a new planet that contained inhabitants. But never, in his life, had he thought of flying through space, planet-to-planet.

As eager as he was to see a new world, and meet some of the people that inhabited it, he still had to find Sora and the others. It surely wasn't going to be an easy task finding the three of them, but he and Tami had to try.

"No, we're not even close, so just sit back and shut up!" Jason snapped, as he steered the ship past an asteroid. Greg muttered a few words and folded his arms.

Tami, who was sitting in the seat next to Greg, giggled softly. Rebecca, on the other hand, was asleep already. Jason had told them that ship rides make her sleepy, so she usually nods off within the first ten minutes or so.

Tami stopped laughing for a moment and looked over at Greg. She had begun to wonder on why he really left the islands in pursuit of Sora and the others. Surely it wasn't because they had become friends with each other. After just a day of knowing each other surely wasn't enough to just go out and sacrifice your life of them, was it?

"Hey, Greg…?" She asked, her voice breaking the silence among the ship.

"Yeah?" He responded, turning to look at her. "What is it?"

Tami felt herself a little hesitant to ask him, but she wanted an answer. She wanted to know the truth on why he came.

"What made you come after Sora and the others? Why did you leave the safety of the islands?" She asked.

Greg scratched his head and thought for a moment. "Well," It was true that he went after Sora, but he also went for himself too. He needed to find something, but he didn't know what he was searching for. And waiting on the islands surely wasn't going to help him find it.

"Well, other than the fact that I want to help Sora and Riku, I came to find something. Though, I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for, but I'm sure it'll come to me in time."

"I see…" Now Tami was curious. What exactly was he looking for? Asking him that would be pointless, since he had just answered the question.

Greg didn't think too much on why Tami had asked him, because he continued to ask himself the same exact thing. He could never really find another answer other than 'I'm looking for something'.

He would also ask himself on why Tami had followed him. It was true that she had probably followed him to rescue Kairi and help the others, but he couldn't help but feel that there was some other reason, something she wasn't telling him.

"Tami, why is it that you came with me?" Greg asked, glancing over at the girl.

Tami expected him to ask that question. She had not yet found any other reasons other than that she wanted to help and that she wanted to be close to Greg. But she couldn't tell him that, not yet anyway.

"I wanted to help the others. I couldn't just sit back and watch as you went off to help." Tami replied, stating only half of the truth.

Greg nodded. "Well, that's a good enough reason, I suppose." He smiled and then looked towards the front of the ship, where Jason was piloting. "So Jason, are we any closer?"

They could hear Jason grunt from the pilot's seat. "Of course we're closer, but we're not there yet! So don't ask!" He snapped back. Greg and Tami just laughed.

Kairi, Leon and Tifa…

The Gunblade Wielder, Leon, led Kairi and Tifa through the town and to a large building, painted a ray of colors. The colors seemed faded and scratched away in some places, giving the building an old, rundown look.

"So, is this the place?" Kairi asked, scanning the building.

"Yeah, this is the place." Tifa answered. She glanced over at Leon, who was looking as "cool" as usual. "So, where's the ship?" She asked.

Leon sighed. "It's inside." He opened the door and proceeded inside, leaving Kairi and Tifa to follow in suit.

Once inside, Leon led them up to a desk, where a man was sitting. The man looked rather old and was wearing a dirty white shirt with a pair of overalls. He was reading a magazine, or so it seemed.

"Can I help you?" He asked, not looking up from his magazine.

"Old man, it's me." Leon folded his arms and waited for the man to notice.

The man looked up from his magazine. "Oh, Leon, what a pleasant surprise!" He placed the magazine down on the corner of the desk. "What can I do for ya?"

"I need my ship, is it ready?"

"Yeppers," The old man reached down, under the desk, to retrieve something. The sound of jingling keys came from underneath the desk, as he pulled up the pair of keys. He tossed them to Leon, who caught them. "There ya go, Leon." He said.

"Thanks, old man." Leon nodded and headed to a door on the right. Kairi and Tifa, who had been silent the whole time, followed him.

The door led to a staircase that directed them to the lower levels of the building. There wasn't much lighting as they tread down the steps, and it seemed to get darker and darker as they went on. The steps seemed to lead them on forever, until they finally came to a large door. Leon pressed a few buttons on a control panel next to the large metal door, and then it opened.

Once it opened, bright lights lit up the darkness. Kairi, as well as Leon and Tifa, squinted in order to shelter their eyes from some of the light. Since their eyes had adjusted to the darkness, it would take only a few seconds for them to adjust to the brightness of the light.

But, they soon adjusted and Leon led them on. The door had led them to a large, what seemed to be, hallway. Several abnormally large doors were on either side of the hallway, numbered one through ten. Leon stopped at the number seven. Another control panel was stationed beside it, and again, Leon pressed a few buttons to get it to open.

As the door slowly opened up, Kairi could see a strange object behind it. The object became clearer and clearer as the door opened. The object was an array of colors, ranging from the brightest yellow to the darkest red. To Kairi, it looked like something you would see in a comic book.

"So, this is it?" She asked, her eyes looking at every single detail of the ship.

"Yeah, this is it." Leon said, walking to the side of the ship, where a door opened up. He and Tifa climbed aboard, while Kairi continued to inspect the ship.

"Hey, Kairi, let's get a move on already!" Tifa called out.

Kairi took one more glance at the ship and then headed aboard. "Sorry!"

As the door closed, the floor began to move the ship out of its garage area and into the hallway. It shifted its position and pointed it at a large tunnel that was opening up. Soon enough, the engines ignited and the ship took off at speeds no other aircraft could reach.

Riku and Mickey…

Aladdin pulled the torn curtain aside and quickly glanced out the window. He returned the curtain back to its regular position and walked back over to Riku and Mickey, who were standing in the far back of the small room.

"We should be safe, for now." Aladdin said as he sat down on one of the pillows. His home, his hideout, wasn't much of what Riku had expected. Mickey had expected much, much worse. The pillows that were used as seats were beaten and dirty looking. The old rugs one his floor was losing their color, and his curtains looked the same as the pillows, beaten and dirty. If it weren't for the several small statues of gold, a few jewels and gems, Riku and Mickey would have thought he was a poor man.

"That's good." Mickey took a seat as well.

"This is a nice place ya got here." Riku stated as he looked around.

"I get by with what I can." Aladdin replied. Abu hopped onto his master's head and began to fiddle with the necklace that he had stolen from the woman before. Alladin snatched it from to get a look for himself, which cause Abu to jump up and down on Aladdin's head in protest.

"R…A? RA, what's that mean?" Aladdin asked, as he scanned the necklace for an answer.

"I assume it stands for "Rambosan Army"." Mickey replied.

"The Rambosan Army, eh?" Aladdin handed the necklace back to Abu, who greeted it with opened arms. The chip leapt from Aladdin's head and scurried into a corner, hoping that Aladdin would not take the necklace again.

Aladdin just laughed. "So," He glanced over at Riku and Mickey. "I'm guessing you two aren't from around here, judging by how you dress. What brings you to Agrabah?"

"Well, we-"

"We're here to rid of those Rambosan soldiers, and rescue my friend, Kairi." Riku interrupted the mouse.

"They have your friend? That sounds serious. Why did they kidnap her?"

Riku lowered his gaze. "I don't know, but I know they have her. And I HAVE to get her back."

Aladdin smiled. "Sounds like you really have a thing for this girl. Kairi, was it?"

Riku's eyes widened and he looked up. "Yeah, but I don't have a thing for her! She's just a friend."

"Don't get so touchy." Aladdin laughed.

Mickey decided to interrupt the conversation with a question of his own. "So, can you tell us what the Rambosan Army is doing here?" He asked Aladdin.

Aladdin shook his head. "No. All I know is that they are up to no good. If I had to guess right, I'd say Jafar and the Nuciear lady have plans of their own, other than stopping those creatures outside of the city."

"Jafar?" Riku asked. "Who is Jafar?"

"He's the royal vizier of Agrabah. He's also the guy who stole my magic lamp and ruined my plans of being with Jasmine." Aladdin's voice grew angry and he slammed his fist on the ground.

"A magic lamp?" Riku questioned.

"Isn't Jasmine the Princess of Agrabah?" Mickey asked, knowing he was probably correct.

"Yeah, she is." Aladdin replied. "And without the Genie of the Lamp, I can never be with her."

"What do you need the lamp for?" Riku asked.

"Because she'll never want to be with someone like me, a street rat." Aladdin turned the other way. Riku stared over a Mickey.

"I think we should help him." Riku whispered to the royal mouse.

"I think so too, but we cannot meddle in world affairs. He has to do it on his own." Mickey whispered back.

Riku frowned. "But if Kairi is being held in the Palace, we can use his expertise to get inside and find her. While after we find her, we can go after that Jafar guy and get his lamp back."

Mickey smiled. "You're a smart one, Riku." Riku smirked. "Aladdin?" Aladdin looked back at the mouse and the young man.


"We've decided that we're going to help you out." Riku stated. "If you'll get us into the Palace and help us find my friend, then we'll help you get your lamp back from Jafar."

Aladdin thought for a moment. It wasn't everyday that you ran across a couple of guys like these two that had special powers and what not. He smiled. "Okay, you got yourself a deal."

"Great!" Riku replied.

"We shall leave tomorrow morning. By that time, the soldiers should be finished searching for us." Mickey implied.

"Okay, that sounds good to me. You guys can stay here tonight." Aladdin said.

"Thank you." Mickey looked over at Riku. "Riku, get lots of sleep, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." With that said, Mickey lay down on the pillow and closed his eyes. Aladdin did the same.

Riku laughed slightly. Whoever thought that they'd be going to bed so early. Surely it was noon, or so he thought. But he hadn't slept in about two days, and he was pretty tied. He lay down on the pillows and looked up at the ceiling.

"Don't worry Kairi, I'm coming." He murmured as he closed his eyes.

Brandon and Selphie…

Brandon aimlessly walked down the shore of the island, his mind racing with thoughts of what had previously happened. He had kissed her, he had kissed Selphie, but for what reason? The only reason he could come up with, or that he wanted to be true, was that he kissed her to make her feel better. That's what he truly wanted to believe.

The kiss was a shocker to him, as well as to her. He did not remember moving in for the kiss, it was like his body had a mind of it's own at that moment. He began to believe that being left here, alone, was beginning to drive him insane.

"Maybe it didn't happen… Maybe I'm just imagining things…" Brandon tried to tell himself, but he knew he was only lying to himself. That kiss was more real than anything.

Brandon found himself staring into water, once again. The water seemed so calm, flowing as it always did, until a raindrop caused ripples to form. Brandon did not notice the first drop, but then more drops began to appear, some even landing on the bridge of his nose and in hair. He blinked as the raindrops pushed his mind back into reality. He tilted his head back and stared up. Rain clouds were forming and rain was starting to fall onto the islands, once again.

It was the raindrops that reminded him of the night everything went wrong, the night everyone left him alone. Though he had the others, he felt let out. And it was the rain that brought back that newly formed memory.

Brandon sighed heavily, letting the raindrops beat on his face. He decided not to bother thinking over it anymore; it did him no good just thinking about 'what ifs'. He gave one more look at the ocean, that wasn't so calm anymore, and began to walk off.

Selphie walked down the sidewalk toward her home. She had thought a lot about the moment she and Brandon had shared just earlier. The kiss was certainly an un-expected one, but it felt so right to her. She had become attracted to the dirty blonde boy when she first saw him, but she wasn't going to let him know it. Though the kiss would have given her the idea that he liked her, she was still un-sure. He seemed nervous after the kiss, awkward maybe. And he looked as if he had done it by mistake.

As she walked home in the rain, she tried to get the thoughts out of her head. But she couldn't. She wanted him, without a doubt, she just didn't want to admit it to herself.

She finally reached the porch of her house, which provided her with shelter from the rain. Her clothes were soaked from the downpour, and her hair seemed to be sticking to her face and neck. She held herself, shivering slightly. As she outstretched her hand to open the door, a strange sound entered her ears. It sounded so, so familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

The sound had come from the ocean, where a portal was opening. Selphie caught sight of this and smiled with joy. She sprinted from her porch, forgetting all about the rain, and rushed down to the shore. They had returned, at last. It seemed like an eternity since she had seen them, but they were back.

What came out of the portal wasn't what Selphie expect….

A large, tan-colored ship appeared from the vortex of, seemingly, darkness. It looked exactly like the ship that Kairi was taken away in, and the ship that Sora and the others had went in search of.

Selphie was in total shock and she was unable to move. She was scared stiff, literally. Why had they come back? Did they come back to kill her? She certainly hoped not.

A door opened from the bottom of the ship and a latter of stairs came crashing into the sand, right before Selphie. Too scared to move, Selphie just watched as a male, with silver hair, appeared from the darkness of the ship.

For second, Selphie smiled at the sight of the white hair. She thought it was Riku. But as the man continued down the steps, her smile faded away quickly.

"Little girl," The Lieutenant Colonel, Patch, muttered. "Tell me where the Princess is." Selphie was speechless. Her eyes looked at the ship once again. She watched as the same soldiers, that stole Kairi away, came marching down the steps.

"Little girl, answer me!" Patch shouted, stomping his foot.

Selphie was frightened; there was no other way to explain it. She wanted so badly to run, but her legs wouldn't listen to her. From the look in the man's eyes, he was already becoming irritated.

"Fine, if you don't want to answer me." He snapped his fingers, causing the soldiers to advance on Selphie. "Then I'll just have you killed."

"I can't move..." Selphie's eyes widened with fear as the soldiers crept closer to her. "I…I have to run, I have to get away from here…" She tried to move, but she couldn't. She couldn't even cry in fear, her body wouldn't allow her anything.

Suddenly, Selphie broke the spell her body had over her and took control. She turned, kicking up sand, and sprinted off as fast as she could. She could hear the soldiers firing their guns as her. She flinched and continued running, hoping not to get hit.

Patch was angry now. "What the hell are you doing?!" He yelled at the soldiers. "Get after her!!" The soldiers quickly began to pursue the girl.


Selphie began to scream for help, hoping someone would hear her. But it wasn't likely; her home was on the opposite side of the island, away from anyone who would hear her. Still, she continued yelling. Someone would hear her, eventually…

Brandon sat down on a bench in the park, allowing the rain to wash over him. He stared at the ground. He had told himself he wouldn't bother thinking of Selphie, but he thought about her anyway. It was something that he couldn't get out of his mind.

"Maybe I should tell her it was a mistake." Brandon murmured to himself, as he stared at his bangs, which were dripping with raindrops. "She probably thinks I'm a jerk for kissing her like that…"


Brandon looked up, wide-eyed. "Was that Selphie?" He stood up and looked around. The rain limited the distance of his sight, but he looked anyway. He could see a figure sprinted toward the park.

"Selphie?" Brandon murmured, as he walked toward the figure to get a better look. Soon, Selphie came into view. Her eyes were closed and she was running as fast as her feet could carry her. She stumbled a bit, but Brandon managed to catch her before she fell.

"LET GO OF ME!!" She yelled. "HELP, SOMEONE!!"

"Selphie! Calm down!" Brandon shouted, trying to make his voice louder than hers.

Selphie opened her eyes slowly. She stared into his eyes for a moment or two, before muttering, "Brandon…?" She was never so relieved to see him before, other than now.

"Yeah," Brandon laughed a bit. "What's wrong? You look you've seen a ghost."

"Brandon, they came back."

"Who, Greg and the others? That's great!"

"No, those people who kidnapped Kairi!"

"You're kidding, right?" Selphie shook her head and looked back. Surely enough, a group of soldiers came into view. The sound of the rain pounded against their armor grew louder and louder as they walked closer. Though it was raining, their armor still held a certain shine.

Brandon, without thinking, pushed Selphie behind him and glared at the soldiers. "What do you want?!"

One of the soldiers pointed towards him. "You, tell us where the Princess is."

"Princess? What freaking Princess?!" Brandon stepped forward. "As far as I know, there is no princess here, so get lost!"

Another one of the soldiers leaned over to the first soldier, whispering something to him. Brandon backed up and was about to tell Selphie to run for it, until the armored figures surrounded them.

"What do you want with us!?" Selphie asked, almost in tears. She clutched the back of Brandon's shirt tightly in fright.

"Give us the girl, she knows where the princess is." One of the soldiers ordered.

"What? No I don't!" Selphie snapped back.

"Then why did you run from us?"

"Probably because she wanted nothing to do with you guys, now scram!!" Brandon shouted at them. His hands were shaking and he was also frightened by the figures. He couldn't think, his mind was racing and thinking ahead, not on the problem at hand.

"Give us the girl!" Demanded the soldier, placing his hand on his sword.

"No!" Brandon yelled back. He wasn't going to let them take Selphie; he made a vow to himself that he would protect her. He fought back his fear and stepped forward. "There is no way I'm letting you take her!"

"Grab him!" Shouted a soldier from behind.

Before Brandon could react, several of the soldiers grabbed him, holding him in place. He struggled and tried to get loose, but he was held down firmly. He watched in horror as another soldier grabbed Selphie, before she could run, and brought her over to the soldier in charge.

"Brandon!" Selphie called out, trying to break free from the soldier's hold on her.

"Let her go!" Brandon ordered, as he continued struggling to get free. The soldier in charge began to laugh.

"Are you ordering me around?" The soldier asked, approaching Brandon. "You should respect your elders," The soldier suddenly kneed the boy in the stomach, causing Brandon to cough and wince in pain. "Now, leave the boy and let's get back to the ship."

The other soldiers followed their orders and threw Brandon to the ground. The dirty blonde hit the ground rather hard, causing him to cough again. He could see the soldiers taking Selphie away as he looked up from the wet grass.

"No…I have…to" He pushed himself up to his knee. "But I can't do anything against them…" He felt so weak compared to those soldiers. He couldn't possibly take one down, let alone all of them. Still, he couldn't just sit here and let them take Selphie away. So, he climbed to his feet, his face and body were dripping wet.

"Where do you think you're going?!" He called out to the soldiers.

The leading soldier turned to his subordinate. "Take him out, will you?"

As if right on cue, Brandon tackled a soldier onto the ground and began to deliver punch and punch. The other soldiers moved quickly and pulled the young boy away. Brandon glared at the leading soldier, who was chuckling.

"You are quite the persistent one, aren't you?" He asked. He quickly kneed Brandon in the gut, once again. But he didn't stop the first time, he continued to pound on the boy. Selphie closed her eyes and turned away, she couldn't bare to watch. She could Brandon letting out small cries of pain.

The soldier picked Brandon up by his shirt and looked at him. "You are pathetic." The soldier tossed Brandon to the ground and laughed.

Brandon felt so useless, so weak, compared to them. Still, he wasn't ready to give up just yet. He stood once again, surprising the soldiers.

"Let…her go…" He murmured, his stare turning into a deadly glare.

"You really are persistent-" a blinding light that was emitted from Brandon's right hand cut off the soldier. "What's going on?"

The light soon faded and everything became clear again. The rain was still pouring down upon everyone, just like before. Nothing seemed to change during that brief shine of light, other than the fact that a Keyblade had found it's way to Brandon's right hand.

The Keyblade was rather large in size, but not too big. The grip of the Keyblade extended outward and around, connecting to the pommel, like most Keyblades. The hilt of the Keyblade looked, almost, like a piece of high-tech machinery. The blade of the weapon was long, sharp, and covered in worn out bandages. The blade also looked like a piece of high-tech machinery in some places. The keychain was of a metallic heart that glistened in the rain.

The appearance of the Keyblade sent chills down the spines of the soldiers. Selphie stared at the magical weapon in confusion, as did Brandon.

"You…You're a wielder of the Keyblade!?" Shouted a soldier, drawing his sword. "Stay back!"

Brandon smirked. He could see that the Keyblade he possessed struck fear in the hearts of the soldiers. He approached them slowly, the large Keyblade slung over his shoulder. "Let her go." He growled, glaring at the soldiers.

"I can't do that." The leading soldier replied. "Now, kill the boy!!" With several loud battle cries, the soldiers charged the new Keyblade Wielder. Brandon brought the Keyblade forward, preparing himself for battle.

"Stop!" Demanded a voice from behind the soldiers. As if ordered, the soldiers halted in their attack. They turned and retreated back to the leading soldier. A man with long, silver hair appeared from behind the group of soldiers, as if he had been waiting their the whole time.

"I see that we also found one of the Keyblade Wielders." The silver haired man implied. "Now, tell us where the Princess is, or else we'll end the life of your little girlfriend here." He pointed to Selphie.

Brandon gritted his teeth and clutched the Keyblade tightly. "I don't know what you're talking about." He replied.

"You don't?"

"No, I don't! Now, let her go."

"Stubborn, aren't you?" The man glanced back at the soldier and gave him some sort of a signal. The soldier nodded and placed his sword to Selphie's neck. Selphie closed her eyes, holding back the tears.

She had to do something; she couldn't just stay in the hands of these creeps. Brandon had enough things to deal with as it was. With that strange blade, surely he was able to stop them?

Selphie fought back her tears, and her fright, and elbowed the soldier in the gut. Though he was covered by armor, he didn't expect it and loosened his grip on Selphie as a result. The young brunette quickly rushed to Brandon, hiding behind him.

"Aww, isn't that cute?" The silvered hair man smirked. It was then that a soldier rushed up to him, panting heavily.

"Sir, we could not locate the princess." He said, finally catching his breath.

"I see…" The man glanced back at the other soldiers. "Okay, everyone head back to the ship and prepare for departure!"

"But sir, what about you?"

"I'm going to teach these two brats a lesson." The silver-haired man smirked and looked back over to Brandon and Selphie. With a nod, the soldiers headed off into the rain, toward their ship.

The man drew upon a whip, the weapon he mainly used to fight against others with. Brandon could have laughed at the man, if he wasn't angry for them trying to take Selphie away. The man seemed way too confident, swinging his little rope around.

Brandon pointed his Keyblade at the silver-haired man. "I'll make you pay for trying to take Selphie away, and for taking Kairi away!" Without a second thought, Brandon rushed forward.

He was confident in his abilities, as he slashed and attempted the stab the man. The older male simply moved out of the way of every attack, since Brandon's attacks were aimed randomly around. Even so, the young boy would not quit, not yet. He was most positive that he was going to stop the man, kill him if he could.

Brandon, in a since, was the one over confident. Being given the Keyblade, his confidence rose dramatically. Like any new wielder of the Keyblade, he thought that swinging his Keyblade around, eventually hitting the target, would just be enough to win. He was utterly wrong…

Brandon soon found himself lying on the ground, shocked at the turn of events. He knew then, that without a doubt, being the wielder of such a weapon did not make things as easy as they seemed. Still, he knew of nothing else, but to swing his Keyblade and hope to win.

He climbed back to his feet, while the silver-haired fellow chuckled silently. Selphie stood off in the distance, cupping her hands over her mouth.

Without speaking a single word, he charged the man again. He swung his Keyblade with the anger he held towards the man, hoping that, at some point, he would make a hit. Again, the man moved to the side, continuously, evading the attacks with ease. With a back-flipped, the man created distance between he and Brandon.

"Boy, you have no idea what you're doing with that Keyblade of yours." The man said.

"Shut up! Even if I don't know what I'm doing, I'm still going to beat you!" Brandon shouted. Again, his words came out wrong, as usual.

The man laughed. "Do you know who I am? I am Lieutenant Colonel Patch, of the Rambosan Army! You cannot defeat me!"

"We'll see about that!" Brandon shouted, gripping his Keyblade tightly and rushing forward.

"Yes, we will see!" Patch lashed out his whip again, causing it to wrap around Brandon's leg. Brandon attempted to cut it with his Keyblade, but was then lifted into the air and then slammed onto the ground. "You see, you're a weakling!" Patch laughed as he lashed it out again, grabbing Brandon's leg a second time. This time, he used the whip to hurl Brandon high into the air and then slammed him into the ground once again.

The young boy struggled to get up again. His body shook violently from the wet clothes he wore. Even with his adrenaline pumping, his body was still cold. He crawled to his hands and knees, watching the rain fall from his bangs.

"His a lot harder than I thought… I have to-" Brandon's train of thought was broken as he felt the whip wrap itself around his leg. He quickly tried to stand, but was soon dragged across the wet grass and slung into a tree in the distance. Yelling out in pain, he lost his grip on the Keyblade and crashed into the wet grass below, once again.

"What a shame. The Keyblade Wielders of legend were much more fearsome than you." Patch laughed out loud.

Selphie rushed to Brandon's side, dropping down to her knees to check if he was okay. Brandon leaned up and coughed, the impact had knocked the air out of his body. He panted a bit and then looked up. He no longer held his frustration in his eyes. Instead, he held a look of sadness.

"Brandon, are you okay?" Selphie asked, placing a hand on his cheek.

"Yeah, I'm…I'm fine." Brandon replied softly, almost like a whisper. Truthfully, he wasn't fine. He had lost all confidence in himself. The new weapon he was given was nothing but an ordinary weapon, nothing more than a baseball bat or large stick. It did nothing to help him.

As Brandon tried to search for his lost confidence, within himself, he could hear something whiz through the air, something too familiar. Without turning around to see what it was, he shoved Selphie out of the way. She tumbled back and fell to the ground, just as Patch's whip wrapped itself around Brandon's body and pulled him away.

Selphie watched as the Lieutenant Colonel's whip towed Brandon to its wielder. Patch laughed as the new Keyblade Wielder was dragged lifelessly, like a rag doll, across the ground. Soon, Brandon was lying right before the Lieutenant Colonel.

"Now this is really pathetic!" Patch laughed, looking down at the Keyblade Wielder. "Is that the best you could do? I thought that Keyblade Wielders were supposed to be invincible!" The Lieutenant Colonel laughed again and stomped his foot on Brandon, causing the young boy to cough.

"Please, let him go." Selphie muttered softly, as she approached the man slowly. "Please…"

"Let him go? HA, I'm afraid he's in our clutches now." Patch placed a foot on Brandon. "Now, run along before I change my mind about killing you." He waved the young brunette off with his free hand.

Selphie cupped her hands over her chest and continued to approach the man. She would not take no for an answer, she could not allow herself to. She swallowed her fright again and gathered what courage she could. "No, you will let him go!" She demanded with force, her body shaking in fear. Patch raised an eyebrow and grinned.

"You want him, come and get him."

Selphie swallowed hard and quickened her walking pace a bit. "Fine, I will!" She said, her voice becoming shaky.

Brandon glanced up at the girl, watching her slowly approach his location. She was ultimately no match for the man, but neither was he. Still, he needed to do something, and he needed to act quickly. He could not allow harm to come to her; he had to protect her and the island.

Brandon could feel a new sensation swelling up inside him, a sensation that was allowing his confidence to return. As he felt his courage return, he glanced over to his Keyblade that was lying in the distance. Surely if it had appeared in his hand from out of nowhere, that it would appear again if he wanted it to.

He closed his eyes, trying to call the Keyblade that now belonged to him. "Please, come to me… I have to save her…"

He opened his eyes and stared at it, still lying in the distance. Disappointed, he tried again and hoped that it would come this time.

"Come to me…" Brandon called out again.

Still, it continued to lie there…

Brandon began to grow hesitant and nervous. Selphie was still approaching, but her pace had slowed. He could tell that fright was taking over her body.

He closed his eyes again, now determined to call it.

"Please, Selphie needs me…"

A bright light began to shine from Brandon, which allowed him to break the grip of the whip. He rolled forward, his mysterious Keyblade now in his hand. Patch, who was in total shock, just stared in awe.

"How'd you break free?!" He asked, withdrawing his whip to his side.

Brandon turned to Selphie, ignoring Patch's question. "Selphie, don't ever do that again! You could be killed!" He yelled at her. Selphie's gaze lowered and she began to sniff. It was hard to tell whether she was crying, or if the rain was making it seem like she was.

"I-I'm sorry." She sniffed. "B-But, I didn't know what else to do." Brandon didn't reply for the moment, but instead turned to face Patch once again.

"Selphie, go."

Selphie looked up, wide-eyed. He couldn't be serious, right?

"What?!" She exclaimed. "No, I won't leave you here, alone!"

"Just go, I'll be right behind you." Brandon's grip around his Keyblade tightened, as he glare became a deadly one.

Selphie knew there was no way to make him come with her. He was right, after all. If she were to stay, she would surely be in his way.

"Fine," Selphie replied softly. Brandon was barely able to hear her over the sound of the rain. "But you better be right behind me." Then Selphie turned and began making her way to safety, leaving Brandon to fight the Lieutenant Colonel.

"You must be pretty confident to fight me alone." Patch hissed with a smirk. Brandon wasted no breath in speaking to him, but charged forward instead. His movements were quick, quick enough to catch the Lieutenant Colonel off guard. Patch stepped back and brought forth a dagger, which he used to block Brandon's attack.

The young Keyblade Wielder planted his feet firmly into the ground and began to push forward, swinging his Keyblade violently and quickly. Patch, in a state of shock, was barely able to defend himself from the quick and powerful swings. Though, he managed to block every swing, it was becoming difficult for him. Still, he couldn't defend forever…

Patch leapt back, farther away from Brandon's reach. As Brandon rushed towards him again, Patch did the same. The Lieutenant Colonel moved quicker than the Keyblade Wielder, catching Brandon off-guard. He brought his small, thin dagger forward in a thrust, hoping to stab the boy in his heart and kill him quickly. As though he had gained some sort of power up that increased his abilities, Brandon vanished before the dagger even made contact. He reappeared behind Patch and elbowed him in the spine.

"Damn!" Patch shouted, stumbling forward. As he turned around, Brandon slammed the Keyblade into his stomach, sending him soaring through the air and crashing to the ground. Patch slowly began to get back to his feet, immediately after landing on the ground. It was then that Brandon appeared above him, in the air. With a loud battle cry, Brandon soared down and slammed his Keyblade into the Lieutenant Colonel's chest, sending a shockwave of power throughout the area. Mud and water flew up around the two, into the air. The ground could be heard cracking from the force of the attack.

Brandon stood up and jumped back, his Keyblade still tightly in his hand. He glared at the area he had pummeled Patch into ground, trying to catch glimpse of any movement. The Rambosan officer stood up, stumbling as he did. He was breathing heavily, been having had the wind knocked out of him.

"What's going on?" Patch asked, trying to keep his balance. He could feel his body growing heavy; it was beginning to strain him just to stand. "I have to get out of here…" Patch thought to himself. Brandon said nothing, but instead charged forward again. Patch quickly drew a gun from under his coat and shot at Brandon. Immediately, Brandon rolled to the side to dodge. As he stood back up, he found that Patch was gone.

"He ran?" Brandon asked himself, looking around. He waited a couple of minutes, but nothing happen. "He really ran? Well, that's no surprise, I am-" He stumbled forward, quickly using the Keyblade to catch himself. The pain from the battle was finally catching up to his body, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. He began to cough and covered his mouth, scared of coughing up blood.

His vision began to blurry and the Keyblade wasn't sturdy enough to support him. He fell over onto the wet ground, losing consciousness.

Sora and Ravu…

Hours seemed to fly by as Ravu and Sora retreated deeper and deeper into the forest. The sky was barely visible, making it seem like the night had already come. Sora was beginning to worry that they were lost, but Ravu continued to tell him that she knew where she was going. He had no other choice but to believe her and her sense of direction.

It wasn't long before the two of them stopped for another break. Sora took a seat on the ground, leaning back against a tree, while Ravu scouted the area out.

"Ravu, where exactly are we going?" Sora asked, looking over at the girl who was standing in a tree. She leapt down and landed before him.

"We're going to get a Gummi Ship, I thought I told you that." Ravu replied.

Sora blinked in confusion, but nodded anyway. "Oh yeah…that's right…" He said, pretending to know what she was talking about. "So then, why are we running through this forest?"

"Because…" Ravu paused a moment, looking around. "More of those soldiers would catch us if we continued running through that field. And we have to go onto their territory anyway, to get the ship, so we have to be cautious and sneaky."

"Wait…why are we running away from them?!" Sora shouted. He jumped to his feet and began to head back in the direction that had just come from.

"Where are you going?" Ravu asked, folding her arms.

"I'm going to find Kairi. If anyone knows where she is, they do!" Sora shouted. Before he could go any further, Ravu appeared before him, her arms still crossed. Sora attempted to go around her, but she only blocked his way. "Get out of my way, I have to find Kairi!"

"Don't you think I know that?" Ravu asked, staring into his eyes. "If you go back now, they will kill you. Why can't you understand that? You are not ready to take them on yet."

"…" Sora said nothing.

"Sora, I want to make sure you're ready before I let you go up against them alone. If you barge into one of their bases like you are now, you'll be killed without much of an effort." Ravu placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure Kairi wants to be saved, but I'm also sure she wants you alive and kicking too."

"Yeah, I guess you're right…" Sora murmured. He began to wonder whether the Rambosan Army was really as strong as Ravu was making them out to be. If so, then he really didn't stand a chance against them.

"We should go." Ravu turned and began heading in the direction they were before. "Let's go, we have to get there before nightfall. Once there, we'll wait until morning and then snatch us a ship."

"Snatch us a ship? What's that supposed to mean?" Sora asked, jogging to catch up to her.

"Oh, you'll see when we get there." Ravu chuckled.

Traverse Town…

Jason brought the Gummi Ship down into the Gummi Hanger and landed it there. The Gummi Hanger consisted of three floors since people would often travel to this planet to escape the fall of their own planet. Jason parked the ship on the first level, the closet level to the ground.

The sun was already beginning to set and it would seem that they would have to stay the night at a hotel, before going out and searching for any of their friends. If they were lucky, they would probably run into someone they knew in the hotel. But since luck wasn't quite on their side, they did not think it was likely to happen.

Rebecca was the first to exit the Gummi Ship, followed by the others. Her limitless energy had been restored by the little nap she had taken on the trip over. Jason shook his head from side to side, watching his sister scurry around the area.

"So, where do we go from here?" Greg asked, folding his arms. "I don't think it'll do us any good to be searching in the dark."

"You're right about that." Jason responded, as he headed toward the exit. "We should find a place to stay. We'll start our search in the morning."

"Sounds good to me." Tami said, as she, Greg and Rebecca followed.

"Uh…." Greg glanced over to Rebecca, who was chatting away about nothing. "Won't Rebecca be up all night? You know, with all this energy?"

"Probably, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Her energy is nearly limitless." Jason chuckled.

"Is that so?" Tami asked with a giggle of her own.

On the other side of the Gummi Hanger, three familiar faces were exiting a Gummi Ship of their own; Leon, Tifa, and Kairi. The trip to Traverse Town was relatively short to Kairi, since she slept through the whole thing. With the ship docked, they could now begin their search for Kairi's friends.

Exiting the Gummi Hanger, Kairi got her first look at the town. It was quite different from Hollow Bastion. But then again, Kairi had not really seen Hollow Bastion to begin with. From her perspective, Traverse Town was a lot darker, scarier than Hollow Bastion. It held a feeling of fear about it, fear and darkness. Something just didn't fit right about this town. Why would her friends even look here for her?

"This is Traverse Town?" Kairi asked Leon and Tifa, just to be sure.

"Yeah, this is it." Leon replied, folding his arms. They stood just outside of the hanger, looking around. "Not what you expected?"

"No, it's nothing like I expected." Kairi said.

"I expected different too, when I first came here. But you get used to it, after a while." Tifa added.

"Well, that's enough site-seeing, let's go see Cid, maybe he has seen your friends." Leon pointed at one of the stores. Just as he did, four people exited the store and walked off in the opposite direction. "Who are they?" He looked over at Kairi. "Did any of them look like your friends?"

Kairi shook her head. "I didn't really get to see their faces."

"Oh well, it probably wasn't them anyway." Tifa shrugged. "Let's go see Cid."

"Okay, so where was that hotel again?" Rebecca asked, looking around at the different buildings.

"That guy, Cid, said it was in the Second District. I think we're still in the first though." Tami said, taking a look around.

"He also said we should watch out for those Heartless things, right?" Greg glanced over at Jason, just to be sure.

"Yeah, that's right. He also said that we should stay away from the Third District." Jason added.

Rebecca stared up at the sign reading "Hotel" in bright, yellow letters. "We've found the hotel, at least." The young girl rushed over to the stairs leading to the hotel doors. "C'mon!"

Jason turned to his sister and smiled. "Just slow your roll, I'm sure there are plenty of-"

Just as Jason was about to finish the sentence, the hotel doors flew open, knocking Rebecca back and down the stairs. She landed on her back and rolled to her stomach.

"Ouch…" She moaned.

"What the..?!" Greg stared into the doorway, waiting for something to emerge.

"Something doesn't seem right…" Tami whispered to him.

It was then that small black creatures, with glowing yellow eyes, began to flood out of the door. As they did so, Greg's Keyblade appeared in his hand, confusing him.

"Just what is going on?!" Greg exclaimed, backing up slowly.

"I don't know, but it isn't good." Tami added, as she backed up, her back against Greg's. Jason backed up as well, bringing out his Buster Sword.

"Where's Rebecca?" Jason asked, watching the black creatures surround them.

"Jason!? Help!!" Rebecca's voice cried out over the horde of creatures. Jason, Greg and Tami caught a glimpse of the young girl, just as several of the black creatures carried her off into the hotel.

"Rebecca!" Jason yelled, as he made a dash for the stairs. Before he could reach them, the black creatures cut him off. "Damn these Heartless!" Jason shouted, as he jumped back.

"So these are the Heartless?" Greg brought the Keyblade before him, gripping it tightly. He glanced back at Tami, just to grab her attention. "Stay behind us, okay?"

"I can handle myself." Tami replied, as she brought out her bow and arrows. Greg only smiled.

"If you say so."

"I see. So the Keyblade Wielders are beginning to surface, eh?" A man with short, spiky blonde hair, said. The man wore a white shirt with blue pants and black boots.

"That's right, Cid." Leon said, as he leaned against the wall. The man, named Cid, sat down at one of the tables in the room. "So, tell me, have you had any customers? Kids perhaps?"

Cid rubbed his chin, trying to think back. "Now that you mention it, I did have some little brats come in just before you three arrived. About four of them, I believe."

Kairi's eyes lit up with joy. Could one of them have been Sora? Or maybe Riku?! She knew it was someone she would know, but why were there four of them? Did Sora and Riku meet someone else?

"What did they look like?" Tifa asked.

"Well, there were two boys and two girls, I think. One of the boys had short, black hair. The other had long, spiky black hair." Cid continued to rub his chin. "Yeah, and one of the girls had blonde hair that went to her neck. Green eyes, I think she had. And then there was the little energetic girl. She was shorter than the others. She had long black hair."

Tifa glanced over at Kairi. "Recognize any of them?"

"Just one, but I don't think any of them are the people I'm looking for." Kairi gazed down at the floor.

"Don't worry, Kairi, we'll find them, don't you worry."

"Where were they headed?" Leon asked.

"Said something about needing a place to stay and searching for someone in the morning. I told them to go to the Second District, that's where the hotel is." Cid rubbed his chin once more. "I hope those kids are okay. The Heartless have really been acting up lately, probably cause of the Keyblade showing up."

"Yeah, well, we'll head on over to the Second District. It's better that we see them for ourselves." Leon said, walking towards the door.

"Come on, Kairi, we're going to the Second District." Tifa said, standing up. Kairi nodded and followed the two out of the store.

"Get out of the way!" Jason yelled at the Heartless, as he swung his Buster Sword around, cutting down the creatures.

Greg brought the Amulet of Promise down on the head of a small Heartless, and then he jumped back to avoid the claws of two others. An arrow flew by his face as he did so, piercing one of the Heartless between the eyes.

"Thanks!" Greg called back to Tami.

"Looks like you're the one who needs to stay behind me!" Tami called back with a laugh.

Greg grumbled something and leapt back, away from the Heartless. "We need to get to Rebecca, she needs our help." He said to Tami.

"Let Jason worry about his sister, we'll hold these things off for him." Tami implied, as she fired off another arrow. The two of them now stood back to back, once again.

"Out of my way!!" Jason yelled again, as he slammed his sword into the body of a large Heartless, causing it to disperse into a black mist. He leapt back and prepared to unleash his next attack.

Greg's eyes widened when he saw Jason's sword began to glow an eerie blue. "Tami, we should run."

"Wha…? Why?" Tami asked, glancing back at him.

"AHHHHH!!" Jason yelled, as he slammed his Buster Sword into the ground, sending a sharp wave of energy into the crowd of Heartless, and towards Greg and Tami.

Without thinking, Greg pushed Tami to the ground. Then, he jumped back, narrowly avoiding the sharp wave of energy that ripped through the Heartless.

"Hey, what-?!" Tami saw as the wave of energy sliced through the ground, tearing apart the Heartless.

"Sorry, but I had to do something." Greg said, as he walked over and helped Tami to her feet.

"Did you have to push me so hard?" Tami asked, rubbing her butt.

"I said sorry." Greg laughed. He then turned to Jason. "Hey, Jason…?" He watched as Jason raced up the stairs and into the hotel building. "Okay then…"

"Greg, they're back." Tami said to him, drawing his attention back to the regrouping Heartless.

"Great!" Greg shouted sarcastically. Just as he said that word, two figures appeared and finished off the regrouping Heartless. "You've got to be kidding me…" The Keybearer murmured to himself, as he witnessed how easy the two figures finished off the Heartless.

"Hey, you two okay?" Leon asked, placing his Gunblade over his shoulder.

"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks!" Tami smiled.

"You two shouldn't be out here by yourselves….wait, is that the Keyblade?" Tifa asked, pointing at the strange sword in Greg's hands.

Greg glanced down at the Amulet of Promise, and then at the two adults before him. "Yeah."

"Your name isn't Sora, is it? Or Riku, maybe?" Leon asked.

Greg and Tami exchanged glances.

"No, I'm Greg. And this is Tami." Greg replied, raising an eyebrow. "How do you know Sora and Riku?"

"We don't." Tifa said, folding her arms. "But since you have the Keyblade, we thought that you were one of them."

"I guess you don't know where they are then?" Tami asked. Leon and Tifa shook their heads.

"Well, how about a girl named Kairi?" Greg asked.

This time, Leon and Tifa exchanged glances.

"Yeah, we kn-"

"Hey, Leon, is it okay to come out now!?" Shouted a voice from behind one of the buildings.

Leon shook his head from side to side. "I told her to keep quiet until we made sure everything is okay…"

"Well, her cover is blown now." Tifa turned to the direction of the voice. "Come on out, Kairi!"

"Kairi?" Tami asked.

Kairi made her way out, from behind the building. She ran over to the group. "Is everyone okay?" She looked at everyone, and then focused on Tami and Greg. "Tami? Greg?"

"Kairi?" Greg and Tami asked in union. Without a signal, Kairi latched onto Tami, giving her a hug.

"I can't believe it's you guys!" She shouted.

Greg smiled. "We're gla-" Kairi then gave Greg a hug, causing him to stop mid-sentence.

"What are you two doing here?" Kairi asked, withdrawing from the hug.

"Well, we were looking for you, Sora and Riku, so we came here." Greg implied.

"So you're looking for Sora and Riku, too?"

Greg and Tami nodded their heads.

"Well Kairi, it looks like you've found some of your friends." Tifa said with a smile.

"We'll leave her with you. We have to get back to Hollow Bastion." Leon added.

Kairi turned around to face them. "But, aren't you going to help me look for Sora and Riku?"

"We could, but we have things to do back at Hollow Bastion. Besides, you have Greg and Tami with you now. You three we'll be fine without us." Tifa implied. "Well, we better be off." She gave a wave and headed towards the First District.

"Who knows, we might cross paths again, someday soon." Leon said, as he gave a small wave and followed Tifa.

"Goodbye!! And thanks!!" Kairi yelled to them, waving her hands through the air. She continued to wave until she couldn't see the two anymore. Afterwards, she turned her attention back to Greg and Tami. "So, how did you guys get here anyway?"

"Well, after those guys kidnapped you-!" Greg quickly turned towards the hotel. Jason had yet to return with Rebecca. "We'll talk later, right now we have to help Jason!"

Kairi raised an eyebrow. "Jason? Who is that?" Before she got an answer, Greg darted up the stairs and into the hotel. "Wait! Greg!"

"I'll explain everything later." Tami grabbed Kairi by the arm and pulled her up the stairs and into the hotel.

In the back alley, behind the hotel, Jason was facing off with the Heartless that had taken Rebecca away. He had managed to destroy the lesser Heartless, but he was having trouble with the elite, known as Darkside.

The large Heartless, Darkside, held Rebecca tightly in his left hand, while he battled Jason with his right. The large creature's attacks were quite slow, but un-expected in some cases.

Jason leapt to his left, dodging Darkside's right hand. As his feet landed on the ground, he pushed upward and sent himself flying directly towards Darkside's left hand. Darkside quickly attempted to bring up his fight fist. As he did, Jason used his Buster Sword to slice through it, causing Darkside to screech in pain. As a result, he used his left fist and backhanded Jason into the wall, opposite of the back of the hotel.

Jason gritted his teeth as his body took on the full force of the impact. He thought that Darkside would release him afterwards, but he was wrong. Darkside continued to use the backside of his left fist to crush Jason against the wall.

"Jason!!" Rebecca cried, trying to free herself of Darkside's clutches. Being in his left hand, Rebecca was almost face to face with her beaten brother. She could not bear to see him like that, but what could she do? She was trapped and helpless.

"Rebecca!! Jason!!" Came a voice, drawing Rebecca's attention toward the ground. Her face brightened as Greg and Tami came into view. She wasn't sure whom the other girl was, but she was pretty sure that she was going to help.

"Greg! Tami! Help us!!" Rebecca cried out as best she could. She could feel Darkside's hand tightening around her, which was making it hard for her to breath.

"Don't worry, Rebecca! We're going to get you both out of this!" Greg shouted, trying to reassure the young girl.

"Greg, you have to do something, fast. He's going to kill Jason, if you don't!" Tami implied, pointing at Jason, who was still pinned against the wall.

"Right." Greg, without hesitation, rushed forward with his Amulet of Promise tightly in his hand. "Hold on!" Greg called out, as he leapt onto the side of the wall, and then pushed off to get up higher into the air. He raised his Keyblade over his head and then sliced through Darkside's left arm, freeing Jason and Rebecca.

"Yes!" Tami and Kairi cheered.

Before Greg could return to the ground, Darkside's hands regenerating and he slammed his right fist into Greg, sending the Keybearer soaring through the alleyway.

"Greg!" yelled Tami.

Rebecca crawled over to her brother, who was struggling to stand. "Jason, we have to help…"

Jason pierced his Buster Sword into the ground, trying to use it to help him stand. "Don't worry, he'll be fine…"

Greg picked himself up off of the ground and grunted. "Damn…what is that thing?" He asked, as he stared up at its yellow eyes. "A Heartless…?" Greg dashed forward, Keyblade still in hand. The Keybearer stopped just in time, as Darkside's fist came crashing into the ground.

Greg thought quickly and leapt onto its arm and began dashing up the side of it. He almost reached Darkside's head, but was shaken off. He managed to land on his feet, landing right before Jason and Rebecca.

"How do I take it down?" Greg asked, glancing back at the two.

"You can't…not yet, anyway." Jason murmured, finally managing to stand. "None of us can, we're not ready yet."

"I can take him, just le-"

"Greg, let's just go. We have Rebecca, we should head back to the First District." Tami implied, as she rushed over and picked up Rebecca. "Let's go!"

"Fine." Greg grunted, as he turned around and headed to Jason, his Keyblade disappearing in the process. He helped Jason to his feet and grabbed his Buster Sword. Then, the five headed for the back door to the hotel.

Greg looked back once again, staring into the eyes of the, now disappearing, creature of darkness.

"Greg, let's go." Jason murmured softly. By the sound of his voice, Greg could tell that Jason was exhausted. They had to get somewhere and rest.

"Maybe that Cid guy we'll let us stay…" Greg thought to himself.

"So, you guys need a place to stay?" Cid asked, folding his arms. "Well, I do have an extra room on the second floor, you could sleep there."

"Oh, thank you, Cid!" Kairi smiled sweetly.

"Eh, no problem. Just don't break anything up there." Cid grunted.

"Don't worry, we won't." Greg said, as he head to the second floor, with Tami, who was holding an unconscious Rebecca.

When they arrived on the second floor, Greg and Tami placed Jason and Rebecca on the bed to let them rest. Afterwards, Greg sat down on the floor.

"Wow, what a day!" He exclaimed, rubbing his head. "I'm beat!" He leaned back and lied on the floor.

"Kairi, you can have the other bed, I'll take the couch. I'm pretty sure Greg doesn't mind sleeping on the floor."

"Hey, wait-" Greg tried to protest, but the girls ignored him.

"Okay, thanks Tami." Kairi smiled again and climbed onto the second bed, while Tami took the couch.

"Well, goodnight you two." Kairi.

"Goodnight." Tami replied.

"Hey! I don't want to sleep on the floor!" Greg yelled. But again, the girls ignored him.

Please forgive me for rushing this chapter, or at least the end. I hoped you liked it though! Chapter 10 will be up within the next month, if things go as planned.