narutorocks:well welcome to my first fanfic its gonna be horrible and im gonna probally get bad reveiws but you cant be good at every thing in the begginging

sauske:dont worry you dobe it ell be good

naruto:dought it...

narutorocks:what was tht!!!!


hinata:well..i ag-agree with sa-saus-sauske

narutorocks: well ty hinata

chapter 1:the beggining of the randomness

beep beep beep beep beep

matt:huh wha...

beep beep beep

matt:o right alarm yawns

beep beep

presses button


matt:time for more sleep

beep beep beep



beep bezhha

a mysterious figure apears at his door

?:wake up!!!!

matt:ahhhhhh...o hey kinto

kinto:so much for mysterious...

kinto:hurry up and get your cocoa puffs

matt:cocoa puffs!!!!


stairs being stepped on



boom crash oww kapow kachow

kinto:he he loser...


kuno:you ok?

matt:yea... just kinto again...

kuno:tht explains

matt:well annoying teammate what is it?

kuno:oh nothign just dropping by to say why the hell are you in boxers!!??!!?

matt:well...ask kinto...

he runs away to get his cocoa puffs


kinto:yes my love!?!?

kuno:for the last time me 13 you 7 difference so get over it!!!

kinto:sniffles huh huh huh huh waaaaaaaaa cries histircly

kuno:shut up you faker...

kinto:ok fine it usally works on matt

kuno:what doesnt i do puppy eyes

they both laugh

done for now and its not really event full but i try and plz give me good reviews plz!!

narutorules:so howd i do?

hinata:gre-great ns

sauske:it was ok...

naruto:i wasnt in it

narutorules:deal with it

lee:it was very youthfull!!!!!

thank you ladies and gentle men and w.e lee is

lee: i am youth

naruto:shut up bushy brow