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I've read so many 'someone takes Harry away from the Dursleys' stories that I felt obliged to throw my few Knuts into it. One night when I was trying to fall asleep, key word is trying, I reread chapter six of OotP and it made me think... Did Walburga Black ever had a heart? What could happen if she had? This story is what I think that could happen if she did. In my intention this is multi-chaptered story, the first part of the series.

This is DH compliant version of the chapter, the first version was deleted.

Prologue: The Boy Who Lived To Be A Black.

Every book that happens to mention the fall of the darkest from all Dark Lords, Lord Voldemort, at least briefly mentions The Boy Who Lived, saviour of the wizarding world and defeater of You-Know-Who.These were names used by normal, good-natured wizards and witches. The dark side, or what remained of it alive and seemingly free from Azkaban's clutches, when meeting refers to the child as The Boy Who Destroyed It All and other terms, which due to their rudeness should remain unspoken.

All these names refer to a boy named Harry James Potter. The only child of James Charlus and Lily Rose Potter, who died protecting their little son. Barely fifteen months old Harry somehow managed to survive the killing curse that took away his parents and so many others before them. The boy had survived it and had been send to live with his aunt, Petunia Dursley, and her family, by Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts.

It wasn't that the boy had other family to whom he could go, or at least family who would take care of him willingly. Few people knew that the boy was a godson of Sirius Black and at the same time his second cousin, thus a part of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. The Black family chose to ignore that part and carried on with their pure-blooded bigotry, while little Harry was beaten by his whale of a cousin.

Sirius Black, Harry's godfather and Harry's father long-time friend, well-known young auror had been arrested a day after the Potters death and charged for massmurder of one wizard, Peter Pettigrew, and twelve innocent muggles. But there was something worse Black supposedly had done, something which didn't suite a young Gryffindor, auror, Ministryemployee and the only remaining son of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black: treachery. Sirius Black was unofficially accused of betraying James Charlus and Lily Rose Potter to Lord Voldemort. He was sent to Azkaban without a trial before he even managed to take a breath.

Everyone and their familiars were sure that Sirius Orion Black was guilty of the charges against him, everyone except one person, the one person that even Sirius himself wouldn't have expected to believe in his innocence, his mother.

For a long time Walburga Callidora Black would be the first person to accuse Sirius of doing something evil, the first person to say that Sirius had gotten what he deserved for being who he was. But Sirius – the Potters traitor? Sirius – the mass murderer of twelve innocent Muggles?

Sirius would never betray the Potters, Sirius would never join You-Know-Who, Sirius would never kill innocents ... He was an auror, sure, a hell of an auror, and he had killed before, but he would never kill a person if he didn't have to, if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Sirius wasn't stupid, he wasn't Regulus, who let himself be talked into entering the Death Eaters circle at the age of sixteen, a decision that only a few years later cost him his life.

Sirius, like any normal adult, had his responsibilities when he went to Azkaban and even if Walburga couldn't join the aurors, due to her age and lack of proper training, she knew that there were things that needed to be taken care of. She heard from Minerva McGonagall, with whom she met in passing over a cup of tea in the Leaky Cauldron, that Sirius had a godson, a boy barely fifteen months old, the Potters son, and from what she heard the boy had been left with the worst kind of people.

It was christmas morning when the wizarding world discovered that Harry James Potter had vanished from his aunt's house to never appear again. No one knew what had happened to the boy, where he was or who had taken him. He was gone. Kidnapped. Maybe even dead, who knew what Death Eaters could do to the boy ... No one knew the truth except for Walburga Callidora Black.

Walburga was sitting at the fire in the kitchen, a little boy with jet-black, unruly hair was sleeping peacefully in her arms. She wasn't looking down at the boy, he had been asleep since they had left Little Whinging and there was no reason for waking him up now. She needed to think and think hard. Maybe today she made the worst mistake of her life, but there was still a chance to go back and ... no, she wouldn't allow that. Not now, not when she had the chance to hold the boy. Dorea's grandson, Dorea's blood, the Black's blood, her blood.

Dumbledore left the kid there in that horrible house with people who cared next to nothing when it came to the boy. He was a smart man, Dumbledore, a member of an old, respected family and one of the smartest people she knew and she knew that side of him quite well, he had taught her after all. There was something deeper than that, something that she didn't like.

She brought the kid closer to her chest and the small boy snuggled into her in his sleep. Something warmed up around her heart and she looked down at him. He snuggled up to her like to a mother. Mother, he was so small, he wasn't even aware that he no longer had his mother.

From the few things Walburga knew about Lily Potter, one was that before she married James Potter, she had the surname Evans. Typical muggle surname. Walburga remembered that Regulus pointed her out once or twice. A red-headed girl with a happy smile. Once, their eyes met above the crowd and for a brief moment they looked at each other. The girl had the most beautiful eyes Walburga ever saw and she knew that the boy had his mother's eyes. Green eyes.

Walburga had seen Lily's eyes only once, but now these eyes were haunting her. Eyes of a woman who gave her life for her little son. Eyes that were asking who could take her place? Who would look after Harry? Who would make sure that he was happy and safe? Who would, like her, stand in front of a killing curse to save her son?

Could she do it? But if not her ... then who? Who would take care of the boy? Not Lily's sister, that much was sure, that woman only cared about her whale of a son. Who else could ... ? Who ... ?

Her? She wasn't a very good mother, that she knew. Who else was there? Lucretia? No, Walburga loved her like the sister she never had, but Lucretia didn't fit at all, she just wasn't the motherly type and neither was Cassiopeia. There was her mother, but Irma Black would sooner throw the boy out of the window than take care of him. Who else was left? Melania, Druella and Druella's daughters ... Dangerous train of thoughts, very dangerous. Bellatrix would kill the boy if she knew and for Narcissa only one child on earth existed and that was named Draco Malfoy. There was Andromeda, her run away niece, but Andromeda had a child of her own.

There was only herself. No one else could and would take care of the kid.

But so far she hadn't done such a great job. Regulus ... and Sirius ... both dead. One literally and one essentially. She would never see them again. Never.

She cradled the boy even closer when it hit her with the force of a bludger. They needed each other. Harry needed a family, someone to take care of him and she needed to redeem her past mistakes, mistakes which made her sons suffer. Harry was her redemption and she was his salvation.

"Everything will be fine," she whispered.

Suddenly the flames in the fireplace turned green and someone appeared in front of her. It was a tall and lanky figure with a black mop of hair on the head. She remembered that she hadn't closed the flooconnection after coming back from Diagon Alley in the afternoon. What a sign of stupidity worth of a Goyle! She brought the boy to her chest with her left arm while she reached out with her right hand, pointing her wand straight at the man's head.

"Give me one bloody reason why I shouldn't kill you for entering my house like that," she hissed angrily and braced herself in case of an attack in a way that would allow her to shield Harry.

"Perhaps because you yourself agreed that I could come and take few things," the figure spun around and in front of her stood Severus Snape.

Not. Bloody. Good. Snape was one of the Dark Lord's supporters. Regulus introduced them to each other a few months before he died. Later, after Snape was gone, Regulus told her that this man was a walking enigma and very well educated in the Dark Arts, too well for a half-blood, though it wasn't his fault that Eileen Prince was crazy enough to marry Tobias Snape, a muggle of the worst kind. Severus Snape could easily end up like Lestrange, Goyle, Malfoy and Nott. Walburga didn't have the heart to tell Regulus that Snape could have been his cousin, if Irma had managed to talk Eileen Prince into marrying Alphard. She remembered the sheer terror in Alphard's eyes when he heard what their dear mother was planning for him ... and since she announced it while the Prince family was over for dinner, the result was hilarious. In the end, Eileen ran away after the Princes started suggesting a wedding with Edgar Flint. But that didn't matter now, all that mattered was that Snape was standing in her kitchen and that he had seen Harry.

"Oh," he breathed out and made a step back towards the fireplace.

Upon seeing that, Walburga immediately waved her wand at the fireplace and closed-off the floo connection. If Snape wanted to leave her home, he would have to get to the corridor on the ground floor and she would rather die than let him, unless the man left her house on her terms. Apparation was ruled out, no one could apparate to or disapparate from the kitchen, Orion had made sure of that.

"Mrs Black," Snape started, his eyes travelling between Harry and her wand. "I assure you that your action is very unwise, very dangerous and may result in..."

"Ending in Azkaban?" she supplied for him, her arm still stretched out and her wand pointing at Snape. "How comes that a Death Eater like you isn't in Azkaban?"

Snape's hand twitched towards his wand, she saw it and threw a stinging hex his way, deliberately missing his head and said, "Next time it will be something worse and I won't miss your head, Snape."

"I'm sure that we can..." he sputtered. "... come to a compromise, don't you think?" he mumbled nervously. "How comes that with all the people in the world, the boy ended up under your roof when Dumbledore left him with his Aunt?" he asked slowly, moving one step to the left while Walburga's wand, still pointed at his heart, was moving with him.

"Why do you care about Dumbledore and the things he did?" she asked suspiciously. Then it hit her. "Double-crosser? Death Eater at Dumbledore's service? A spy? Wonder why?"

"The boy needs to be safe," Snape said, his eyes fixed on Walburga's wand.

"Why?" she asked, though she figured she already knew the reason.

"The boy needs to be safe," Snape repeated and there was something in his voice that sounded a bit too much like begging for Walburga to miss it. But why would this man beg for the safety of James Potter's son, if they had hated each other. She heard a lot from Regulus about what James Potter and Severus Snape could do to each other, when the teachers weren't around. Snape wouldn't beg for James son's safety unless ... it wasn't about James Potter.

"You loved her," she whispered.

"No!" Snape's voice sounded terrified and he took a step back.

"You still do," she whispered.

"I do not," Snape shook his head.

"Oh yes," she said. "You do and you care for her son."

"I do not!" Snape's voice sounded like he started to panic.

"You do," she repeated. "Because it's her son, her only child."

"The boy needs to be safe," Snape whispered.

"And Dumbledore thinks that the boy's aunt would grant him that safety?" she asked sarcastically. "There is only one child who can have Petunia's care and it isn't Harry. Had she really cared for him, had she wanted to keep him safe, she wouldn't have let him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, she wouldn't have dressed him in old and unwashed clothes and for sure she wouldn't have let him go hungry and lie in dirty diapers," she said. "No mother would allow that, so why should the closest relative to a mother allow that?"

"He will be safe there," Snape said quietly.

"From whom?" she snarled. "You-Know-Who? He's gone. Death Eaters? What could she do in case of their attack? Hit someone over the head with a frying pan? Wait, that she would do to protect her son, not her nephew," she grimaced.

"The blood ..." Snape started.

"Protects him here," Walburga cut him off. "He is a grandson of Dorea Black. Her blood runs in my veins and I can protect him here better than his Aunt could there – assuming that she wanted to protect him, which is a very unlikely thing, Snape."

"Dumbledore ..." Snape started again.

"Is only a human," Walburga cut him off again. "Only a human and he makes mistakes. The boy won't be safer at his aunt's house than here, Snape. This house is protected better than any other house I know. My husband was quite paranoid, when it came to the safety of our sons and this house is the safest place in Great Britain save Hogwarts."

"But..." Snape started.

"She wouldn't want her son to grow up at her sister's place, would she? She knew that her sister wouldn't care for him. That she wouldn't give him the love and care a child needs. She wanted him to have a home where people care about him," Walburga said.

"How do you know that?" Snape asked quietly.

"Because I have eyes and I see. Because I have ears and I hear. Because I saw and heard how his 'beloved' aunt treated him. Would you allow the only remaining link to Lily Potter be treated like scum, when she surely didn't want that? Would you allow her son to suffer, Snape?"

"I ..." he started.

"If you loved her. If you really loved her, you would do anything to protect her child from harm," Walburga kept talking, she knew that she was wearing him down and if she did it wisely, she could get a very good ally. "She wouldn't want him to suffer. She died to protect him, Severus. Let her sacrifice not be in vain."

"I ..." he sighed and then continued. "How I can be sure that you wouldn't hand him over to Death Eaters? Your nieces, your sons ..." he said and glared at her.

"My sons are dead or as good as dead. Contrary to popular belief I know that Sirius wouldn't have betrayed James Potter. He wouldn't have killed innocents. He was too hotheaded and proud to join You-Know-Who. He wasn't Regulus," she said with a sigh.

"He didn't have a problem with endangering the lives of other people before ..." Snape hissed.

"Not people he considered as friends and family though. The Potters were his family since he ran away and James was a better brother to him than Regulus. He wouldn't have betrayed James and Lily. He wasn't the traitor," she said.

"Then whom?" Snape muttered. "Who could outsmart him? Who could tell the Dark Lord where they were hiding. Your son was their secretkeeper!" he yelled.

Snape's scream woke up Harry. The boy blinked slowly and stared at Walburga with his green eyes. His mother's eyes ...

"Look who came. It's uncle Severus. Say hello to uncle Severus," she turned Harry in her arms so the boy could face Snape and Snape could see his eyes.

"No," Snape whispered.

"Hello," Harry chirped nervously.

"He has his mother's eyes, don't you think, Severus?" she asked innocently. "Beautiful, green eyes."

"No," Snape repeated and shook his head.

"Of course he does. He is such a sweet child and I'm sure that Lily would want him to ..." she started, but she didn't manage to finish because Snape cut her off.

"I give up," he whined. "You win. I would do anything to protect Lily's son," he groaned and fell on his knees.

"Anything?" she asked curiously.

"Anything," he whined. "He is all I have left from her."

"Then why won't you take him yourself?" she asked innocently.

"Because I can't. They wouldn't permit me to. I'm a former Death Eater, spy or not. Dumbledore allowed me to become potionsmaster at Hogwarts because Slughorn retired and Dumbledore wants the boy to remain with his aunt," Snape said with heavy sigh.

"So you won't tell anyone that it was me who took him away?" she asked quietly.

"How can I be sure that you won't hand him to one of your nieces after I leave your house ... assuming that you will let me leave?" he asked sarcastically.

"You have my word that I wouldn't hand him to anyone who could hurt him," she said.

"Your word?" Snape muttered.

"I don't give my word lightly, Snape, and when I do, I mean it. I will raise him in the way she would want him to be raised. I will give him a happy and safe childhood. I will protect him from any harm," she said solemnly. She had never been very sincere, but in this exact moment she meant every word she said.

"Assuming that you could manage to keep him safe till his eleventh birthday, everything would go to hell in a handbasket after his first year at Hogwarts, because in no way would Dumbledore allow him to stay with you, once he found out where Harry had been for the ten years previous," Snape said as he stood up.

"If he finds out," she corrected him. "If Dumbledore found out that I took him, then I would join my older son in Azkaban and Harry would go to live with his aunt. Frankly, neither the first nor the second is something I'm looking forward to, so I think, the best course of action would be to give Harry a new identity," she said.

"Whose?" Snape asked sarcastically. "Aren't you a bit too old to be his mother? Besides, I'm not very up to date about all the people who died last year, but I'm sure that your husband is properly dead," he grimaced.

"I agree that I'm a bit too old to be his mother, but I have the right age to be his grandmother," she said.

"So he would be a son of one of your sons ... whose?" Snape asked surly.

"He will be Sirius' son," she said and upon seeing that Snape opened his mouth to protest she quickly added. "You can hate it as much as you want, but I can't make him Regulus' son. Regulus had his eyes on pure-blooded girls and it's impossible for me to find a woman who would go along with this plan. If I tell the others that Harry is the son of Sirius and one of his muggle girlfriends, there is no way for the family to prove otherwise. Especially if I manage to tell them that the girl died of one of those muggle diseases. They won't go and ask Sirius about it, because he isn't allowed to have any visitors. Harry would be safe."

"Wouldn't it be a weird coincidence that the son of Sirius Black, who suddenly appeared in the wizarding world, has the same name as the son of James Potter, a boy, who mysteriously vanished from the wizarding world? Oh please, a Weasley would fall for that but not Dumbledore," Snape grimaced.

"If his name was Harry, I'm sure that not even a Weasley would fall for it. But if his name was changed to something similar and perhaps more adequate for a member of the Black family, I'm sure that everybody and their familiars would fall for it," she said.

"You think so?" Snape asked, not really believing her statement.

"I know so, Severus. Some people can't see what's under their noses and who in the right state of mind would suspect that Harry Potter and ... Homam Black are the same boy," she said surly, making only a small pause finding proper name for the boy.

"Why Homam?" Snape asked curiously.

"He is a hero, isn't he?" she asked with a small smile. "He was born under a lucky star and that will be his name, lucky star of a hero," she glanced quickly at the boy, then back at Snape.

"If you say so ..." Snape sighed. "What about his middle name? A child should have at least two names."

"I was thinking ..." she started, then it hit her. "Azha. It means the brightest in Arabian and ..."

"Has a double meaning," Snape suggested. "Black's ego wasn't big enough to name the kid after him but big enough to find a similar name. Nice shot."

"So?" she asked.

"So," he echoed.

"Will you tell anyone that it was me, who took him away from his aunt's house?" she asked nervously. She had persuaded him in every way she could and she was waiting for his decision.

Snape stared at Harry, his face unreadable. He sighed and ran his left hand through his hair before he said quietly, "I won't, but there's one stipulation. I want you to let me meet with him from time to time, take him for a walk or play with him."

She glanced at him and considered the things he asked for. For some people it would seem that Snape asked for too much and for others it would seem too little, but for Walburga it was enough ... under certain conditions.

"I would agree with you, Severus, but I have a stipulation of my own ... from now until further notice you will be handling problems regarding his health. You will also prepare and help me feed Harry the familious potion," she said slowly.

Snape stood silent for a moment before he said very quietly, "Only if you let him keep his mother's eyes."

She nodded in agreement. Green eyes would be easier to explain than an unruly, jet-black mop of hair inherited by every male of the Potter family and explanations were something she wanted kept to a necessary minimum. She put her wand in her left hand and extended her right hand to Snape.

"Walburga," she said.

Snape glanced at her hand before he extended his own, squeezed hers and replied, "Severus."

She slept very little that night. She woke up often and after checking that Harry – Homam from now on, was still alive and sleeping peacefully by her side, she fell asleep again.

She woke up for good at six o'clock in the morning, irritated like a tickled dragon and worried beyond belief. She sat up on her bed, leaning her back against the headboard and thought about the events of last night. She was banking on Snape's love to Harry's ... Homam's mother and that was all she had. Snape might have changed his mind through the night and every minute now she could expect aurors bursting into her house. Maybe if she was lucky, she would end up in a cell next to Sirius'.

She glanced down at a sleeping Harry ... Homam, she would have to get used to the boy's new name. Ha... Homam was such a cute kid. Her left hand found it's way to the boy's hair on its own accord, it was so soft to the touch. She smiled at him and in her heart vowed to protect him from any harm. She needed him in her life as much as he needed her.

Suddenly there was a crack and her house-elf Kreacher appeared next to her. He bowed to her and said, "Mistress. Someone asks permission to enter the house."

"Who?" she questioned as she reached for her wand, just in case.

"A man, Mistress. Young, tall and lanky. Black hair that he could wash more often," Kreacher described the visitor and Walburga breathed out in relief, it was only Snape. It should be only Snape...

"Is he alone?" she asked as she stood up reaching for her dressing-gown automatically.

"He is, Mistress," Kreacher answered.

"Good. Let him in and prepare tea in the kitchen. After you are done with the tea, come here and keep an eye on the boy," she gestured at Ha... Homam sleeping in her bed. "When he wakes up," she continued, "give him a bath and dress him in master Regulus' smallest clothes, you know, those from the trunk in the attic. Oh, and try not to scare Homam too much, he has probably never seen a house-elf before, so he may be a bit afraid at the beginning," she said as she passed across the room and opened the door.

She went down to the entrance hall where Snape, let in by Kreacher, was waiting for her. He was dressed up in robes that reminded Walburga of a muggle waistcoat. A big bag was hanging on his arm.

"Good morning, Mrs Black," he greeted her nervously. "I'm sorry for being so early but we need to apply the familious potion before breakfast at Hogwarts since this is the only time during the winter holidays, when I'm not followed around by Dumbledore."

"Good morning, Severus," she greeted him. "It's probably a temporary arrangement and when Dumbledore sees that you aren't going to jump at anyone, he'll leave you alone," she assured him.

"The familious potion is almost ready, all I need is some of their hair and it will take about an hour to change his appearance. If we do it now, I may supervise the whole change before breakfast," he explained.

"Fine. I will go to fetch Homam and change clothes. You can make yourself comfortable in the kitchen, there will be tea if you like some. I will handle the rest after I bring Homam down here," she nodded and showed him the door to the kitchen.

After he disappeared behind the kitchen door she apparated into her room, quickly changed into her everyday robes and with a flick of her wand changed Homam from his pajamas into the clothes Kreacher left on her bed. Knowing Kreacher, he wanted to have them close to the bathroom while he gave the boy a bath.

"Kreacher," she called the elf and he immediately appeared by her side. "I've changed my mind. We are going to bathe Homam later. For now prepare masters Regulus' and Sirius' childhood bedroom, will you? Homam will stay in there and I want it to look like it used to when the boys were small," she said and added immediately. "Before you do this however, I want you to check master Sirius bedroom, his last one, and find some of his hair. Check his old clothes, perhaps the bedcovers, brush ... if you don't find any there, then ..." she stopped, trying to remember where she had put the locket with her sons hair. "Try to find my old goldlocket, in which I kept strands of the boys' hair and bring it to me. I'll be in the kitchen. Oh, and, Kreacher, do it quickly, a lot depends on this," she said.

"Kreacher will do what Mistress asks for," the elf nodded and disapparated.

She picked up Homam from her bed and carried the still sleeping toddler to the kitchen. When she walked in, Snape was adding the content of two small goblets into the smallest cauldron he found in the kitchen.

"Just a minute and I can add his hair to the potion," Snape muttered, his eyes not leaving the cauldron for even a second.

She nodded and watched the way his hands danced above the cauldron. It was obvious that Snape belonged to those few gifted people who were born as potionsmasters.

"You are gifted with a very rare skill, Severus," she said seriously.

"And that would be ..." Snape muttered, not tearing his eyes from the potion.

"You are a natural with potions... It's a very rare gift, indeed. My father-in-law once told me that my own grandfather was furious, when he found out that this particular skill manifested itself in my squib uncle ... He was a spectacular potionsmaker ... too spectacular for his own good. He died at the age of thirty ... an experiment gone very wrong ... terrible death ... though my brother used to say that you had to hand it to him, he knew how to go with a bang," Walburga sighed.

"Let me guess ... hair regrower?" Snape asked curiously.

"How did you know it?" she was surprised.

"I spent seven years in the same potionsclass with your older son. This was one of very few moments when something he had done to me wasn't intentional ... or at least he didn't count on ending in a similar state to mine after using that potion," Snape muttered.

"What happened?" Walburga asked.

"He tripped on a loose stair, fell down headfirst ... he got the worst of it... he was shedding for two weeks afterwards," Snape answered.

Kreacher appeared in the middle of the kitchen with the locket in his hands.

"Kreacher couldn't find what Mistress asked him for in master Sirius' bedroom," said the elf as he handed her the locket.

"Thank you, Kreacher," said Walburga.

She sat down on the nearby chair, Homam on her knee secured by her arm. She put the locket on the table and opened it. Regulus' lock of hair was on the left and Sirius' was on the right. She picked four hairs from the right side and handed them to Snape, who dropped them into the cauldron.

The potion hissed violently and turned from green to black. Snape stirred it four times before he poured the content of the cauldron into one of the goblets and handed it to Walburga.

Homam drunk the content of the cup obediently, although the expression on the kids face gave Walburga an idea how disgusting it had to taste for the kid. When the cup was empty Snape handed Walburga another cup, this time filled with plain water.Homam drunk it greedily.

"He should start changing in the next three minutes," Snape said quietly as he sat down.

They waited in relative silence, interrupted only by Homam's gurgling. Soon the kid started changing slowly. At first his hair flattened a bit but it still retained its colour. Then the cheekbones and small jaw shifted up a bit, giving the kid a little resemblance to the haughty look of the Black family.

They waited for half an hour before Snape gave Walburga a small nod.

"I will try to put his new name on the school records during the next few days, Mrs Black. I shall notify you how it went," he said quietly.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"I have to leave now because I'm sure that Dumbledore would want to see me before breakfast. I think that you have to prepare yourself for the rest of the family's visits," he said quickly.

"Be careful," she nodded.

"I will, Mrs Black. You shan't have to worry that the health counselor of the boy who lived to be a Black will get himself into trouble," he gave her a small smile.

She smiled back. For now all was well. Until the family got wind of Homam.

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