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Chapter nineteen: Winds of Change.

The page on which Mirzam opened the book had the most scariest title Sirius ever saw in his life and being a Black and trained in Dark Arts and Dark Magic he saw lots of them. Mirzam started reading the note even if Sirius and Severus were hanging over her shoulder. It read:

The Horcruxes – the deadliest sin of a desperate man.

Let it be known that I'm not a Black, either by blood or marriage, but I'm here in great library of the Sanctuary to tell you sad story of the bravest and most unfortunate man I ever meet.

I've meet Sirius Homam Black when we were eleven years old on our way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. He was the heir of most ancient and noble house of Black whereas I was a simple half-blood, son of French emigrants, Remus Janus Lupin. In the same compartment with us was riding Reginald Alexander Potter. We became friends and our friendship lasted through seven years of schooling, seven years in different houses, Sirius was in Slytherin, I was in Ravenclaw whereas Reginald was in Gryffindor.

But this story isn't about our school days. I shall leave some memories of our school days to anyone who wishes to see them – they are in the library, on the shelf of Sirius Black jr (son of the first Black). The label on the bottle reads 'The Marauders'. But this one isn't the most significant bottle. The bottle which you my friend need to see is labelled, 'Horcruxes'.

The story which you are going to hear out is not the one for these of faint hearts, it's a story about huge sacrifice, a man of great mind with pure heart and pure intentions who as far as I fear through his deepest desire to protect wizarding kind from Dark Lord Titus Dunbarrow created a gate to potential immortality for following Dark Lords. But Sirius, Merlin bless his pure soul, he had good intentions but it was us who failed him the most.

Allow me to take you to 1st September of 1666, to London, ancestral house of Black family. Ever since Dunbarrow started becoming a threat to wizarding kind my friend, Merlin bless his pure heart, started a group which went under the name of Order of the Phoenix. Sirius felt this name significant because of the nature of Phoenix itself. The name was supposed to give us hope, like a Phoenix raises from ashes wizarding kind was supposed to raise from the shadow of Dunbarrow's terror and recreate the community, free of Dark Lords and fear.

Sirius was the leader of the Order of the Phoenix, the most trusted of these who feared Dunbarrow. Six times he defied the Dark Lord, six times he escaped him and protected these who were with him. Dunbarrow wasn't happy.

Little is known about the Dark Lord Titus Dunbarrow, we only know that Titus Dunbarrow wasn't his real name. Dunbarrow, for a reason no one could get despised pure-bloods and muggle-borns. Sirius as one and a leader of resistance was on the top of his 'To Kill Slowly and Painfully' list.

The ancestral house of Black family, located on 12 Grimmauld Place, London for a long time was Headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix and a safe house for everyone who approached my friend. On the eve of Great Fire of London my friend called me and Reginald Potter to his study, I believe that the family tree still remains in it.

He seated us in front of him and told us about the deadliest sin one can do. Sirius was well aware of the fact that Dunbarrow was so powerful and so guarded that there was no way of removing him without losing too many.

So Sirius told us what he was planning to do. Ever since he was little kid Sirius was always fascinated with magic of human soul and dare I say had he lived he would go very far in this field. But back to the eve of Great Fire of London. That night Sirius told us about Horcruxes.

Horcruxes. Horrible crux. A mark once left upon the pure soul. Sirius was an expert on soul magic and an Auror. He discovered during his job that killing a person puts you unstable in your soul. He believed that if the death of the person was not the one of purest intention the soul was split apart, he discovered that extremely high remorse could mend the soul back together.

Sirius was an Auror and he killed many, for many he felt no remorse and believe me there was no remorse to be felt. He believed that if part of split soul had been put in inanimate objected and protected from harm the person to whom the soul belonged would not die even if their body was destroyed.

He told us, begged us to keep that knowledge and his notes between each other till Dark Lord Titus Dunbarrow will be no more. That night he told us that next day he was going to meet Titus Dunbarrow and duel him till death. Reginald Potter left our meeting with Sirius's notes and stored them in his house, as he informed me after our friend had left the safety of his house. But I remained behind to hear the last confession of a man who only wanted to protect these who weren't able to protect themselves.

I asked my friend if he really knew what he had created. The act of protecting the soul from dying was brilliant one but in the wrong hands … I feared that it would mean permanent destruction of wizarding world, a Dark Lord with a Horcrux … My friend had told me that his notes upon his creation should only exist long enough till we were sure that the Dark Lord Dunbarrow had been gone for good, then we were supposed to destroy them and take the knowledge about Horcrux to our graves.

I promised my friend that Reginald and I would take this secret to our graves and that as soon as the death of Dunbarrow was established his notes would be burnt down to ashes and its ashes will be thrown to four sides of the world and no one after us will ever suspect that something like Horcrux had existed.

Sirius went to the meeting with Dunbarrow with lighter heart, he didn't said it but for someone who knew him it was clear in his eyes.

Now let's go back to Dark Lord Dunbarrow. Whatever you my friend ever read about his demise in history books you should know that it's lies. Lies which those who knew and loved Sirius Homam Black as our brother in anything but blood told to the world. Officially the Dark Lord Dunbarrow had died in a muggle fire, Great Fire of London but even Great Fire of London is a lie. Officially the fire had started at Pudding Lane in the bakery but no one knew that in the catacombs under these street the Dark Lord Dunbarrow had been hiding.

Now we are going to enter the territory of assumption as from what we know during the duel the Dark Lord was supposed to be alone with Sirius. Sirius, like every man in his family had been taught Dark Arts and Dark Magic and knew of one spell, one of his ancestors mentioned – it's still in the library at the Sanctuary. The spell is known as Purifying Flame, extremely dark magic and forbidden and the forgotten for ages.

The spell doesn't create pure flame as its name suggests. It creates an enormous, powerful magical fire which clears of magic everything in its path. People who were subjected to it turned into squibs if they managed to live through it. I know that Sirius on purpose overpowered Purifying Flame he sent in Dunbarrow's direction. What became salvation to our world became also my friends demise. Dunbarrow had died and Sirius died with him, the Horcrux protected him until it was destroyed by the fire.

Sirius was the one who saved us all through his sacrifice, he orphaned three sons but saved lives of many … some of them had died in Great Fire of London but it doesn't makes his sacrifice smaller.

It was his last will and testament that had he died in battle with Dunbarrow the general public wasn't supposed to be aware of everything he did. He was supposed to be an unfortunate man who died in the fire with Dark Lord Dunbarrow. He didn't wanted people to know about his sacrifice, even in death he always remained kind and modest Sirius we all knew and loved. He also asked me to oblivate as many members of Order of the Phoenix as possible, he wanted them to have peaceful life and to not remember him as a war hero.

There are two tombs with his name, one in wizarding graveyard in London and one in the Sanctuary. Only one of these two contains his body. He asked me that if he achieved destroying the Dark Lord Dunbarrow to bring his body to the Sactuary and bury him there, away from people prying eyes and allow his body to rest in peace. He did so when the dust settled I brought his body to his beloved hiding place and buried him as a man who deserved his eternal rest amongst these Blacks who died for the other people.

Now let's go back to Sirius's notes. Last time you heard about them they were taken by Reginald Potter and hid in his house in Wales. Reginald hid them well and came back to London to help us with clearing the mess after the Dark Lord's demise.

After the fire had ended Reginald came back to his house and to his and mine utmost horror discovered that Sirius's notes were missing, thankfully for my friends memory not many were able to recognise his handwriting and he wasn't stupid to put his name on his notes. But his notes were gone nevertheless.

Reginald Potter died seven days later after that discovered, killed by stray follower of the Dark Lord but as long as I could breath I had been hunting for my friends notes on black markets of the world to keep the promise I made and destroy all notes about the Horcruxes subject.

After forty-four years four months and four days since the day I made that promise I found Sirius's notes on a black market in Egypt, I brought them to the Sanctuary and burnt them down but I fear that through these forty-four years Sirius's notes had been duplicated and somehow the knowledge about Horcruxes survived but I'm too old, too sick and too tired to hunt them down. I'm sorry Sirius my friend I had failed you where you needed me the most.

My dear friend whom you are reading old man's ramblings please finish what old wolf of war had started and destroy the knowledge of Horcruxes and take their secret to your grave as we were supposed to do.

Your friend,

Remus Janus Lup

In this place writing came to a halt and a line which was supposed to form i went down like Lupin didn't had strength to finish writing his own surname.

"I think that we need to call Lord or Lady Black," said Mirzam calmly after she stopped reading.

"What for?" asked Severus as he slipped into the seat next to hers.

"To ask about one Remus Janus Lupin. He was allowed entrance here, remember?" she said bossily. "Lady Black!"

Lady Black materialised immediately and she seated herself in a chair in front of Mirzam before she said, "My Lady. What requires my assistance?"

"Remus Janus Lupin," Mirzam said simply.

"Oh, dear Remus," sighed Lady. "He is…" she started and right in this moment Remus walked into library.

"I heard someone saying my name," he said gently and he sit down in a chair next to Lady Black.

"We are trying to find out what your ancestor was doing in the Sanctuary in eighteenth century," Sirius explained. "You don't happen to know where my father and your father had gone?"

"After the talk which we had in drawing-room they vanished somewhere," Remus shook his head.

"So back to Remus Janus Lupin," Mirzam said briskly.

"They were still students of Hogwarts when Sirius Homam Black brought him around. Aged fifteen as far as I could guess," sighed Lady. "They were so young and innocent back then, so pure in their awe. The world didn't liked people like them, what they had was not accepted by our world."

"And what they had?" asked Mirzam.

"Each other," said Lady simply. "They married women of good blood status, had their children but Sanctuary was the place where they weren't ostracised by their hearts desire."

"What do you mean my Lady?" asked Remus tentatively.

"I think that she wants to tell us that they were homosexual," Mirzam pointed out. "Were they?"

"If that's the word you use now, then yes, they were," said the Lady with a single nod. "They were very devoted to each other. They weren't happy in their marriages and their time was running low with Dunbarrow hanging above their heads. You read Remus letter I suspect, you know what happened."

Mirzam nodded.

"Remus brought Sirius's body to Sanctuary and buried him there. For years he was chasing after his notes and finally when he got them he was old, very sick and very tired. He came back here to die, we allowed him to be buried in the same grave as Sirius were, after all he was Sirius's true love, not his wife. Their grave is in the east garden, under old magnolia, they loved that tree," said the Lady.

"That's why he had access to the castle," Mirzam mumbled.

"Indeed," Lady Black confirmed.

"Sirius I need you to call up Horcruxes's Slayers Club in a matter of half of hour, here," Mirzam said as she stood up.

"Where you are going Mimi?" he asked.

"Remus you are going with me," Mirzam said briskly. "I'm going to appoint werewolf in charge."

Thankfully most werewolves were in dining hall and few house-elves quickly brought missing bunch there in a matter of five minutes. Mirzam leaned back against the high table with Remus at her side.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice," she said politely. "I called you here knowing that you are whole or nearly whole population of your kind. As you were informed, while you are here you are under care of Lord and Lady Black. We are your protectors but we won't be telling you how you are supposed to run your packs. However," she paused, "A certain order will be needed for everything to run smoothly."

"How you are going to do it?" Remus mumbled.

"You will see," she gave him small smile. "I want you to create some sort of your own society, of course you will be still falling under normal jurisdiction of wizarding world but…" she paused to take a breath. "I want one person from each pack as a spokesperson of said pack. All spokespersons between themselves will appoint the one person in charge of needs of the whole community. Every need or idea for a change will be brought to him, or her and every matter between your kind and us as protectors will be discussed. If something can be changed, we will do everything in our power to change it," she explained.

"You want us to appoint the leader of our kind?" asked one of the women.

"Yes," Mirzam nodded. "It should be someone trustworthy, with perceptive and knowledge of wizarding world, especially the laws. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone, just pointing out which kind of the person would be the best for such job. For now I will leave you and in the evening I would be expecting first answers, it's not pressing matter but I would like to at least meet few spokespersons from your packs," she said briskly and then she turned to Remus, "For now you are in charge of arranging things until everything is settled Remus."

The meeting of Horcruxes Slayers Club was dull since the information who created the first Horcrux didn't brought them closer to getting their hands on the Cup or Ring or the Diary, they were pretty stuck as Sirius observed. They meet the rest of the family in front of dining hall and together they walked in.

It seemed like the werewolves were discussing something very important and while the family spotted that right now it wouldn't do good to disturb them they were quickly discovered by their guests.

"Lady Black," called one of the females. "We chose our leader."

"It's great," Mirzam smiled. "Who it is?"

"He still needs some persuading from our side," chuckled one man who was sitting in the middle of the table next to very blushing Remus. "Perhaps you could make him listen," he added and swatted Remus back. "We chose Remus John Lupin. He has every quality you mentioned, plus he is patient and listens to everybody. Not to mention he can be very persuasive when he wants."

"Remus," Mirzam snickered. "Don't fret my friend you will do splendidly."

Remus sighed, stood up walked around the table and stood in front Sirius and Mirzam. He gave deep bow and when he knelt down on right knee he said, "Lady Black, Lord Black. I give myself and my pack under your protective wings. We decided to serve your command."

Sirius was gobsmacked at that. Sure the word about lordship in such small community could get around sooner than at Hogwarts but he never expected anyone to recognise him and Mirzam as Lord and Lady Black. Submission wasn't expected.

Sirius walked to him and pulled Remus by the arm into standing position before he said, "Your pack will be protected but you are my equal, not my servant my friend," he gave Remus a hug. "So is the rest of you," he turned to other werewolves. "We are all wizards and witches, equal in magic. I won't let you bow to us because of this equality."

"But you are a Lord," said one of the men.

"I may be a Lord but Lord is just a title to me. I accept responsibilities which came with the lordship but I won't accept advantages, I won't let anyone bow to me because I don't bow to anyone who doesn't have my respect," Sirius said firmly. "If someone should be bowing here, then it will be me," he added and gave a deep bow to Remus.

The full moon had passed and Monday had came sooner than they expected it to come. Those whose presence wasn't required elsewhere remained in Sanctuary with the werewolves. Amongst people who came back to their respective jobs were, Sirius, Mirzam, Cassiopeia, Kitty Hitcher and her boyfriend, Arcturus, Pollux, Ignatius and Lucretia. Severus and McGonagall had left on the day of the full moon to keep up appearance at Hogwarts. The rest of the family remained in the Sanctuary.

At nine o'clock in the morning Sirius and Mirzam walked into Amelia Bones's office where they were supposed to have a talk with her. To her surprise Mirzam spotted Minister Bagnold in an armchair next to Madam Bones's desk.

"Sit down my dear friends," said Madam Bones happily. "The plan worked splendidly but we are worried when all of these people had gone, especially on the full moon."

"They were in secure location," Mirzam replied politely. "There were no incidents and everything went smoothly. How many were captured?"

"Whole bunch," chuckled Minister and suddenly she gasped loudly. "On Morgana's corset!"

"What had happened Minister?" asked Madam Bones quickly.

"Diadems of Lordship," Minister Bagnold breathed out.

The diadems of lordship, as Lord Black had put when Mirzam and Sirius discussed that matter with him and his wife were supposed to be invisible to anyone who never knew about Lords and since the Lords of Wizarding World weren't common knowledge the ghost managed to persuade Mirzam and Sirius into wearing them.

The diadems were identical for the Lord and the Lady. Made of gold and shaped into tiny (three quarter of inch) cross between normal diadems and crowns had twelve identical in shape onyxes – jewels meaning Black family.

"What?" Madam Bones breathed out.

"Diadems of Lordship, Amelia," Minister Bagnold repeated. "Particularly this one is supposed to belong to Black family. Onyxes are Black family jewels. Rubies are Potter family jewels. Amethysts were Prince family jewels. They are also the others but this three I remember. Plus Bagnold family were sapphires."

"That's why you know about the Lordship, Minister," Sirius said politely.

"Indeed Lord Black," said Minister Bagnold. "But the Lordship of our family had been lost for ages."

"So was ours," Sirius chuckled. "But my thrice damned father, pardon me for cursing my ladies, decided that since I fit into conditions of my dearest Lord Black I could as well take it considering the circumstances."

"So the werewolves answer to you," Minister Bagnold said pensively and at surprised look on Madam Bones's face she added, "Each Lord is associated with one kind of magical creatures. The Lord is supposed to offer them protection and taking care of their needs, their loyalty lies within the Lord and nothing else. Hadrian Prince, the last Lord of Prince family was protector of vampires, the Blacks were always caring for werewolves. My family was in alliance with the goblins."

"What about the other families and creatures?" Mirzam asked.

"That part of information had been missing for ages, Lady Black," said Minister Bagnold with a sigh.

"Mrs Black, Minister Bagnold, or just Mirzam," Mirzam corrected older woman gently.

"But it wasn't lordship which required that meeting, Minister Bagnold, Madam Bones," Sirius pointed out politely.

"Indeed," Minister Bagnold confirmed. "Actually for last few weeks I had been studying structures of your Muggle equals. It came to my attention that while Police is still paid by the governor they aren't directly answering to the governor itself. They have their own Police inside to deal with problems in their own departments and they have many. I decided for an experiment and I need someone who is familiar both with Muggle and Magical Worlds and appoint that person as new Head of the Aurors in their new structure. Together with Madam Bones we came to conclusion that you two are the most competent people for this job."

"We?" Mirzam mumbled. "Aren't others more deserving that honour?"

"They are, my dear, they are few which because of their years of experience deserve that position but they are old and they wouldn't want that experiment to take place. That's why…" said Minister Bagnold.

"We decided that young people with experience and extensive knowledge of both worlds would be the best for the job. We simply couldn't decide which one of you to appoint as Head of the Aurors and which as Deputy," Madam Bones said with a smile.

"There is something which both of you ladies need to know before you will decide," said Mirzam quickly. "I'm expecting a child which will be due in middle of February and while I most certainly will work as long as I will be allowed to and come back as soon as it will be good both for my child and work I don't know…"

"That's fantastic," said Madam Bones cheerfully. "A boy or girl?"

"Girl," Mirzam snickered. "We already have two sons."

"When we are supposed to start?" asked Sirius curiously.

"With building structures? Right now," chuckled Minister Bagnold. "The official promotion will take place on 2nd August because Tappworth is retiring on 1st August. Ministry of course will cover all expenses which you are going to need for moving out from the Ministry of Magic as it will continue paying you your salaries while you are going to lead the Aurors on your own," she explained.

"What about trainers?" asked Sirius pensively.

"I think that I know what you have in mind Mr Black. Since you are going to work on your own you can accept everybody whom you deem as worthy of being an Auror," said Minister Bagnold with a smile.

"Thank you ladies," Sirius smiled broadly. "We are definitely accepting your proposition."

"Definitely," Mirzam nodded with a smile. "But officially what we are supposed to do now?"

"Officially you are vacation till 31st July, of course we are going to meet from time to time to discuss your plans but officially you aren't working till then," said Madam Bones.

"What about the werewolves?" asked Mirzam. "And their offenders. When do you think it would be possible to return all of them to their respective homes?"

"The trials will be taking place this week and next three or four days of the next week. In worst case at the end of next week they will be able to come back to their respective homes in peace," said Minister Bagnold. "Of course you aren't required to participate, we have very strong evidence without it."

"What if we want to?" Sirius asked impishly.

"Then I'm not going to stop you but seriously it's a waste of time for you since Veritaserum gave us very strong evidence of what might happen," Madam Bones explained.

"We can reach you at Grimmauld Place if something happens which will require your presence," said Minister Bagnold.

"Actually we are staying with our protégés Minister," said Mirzam. "Any owl addressed to one of us at Sanctuary will reach us until our protégés are returned safely to their homes."

"I was meaning to ask it before Mr Black," said Minister Bagnold. "But you mentioned your father and I was amongst the people who attended his funeral…"

"That's a matter which can't be discussed where everyone can hear it, Minister. It's very delicate manner and if someone got a wind about it, especially supporters of Voldemort the results would be drastic," said Sirius grimly. "If you wish to know I can fetch you in the evening and bring you to the Sanctuary."

"That would do for now. But what your father has to do with You-Know-Who?" asked Minister Bagnold.

"Count me in," added Madam Bones.

"To put it straight my father wants to make sure that the rumours that Voldemort is dead won't be just rumours but truth," said Sirius quickly.

"So he isn't dead?" asked Minister Bagnold with a heavy sigh.

"To my knowledge he is still alive, not in shape good enough for him to come back to his power anytime soon but still existing. Last time I knew something about it he was hiding somewhere on Balkans," Sirius admitted.

"So Dumbledore was right," Minister Bagnold sighed. "That he wasn't dead."

"Indeed," Sirius sighed. "But there are things which Dumbledore doesn't knows about and I refuse to have him meddling in something which we can take care of by ourselves."

"How?" Minister Bagnold asked curiously.

"My brothers were Death Eaters. One was the spy for Dumbledore during the war and the other came into possession of certain knowledge which will allow us to ensure that Voldemort won't come back. That's the only thing I can say for now," Sirius explained.

"I was aware that you only had one brother, Mr Black," said Madam Bones.

"So was I until it found out that my father wasn't always faithful to my mother," Sirius gave her small smile.

"I assume that by the spy you meant Severus Snape," said Minister Bagnold pensively. "But what about Regulus? He is dead."

"Reg is as dead as I am and I'm very much alive," Sirius chuckled. "But he needs to keep low profile, Minister Bagnold, for his own safety. At large there are still some people who will rather see him dead and Reg isn't in best shape to protect himself, he hardly leaves the house."

"Is he going to be a part of our meeting?" asked Madam Bones.

"Possibly," Mirzam snickered. "Unless my sisters will kill him till the evening."

"They won't," Sirius chuckled. "They love him too much to kill him, Mimi."

By the time Sirius brought both Minister Bagnold and Madam Bones to the Sanctuary he was running in circles. After they came back to Sanctuary Mirzam locked herself up in the library together with Gemma, his mother took away the boys to the garden together with his grandmother. Mirzam little sisters went after them.

"Magnificent," said Minister Bagnold when Sirius opened the front gates to them and let them take a good look at the castle. "Where exactly we are?"

"In walking distance to Hogwarts," Sirius explained and chuckled at their stunned expressions. "According to my father and ghost of my ancestors. There is a charm which prevents everyone from seeing it if they weren't inside it first. Professor McGonagall was quite surprised."

"You have quite of ancestry," Madam Bones admitted.

"He is son of a Black family, Amelia. If the diaries of ancestor were at least half true then if there was more of royalty in wizarding world than lordship then the Black family would be royal family," said Minister Bagnold. "The money and lands would make sure of it."

"I think that you are more aware of my status than I am, Minister," Sirius snickered.

"If I were you I would learn as much about the lordship as possible. Considering a certain mention about lands under the Ministry of Magic belonging to my family," said Minister Bagnold.

"I wasn't aware that we owned it," Sirius admitted truthfully.

"Ask your father about it, if he knows about the lordship then he knows advantages," Minister Bagnold pointed out.

Life came back to normal or as normal as it could be, Mirzam observed when she shifted the papers on her brand new desk in new Auror's Headquarters.

The Great Ball of the Black family had come and went – the event was all over the papers and even preparing it exhausted her greatly. Neither Sirius nor she felt inclined to tell the rest of the family about their daughter, as of yet.

Another tiring thing was their search for remaining Horcruxes. The diary was still missing and they still hadn't found the Gaunts ring nor the Hufflepuff's Cup, not for the lack of effort.

At least the werewolves decided to stay at Sanctuary and create their own community there. To Sirius slight disappointment Remus elected to stay with them, Andromeda and Ted together with little Dora had decided to stay there too, Andromeda as a Healer and Ted as one of the teachers since the community decided to school the kids who were too young to attend Hogwarts at the castle.

She glanced outside, thanking Merlin that she and Sirius decided to pick up a building which was actually on the ground and not under it. Through the windows she saw maples moving on the wind.

"Are you ready to inform the family about Esper?" she heard her husband's voice from the doorway of their office.

"As ready as I can be," she replied without turning back.

He didn't answered until he approached her and hugged her from behind.

"A change of winds," Sirius whispered when suddenly the wind changed to the one of opposite direction.

"I hope that it is a change for the better," she murmured. "Let's pick the presents for Hommy and Remmy and come back home before your mum sends us a howler," she changed the subject.

"Knowing mum I bet that they are waiting just for us," Sirius chuckled. "We will get through it together," he whispered and she knew that he didn't only meant telling the family about Esper.

"Hope springs eternal," she replied in a whisper.

"We would be lost without it," Sirius nodded. "Come back home."

"With you? Always," Mirzam giggled.

The End.

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