ok. I was driving home and there was this cat on the road. i pulled up and ran back to check it, but it was dead. No i didnt hit it but the guy that did was pretty torn up. All these cars kept nearly hitting it and so i had to move it, i mean i couldnt let its poor corpse be flattened, it was someones beloved pet...and theyre probably waiting for it at home. Let this be a lesson people - if you have cats its alright giving thema collar and microchipping them, but please put a tag on aswell! I cant read a microchip,

Anyway, that inspired this story (morbid i know)

Its not a one shot, so excuse the sort introduction.



Gaara looked at the two men following him, both were stronger then he had ever felt before, their attacks ripped straight through anything he tried to throw at them.

Including his ultimate defence.

An attack brushed past his side releasing blood from where it sliced his skin. "Kusso" was all he managed before falling. Desperate he formed another seal.

"Where did he go?" the hooded man asked bursting out of the shrubbery close on Gaara's heels
"Dunno, my attack hit him though" the second one added looking around he frowned
"Nothing on the road cept road kill" the first man said kicking the raccoon that was lying there
"Quit playing around and lets hurry, we were paid good money for this" the second man replied disappearing on the other side of the road. Muttering the first man followed.


That was all Gaara could hear then the rushing of blood and the beating of his heart.
"I'm dying" he thought. He decided he wanted to see the stars before he died, and with Supreme effort Gaara opened his eyes.The world seemed to spin into focus and instantly he saw each and every star, heard the crickets chirping and the soft swish of an owls passing. He could feel the pavement beneath him and he could feel his death approaching.

"Gaara are you sure you want to go alone?" Temari asked tying her hair up as he watched from the doorway
"Yes, I'll be fine, don't you have a date?" he asked chuckling and dodging a pillow thrown his way
"Gaara! Get it!" Kankuro yelled kicking a ball towards his brother
Gaara's sand scooped it up slamming it back towards the elder brother
"OOF!" Kankuro gasped as the ball hit him in the stomach sending him backwards and onto the floor
"Kankuro!" Gaara yelled running forward "Kankuro are you alright? I'm didn't mean to do that….Kankuro talk to me!"
"BOO!" the puppet master cried causing Gaara to fall back into the dirt "ha-ha! Gotcha bro!"
Gaara laughed too taking the hand Kankuro offered him and getting hauled to his feet

"Gaara!" a short blond yelled grabbing Gaara in a tight hug
"Naruto…" he replied attempting to disentangle himself
Ignoring the stares of those around them Naruto grinned foxily "Come get ramen with me!"
"Naruto…there isn't any Ramen stands in Suna" Gaara replied inwardly chuckling, he actually did when he saw Naruto's crestfallen face
Suddenly he cheered up "Come on Gaara! I have some instant" he winked "Ill even let one of my best friends have one!"

"We now charge you with the safekeeping of this village, rise Lord Kazekage!" An elder placed the Kazekage robes around his shoulders
Taking a deep breath Gaara turned and faced the assembled Village, there was silence
"LORD GAARA!" someone yelled "KAZEKAGE-SAMA!" Another cried, a chant and cheer that went through the crowd until the whole village was yelling for him

Gaara blinked back tears as he was truly acknowledged by his people

"I'm all alone" he thought realising how cold it was "I'm going to die, alone, in the cold….no one will know what happened, Temari and Kankuro will be waiting for me……they'll get upset" He blinked back tears but letting them fall and wet his fur "I don't want to die alone, I want to live! I want to LIVE! Please, don't let me die here, please……please……plea…..se…." he could feel his mind slipping, but his body didn't hurt anymore, it was numb, his eyes slowly slid shut

The stars disappeared.