Not quite the sequal promised, but about sakura written from the view of enemy Ninja, the song is 'evil angel' but breaking benjamin - i reccomend you listen to it whilst reading!

again sorry for the long absence...long story! (don't expect anything else till september)

Hold it together. "Line up troops!"
Birds of a feather.
Sound nin's lined up facing the suna/leaf army across the battlefield
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
"we're going to die" a genin whispered scared
I have the answer.
I grinned "kid...we were already dead when we didn't run"
Spreading the cancer.
She squeaked and moved away from me and my traitorous words
Closing my eyes I tried to remember someone, someone worth all this fighting, worth all the pain I went through for no sensible reason.

You are the faith inside me.
No, Don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.
She would never reach me here
Don't Remember!
I should forget her, focusb
I touched a necklace, she wore the second half lying asleep in her cold grave...remember me...remember me

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel. The Angel was coming, I could feel her chakra...this time I wouldn't survive, I knew, I knew it was my day
Open your wings, Evil Angel.
Make it quick angel i said quietly watching her braided hair sparkle in the sun as she leapt.

I'm a believer. Or rather I used to be, watching generals scared like the genin I was supposed to look after, my belief was dead.
Nothing could be worse.
The hope that shone from my student was disappointing, I thought I'd taught her better
All these imaginary friends.
She smiled at others thinking they were her friends.
Hiding betrayal.
We were put at the front
Driving the nail.
We were only allowed one weapon.
Hoping to find a savior.
I saw the angel come for us, she took down my student with a touch
No, don't, leave me to die here.
Unable to speak she grabbed my leg mouthing the words, before she was still
Help me survive here, alone.
I was suddenly alone, surrounded by dying ninjas
Don't Surrender!
Someone shouted to me
The angel demanded, unwilling to kill me it seemed

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel. I shook my head bringing my blade up and sweeping for her close neck.
Open your wings, Evil Angel.
Blood trailing down her arm closed as she looked through narrowed eyes
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
She dodged the next attack lightly touching my neck with her fingertips as she somersaulted over my shoulders.
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel. My vision was going hazy as no air reached my lungs
Open your wings, Evil Angel.
On my knees now I knew I was joining the dead below me.
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
She shook her head and walked away whispers filled the breeze "I'm sorry..."
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?
I smiled at her retreating back, at least I would be free