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"The boundless future stretches across the skies

And I am reborn anew

I'll make the snow of happiness fall all over the world.

Destiny is there to be grasped,

So stretch out your hands.

There is no tomorrow which has already been decided.

Even if you say nothing,

I know our meeting that day was no coincidence

I sensed eternity in your distant gaze.

The light of the setting sun is beautiful.

If the cold wind glimmers,

I can hear your voice drifting gently.

Knowing that I'm not alone in my heart,

Warms it so much that it hurts.

It all begins from the point of believing.

These feelings are proof of being alive.

The endless future and the expanding skies

Allow me to be reborn anew

I'll make the snow of happiness fall all over the world,

Holding hands with you."

Chapter 1

Himeno and Hayate walked among the streets of Awayuki Town. The Pretear and Leafe Knight of Wind enjoyed the peace that was bursting from the Leafe filled earth. It had been so long since they'd gotten rid of the Princess of Disaster, and peace was brought to Earth. The three younger Leafe Knights of Ice, Water, and Plants had grown into handsome teenagers, but the older Knights and Pretear looked like they hadn't aged a day. The reason why was uncertain of any of them. Hayate had never told Himeno of his love for her, or vise-versa. And so, in time, both were simply the best of friends.


Okay, they still fought like cat and dog...

"You should be over that by now...tulip-head."

Himeno punched Hayate playfully on the arm and chuckled, "You're such an idiot."

"Am not. Everyone knows you are." Hayate retorted.

Himeno's eyes glared.

Then, they found themselves at the front of the Knight of Fire's restuarant. Goh waved, "Hey, you two! Sit down, and I'll be right with you."

Hayate groaned, "When you said you wanted to eat out, you meant here? I'm not gonna live." and he sat in a chair in front of Himeno.

They sat, letting Goh take their orders, and they ate with Goh when he managed to get a short brake. The two men gagged at Himeno's ice cream, "How in the world can you eat that stuff?"

Himeno pouted, "None of you Knights have any sense of taste at all!"

"I'd say you don't." Goh scrunched up his nose.

The three finished eating, and Goh went back to work when Hayate snapped his fingers, "Crap. I forgot about picking up some of your dad's order."

"Ah, you outta let him get it. Bbbuuutttt since you're working for him, I'll say go ahead and get it. I'm gonna go on home."

"Are you sure?"

Himeno waved it off, "Yeah, I'll be fine! See ya at home, then!" and she ran off toward her house.

Hayate frowned, thinking he sensed something, but shrugged it off, and ran to go pick up Karou's orders.

Once Himeno saw Hayate was out of sight, she leaned against a tree. Her insides felt so sick. She wrapped her arms around her for a second, and the feeling was gone. She frowned, "But...I thought for sure...that was something...oh, well! Maybe it was nothing."

She walked down the streets quietly, looking around at the new flowers spring had brought with it. She especially admired the Cherry Blossoms. A few flew away from the branches, and Himeno caught some. She smiled warmly, "I'm glad I was able to get all of this back."

Her watch ruined the moment when it set off. She looked at it, dropping the blossoms.

"Aw, crap! I'm late for my job!" and the Pretear threw a curse in the air before running off.

In Leafenia...

An older Shin, with short, wavy blonde hair looked at the plants. He frowned. Hajime came up behind him, with Hayate-like orange hair, his blue eyes the bright color of the sky. "What's wrong, Shin?"

Shin glared at a withering tree, "Something's wrong. The plants aren't happy...and their Leafe isn't as strong as it was yesterday."

"No way..." Hajime examined the water, "...Now that you mention it...the water's Leafe is draining, too!"

Mannan came up, with spikey white hair and crystal blue eyes, "Hey, what's up, guys?"

"The Leafe..." Shin murmured.

Mannan looked around, "What about it?"

"..." Shin couldn't say anything. His face was white and pale.

The Knight of Ice hissed, "What's wrong with the Leafe?!"

Hajime bit out, "It's...disappearing. We need to get the others."

Back on Earth...

Himeno barely made it to her job at a garden that she worked for in the springtime. She sighed with relief, and waved hi to one of her friends, "Hey, there, Yuri. How are you today?"

The girl with baby blue eyes and black hair grinned playfully, "I'm amused on how you've barely made it to work. C'mon, hurry up and get dressed so you won't get in trouble!"

"Sure thing!"

Himeno ran in and got changed. She sighed deeply. Today was going to be busy, since it was festival time for flowers!



Shin came back to Earth and told the Knight of Light about what had happened to the Leafe in Leafenia.

The Knight of Plants told him again, "The Leafe is growing thin! -We don't know what or who's causing it! We can't feel anything!"

Kei sat back in his chair, speechless. He muttered, "This just can't be..." then, he sat in silence. Shin said quietly, "Mannan went to go get Hayate and Goh. Hajime's going to get Himeno and Sasame. We're all gonna meet at Himeno's backyard. Where we first met."

Kei looked at him with serious eyes, "We need to go. Now."

Shin nodded, and they walked out of the building hastily. A few minutes later, they met up with all the other Knights and the Pretear. Himeno instantly began to worry, "So, the Leafe is draining from Leafenia? How the hell is that possible?"

"We don't know either, with all the demons and such gone." Sasame bit his lip in thought.

Kei offered, "There may actually be someone who can suck the Leafe out while they're not in Leafenia. It could be someone in a whole other dimension."

The others stared.

The Light Knight flushed, "It's an idea."

"Even if it were true, who in the world could or would do that?" Goh hissed.

Mannan dumbly replied, "Someone ready to take over the worlds."

Goh glared, "Shut it, kid."

"Either way..." Hayate nodded, "Mannan's right. We have to be on our guard every minute of every day."

Himeno squirmed, "Uh, guys?"

All eyes turned to her.

She looked at them all directly before telling them, "I had that same feeling earlier...the one where there was Demon Larva nearby. I felt it for a few seconds."

Hayate frowned, "I felt it, too."

"And me." Sasame and Goh looked away.

"Really? I didn't..." Shin cocked his head.

"Then, he, she, or it..." Himeno growled, "Was near us four at one point."

Sasame looked at her, "Well, I was stopping by Goh's restuarant this afternoon."

"That's when I felt it!" Hayate and Goh snapped.

Then, they turned to Himeno again, who nodded.

Hajime suggested, "Maybe we should go back. Whoever or whatever it was may still be near there."

"I doubt it, but we could." Mannan shrugged.

Without further argument, they walked down the street back towards Goh's workplace. They stood there for a few minutes, the ones that hadn't feeling anything asking if the others felt anything.


They walked all around town, and still, nothing came up. Not even the slightess feeling. They gave up and went back to Himeno's house. They hung around by the giant windchimes, Himeno groaning, "Now I feel scared. There's something out there, but we can't find it."

Just as she said it, Himeno collasped over in pain.

"HIMENO?! HIMENO, WHAT'S WRONG?!" all the Knights ran to her side.

She gasped in pain, " feels so sickening..." and she shuddered.

Hayate suddenly changed into his Wind outfit, and flew in the air, glaring everywhere, not feeling anything. Sasame joined him up there. They looked around, and at last, they heard Goh yell from behind them, a 'non-nice' word that shouldn't really be repeated. They flung themselves around, only to be hit by a black light. They slammed back into trees.

Himeno brought her head up, muttering, "It doesn't hurt anymore..." then, saw Hayate and Sasame. "HAYATE! SASAME!"

"Himeno, don't worry! Pret with me!" Goh held out his hand.

The Pretear hesitated, but took his hand, and Goh disappeared, Himeno wearing the Fire Pretear outfit.

"C'mon, let's go!" Goh shouted in her head.


Himeno jumped in the air, along with the other Knights. She looked, and in the distance, was a shadow, growing larger and larger. She thought, Goh...what is that?

The figure came closer to be formed out as a man. He had black midnight hair with silver eyes, wearing a black cloak over a gray shirt and black cargo pants. "Well, well, well. So you are the Pretear: Princess of Light. Well met."

Hayate and Sasame recollected themselves, and flew up beside her in defense. Hayate hissed, "Who are you?"

"I am one of a pair of new darkness. I am the Prince of Darkness, along with my sister, the Princess of Disaster." the man cackled. "Or you may call me Takeshi."

"What do you want?!" Himeno demanded.

"You are naive. Slow. Does the title of 'Prince of DARKNESS' mean nothing?" Takeshi snorted. "I have you would die."

All the Knights flew in front of her in protection. With a wave of his hand, a whip of darkness flew out, slashing them all to the side into treetops. Himeno gathered her strength, and bellowed, "Fire Ax!" the giant ax of flames appearing in her hands.

She heard Takeshi curse a little, but put up a shield. The Ax collided with his shield, getting stuck. Takeshi grinned evilly, and pushed his shield, knocking her to the ground. Himeno asked, Are you okay, Goh?!

"I'll be fine. Don't drop your guard!"

Takeshi floated down, and raised a shadow sword, "Good-bye."

"You won't touch her, Takeshi!!" a girl with midnight blue hair and navy blue eyes jumped in front of Himeno, bearing a sword. Himeno heard Hayate gasp behind her. The girl growled, "Leave. You won't do any killing here or anywhere."

Takeshi hissed, making eye contact with the Pretear, "I'll be back. You can count on that." and he vanished into smoke. The girl sighed deeply, and turned to face Himeno. Himeno took note that she was wearing the same outfit that she wore when she preted with Hayate. She asked, "Are you alright?"

Himeno unpreted to see how Goh was. She answered, "Yeah, I'm fine. Goh?..."

"I'll be fine, don't worry. Just a small cut." Goh assured.

Himeno then looked up at the girl from the ground, "Who...are you?"

Hayate stood, and approached the girl. "Why are you here now?"

"I was told to be. Takeshi has been set loose, so I had to come and help. Orders." she replied.

Goh groaned, "I forgot how much you two look alike."

The two glared at him. He looked away, "Sheesh, touchy, touchy..."

Himeno cocked her head, "What am I missing?"

The girl gestured, "Follow me. Where we're going, then you'll understand."

The Pretear looked at the Knights for reassurance, and they nodded. Himeno stood, and followed the Knight of Wind and the new girl.

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