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Chapter 11

"This snow of miracles falls from the sky,

"And covers the world.

"Covers those with injured hearts.

"And those with commited sins...

"The white Leafe will heal them all.

"The snow of miracles falls and covers the world.

"But there is one heart which will not be saved.



"Just one more time.

"Bring back that smile,

"Just one more time...

"If there is a miracle called love,

"Bring back her smile."



"Wake up, Himeno..."

"Himeno, please..."


Why...can't I open my eyes?...I feel so weak...I don't want to give up...but...

"Miss Himeno..." me...

"Wake up...tulip-head."

Help me, Hayate. I can't get my eyes open...but...I can hear you all. Why?

"Move it, Mannen. Guys, let's give 'em a minute."

"Right. We should."

It's quiet...

" know how much I love you...please...wake up. Just open your eyes. I know you'll pull through."



Takeshi paced in front of the hospital door. "Dammit...this is all our fault."

"You can't help it if you felt rejected, though." Himiko looked down the hall, seeing Sasame coming back with Takako, with tears in her eyes.

She sniffed, "Why do we have to put up with this again?"

"But this time, we know she's alive.'s like she's in a coma." Kei mumbled.

Then, they all looked behind them, and saw Shin and Sayuri grasping hands, foreheads touching each other, eyes closed, and mouths moving silently. Then, they looked up, and Sayuri flushed, " the King and Queen for Himeno's recovery."

"That IS a good idea." Gina nodded.

Ryu wrapped an arm around Sora, and held her closely as he saw a doctor approach. Kaoru walked up to him, and they talked quietly, only the Knights of Sound hearing their words. Then, the doctor walked away, and Kaoru returned to them as Sora started sobbing quietly into Ryu's shoulder.

Mawata panicked, "Will she be okay?!"

"They say she'll live, but...they don't know how long she'll be in a coma. Her consciousness isn't responding at all to them." Kaoru grimly looked down.

Natsue, Mayune, and Mawata clung to Kaoru Awayuki, and the Knights and Lady Knights all looked away, cursing quietly.



" isn't your time yet. You shouldn't be here now. You have loved ones that are awaiting on your awakening."

"But...Mom...I love YOU, too."

"I know that, sweetheart.'re not done. You haven't finished protecting the flowers."

A flash, and Himeno saw the purple flowers wilting.


"I love you so much, sweetie. need to go back. Hayate and all the others will take care of you. Your father included as number one and a half."


"See you later, my precious Pretear."


"Himeno...Himeno...Himeno..." Hayate repeated, his voice getting quieter. He grasped her hand, and kissed her on the forehead. She'd be alright. This WAS Himeno they were talking about.


The Knight of Wind looked up, half expecting it to be Himeno talking to him, but he turned, and saw Tomiko. He blinked, "What?"

"They don't know when she'll wake up. Not even giving Leafe will help her, though. She has to wake up when she's ready." the former Princess of Disaster told him.

"I'll be soon."

"...Well, Kaoru and the family members want a little time with her, too."

"...Right." Hayate gave her one more kiss, then left her.

One month later...

Hayate was visiting the still sleeping Himeno for the nth time for a month. This time, though, he brought a bouquet of tulips. He laughed silently when he saw them, and thought about her. The Lady Knights and Knights of Leafenia went back for the past month to attempt to heal their hearts, the Awayuki's, Yayoi (who everyone had told everything to her), and Tomiko and Takeshi went with them. One Knight or Lady Knight came down a day for a report of her condition. Leafenia was a pure place that made everyone feel better, but Hayate...had not gone back once. He'd stayed by her side the entire time until he was kicked out at night. But then, he just transported back inside. Today was just him and Himiko.

And so, the Knight of Wind walked straight to her room, and set the tulips down next to her bed. He sat in a chair, and looked at her face. Then, he stood and looked outside.

Gray skies.

How fitting.

It was winter time, and it was more cold than usual in Awayuki Town. Then, he felt the same presence. Himiko appeared behind him. "'s she doing?"

"No response. But yet...her Leafe feels different today." Hayate told her.


"...Yeah. Something's strange about it."

The two knew something was gonna happen. Just as expected, a voice echoed around in the room.

"I can't give up."


"I won't give up."

Hayate stood on his feet.

"I won't leave you."

Himiko stared forward, frowning, before walking to the window.

"I don't want to lose you."

"Hayate...come look."

"Or to let it end."

"What is it?"

"I want you all to be around."

"...Leafe snow...again?"

"Everyone laughing..."

" couldn't be."


"It's like...she's gone through her whole experience as a Pretear again."

"I don't want everyone in this world to disappear."

They turned, and their eyes went wide.

"I'll...come back to you."

Himeno's body...was glowing.


Mayune looked up at the sky, "I really hope she'll be alright."

"She'll be fine." Natsue assured, "I know it. I feel it."

"I'll come back to you! I'll save you!"

"Himeno?!" everyone gasped.


























"What the hell's going on?!" Himiko shielded her eyes from the light.

"You actually think I know?!" Hayate took a heavy step forward toward Himeno, wind blowing around the room, knocking objects over. "Himeno!" he called.

No response. Himeno's glowing body stood.

"HI-ME-NO!" Hayate called again, attempting for his voice to be heard over the roars of the wind.

Her body didn't move again. It just stood there.

Hayate got over to Himeno, and he wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her on the mouth passionately.

The wind died down, and so did the light. Himiko looked, and saw Hayate holding Himeno, Himeno's eyes drenched in tears of fear, white snow falling outside the window.


"I wonder what that was all about?" Mannen frowned.

Minako suggested, "Maybe someone oughta go help Himiko. Maybe something's wrong."

"Wait..." Sasame's ear piece started ringing that clear tone, as did Sora's.

They all looked around, searching for the two Knights of Wind and their Pretear. The Pritear yelled, "Himeno! Himiko! Hayate! Where are you?!"

They listened to his echo.

"Right here."

They all turned, seeing Himeno, smiling, Himiko behind her and Hayate.

Well, at least until it turned into a dog pile. Then, Himiko was gasping for breath on the bottom, and Yayoi was on top, "Himeno! I knew you'd be all right! I knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!"

Himeno choked, "Gonna...die...can't...breathe..."

Then, everyone got off her, and squeezed her with hugs.

Everything was back to normal.

The town...

The Knights...

The Lady Knights...

The Awayuki family...




The Pritear...

And the Pretear.

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