Chapter Five: The Arrival

A/N: This chapter is from both Sam and Fred's POV. We've now skipped to the last few days of October. You'll read why.


The school waited outside for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to arrive. It was slightly colder than it had been all day. All the anticipation had built up over the past few days and was now brimming at the surface. The students chattered away at the upcoming event. No one knew how the other schools would enter. Something grand is what they all expected. The teachers were tense; hoping nothing would go wrong.

Fred stood by George and Alicia. Sam hadn't spoken to him in weeks. She ignored him completely, as if he didn't matter. He couldn't blame her. Even if she were to talk to him, he wouldn't know where to begin. He'd screwed up her life. Made her the laughing stock of the school, then wanted revenge for her getting her own revenge.

Things had gone from bad to worse. Fred didn't know if an apology was worth it to her. If it would make any difference at all. He highly doubted the prospect of any good coming from his offensive behavior the last several years.

But how was he to know the girl was still alive? It hadn't concerned him then. It was all a big misunderstanding. He needed to talk to her. Desperately.


She could feel his eyes staring at her. She knew he wanted her. She knew he wanted to talk to her. He'd been almost stalking her the last few weeks. None of it bothered her, however. None of it freaked her out. She knew that he knew he'd screwed up. She just minded her own business as always.

Students began looking up to the sky as the clouds broke. A large horse-drawn carriage, the size of a house, soared toward them. A dozen or so winged horses pulled the carriage effortlessly across the skies. The carriage landed with a thump! and skidded to a halt.

Someone behind her whispered, "They're from Beauxbatons."

Sam wondered how credible the kid was, but believed him none the less. The large door opened and a large woman stepped out onto the stairs. She was followed by a dozen boys and girls, all dressed in fine silks. Sam watched as they passed and went into the castle.

Fred's eyes were still locked on her. It was growing tiring, him always staring at her. If he had something to say, he should say it, not stand around. But that was his problem. Not hers.

Sam didn't know if an apology would take back years of torment. But it was a start.


The surface of the lake broke and a large mast rose from the water. It was a large ship. The ship settled on the water and its occupants came ashore. They were big looking men, dressed in coats. Their headmaster greeted Dumbledore and went inside too. The students of Hogwarts followed.

When the feast began, Fred's mind, for once, wasn't on food. He had decided to apologize to Sam, but he didn't know how. He looked at her from across the room. She sat by herself and was focused on her plate. It didn't look like she was eating anything, however. She's reading! Fred concluded.

Trying to take his mind off of her, he thought about the Goblet of Fire. Maybe there was a way to break its rules and put his name in. He wasn't seventeen yet. But he would be soon enough. He knew everyone who was seventeen would put their name in. He would certainly try to be one of them.

A plan quickly formed in his head, he needed George. He would talk to him after the feast. He'd even settle for talking to him in the Dormitory. So Alicia wouldn't hear them and try to stop it.


The news of the Goblet of Fire was intriguing. She wanted to put her name in, but she wasn't 17 yet. Even though she wanted to be recognized by her peers, she wasn't sure she'd like it.

Sam glanced around the room, students talked about the Goblet and the Triwizard Tournament. She'd read about the great tournament hosted by one of the three schools that participated. It was a deadly tournament. Students and teachers alike had died during the events. She hoped this year would be different and that no one would come to harm. It would be very unfortunate.

The feast ended and the students went to their houses for the night. Sam followed the other students, her book in her hands. She went up to her dormitory and put on her pajamas. Without meaning to, she studied herself in the mirror. Her blue eyes were now a piercing gray. Her fair skin had a soft glow to it, her complexion was stunningly clear.

She smiled at the image being reflected back at her. She was beautiful, for year she'd been the ugly stepsister type. Rather the Cinderella of the magical world, being that she was picked on by the jerk of the world, a.k.a. Fred Weasley.

She pushed her golden blond hair behind her ear, and went to bed.


Fred waited until George had said 'good night' to Alicia before approaching him.

"George, mate, I need your help." Fred said quickly.

"Great! I've been needing to talk to you as well,"

George and Fred had finally set the plans in motion. They were going to make an aging potion and get on with it.

The next morning they walked to the Great Hall, aging potion in hand. There was a crowd that had gathered around the Goblet. Everyone wanted a shot at putting their name into the fire.

Fred gulped down the potion and waited for George. Together they stepped in and were spat back out. They looked down at their chests and saw a long beard growing at a speedy pace.

They'd been caught. Professor Dumbledore walked up to them and laughed. Their beards were almost as long as his, if not longer. The two boys were escorted to Madame Pomfrey for get fixed up.

"That didn't work," George moaned as his beard continued to grow.

"It was worth a shot. At least we know what not to do, I don't plan on having a beard like this anymore." Fred smiled.

"What will Alicia say? This is rather embarrassing!" George couldn't help but laugh that the turn of events.

"I think she'd say something along the lines of, 'Oh my God, George, what happened to you? Did Fred get you into some blasted prank that turned disastrous?' " Fred mocked.

"That's exactly what I'd say, but seeing as you saved me from that lecture, I'll just start yelling at you! You could have gotten my boyfriend killed! Are you crazy? What's wrong with you? You're such a prat! Look at him! He's practically dying!" Alicia yelled.

"Baby, everything is ok. We're fine. Nothing serious. It was as much my idea as Fred's. Please don't blame him!" George pleaded.

Fred watched as Alicia went to sit by George, her eyes were fearful, for reasons that weren't apparent to Fred. He didn't understand the dynamics of George's relationship with Alicia. He was hoping it would end soon. He didn't like having to share his brother, especially when their plans were in the crucial new born stage.


Word had gotten around that Fred and George had grown beards longer than Dumbledore's. She had wanted to see for herself, to see if the rumors were true. However, against her will, she didn't go. That would cause trouble and trouble was something she wasn't looking for.

She wanted revenge still, but didn't know of a good way to get what she wanted.

That evening another feast was held. The drawing of the tournament Champions was going to be held shortly. Sam was interested to see who would be the Champion for their school. She hoped it would be someone she half way liked. Hopefully, he or she would do the school justice.

Professor Dumbledore stood on the dais and waited for the students to quiet. He began with his speech and then the moment came. Names flew out of the fire; Viktor Krum from Durmstrang, Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts, and little Harry Potter was the fourth Champion.

The school became silent when his name was called. Of course, the school will hate him for the next few weeks, and so will his friends, at least he has friends. I'm just glad I'm not him right now. But years of torment has shown me to be kind towards others, yet this is oddly funny. I won't be mean to him. That would be rude and horrible of me. I'll congratulate him as soon as I get the chance. As well as Diggory... maybe. He's never been one I'm too fond of. If memory serves, he was never very nice to me either... but it's not his fault, he was worthy of being a Champion I suppose. Yes, I'll congratulate him as well. It not my place to judge anyone based on their past actions. He couldn't help being under the spell of Fred Weasley. As for Harry. He couldn't have had anything to do with all of this. He's only 14! I'll be kind to him. No matter what the cost, Sam thought as the rest of the students began talking.

The next morning, Harry walked alone. Everyone glared at him, Sam knew how he must feel. She approached him after lunch, "Congratulations, Harry," she smiled.

"Thank you," he said and walked on.

Sam felt good, she'd done her good deed of the day. Her back began burning and she turned around. Fred was watching her from beside George and Alicia. She made her face stone solid, so no emotion could pass trough it. She turned around and walked off to her next class.


He still didn't know how to apologize to her. He hoped he'd find the perfect words to say to her and the perfect time to apologize. He felt bad about being mean to her for all those years, and now he even liked her. She was everything he ever wanted.

Damn it! Stop thinking like that! She got you in bloody trouble! Fred thought angrily.

He turned back to George and began talking to him once more.

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