Up until midnight, we will wait

Not one of us will be late

We stand, aligned, at the shelves

For our family, for ourselves.

We're exited, eyes shining

The old are somber, children whining.

Snacking on strangely flavored beans,

We wait for forever, it seems.

For this one thing, we unite,

Gathering like moths to a light.

All waiting for this last-time treat

Filling bookstores, spilling into the street.

And yet, there's a sad tone to the crowd

Nobody likes it, no-one is proud.

They want to be happy, but this is the end.

Their last meeting with a good friend.

Still, everyone's a-friter, rumors abound,

So many loose-ends, horcruxes to be found.

And, by vote, the topic on top

Is who'll be the shipper's final crop.

Harry/Ronald? Not a chance.

Yaoi is a fool's romance.

Lupin and Tonks are set,

For it's fate that they met.

Could Draco Malfoy have Ginny Weasley as his bride,

Like Romeo and Juliet, without suicide?

Some couple's chances seem hung on thin strings,

But it's not over 'till the fat lady sings.

And as for the Hope or Pope Wager

Voldemort was the clear major

With dear Harry close behind,

(Those betters are labled unkind.)

Now is the time to think of chapters of past

Recounting the twins' fireworks blast.

Chambers re-opened, the Fat Lady's flight

Sneaking invisible, during the night.

Drinking butterbeer, Honeydook's sweets,

All of the Champions, all the defeats,

Dumbledore's escape, Umbridge's end,

And don't forget Harry's lost-then-found friend.

We count dons the seconds 'till the clock chimes,

It's almost over, I'm done with these rhymes.

The Final Battle's here, so good-bye!

I need a tissue, I'm going to cry!