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Somewhere in Seireitei, away from the academy and the Shinigami, was a forest. The forest was small, with a small stream running through it, which was connected to a small lake in the middle of the forest.

In said forest were all sorts of animals, going from deer, to bugs, to bears.

However, it wasn't these animals that made this story focus on the forest. No, this story has focused on this forest because of certain characters that are currently wandering through it.

Naruto, Shuuhei, Haku, Nanao, Matsumoto and Kiyone were just enjoying their weekend. They heard about the lake in the forest, and they decided to go there.

Naruto thought he'd deserved the break. Aside from his normal schedule he had in the Academy, he also had the private Kidou lessons with Tessai. Naruto used the time when he would normally have Kidou classes to practice his zanjutsu skills, as he could not take off the bracelets with the other Academy students near.

Naruto also practiced the arts of movement and Seireitei's taijutsu style, hakuda, also known as White Fist in his free time, along with the zanjutsu training. When he came home to his apartment, he went directly upstairs and fell asleep.

Because of this busy schedule of Naruto, he hardly knew his roommates aside from talking to them sometimes in and between classes. Naruto mentioned this to his roommates and said roommates mentioned it to Haku, Shuuhei and Matsumoto.

Matsumoto, in one of her bright moments, suggested that they would come together once a week at a certain place where they could relax, chat with each other and have fun.

Shuuhei knew of a lake in a forest close to Seireitei, and that is where they went

Shinigami No Konoha: Shinigami of the Leaf

"So Naruto," Haku said, "Why do you have those extra lessons?" That question got several of the others interest, so they turned their gaze towards Naruto

Naruto, who was resting on a branch several meters up in a tree, opened his eyes. He noticed that everyone was watching him. He decided to answer, but he knew he had to hide a little. They weren't supposed to know about Kyuubi and the special training he was to receive from the higher ups.

"Haku, you know when we were alive, I had this really huge chakra, right?"

Haku nodded, but the others were clueless. They obviously didn't know what Chakra was.

"Because of that chakra, my control was really bad, you know. And Sakura-Chan explained Chakra to me when we did the tree climbing exercise. She said that Chakra is the result of two mixed energies, Ki and Reiatsu, (for those who do not know, Body Energy and Spirit Energy). It seems that I got to keep the Reiatsu when I died, so I my control still sucks. Got that so far?"

Haku nodded, but the rest were still a bit clueless about everything.

"Now, it turns out that having almost no control about Reiatsu is dangerous, because spells can blow up in your face. This is normally not a problem in the academy, you know; because their Reiatsu are lower than most Shinigami. Mine, however, is bigger and therefore the explosions are far more dangerous. That's why I'm getting extra private lessons, to improve my control. I can't join you guys on your Kidou lessons. It's too dangerous, do you understand?" 'Except this time it isn't Kyuubi's Chakra, but that other guy's Reiatsu I've got.'

"So, you got this huge power you had when you were alive, but it's not Chakra but Reiatsu this time?" asked Haku.

"Yup!" Naruto said with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Aww, you're so lucky, Naruto-kun! You're already strong!" Matsumoto exclaimed, awe evidently written on her face.

Kiyone had a similar look on her face, but Nanao was different.

"Che, I'll prove to all of you that a great Shinigami does not solely consist out of brute strength! I am going to become great by using my intelligence and tactical prowess and I'll show you I'll show you that intelligence will beat brute strength in the long run!"

Naruto got hyped up with this promise. It reminded him a lot of that crazy clone, Lee, who promised him that hard work would prove genius any day.

"Yosh, Nanao-Chan! That is a very nice goal you've chosen, and I will show you that a dead-last like me can become one of the best through hard work! It's a promise!"

'Damn, I'm channelling Lee over here.'

That day it was decided that they would come to this exact same spot every week to just hang out and talk about things.

A horizontal sword strike came from the left

Cling. It was blocked

"Your reaction time is excellent, Naruto, and that's a good thing," another sword strike came in and went towards his lower leg. Naruto evaded the blow, instead of blocking it and made his own stab in the opening Ikkaku made when he attacked.

Squelch. Ikkaku moved, but not enough to avoid being hit. He got his lower left torso pierced by Naruto's sword. Naruto was too stunned to move, and before he could even blink, cold metal was pressed to his neck.

"I win," Ikkaku said, grinning, while blood was slowly dripping from his wound.

"Some Shinigami only fight for the sake of fighting," Ikkaku began his lecture, "Some Shinigami prefers to die in combat to regain their honour, instead of losing a fight and continue to live. I used to be one of those people, who would either win or die, but that changed for me, after I lost to Kenpachi-taichou centuries back. He told me, after being beaten by him, just a second away from death, some interesting things that made me what I am today. I asked him why he wouldn't kill me, but he told me;

"You're a man who likes to fight, right? I better not hear you howling for death, then. Only true losers want to die after getting beat. If you know you're gonna lose, then that's even more reason not to die. If you 'lost', then you'd be dead right now but for some reason… your opponent failed to kill you. All that should be going through your head in that moment is how to survive. Survive… and think solely about the man that failed to kill you … and about returning the sentiments. I wasn't holding back anything when I fought you. The fact that you failed to die is simply your luck, so live! . . . live… and then… come back to try and kill me again!"

Ikkaku had removed the sword stuck in his body, and began putting ointment on his wounds to stop the bleeding.

"When I recovered from the battle, I began chasing after Kenpachi-taichou, so I could fight him again. I heard rumours of him joining the Gotei 13, so I followed. It turned out he was the captain of the 11th division, and I was to be a subordinate of his."

A smile appeared on Ikkaku's face.

"We fought many times, and every time we gave each other more and more respect. After a while, I realized my true goal in life, my dream. To fight as a soldier of Kenpachi-taichou, to fight, and to finally die under his command."

Naruto was impressed, to say the least, that his sensei was such a devoted person.

"What I just did, was something I tend to do in most of my fights. Rookies usually tend to be shocked when someone doesn't dodge the blade willingly. Also, I positioned my body so you would hit a part that would not bleed too heavily and that had no vital organs near. Finally, you noticed I held on to your sword. You couldn't move it anymore, and you had to either release your sword, giving you a huge disadvantage, or die. I'm not afraid of injuring myself, brat, and I'm even willing to make deadly risks to drag out a fight as long as possible. As you've noticed, I think fights are fun, and I want to get as much fun from my opponents as possible. Understand?"

Naruto could only nod at the information he received.

'Great, just when I think I only have one crazy sensei with a death wish, I'm about to get a freaking stronger sensei with a death wish! Why do I have to be trained by loonies…?'

Soon, a year has passed since the Kidou Practice Incident.

There were a handful of people together in a certain room, discussing things about a certain someone.

"Report!" a commanding voice said. The voice was old, but powerful, and full of wisdom. It was the voice of the Commander-General Yamamoto.

A tall man stood from his seat and he gained the attention of the entire room.

"Yamamoto-sotaichou! Uzumaki Naruto is very adept at Hakuda, our martial arts style. At first, his style was more of a street fighter, but he adapted towards our style quickly. There are better students in Hakuda in his grade, but his potential is a lot higher than the others."

The man took his seat again, and another man stood up. A man we all know and recognize by his hair, or lack thereof.

"Sotaichou! I was ordered to teach Uzumaki Naruto to fight with his Asauchi. His skills are good, but he seems to focus more on speed rather than strength. Also, I have noticed that Naruto started to apply hand to hand combat in his fights with me, making him a dangerous foe for an academy student. His reflexes are great. He prefers to avoid attacks instead of blocking and countering. His blocks are reflexive and his reaction time is amazing. I put a lot more time in his defensive skills and abilities compared to his offence, as he is going to be taught by Kenpachi-taichou. I'm starting to like the kid so I prefer him alive."

Ikkaku took his seat, giving a woman time to speak

"Yamamoto-sotaichou! His Hohou lessons are not nearly as good compared to his other classes, but I hope that will change as soon as he has his Reiatsu under control. As soon as his control is fine, he will have no problem with speeding up his movement, standing in the sky and walking through walls. If he is good enough, I will recommend him for special shunpo classes as soon as his control is good enough."

The woman took his seat, and this time, Tessai stood up.

"Yamamoto-sensei! You know of Naruto's little control problem, and you know I trained him in the art of Kidou without any Reiatsu suppressors. The way I trained Naruto was different from any other student I've ever taught. The reason why had to do with his Reiatsu. As most people have trouble collecting enough Reiatsu to do a specific spell, Naruto had problems getting a piece small enough for him to do the spell, that's why I started with higher level spells, first with the incantation and after that without the incantation. We began with higher number techniques, and slowly worked our way downward, to the lower numbered spells. They were the hardest for Naruto, as he had to take such a tiny piece of Reiatsu from himself, that it was almost impossible. The lowest level spell Naruto has mastered is Hadou 24, but he has managed to fire a Hadou 12 without it exploding in his face, ten times in a row.

His strongest level attack he has mastered is Hadou 54, but he can easily fire a Bakudou 70 without incantation. By the time he has enough control to perform Hadou 1, he could easily do an Eternal Destruction spell without incantation, but he needs the control that has to be taught for Kenpachi."

Afterwards came a written report of several other classes Naruto had. The information that was just spoken about was Eyes Only, and the Shinigami teaching the students the theoretical classes had no need to know about Naruto's gift and curse. Most of the classes were theoretical classes, like geography. One needed to know where everything was on the huge globe, or else he would come out near South Africa when he was looking for Moscow. Other classes were Tactics and Strategy, languages and calligraphy.

After the meeting was done, Yamamoto asked Tessai and Ikkaku to stay behind. As soon as there were only four people in the room (think of Sarutobi! He's yama's vice-captain, of course he's here!), Yamamoto asked them a question he has asked of himself many times.

"Do you think he is really ready to receive his Zanpakuto?"

Silence. Absolute, blissful silence filled the building, and the silence gave an increased tension.

The three Shinigami, Sarutobi, Tessai and Ikkaku, made eye contact and said as one: "Yes."

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"Naruto-kun, before we begin, i will ask you again, Do you comply to the rules we have stated ? if you break the rules, not only do we have to expel you from the Academy, but we will have to cut off your Reiatsu, too."

Commander General Yamamoto, founder of the Shinigami Academy, had a serious face, as he should have. He was about to allow something to happen that has never happened before in all his second life. He was about to unlock Naruto's Zanpaktou while he was still in the academy, something that was never heard of before.

There were souls that had their Zanpaktou already before they joined the academy, but they had hundreds of years of experience, like captain Kenpachi, but even people like him were hard to come across, and even though he had unlocked his Zanpaktou, he could not release his sword.

'Thank god for small favors,' thought Yamamoto, 'Actually, that's a rather big favour i'm owing Kami-sama'.

"Hai, Hai, Yama-jii-san, don't be so uptight about this. You told me yourself that i would need this in order to have decent control of my spirit pressure, even though it's odd that i would need lessons in Spiritual pressure control when i know how to channel enough pressure for Kidou spells."

Tessai-sensei was scowling, although there was an amused twinkle in his eyes, as if he was silently laughing about Yamamoto-sotaichou's new nickname, but had to disapprove for appearance's sake.

"Naruto-kun, your Kidou is progressing magnificently and even though your spells don't blow up in your face anymore, you are still radiating an inmense amount of spiritual pressure capable of crippling seated officers and although i am capable of resisting it, not many others can."

'That brat is almost as bad with nicknames as a certain pink haired vice-captain,' Yamamoto thought, and chuckled silently afterwards. 'Let's just hope his sense of direction is better than hers.'

"Alright then," Yamamoto said, "Let's begin, shall we ?"

Naruto sat on his knees in front of Yamamoto and Yamamoto stood right in front of him, one hand on the scabbard of his Zanpaktou, and the other hand on his side.

Yamamoto cleared his throat before speaking what was obviously read from a scroll or contract.

"Uzumaki Kazama Naruto, you are hereby offered the responsibility of possessing a Zanpaktou. To receive it, you must make a vow to treat all souls equally, to cleanse all hollows and to stay true to the goals of Soul Society, do you understand ?"

"I do."

"If you break any of these vows, understand that your reiatsu will be sealed and you will be banished from Seireitei, or you will be brought before sougyoukou, do you understand ?"

"I do."

Yamamoto grabbed his Zanpaktou by the hilt and freed it from it's scabbard, revealing an ancient blade. The blade was still in perfect condition, but it did not belie it's age.

Yamamoto placed two hands on the hilt of his Zanpaktou before thrusting it into Naruto's heart.

A rather big flash and a very small bang later, and suddenly there was a new Zanpaktou in the room, Naruto's.

Naruto was still staring at Yamamoto, shocked because he suddenly stabbed him.

"Why did you do that !?"

"It is procedure, Naruto-kun. Almost everyone in the Gotei 13 has his Zanpaktou unlocked by me, the only two who unlocked them by themselves are Toushirou-kun and Kenpachi-kun. The procedure is channelling a very tiny bit of your own reiatsu in your Zanpaktou and stabbing the reiatsu reserve and funnily enough, the heart.

The academy makes sure that graduates have enough spirit pressure to conjure their own Zanpaktou in it's sealed state, but the few who do not have enough reiatsu will have to fight with their Asauchi. While they have enough spiritual pressure to conjure their sealed Zanpaktou, to conjure it by yourself, you will need at least a spiritual strength of a vice captain and a lot of self-knowledge. However, those who conjure their Zanpaktou by themselves will have a very easy time unsealing it, if the person has the right mindset."

"However, there are not many shinigami that have vice-captain level strength, and even less with enough self-knowledge to unlock their Zanpaktou by themselves. That's why we have the academy, to prepare them for their roles as shinigami, and to train them in our arts and to increase their reiatsu to the minimal pressure needed to conjure their Zanpaktou."

"When they graduate, i am jumpstarting the conjuring of their Zanpaktou, but they have to pay a rather large price for it; it will take much longer to unseal the blade, but we need a large force of shinigami to keep the peace in Soul Society, to cleanse all hollows and to send the souls to Soul society. We can not do all that with only thirty to forty shinigami, the amount of shinigami that would have unlocked their Zanpaktou by themselves, if we hadn't unlocked them before. Do you understand now ?"

"...No." Naruto scratched the back of his head. To be honest, as soon as he figured out he was in the middle of a lecture, his gaze immidietly went to his Zanpaktou, or rather, twin Zanpaktou.

You see, Naruto had not just one sword he could fight with, he had two, even though they were still one Zanpaktou.

The scabbards were black, but they were furnished with bright orange flames. The swords were twins. They were exactly the same in every way.

The hilts were orange, beautiful orange and the guards were simple black squares with two small red stones in it. The blades were a small bit longer then a katana.

"Damnit, Naruto, you will need to listen to me when i am talking.." Grumbled a ignored Yamamoto.

"And remember, Naruto, only bring your Zanpaktou to your kidou lessons and your lessons with Kenpachi-taichou, unless you can get a private lesson with Ikkaku-sensei. If you are training with your Zanpaktou, you can use it of course, but try to keep it secret. We are breaking an ancient tradition by allowing the ceremony to happen when you have not graduated yet."

"hai, hai, no worries, Yama-jiji, as long as you keep your people quiet, i'll keep mine quiet."

Naruto wrapped his two katana on the right side of his obi, so he could put his thumb against the guard of one blade, so he could remove it from its sheath easily. That same hand could also easily draw the other blade in a defensive position in his left hand.

"I'll see you around, old man," Naruto said, before stepping out of the building

Three figures stood in front of a dojo-like building. One incredibly small boy with blonde hair, one insanely big man with a moustache and another tall guy with no hair. Naruto, Tessai and Ikkaku.

"Well, this is it.," Tessai said

"Yup, you'll meet your doom here, brat."

"Shut up! I'm gonna kick that Kenpachi's ass and i'll kick your ass after that!"

"Che, talking like that. You sure you even want to try to kick his ass ? He's feared through the entire shinigami ranks and you think one measly academy student can even land a blow on him ?"

'Taichou'd probably give him a free blow, too, just for intimidation tactics too.'

Naruto stepped forward and slowly entered the 11th division headquarters, his senses on high alert. He heard about Kenpachi, alright, attacking everyone who enters the headquarters.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure your second coffin will be beautifull!"

Ikkaku's shout was heard by Naruto, and another shout of " SHUT UP!" was heard

"Che, i bet he won't last a minute against Taichou."

"Have faith, Ikkaku-kun," Tessai replied, "Naruto-kun is the number one most surprising soul in the whole of Soul Society..."

Half a minute later, Tessai finished his sentence. "I bet he can make at least two minutes."

"Deal! Loser buys sake next Friday night!"

"Defend yourself!"

Naruto looked up, from where the shout came from and saw Zaraki Kenpachi actually sticking to the ceiling of the building. As soon as he knew he was noticed, he dropped himself, drew his blade and made a downward slash to Naruto's right shoulder.

Naruto, who had his hand already placed on both sheathes of his Zanpaktou, quickly pressed his thumb against the guard and drew a blade with his left hand and placing it between his own head and Zaraki's blade. His empty hand went quickly to the upper part of the Zanpaktou, so Naruto had a better resistance against the weight Kenpachi threw in the blow.

The attack was blocked and swords were locked. A struggle of who could push who back began.

Zaraki pushed, and he pressed his head as close to Naruto's as possible.

"You were lucky i warned you, maggot. You look so weak i bet i could've killed ya if i just jumped down on ya."

Naruto, surprisingly, didn't retort, but was thinking about his next move. He could jump back and leave an opening, or he could draw his second blade and try to surprise Kenpachi. He knew he couldn't outdo the bloodthirsty captain in a match of strength, but Naruto wasn't a prank master for nothing.

He was sneaky and devious and those characteristics gave him oppertunities to surprise Kenpachi and perhaps turn the tide of the battle for a few moments.

He knew he couldn't win a fight against a battle-hardened captain, but he dearly hoped that Kenpachi would stop when he was satisfied.

Believing that was the best way to survive, Naruto hit Kenpachi with a knee on his outer thigh, effectively hitting a pressure point that could cripple his movement for a short amount of time. He then jumped back as far as possible, hoping that he crippled him enough to escape him for a few seconds.

"Heh brat, i didn't expect that!" Kenpachi said when Naruto landed from his jump. "Using Hakuda combined with Zanjutsu, there aren't many who choose to do that, me included, except i won't even accept those sissy-girl Kidou spells. A fight should be one-on-one and always in close combat. Using flashy magic tricks to win from a distance doesn't satisfy me. That's a cheap way to win. I live by the sword and i hope to die by the sword."

Kenpachi attacked with more force then before, forcing Naruto in a almost perfect defensive stance. His feet were apart and his bodyweight distributed to stay balanced and almost unable to be knocked down or pushed away. His sword was in front of his face, the blade pointed downwards, allowing Naruto easy access to defensive maneuvers, but it had no offensive capabilities and the time it would take to switch to an offensive stance was long enough to be cut down by his enemy.

The stance was not made for winning a battle, but rather for stalling and thinking of another strategy to defeat your opponent.

Naruto knew he couldn't defeat Kenpachi, but he had to stall until he could find an opening or until Kenpachi grew bored of him and stopped.

Kenpachi kept slashing at Naruto, every cut was blocked and every thrust was parried. After a minute it began to annoy Kenpachi, so he decided to up the ante.

Kenpachi jumped back a few meters and lowered his sword a bit, not enough to be a threat but enough to defend himself.

"Yo, brat!" He bellowed, and Naruto looked towards him, surprised he suddenly backed off. He slipped out of his defensive stance and positioned himself into a neutral one.

"Yeah ?"

"Take off those suppressors, would you ? I need to see what you're made off without you holding back on me."

Naruto nodded, and he sheathed his sword. His hand then went to his left wrist where the suppressor hung around his arm. With a simple movement, he undid the bracelet from his wrist and tucked it safely in his inner pocket.

Spiritual energy rushed through Naruto without resistance, allowing Naruto to put more force in his blows and to fight with no restrictions, allowing easier movement.

The blast of reiatsu was not only noticed by Naruto. As soon as the bracelet left the skin, Naruto's reiatsu went from a high D ranked reiatsu to high A ranked reiatsu and the sudden surge of power created a visible shockwave.

'Heh, that brat definitely is one-of-a-kind. His reiatsu really is as high as a vice captain. He could definitely defeat his classmates by just releasing this amount of spiritual pressure. I will definitely train him and I shall call him Mini-me, Muhahaha!'

"Hehehe, that's right. Now come at me with everything you got. Have the intent to kill, because i will definitely cut you up of you won't!"

"Intent to kill, right ?" Naruto asked. His empty left hand went to his left side again. The hand grabbed the hilt of the Zanpaktou and drew it so the sharp blade went from his left hand to his elbow and several inches beyond.

"Prepare yourself, Sensei, 'cause here i come!"

'Two swords, huh, that's certainly unique..'


'Amazing! Is this the power of an academy student ? That strength is almost as much as me when my Zanpaktou is unreleased, and i even mastered Bankai! That brat doesn't even know the name of his sword and his power is measured this close to mine. Damn, i've got toget stronger.'

"Amazing isn't it, Ikkaku-kun ? to have such power at your disposal when you're just an academy student ? But this power is a double edged blade for Naruto. The academy is not made for souls with such strong spiritual strength, so he will have a lot of private classes and tutors. Also, with Kidou practice, we don't start with the weakest spells and gradually go to the stronger ones, i had him start with an advanced Hadou spell that required a lot of spiritual power, because the force he put in his spells was way too strong. "

"Also, i've noticed Naruto is a very social person, and having private classes a lot does not help with making friends with other students. He has several friends, but i'm pretty sure he couldn't name most of his own class."

"Anyway, Ikkaku-kun, i think i will be drinking a lot next Friday, please bring enough money, alright ?"

Only then Ikkaku noticed that it was almost three minutes since Kenpachi's reiatsu flared for the first time, signalling his first strike.


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