Chapter 1

Season 8 AU

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SGC 2012

It was a quiet night at the SGC and Dr. Samantha Shanahan was still working. She was trying to make a time dilation shield for the puddle jumper they found in Egypt. The work was hard and tedious but, it always beat an empty house. It was near midnight when a knock from the puddle jumper's door broke her concentration.

"Hey Sam, it's late. Don't you think you should call it a day." Daniel said.

"It's okay Daniel. I'm almost done. I'll leave in twenty minutes."

"That's good Sam. Are you going to Charlotte's birthday tomorrow?"

"Ahh, I don't know Daniel. I don't really think I have the free time."

"Come on, Sam. It's her second birthday and everybody's going to be there."

Samantha closed her eyes and saw his face. She knew there was no way she wouldn't go. He stood by her when she divorced last year, he stood by her when her father died, and to top it all off; he made her a godmother to his only child. Sam had to go to young Charlotte O'Neill's birthday party. If she didn't, she would not be able to live with Jack's disappointment.

"I know Daniel. I'm going to go. So please, enough of the guilt trip okay."

"Okay Sam. I know how hard it is to be their with Char, Jack, and Kerry but you have to give it a chance. Char sees you as her aunt Sam and Jack sees you as one of his best friends. Just try to lighten up and have fun, alright."

"I'll try Daniel. Just don't leave me alone with Kerry okay. Every time we talk, she rubs my face in it. She always has to talk about her perfect husband and child."

"Jack's not perfect Sam." Daniel chuckles "In fact, have you seen him with the new recruits he's training. They would say he's anything but perfect."

"Yeah, in fact I heard a bunch of new marines nickname him jackass behind his back." Sam says with all the mirth she can muster.

"Atleast, retirement and Charlotte have taken a bite out his sarcasm. I'm glad he's happy he deserves it.

"Yeah, me too." Sam says with a sigh.

"Well, I better rest up and for tomorrow. Promise me you'll be out of here in thirty minutes."

"I promise Daniel. Now go. Goodnight."

"Night Sam." Daniel says as he leaves.

With Daniel gone she decides to power up the Jumper. "Thank god, for these gene injections."

While she's powering up the jumper her mind reruns her conversation with Daniel. She can't help but think of Jack and his family. Kerry had taken everything from her and it was her own fault. She was the one who took Pete's ring, she was the one who married a man she didn't love, and now she was the one paying for it. Kerry now had the husband and daughter she had always wanted and that thought sickened her. "How could I have been such a fool" Samantha says to the empty cockpit.

As she took her measurements in the cockpit one single thought had been going through her mind. It was like a mantra, "If I had only said no." "If I had only said no." "If I had only said no"

It was only after she had seen the brightness of the time device did she realize her mistake. By then it was too late.

SGC storage room 2004

When the flash was over she immediately saw darkness. In an instant she knew where she was the only thing that bothered her was, when she was. Her questions would be answered soon because at that moment 12 special forces entered the storage room/abandoned silo's with guns drawn.

She opens the door and immediately raises her hands.

"Stand down marines. I'm Samantha Shannahan. I'm unarmed and I'm from the future."

As she says that, two familiar figures enter the door. One was the love of her life and the other was the bane of her existence. General O'Neill stepped up first.

"Umm, if you are future Carter, I mean Shanahan. Where's your uniform and why is your hair longer."

"I'm retired Jack and you can call me Sam. " she says to him.

Jack looks at future Carter and a hint of sadness crosses his face. How could she marry that shrub. Doesn't she realize I love her?

"Everyone stand down. Carter's meet me at the briefing room in 10 minutes."

They both nod and he leaves.

Future Carter or Shanahan as she wants to be known, looks at the spot where Jack was and sighs. She then looks at her past self and begins to feel disgusted. All the decisions she would soon make have turned her life into a living hell. She's forced to come home to an empty house, work with the man she loves, and watch that man be happy with the child she should have had. At that moment, staring at herself, she is the epitome of self loathing.

Her younger self looks at her with apprehension. She saw the way she looked at Jack but she had Pete's family name. What could have happened in the future? She asked herself.

"So, your me." Colonel Carter asks.

"Unfortunately, I am." She says with a sneer before she walks out of the room leaving the younger Sam stunned.

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