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Months later…

Over the months, Sakura had become very attached to Deidara. The entire Akatsuki group had noticed it too, and they were always teasing Deidara about Sakura.

Then Came the Surprise…

"Deidara, Sakura." Itachi said. "You have been assigned a mission in the Village Hidden in the Mist. You are to find a sword that was once used by a Seven Mist Swordsmen. The location is unknown, but we know that it's extremely powerful." Itachi finished reading it and tossed it to Sakura.

"Why us? Why not you and Kisame?" Sakura asked catching the assignment.

"I don't know. I don't ask those questions." Itachi said sitting down. "What I do know is that you are assigned this mission with Deidara because he has a habit of losing his arms. Since you're a medical nin, it would make sense that you would go with him."

He pouted at Itachi. "When do we leave?"

"7:00 tomorrow morning. Get there as fast as you can." Itachi said and left for his room.

"How long do you think we'll be there?" Sakura asked Deidara.

"Who knows." He said shrugging. "Just pack for a couple days."

"Ok…" Sakura said. She left for her room and brought out her travel backpack that she always used.

6:00 in the morning…

"Sakura." Deidara whispered while gently shaking her body. He was careful not to make any big noises so that he wouldn't wake the others.

"Ne. Five more minutes…" Sakura whined and turned over on her other side.

"No. Up now." He said and picked her up.

Sakura would've screamed if it weren't for Deidara's hand firmly planted on her mouth. He had learned when she would scream, so naturally he was prepared, it was almost a habit of his.

"Stupid baka!" Sakura hissed at him. Deidara merely chuckled and went outside to the main room.

Sakura quickly took a shower and dried her hair. She grabbed her backpack and tossed it over one shoulder. She locked her room and met with Deidara.

"Ready?" She asked.

"I was ready before you, remember, un?" he smirked. "We'll walk halfway there and then we'll fly the rest, alright?"

"Great." Sakura said gladly. She didn't want to walk all the way over there, and knowing Deidara, he wasn't going to make any stops either.

They both left the Akatsuki base and started their long journey to the Village Hidden in the Mist.

An Hour into their trip…

"Deidara, lets take a break. I'm hungry," She held her growling stomach, "and my feet hurt."

"Whiner. I don't know how you even made in in Akatsuki…" Deidara said and sat down under a big tree. Sakura had packed some bentos in her huge backpack.

"Is this what made you backpack so heavy, un?!" He said. Sakura had made him carry it for a while since she complained it was too heavy.

"No. It's mostly antidotes and medical things I use." She sipped some of her tea. "Ok, I'm done. Make a clay bird and let's go."

"Tch. So demanding, so demanding, un." The palms on his hands spit out a piece of clay. Deidara sculpted it into a bird and transformed it so it was large enough to carry both of them. Sakura hopped on it and sat down. Deidara sat down next to her and put her backpack in front of them.

"Look!" He pointed straight ahead. "We're almost there. Let's walk the rest of he way." The giant clay bird landed and they both got off.

Sakura strapped on the heavy backpack and they continued to the Mist Village.

"Deidara," She began, "do you know where the sword is?" She looked at him and knew this would be a long mission.

"Err. Not exactly, un." He smiled hoping she wouldn't it him. "But that makes the mission more fun! For me at least, un."

Sakura groaned and continued walking.


"Their here. Should we take out the blond first?"

"Sure. The girl looks weak. Use your genjutsu."

Two figures jumped out of the trees and landed on the ground. One did some handseals and did a genjutsu.


Sakura heard some leaves rustle. She immediately stopped and looked at her surroundings.

"Deidara, we're being watched." She whispered.

"Yeah, I know. They can't mask their cha-" he stopped suddenly and fell to the ground.

"Deidara?!" Sakura yelled and rushed to his side. He writhed in agony of the ground. Sakura felt some tears form in her eyes. It all looked familiar, somehow she recognized it. But from where? Then it hit her. Sasuke. He looked just like Sasuke during the Chunin exams.

Deidara's eye was wide open and his hand clutched his head. He moaned in pain, and Sakura could only watch him.

"S-Sak-ura?" He managed to say. "I-I l-love yo-u.' He stuttered out the words that he kept secret for so long.

Sakura held his face in her hands. She felt something moisten the palm of her hands.

'W-What is this?' She lifted up her hands and realized what it was. 'These are…tears. He's crying!'

"Little kunoichi, it's your turn." One of the figures said and threw a kunai at her. He chuckled. "This was too easy." He said thinking it would hit her.

At the very last moment, she brought up and hand that held a kunai. It deflected it as she turned to face them.

"Oh," The second figure said, "It looks like she's going to put up a fight. This'll be fun."

Sakura knew how to get Deidara out of the genjutsu, but she new they wouldn't allow her enough time to do it. She threw a kunai that had a bomb attached to it at them. It exploded right before reaching them, allowing Sakura to leap in the trees with Deidara.

Sakura carefully set down Deidara on a thick tree branch. "I love you too." She whispered even though he couldn't hear her. She placed a hand on his shoulder and channeled her chakra into his body.

"We're not going to let you break the genjutsu we put on him." He chuckled. "Kirigakura no Jutsu." He muttered. A dense mist soon surrounded them.

"I won't go down without a fight either." Sakura smirked. "Dokugin." Sakura blew a poisonous gas from her mouth around the area she was in. She quickly took Deidara and hopped to a different area.

She quickly masked her chakra and hid behind a bushel of leaves big enough to hide both of them. Sakura placed a hand on one of his shoulders and forced some of her chakra into him.

He was a little bit dazed, but he 'woke up' from the genjutsu.

"Deidara!" Sakura gasped and threw her arms around him. "I'm so glad you're ok." She said with tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"Sakura…" Deidara said weakly. 'Keep your guard up. You have to fight for both of us now. I'll help you when I can, un."

Sakura let go of Deidara and nodded her head. She took off Deidara's cloak and placed it under his head.

"Found ya." The ninja said and threw a punch at Sakura. Reacting quickly, Sakura caught the punch and held him tightly. She threw one of her chakra powered punches at the ninjas abdomen, sending him flying.

The ninja smashed into a tree and was knocked out –close to dying too. The other ninja had gotten smart and fled before she could catch him.

Sakura returned to Deidara. "Does it hurt anywhere?" she asked.

"No, un." He said smiling. He sat up after a while and put his cloak back on.

"Ok, we better get going, un."

"Are you sure you're alright?"


They both jumped from the trees and landed softly on the ground. They started walking towards the Mist Village.

"Sakura," he said looking at her.

"Yeah?" The absent minded Sakura said.

"I really do love you." He said and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

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