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Summary: The Seigaku Regulars go on a trip to an amusement park filled with Roller Coasters and other rides. What happens when they become wary and frightened of some of the rides there? Seigaku Regulars are going to be in HELL.

"Hoi hoi!" – Talking
'fsshuu' – Thinking
(AN:) – Moi talking
!OoOoO! – Scene Change

Note: If you can't imagine the amusement park, think of a combination of Knotts, Six Flags (Magic Mountain), Universal Studios, and Disneyland (Both).


Chapter One


Eiji's voice could be heard throughout Seishun Gakuen Middle School as the cat-like regular greeted his fellow tennis team-mates.

Oishi, aka: Seigaku's mother-hen, raised an eyebrow as Eiji bounded up to them. "My, Eiji, you're chipper today!" said Oishi.

Eiji laughed, "Hehe! Well, the fact that we're going on a trip to the new amusement park today AND the fact that my sister gave me candy AND coffee in the morning to stimulate my mood for the trip is the reason! NYAA!"

Inui, the data specialist, was writing in his notebook after hearing Eiji's exclamation.

"Candy plus Fun Trips plus Coffee makes Eiji hyper and will become a huge headache for the rest of us…" Inui muttered silently.

Eiji perked up his ears and he appeared next to Inui, "Did you say something Inui-sempai?" he asked.

Inui quickly closed his book with a loud FOOP! As Eiji was trying to sneak a peek.

"Iie…" Inui replied.

Momo and Ryoma exchanged glances, giving each other 'This-is-going-to-be-a-LOOOOOONG-day'looks.

"Kikumaru-sempai, you're going to wear yourself out before we get to the park." Ryoma told Eiji, who was appearing at all sides of Inui, trying to pry the notebook out of the maker of killer juices' hands.

"Yeah, you better stop before Inui gives you one of his special drinks as a warning." Momo added with a chesire cat grin on his face.

That did it.

Eiji froze and appeared next to Oishi in a flash.

"I'm done!" he shouted as he looked fearfully at Inui, who had an evil glint on his glasses, accompanied with an evil grin.

"Pfft!" Fuji turned around from his place between Tezuka and Kaido, covering his mouth to hold in his laughter at Eiji's scared face.

Tezuka sighed, "Let's get to the tennis courts right now. Ryuzakii-sensei is there to give us the tickets."

"Hai!" rang out 8 voices. Or in Kaido's case, "Hai, fsshuu…"


Ryuzakii Sumire turned around when she felt a presense from behind her.

"Ah, ohayo minna-san, o genki desu ka?" (1) the Seigaku coach greeted.

"We're okay, Ryuzakii-san." Replied 9 voices.

Sumire chuckled at the unison the teens, if you could call them teens, made.

"Good. Anyway, here are your tickets to Fright Light Height."

As Sumire handed the 9 boys their tickets, Taka spoke up.

" 'Fright Light Height' ?? What's with the name?" the sushi-chef inquired his fellow tennis players.

Kaido shrugged, "Probably the creator/namer of the park didn't have a better name for it?" (AN: Guilty as charged! xD)

After the tickets were passed out did the regulars notice the image on it.

Fuji smiled.

The image was a picture of one of the park's roller coasters with some people on it and the information (child/adult blah blah blah).

Ryoma looked at the smiling Fuji, freaked by his growing smile.

"A-ano…Fuji-sempai?" Ryoma asked.

Fuji turned to the prodigy, "Yes?"

"Why are you smiling so much?"

Fuji chuckled as everyone turned to him.

"Well, if you must know," Fuji began, "I'm smiling at the people on the tickets, they look so frightened, it's funny."

All of the regulars except Tezuka and Inui shrank back from the creepy vibe Fuji was giving off, their eyes wide and massive sweatdrops on the sides of their heads.

"F-Fuji-sempai is sadistic!!" Momo shouted

"More like scary!" Eiji whimpered from behind Oishi. Said boy was pointing at Fuji.

"Fuji, don't you have an ounce of sympathy in you?!" Oishi asked

Fuji went silent in thought, then said, "Depends on the situation…" he shrugged.

Taka and the others' eyes, if possible grew the size of dinner plates and shivered.

"…" Tezuka watched the scene with quiet contemplation.

Inui scribbled like mad with the new data he received from Fuji.

"Good data…" he muttered gleefully, then he thought, 'It will be good data to see everyone's reactions on and after the rides. Especially Fuji and Tezuka.' The data specialist inwardly grinned maliciously at the thought.

Sumire laughed as a Charter bus pulled up in front of the school.

In a blink of an eye, and due to some odd 'disappear and reappear' act, the boys and their coach were at the school's entrance.

"Uhhh…how did that happen?" Taka asked.

"Dunno and don't care!" Eiji yelled as he bounced up and down, then made a beeline for the bus.

Everyone save Tezuka and Fuji sweatdropped again at Eiji's … impatientness…

"…I think Eiji has the right idea," Sumire said as she turned to the boys, "Hurry up and get on the b—"

"SUGOI!! OI! Minna! Hayaku! The inside is awesome!!" Eiji's voice rang out, causing more massive sweatdrops.

"Ah…anyway, you'll arrive at the park near 9 and leave at 10 at night alright? So be sure to stay together and watch the time carefully—" Sumire was once again, interuppted.

"OI!! Minna! Iishoniko! (2) HA-YA-KU!!"

Everyone sighed.

"Alright, Eiji, BE PATIENT!" Oishi shouted to his aibou.

Tezuka shook his head, exasperated.

Sumire rubbed her temples, "Oishi, minna…be sure to watch Eiji carefully too, you never know what kind of trouble he'll get into with that hyper-activeness attitude."

"Hai." Oishi replied, embarrassed.

The others gave a nod.

Sumire smiled, "Okay! Get on the bus before Eiji starts to whine aga—"

"OIIIIIIIIII!!! What the heck is taking so long, NYA!?"

Everyone except Fuji and Kaido grit their teeth in annoyance as anger ticks appeared on their heads.

Ryoma shouted, "DAMN IT, Eiji-sempai, hold your horses!"

Tezuka shouted, "Eiji! Don't make me give you 100 laps to do at the Park!"

"BE PATIENT!" Oishi and Taka shouted.

"We know you're hyper, just give us 2 more minutes!" Momo shouted.

"…Fsshuu…" Kaido didn't say anything but turn and shake his head.

"Hehe." Fuji restrained himself from laughing out loud.

Sumire had the urge to collapse laughing, but resisted it and kept a cool face.

All of them waited for a response to their statements, and all they got was a sad, "Nya…."

They all sighed.

"Okay, okay; everyone get on the bus." Tezuka ordered, rubbing the bridge of his nose in exasperation.


The Seigaku regulars filed up and got on the bus one-by-one and sat down in their respective places.

Oishi sat down next to Eiji and patted his back, since the neko-boy was put down and had a cute little pout on his face.

Before Tezuka could get on, Sumire stopped him.


Sumire had a serious look on her face, "Tezuka, keep an eye on them. Don't let them get hurt."

Tezuka blinked and nodded, he then got on the bus and took his seat.

"Ja-ne!" Sumire waved from outside the bus.

"JA-NE!" replied the boys.

The bus started up and hit the road.


--On the freeway/highway—

Momo yawned and stretched from his seat, blinking blearily. He had woken up from his short 10 minute nap and looked around the bus at his other friends.

Tezuka was talking to Fuji about something concerning the park.

Momo strained his ears to hear.

"…ould we go on this one?" Tezuka asked.

Fuji grinned, which made Momo shiver.

"Hmm…it would be very amusing to see the others scream. Alright."

Momo grew frightened and decided to ignore the two and look elsewhere.

His eyes landed on Kaido and Inui, Inui was going over some of his concoctions of Inui Juice and poor Kaido tried to get away from him, but couldn't since Inui had gotten hold of his bandana knot.

Momo snickered at the sight then turned to Eiji and Oishi. Oishi was reading a book and Eiji was using his aibou's shoulder as a pillow while he took a nap.

Taka was also reading, his book was a recipe book that had lots of ideas for sushi and other fish-related foods.

As for Ryoma, Momo had to resist the urge to laugh out loud at the sight.

Ryoma was sleeping, but was leaning sideways on the chair. If it wasn't for the armrest, the boy would have fallen out of his seat and sent rolling to Taka's side.

Momo looked at his watch. 8:30. He sighed, '30 more minutes to go. Sigh' The boy then tried to think up of ways to entertain him for 30 minutes. After five seconds he grew bored. So he decided to follow Oishi and Taka by taking out a game magazine he had in his bag.

Time pretty much flew by after that.


--In the bus that's in the parking lot—

"Oi, Eiji; wake up, we're here!" Oishi shook the catlike acrobat. The reaction was instaneous.

Eiji bolted awake, nearly slapping Taka, who was walking by, and bumping heads with Oishi, "WE'RE HERE!? NYA! WOO!"

Taka and Oishi sweatdropped and they tried to calm the ball of energy down.

Momo put away his magazine and poked Ryoma on the shoulder.

"Yo, Echizen, wake up, we're here."

Ryoma stirred, "Huh…? Wha—where am I?" the black-emerald haired teen blinked blearily and took in his surroundings.

Momo snickered at the sight of a sleepy Ryoma; he got up and picked up his bag and slung it on his shoulder.

"We're at the park, sleepy-head, get your ass up and wake up."

Ryoma rubbed his eyes, "Yosh…" he mumbled; he stretched and got off his seat, picking up his bag at the same time.

Tezuka and Fuji picked up their consecutive bags and after waiting for a still frighted Kaido and a smiling evilly Inui to get off the bus after Ryoma and Momo, they took their leave after thanking the driver.

"You're welcome; I'll be here when you get back." The driver pulled out an alarm clock at set it for 9:50pm, "I'll be sleeping, but this baby will wake me up. Go have fun."

Fuji laughed and nodded, "Okay."

Then he and Tezuka got off the bus and out into the fresh air.

"Okay, let's get to the park's entrance." Tezuka said as the other s began to make their way.

Eiji ran back and forth, his pent-up hyperness coming back.

"We're going to the park, going to park today!" Eiji sang while he skipped.

His team-mates all sighed but smiled, or in Tezuka's case, inwardly smiled.


As they approached the park's entrance, the Seigaku regulars heard the screams of people riding rides near them.

Eiji couldn't wait, 'NYA!!! This is going to rock! WOO!'

After they handed the ticket people their tickets, all 9 boys looked around them. People were babbling away, laughing, or crying from the fright and adrenaline rushing through their bodies from previous rides.

Fuji looked up as a roller coaster flew by above their heads, going through 5 loops.

He smiled at the frightened screams and laughter he heard.

This certainly will be a trip to remember!


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