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"Hoi hoi!" – Talking
'fsshuu' – Thinking
(AN:) – Moi talking
!OoOoO! – Scene Change

Tenipuri Catch

Life…I love it...and yet…I hate it…


One word summed up the feelings of the boys and men as they stared up at that contraption before them.


A carousal swing that looked like a huge dragon spinning in a circle loomed over them. Normally, a carousal swing would have been a few feet wide and some feet high; but this one was modified until it looked like a gigantic, dragon tree with the seats looking like spiders handing from its body. "Oh my…Good god, this thing is HUGE!" Oishi exclaimed, "Nya, looks like a giant tree!" Eiji shielded his eyes as he gazed up at the object in front of him.

Momo whistled as he eyed the line, "Wow, it isn't going to take us a long time to get to the front," Ryoma turned, "What's tha-Oh…Oh wow, that's pathetic." The line, well it couldn't really be called a line at all, there were little to no people there! "Oh man, this thing mustn't be too bad if there's not that many people to ride it," Kaido snorted. Um, yeah. Right, whatever you say Kaido…

"The other rides we've been on totally had us waiting for over five minutes, fshu."

Momo nodded, "Yeah, if this ride is anything, it's not scary. It's just big."

A few passersby who heard Momo and Kaido's proclamation stared at the boys in disbelief. They whispered amongst themselves as they passed the group. "Ooh, those two are going to get the shock of their life."

"Mhmm, definitely."

"I wonder if they heard of the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover," ?"

"Um, I think it should be "Don't judge a ride by its"…you know what, let's just go with the book…"

Nanjiroh and Ryoga were the only ones who heard these people talking, but decided to stay quiet. They wanted to see for themselves what those people meant, and not to mention see the hilarious reaction from the younger ones they were with. 'Hm…I indirectly just called myself old…' Nanjiroh and Ryoga thought, 'That's just SAD...I want to cry now…'

They joined their entourage as they approached the ride. To their expectation, it took them only two minutes to get to the front, where they counted only six people waiting to get on. These people also shared Momo and Kaido's view on the ride.

"Geez, look at this! It's just a normal carousel swing we see at the amusement parks at home!" A girl with brown hair and green eyes scoffed, "Yeah, I mean, it's the same thing, only blown up," A dark haired girl with pink eyes nodded, "Geez guys, let up on the ride! It could be a blast!" A red haired girl with brown eyes said, "Nooo!" was her reply, "Connie, just stop, Alysii and Mimi won't listen," A tall guy with dark red hair and hazel eyes said, "Nah, they'll see, Ian!" Connie replied, "HEY JACKY!" Alysii, the brown haired girl, shouted to another boy, tanned with black hair, "Don't hurl your churros like you did on that cup ride!" Jacky shouted back, "Dude, that wasn't me! That was Aiden!" A boy with dark brown hair and eyes glared, "Shut up, Jacky," though the slight pink on his face deterred the other boy. "NEVER!" Jacky shouted.

The group of men stared as the group in front of them kept on talking…and talking, then arguing, then talking...

"Wow...they sure do talk a lot." Ryoma said, "Yeah…" Taka sweatdropped.

Unfortunately, they were overheard and the group turned to them simultaneously, "HEY!" they shouted indignantly, "We resent that!"

Ryoma pointed at Ryoga.

"What? Ryoma, don't pin the blame on me!"

"Pin the what on who?" Ryoma asked innocently.

"Blame, me!" Ryoga shouted.

Ryoma put his hands up, "Okay, okay, geez, if you wanted to the blame that bad…"

Ryoga growled as Nanjiroh chortled with laughter, "You set yourself up for that, Ryoga!"

"Shut up, Oya…" Ryoga muttered as he glared lightening at his little brother, who just ignored him, "Oh look, they're letting us in." Ryoma said, walking pass his seething brother. Fuji muffled a snicker while Tezuka just closed his eyes and acted as if nothing happened. Inui, as usual was jotting down notes while Oishi tried to silence Momo, Kaido and Eiji; the three who weren't trying to hide their amusement at all.

"WOO! Let's do it to it!" The three girls squealed as their male friends sighed, "Oh dear lord…"

The group of men and boys plus the three girls made their way to the ride, placing their prizes and other stuff down near the wall. Afterwards, they all sat in individual swings and strapped themselves down; they made sure their swings were close by to their friends. They were all still scattered, but still close enough that they could all talk to someone they knew without screaming over the heads of other strangers near them. "Hmm…I wonder why those people are looking at us so intently…" Taka wondered aloud, "I don't like the way some of the eyes are glinting."

Oishi mumbled, "I suddenly feel very nauseous…" an unexplainable dread coiling in his stomach.

In front of them, the conductor leaned in and spoke into the microphone, "Don't lose your lunch people!" she said, "Aiden already did, though!" Jacky shouted, "SHUT UP, DAMN IT!" Aiden roared.

"Err…Okay…well that aside, don't lose your shoes either…we don't want someone getting nailed in the forehead by shoes…again…"

Fuji bit on his lip to restrain his bubbling laughter.

"Oh yeah, and one more thing, when the ride stops, please walk out instead of running for the exit like the dragon's going to eat you." The conductor said this with an amused smile on her face, Ryoma narrowed his eyes, 'What the hell is she going on about?'

Ian snorted, "This ride isn't that scary…"

"Yeah, and it doesn't even look like it'll cause us to throw up!" Eiji said, Jacky coughed, "AIDEN."

"Damn it, Jacky you say that ONE MORE TIME and I'll make YOU throw up with a punch to the stomach!"

"Oh, I'm sooo scared." Jacky laughed, "You know you love me!" As Aiden shouted a retort, someone sighed, "Oh lord…"

"Alright, hang on tight!" The conductor slammed her palm on the green button and activated the ride.

"Whee!" Eiji laughed as the ride slowly started to spin, the swings starting to sway in the wind.

The ride started off slow, lazily spinning around which made the riders relax. "See?" The same boys spoke up, "Nothing to worry about." The ride continued at about the same pace for a few more minutes, "Mannn, this ride totally makes the others rides look wimpy!" Momo shouted to Kaido, the other bark with laughter, "I'm screaming from the fear!"

Then all of a sudden the swings started to ascend and descend in a rhythmic pattern, "Yeah this ride is pathetic." Kaido deadpanned, "Makes the other rides seem better, even though they're sue-worthy." Momo scoffed. Agreements were head all around. Then all forms of chatter stopped when Eiji noticed a change in the ride.

"H-hey, what's going on?" Eiji shouted as the ride started to speed up, an ominous creaking sounded above them. Eyes widened as the dragon started to uncoil and started climbing the sky, raising the swings high and higher off the ground.

"OH WHAT THE FU-?" Ryoga started to shout when the dragon itself started spinning even more, headaches stated to form.

The girls screamed, "KYAAAaAaAaA!" while the guys opted for the more manly, "OHMYGOO~OOOD!" The wind was whipping at their faces and caused many eyes to water. Their screaming were being distorted with the spinning and bouncing of the swings.

"Oh sh- NO! My shoe!" Alysii squealed as her loosened converse was pulled off by the wind and was sent flying into the air. The conductor screamed as the shoe rocketed towards her face and ducked, the show missing her head and instead smacked into a button on the machine.

The conductor's eyes winded.

"Uh-oh…" she whispered and turned her head towards the poor riders for the ride began to pick up speed. Again.


The girls were crying, tears streaming away from ther watering eyes.

The poor souls stopped their shouts and screams when they felt air grabbing at their footwear. This caused many reactions…for shoes.



"MY DATA BOOK!" Inui shouted as the green book flew out of his hands and into the air.

"NOOOOOooooooooooo! My –insert shoe brand here- ! I paid good money for those!"

"…Well…there go my sandals…" Nanjiroh sighed.



Passerby screamed and ducked as the whistling projectiles began rocketing from the swings. Some were hit by drawn-on vans, others were hit by designer shoes, and one (un)lucky person dodged the first one, but got smacked right in the kisser by the second old, worn-out sandal. ("OH GOD – WHAT THE FU- EWWWWW!")

The conductor was doing her best to slow the ride down., "Geezus, people should take their shoes off before they get on this ride!" she muttered angrily to herself, then cried out as a tennis show smacked into her head, he hand missing the stop button and instead hitting another button near it.

…Oh boy…

The dragon suddenly stopped for a few seconds, the momentum of its sudden pausing and the wind rushing around their heads caused many heads to spin and bodies to jerk.

"Oh. Oh thank god. Have we finally stopped?" Oishi asked.

A creaking mumbled in the air and the riders realized in horrified shock that their bodies were swaying forward. Instead of backward…which meant that they were going…


"NO SHIT SHERLOCK!" were the answering roars.

Though if one listened closely, they could hear a distinctive (although maniacal) voice screaming to the heavens, "YEEEEEEAHHHHH! BRING IT ON, BABY! BRING IT ON! I CAN TAKE THIS! CRANK THE SETTINGS UP! MUAHAHAHAHH!"






"NYYYYyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaAAAa! OishiiiiiiIIii! I'm getting nauseous!" Eiji wailed, and indeed he was. The poor boy's green complexion could have put the Wicked Witch of the West to shame.

Throughout all this whole fiasco, Tezuka had his eyes closed and had opted to try to valiantly tune into his inner "old man" and ignore everything. It wasn't working as well as he thought.

Hysterical laughter was heard and heads whipped around to shriek at the source.


Their response was only more uproarious laughter.

"AUUuuuGHhh! I need to throw up!" Momo moaned, "Same here!" Kaido, and some others, groaned in agreement. All of them looked a sickly shade of green.

The empty swings were whistling in the wind and passersby shrieked and ran past the ride to avoid any other possibilities of being nailed by another shoe and quite possibly, judging by the speed the ride was spinning, a detached swing.

Because of these chances, a wide berth was given between the spinning dragon and other people.

Meanwhile the conductor was doing her best to stop the ride, and boy howdy was she having a doozy doing so.

"God damn it, gum shouldn't still be sticky after god knows how long," she griped, apparently the converse that had tried to do her in had gum and was now clogging the reverse button's way free. The conductor grimaced as she went over her only option: Get it out manually. "Ughh…I'm not paid enough to do this…" the conductor dug into her hair and retrieved a bobbypin, glared at the disgusting pink substance and jabbed the pin in, working the gum out slowly but surely. "…Geezus cryst I am sure as hell not paid enough to do this kind of work at this ride!" after a minute or two of griping and muttering of "not-getting-paid-enough," the conductor finally got rid of the foul pinkness and tossed the bobbypin away.



"Ughhhh….hic! oh god…if this ride doesn't stop soon…!"

The conductor slammed her palm down on the stop button, the dragon slowly, to the stomach-churning agony and mass relief of the queasy riders, stopped its nauseating spin-cycle in the air and settled back down in its coil. All the swings began to sway gently, but it wasn't helping at all. As soon as the swings began to show no more signs of moving, it was a massive race to get to a trashcan or bush. Any trashcan (or bush) near the vicinity.

The six group of friends all staggered around and made for the exit, the guys rushing out and hurled at different trashcans while their female friends chose the easier way and threw up into some thick bushes that were right outside the exit. "Hahaha…Aiden…you – threw up a..a..aga-" Jacky hurled up the rest of his sentence. "Fu-UHK You…" Aiden tried to sound threatening but instead sounded like a sick dog.

The Echizens all targeted the same trashcan that was nearest the ride, and with their hands over their mouths, the three ran for it. After much stumbling and groaning, the Echizens made it to their goal, they all grabbed the rim and hurled; not caring that their heads were bonking into each others. Momo and Kaido also found another trashcan that was near the ride, made eye contact and through their green faces and sick expressions they glared and dashed forward. "Th-Tha-at caaan's minee!" Momo choked at Kaido, "Hell fu-UHK no-ooh, peach bu-HUHT!" Kaido tried to hiss, but it came out as a, "fshuuOOOoooh…" The two made it to their destination, tried to shove each other out of the way; but gave up as soon as a wave of dizziness washed over them. "Scre-Ooh…- it!" they moaned together and ducked their heads low into the trashcan and heaved.

The Golden Pair ran for the bushes and comforted each other as they hurled their lunch out. "The pain…" they both groaned, "The horrible PAIIIIN…"

Inui staggered his way around, searching for his notebook, "Data…data…where are you…da…da…" he turned and fell into a bush.

The conductor took one look and deadpanned, "I'm going on my break." And after putting a sign in front of the entrance of the ride, she stalked off.

Tezuka slowly got up from his seat and nearly stumbled. Fuji, looking no worse for the wear, smiled. "Fuji…" Tezuka started, but paused for a few seconds to cover his mouth and turn his head. "Yes?" came a pleasant reply, Tezuka coughed slightly into his hand and slowly turned his head back to the tensai, "…How are you unaffected?" Fuji smiled, "Ah, laughter is the best medicine, isn't it?" said tensai turned to the maniac, "That's how Taka-san and I aren't feeling the need to throw our organs up." Taka smiled sheepishly, his racquet laid near his feet, hacing dropped it when the ride stopped.

"I…see…" Tezuka said over the multitude noises of hurling.

After some more throwing up and rehydrating with water, everyone started looking for their shoes. In Inui's case, his book also. "Data…where are you?" he sighed wistfully. "…Man I shouldn't have brought it with me on the ride…"

"YA THINK?" came an annoyed yell. Inui looked up and got facebooked by the unfortunate person who got hit by "Data." "Next time, please. PLEASE leave your books in your bag, sir!" the man reprimanded and walked away, rubbing his red, square-imprinted face.

Tenipuri Catch:

Chibi Inui blinked and looked down, "DATAAA~!" he cheered and rubbed his face against the book.

"Dude…you're doing it wrong." Chibi Ryoga said after retrieving his precious shoes. (2)

Ryoma pulled his shoes back on and sighed as Momo, Kaido and his father laughed. Tezuka had no comment while Fuji and Taka just smiled as they stepped back into their shoes.

Connie, as she was putting her beloved shoes back on ("ARTHURR~! ALFRED~! Return to me~!"), stared at the one person who didn't lose her footwear. "Dude, you're wearing sandals…how the hell did you not lose them!"

Mimi flailed her arms, and indignant expression on her face, "I just bought these! What do you think! I CLUTCHED!"

Alysii raised an eyebrow, "With your toes?" she asked as she tied her now gum-free converses back on.


Aiden, Ian and Jacky stared, "…For the whole ride?" Ian asked.

"Of course!"

Nanjiroh stared, "Damn…she's like Ryoma when he got his first racquet."

"WHAT?" Ryoma glared lightening at his father, "I am NOT a female!" Oh poor boy…if he only knew…(3)

"Well-p, it's 6pm and only four more hours until the park closes! Onto the next ride!" Jacky said, and turned to Aiden, "Or would you just throw up? Again?"

"Dude, I SWEAR I'll do it! I swear to GOD, I – WILL - DO - IT!"

The Seigaku team plus Echizen men stared as the weird group walked away. They stared until Momo said, "Four more hours? I can't take this place for four more hours!"

"The bus driver set his alarm for 9:50pm, he wouldn't mind if we went back a little early, would he?" Taka asked, "Besides, we got stuff to carry." He gestured at their plushies.

"I dn't think he would mind. He seems nice enough to accept that fact that this place is fucked up and we wanted to go home." Kaido said.

"Hey wait!" Ryoga said, silencing anymore talk, "Me and Oya here haven't gone through the perils of this forsaken place yet. I want to see what else this place has to offer!" Nanjiroh nodded.

They were stared at. "You have GOT to be kidding me." Eiji gaped, "They must be joking…" Oishi muttered to himself, eyes wide. "I am not riding another one of these flying metal death traps." Ryoma said firmly, "Awww come on, chibiuske, I bet the ones you and your friends rode before me and oya here arrived aren't THAT bad." Ryoga's statement was met with "are-you-fucking-kidding-me?" looks from almost every single member of Seigaku. Fuji was the only one smiling.

Ryoma smirked, "You sure? Because we could take you there and you could see for yourselves." Ryoma SOOO wanted to see his annoying father and brother scared shitless by the earlier rides he and the others had experienced.

"Sure!" and as if fate sided with him or doomed him, Ryoma didn't know because Ryoga and Nanjiroh both grinned and clapped their hands on his shoulders, "You can take us there and ride them with us!"

Ryoma glared at the air as he heard the noises behind him.

"Stop laughing Senpais."

They only laughed harder.

(1.) My awesome friend drew on her white vans Arthur Kirkland and Alfred F. Jones (England and America) from Hetalia. We both love the results.

(2.) Motivational facebook poster FTW.

(3.) Junko Minagawa. 'Nuff said.

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