His Present


Alternate Universe and OOCness

Written by: Higurei Kagome

Pairing: Kagome and Itachi

disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor Naruto

Authoress' Note: A little Christmas present for all of my readers. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanzaa all.


It was cool and crispy that evening with snow falling in curtains outside the cavern lair of the Akatsuki. Every member could be found lazing about inan aloof manner without much of a care, something rather rare for a group of nukenin. Outside in the snow and frost covered wonderland stood a black-cloaked figure, her back turned away from the entrance. She was in deep thought as she watched the snow fall, her lips pursed together and her eyes somewhat glazed over.

It hadn't been very long since she had come into the care of the Akatsuki, having been stolen away from her escorts a little over 3 weeks ago. She had business within Konoha that wound up falling through but since she had gone out of her way to stop by the village, the Hokage insisted that she took escorts free of charge back to the port town of Kurinai. The last thing she had recalled was that it had started to snow then everything went black. When she had woken up, she had found her wrists bound together while laying in a rather comfortable bed in a black room.

Everything was rather much a blur from that and she had no real idea why it was that she had been taken in the first place. The appointed leader of the Akatsuki refused to say exactly why he had ordered for her capture though he off-handedly commented that she was what he needed, whoever he was. Only days later had she discovered just what he was talking about when the members of the Akatsuki returned due to the weather and was quite literally thrown at the feet of one particular member with hair blacker than hers and eyes as red as a demon's. Though her "owner" ignored her, the Leader refused to allow her to leave much to her frustration which led to her sneaking out through her window that night in hopes of escape.

Kagome huffed, blowing a strand of her long raven black hair out of her face. Her cheeks were pinkened from the cold and she hugged the thick cotton cloak closer to her in hopes of keeping out the cold, something she was use to from back home way up north in the land of winter. It was always cold and snowy there, tempting others to spread rumors that her clan was born of the ice due to their unique shade of eyes, a clear and sharp hue of icy blue.

It was frustrating for Kagome to even consider the possiblity of staying within a cavern lair that was more cold and uninviting than warm and welcoming. Her owner had kept her locked inside her given room as he wanted absolutely nothing to do ith her or any other forms of the female species and that had only strengthened her resolve to leave on this night. It was pure luck that she discovered that her window hadn't been locked and, without much thought, Kagome had fled out into the much colder night air.

'What am I thinking,' Kagome mused to herself silently as she chanced a glance behind her towards the cavern base of her captor. 'This is nothing short of a blizzard. It'll be suicide to even try to get anywhere but what pther choice do I have? Staying here isn't an option either. It's not a very welcoming place and I would much rather be home.' Turning her eyes forward once more, she sighed before flopping down into the snow covered ground.

Collapsing backwards with her icy hues closed, Kagome took deep calming breaths as she refrained from screaming out at her streak of bad luck. She wanted to throw a fit, wanted to have a tantrum above anything and everything else at the moment but did not wish to alert any attention to the fact that she was in the middle of a suicide escape into a blizzard. Sitting up with a sneeze, she lightly rubbed her nose and opened one eye.

Seconds later Kagomes vision was blacked out as something black fell over her frame. A small cry off indignation left her semi-chapped lips as she scrambled to free herself from the fabric over her when it was suddenly nearly pulled off of her frame, left to rest on her shoulders. Her eyes locked with bleeding red eyes that she could only describe as being demonic in nature, the eyes of her owner, Itachi Uchiha.

Seconds seemed to last hours as the two stared at each other, one impassive and one shocked. As Kagome sat in the snow in shock, Itachi smirked before he leaned in and stole a kiss from the stunned woman no older than himself. It lasted no more than a moment before ending, the feeling lasting for much longer before vanishing from her sights, leaving one befuddled female in his wake.

By morning, Kagome had already returned to her prison room, cuddling under the covers for more warmth as her thoughts ran rampant. This night was different than the rest had been. Barely awake, Kagome almost didn't register when she was joined or the arms wrapping around her wawist, pulling her closer to a firm and warm body. She cuddled up to him, her conscious mind already knowing who it was. A soft smile graced her lips as both she and her owner drifted off to sleep.


Authoress' Note: Okay, this didn't turn out how I wanted it to but that's partly my fault. Please see the last two status updates in my bio profile. Anyway, I hope you all at least enjoyed this. I've been wanting to write out an Itachi and Kagome pairing for a while now and just dished this out in 2 hours despite being half asleep. Until next time.