What Happened Last Night

By: ForeverSam

Ichigo groaned as he stirred. His head was pounding. What the hell had happened to him?

He remembered being at party...someone was throwing a party...for some reason. And he had been invited. But that didn't explain why his head hurt. Or why he didn't remember leaving the party.

And then he realized; someone must have spiked the punch. It was the only logical reason to why everything was so fuzzy. He'd been dead drunk. Oh wonderful. Oh how freakin' wonderful.

As he started to open his eyes, he heard someone sigh, and felt something rub against him. And then he realized; he wasn't alone in bed.

Rukia squinted her eyes as the bright sun assaulted her eyelids. She had the mother of all headaches, and certainly wasn't in the mood to wake up and face the day. She'd rather just lay in bed and sleep. And try and remember when the last time she had alcohol was. Because of course, that was the only reasonable explanation as to why it felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her head.

She remembered being at a party with Ichigo and Orihime...she wasn't sure what it was for, maybe a birthday or something...and to her knowledge there hadn't been any alcohol...

Rukia sighed and rolled over onto her side. Well, laying in bed all day wasn't going to get anything done. As she rolled over again, she brushed up against something. And she froze. Dear lord. There was someone else in bed with her.

Ichigo and Rukia opened their eyes at the same time. They looked over at each other at the same time. And boy did they freak out at the same time. "YAH!" Ichigo yelled, scrambling as far away from Rukia has he could without actually getting out of bed, "What the fuck are you doing in my bed?!"

"How the hell should I know?!" she yelled back, grabbing the covers and pulling them over her body. Her very naked body.

"Oh crap," Ichigo paled and looked down at himself, "Oh crap...Rukia...did we...I mean...did we..."

It took Rukia a second to figure out what he meant. Then she looked down at herself. And she turned beet red. "Oh damn..."

His horror filled brown eyes met her shock filled violet ones. "Oh god," Ichigo managed to croak before he scrambled out of bed. A slight breeze went through the room. He turned as red as Rukia, who, thankfully, had the decency to look away. He dove for his boxers (why they were on the floor under his bed he sure as hell didn't want to know), and shoved them on.

"So let me get this straight," Rukia had become fascinated in the wall, "Did we...or didn't we?"

"I uh...uh..." Ichigo choked on the words, "I don't know. I mean, we might have...we could have...but wouldn't we remember?"

Rukia was blinking rather fast now. "Not if we were really drunk. But I don't see how...there wasn't any alcohol at the party..."

"Someone could have spiked the punch," Ichigo said reasonably, "In which case it wouldn't be our fault, and we'd be entitled to murder someone"

Even though he was trying to sound calm and logical, the entire time he spoke all he could was look at Rukia, and imagine what she looked like under the blanket. Thank god she still had her back to him. He quickly busied himself by examining the floor. And saw a mix of his and Rukia's clothes there. Oh God. "Uh..." he coughed, "Maybe we should uh, you know...get dressed and stuff"

"Yeah. Get dressed. Right," she finally looked back at him. Her eyes were still wide with shock. "You know, it's a good thing your Dad's away and your sisters are both at a friend's house"

"You're telling me," Ichigo muttered, grabbing some new clothes from his bureau. "I'm going to uh...go take a shower. It's Saturday right?"

"Yeah. Okay," he was relieved to get out of there. As soon as he was in the bathroom he leaned against the wall and buried his face into his hands. Lord, tell me we didn't. Please tell me we didn't.

Rukia quickly got dressed, then separated her clothes on the floor from Ichigo's – she didn't want to know, she didn't want to know – and threw them into the closet. She'd get situated later, when she wasn't shaken to the core. Right now all she wanted to do was get the hell out of the house. She scribbled a quick note for Ichigo, saying she'd gone out for a walk, then jumped lightly out the window, and made her way down the street. She had just turned the corner when someone yelled, "Hey Rukia!" and she looked around. Tatsuki and Orihime were running towards her.

"Oh, hi Tatsuki, hi Orihime," Rukia quickly put on a smile and gave them a wave.

"Hey," Orihime smiled as they caught up to Rukia, "Did you have fun last night?"

Rukia froze. "Say what?!"

Tatsuki and Orihime exchanged looks. "You know...at the party"

"Oh!" Rukia laughed, "Right the party! Yeah, the party was fun, I had a lot of fun, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Orihime nodded while Tatsuki shrugged, "Did you know someone spiked the punch?"

Rukia's world came to a crashing halt. "Say what?"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SPIKED THE PUNCH?!?!" Ichigo yelled at the top of his voice, ignoring the fact that his head felt like it was ready to split in half. Keigo and Mizuiro shrank back, scared.

"Yeah, you know..." Keigo looked around, "As a joke. You drank a lot of it, and we were kind of worried about whether or not you got home, but we saw you leave with Rukia, so we kind of assumed she got you home..."

Ichigo relaxed. For about half a second. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LEFT WITH RUKIA?!"

"I left with who?!" Rukia asked indigently. She, Orihime, and Tatsuki had gone to a nearby coffee shop to get some donuts and coffee. Orihime was cracking up.

"Ichigo," Tatsuki repeated after hushing her friend. "You mean you don't remember?"

"I left with who?!"

"So you really don't remember?" Keigo asked Ichigo cautiously.

"No you moron, I don't remember!" Ichigo shouted, losing what little control he had left over his temper. Keigo sent Mizuiro a "save me!" look.

"Ichigo, it's no big deal," Mizuiro said calmly, "I don't think she drank all that much punch, she probably just wanted to make sure you got home okay. All though I did think it was a little weird you two were making out in the corner..."

It took Ichigo a second to process this. "WHAT WERE WE DOING?!"

"What do you mean we were making out?!" now even Tatsuki was laughing.

"Jeez Rukia, how much punch did you have?"

"This isn't funny!" Rukia was ready to have a melt down now, "We were...we were..."

"Yes, you made out with Ichigo Kurosaki," Tatsuki wiped the tears away from her eyes, "We all saw it, and when you guys left everyone started talking..."

"Talking about what exactly?" Ichigo asked Mizuiro suspiciously.

"Well, you know..." Mizuiro gave Ichigo an all-knowing look, "No one was really sure how much punch you had, and we don't know where Rukia lives, all we know is she went the same way as you, so you know, we all just kind of assumed you would..."

"Would what?"

"Well, you know..." Tatsuki looked at Orihime, and the two started giggling again. Rukia turned a shade of red that would have put Renji's hair to shame.

"Oh, don't worry about it Rukia," Orihime tried to reassure her friend, "I'm sure nothing happened. Now if you two woke up together this morning, that would be a different story..."

"Dude...you guys didn't wake up together, did you?" Keigo asked Ichigo, almost eagerly. He was rewarded with a punch in the face.

"Okay," Mizuiro grabbed Keigo by the head and started to drag him out, "I'd say that's our cue to leave. See you later Ichigo"

Tatsuki and Orihime's eyes were wider than their untouched donuts. "Rukia...tell me you didn't...you didn't, did you?"

"Of course not!" Rukia grabbed her coffee cup and took an extra long sip.

"Well, okay...I mean..."

"Are you sure?" Orihime asked bluntly.

"Orihime, I think I'd remember if I woke up and there was a guy in my bed"

"She's got a point there"

Rukia felt bad about lying. But there was no way in hell she was going to tell Orihime and Tatsuki about what had happened when she woke up. That was something she planned on taking to her grave (she had a while to wait, she knew). "Well, I'd better get going," she stood up, smiling, "I have a lot to do today, you know. Talk to you later!"

"Rukia!" she looked back and saw Tatsuki looking at her, a completely serious look on her face.


Tatsuki looked at her for another second, then shook her head. "Never-mind. Never-mind"

And Rukia had a very bad feeling that Tatsuki knew she was lying.

Ichigo didn't see Rukia for the rest of the day. Where she was, he didn't know. He didn't care to know. He didn't want to know.

What he did want to know, was whether or not something had happened last night. He was laying on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. He closed his eyes. He was tired...a little nap never hurt anyone...did it?

Rukia sat back against a tree in the park, her knees drawn under chin, her arms wrapped around her knees. It was late. She should probably go back to Ichigo's.

Maybe when Hell froze over

She closed her eyes and rested her chin on her knees. She was tired...

"Well, I s'pose there's no point in hanging around here," Rukia giggled madly.

"Where do you propose we go?"

"Well, there's no one at my house..."

Rukia giggled again. "Ichigo!"

They stumbled outside and down the street, laughing. What was so funny, neither of them knew. But it was obviously hilarious. At one point Ichigo nearly stumbled into the road. Rukia grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back just a car whizzed by. The driver honked and yelled obscenities at them. "Rot in hell!" Ichigo yelled after the car. Rukia giggled again and pulled him down the street.

"Come on macho man, we're almost to your house"

Somehow Ichigo managed to work the key into the lock, and they got inside without much of a disaster. "Dad's gonna kill me when he finds out I broke that vase," Ichigo muttered.

"Just clean it up and throw it away, he'll never notice"

Before either of them knew what was happening, Ichigo had pushed Rukia against the wall and started kissing her. When he pulled away, she looked up, her eyes wide. "Why Ichigo, I never knew you were so aggressive"

He laughed, "You ain't seen nothing yet," they stumbled up into Ichigo's room. As soon as the door was closed, Ichigo looked back at Rukia, who smirked expectantly.

"Well? Dazzle me," so he did. He pushed her down onto the bed and laid down on top of her. She lifted her head up and start kissing him. "Ichigo..."


She found the bottom of his shirt and started to pull it over his head. He started working her dress off just as she found his pants button. She slipped them off with next to no problem. "I'm not dazzled yet," she teased him, her voice slurring.

"Well then, lets' fix that," he leaned down to kiss her again. He felt her tongue moving against his lips, and let her in, and at the same time she did the same thing. She grabbed a fist full of his hair and dragged him onto the bed a little more. They moved around so that they were lying next to each other, and broke apart for a second. "Dazzled yet?"

"Almost," she leaned in and kissed him, and at the same time her hands played over his boxers, "Lose these"

He did. Almost immediately. "Now you," he ordered. She lost no time sliding her underwear down, then kicking it off when she could no longer reach down. She rolled up on top of Ichigo, and began kissing him again.



"Don't stop"

"Not a problem"

Ichigo's eyes snapped open, and he bolted up in his bed, breathing hard. No. God no. Oh fuck. This was bad. This was really, really bad. Ichigo looked down at his hands What've I done?
Rukia jerked as her head snapped up from her knees. It was too much to hope that her dream had been just that; a dream. Damn She buried her face in her hands. What've I done?
It was almost midnight when Rukia finally dragged herself back to Ichigo's. She was surprised to see him waiting up in the kitchen. "We need to talk"

"Yeah," she walked into the kitchen and sat down across from him, "We really do"

He pushed a cup of tea towards her, and she drank deeply. "Do you...remember?" he asked nervously. He didn't want to bring it up if she didn't remember.

She nodded. "I take it you do as well?"

He nodded. For a second they were both silent. Then Rukia said, "But...it wasn't our fault"

"No!" Ichigo grabbed the line like a drowning person would grab a rope, "I mean, we were drunk...the punch was spiked...we had no control over our actions!"

"Exactly!" Rukia's eyes were shining with excitement, "It didn't mean anything! It was just...the punch was spiked!"

"Right!" Ichigo nodded his head vigorously, "The punch was spiked! We had nothing to do with it! We weren't in control of our actions!"



They stood up, ready to congratulate each other on figuring out that they weren't to blame. Without warning, Ichigo grabbed Rukia, pulled her into his arms, leaned down, and kissed her. Hell, she didn't fight back. After a second they pulled away and looked at each other. "After effects?"

"Yeah," Ichigo quickly let go, and she stepped away. "I'm going to bed"

"Me too," Rukia turned red, "My bed, I mean. The closet"



It can never be because they're in love with each other. It always has to be someone else's fault XD Anyways, this was my first time writing about...doing it...so if it that part isn't all that good...I don't exactly have any references either /blush/ But yeah...anyways, do not, under any circumstances, ask where the idea for this story came from. Otherwise you'll be delving into my oh so very sick mind. Okay, yeah... /points to review button/ you know what to do. Oh, and before anyone ask, this does not, in any way shape or form, relate to my one-shot Just a Game. This is a totally different thing. Okay, now you can go on and do whatever (hopefully that involves reviewing though)