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Chapter 24: The Misadventures of Boy's Class 3A Part 1

It was a nice quest day in Class 3A, Negi was writing on the black board when there was a huge explosion outside. The class went to the window.

"I wonder what happened." Said Beauty.

"I think I know who." Said Ryoko.

The class left the room and went to see what happened… in including Negi.

At the explosion site, a bunch of teenaged boys managed to climb out of the debris.

"IS everyone okay?" asked a boy with a slightly shaved head and with a small ponytail in the back.

"Oh no! Sakura-Kun!" cried a voice.

They all went to a girl with blue-ish hair, with a halo floating over her head and holding a spiked club. She was crying over what could be the assumed something they assumed were the blooded remains of someone's body.

"What happened?" asked Naruto.

"Sakura died in the explosion." Cried the girl.

Everyone looked at her spiked club, which was covered in blood.

"Um… Dokuro…" said a boy with white spiked hair with a giant sweat drop, "I think you're the one who did it."

The girl, named Dokuro realized something…

"Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!" said the girl as she spun around her club, the bloodied remains were put back together and brought back to life forming a boy with short brown hair.

"Dokuro-Chan!" yelled the boy.

"Welcome back to the world of the living." Said a man with red hair putting into a pineapple shaped ponytail and tattoos on his forehead.

"That isn't funny!" yelled the boy.

"All right!" yelled a man with large blond afro wearing sunglasses, "Is everyone alive! Or any semblance of being alive!"

"Yes sir!" said the class.

"Well it's a shame I'm not!" said the man.

"Take off the uniform!" yelled many of the students.

"It's a shame I didn't make it." Said the man dressed like an angel.

"Hey! That's offence!" yelled Dokuro-Chan.

"Besides you would have a chain attached to your chest if you were dead…" said an orange haired boy.

"Oh right…" said the man suddenly changing clothes back to his normal (a blue shirt and jeans) but with a chain attached to his chest.

"You really had to say something… didn't you Ichigo." Said a boy with very long white hair wearing a baseball cap for some reason.

"Hey! You guys all right." Said a voice.

They saw many groups gathered, but the group that got the most attention was Class 3A of the Girl's school.

"Yeah… we're fine…" said the shaved haired boy.

"No one's hurt or killed?" asked Beauty.

"Unless you count Sakura-Kun getting killed all the time by Dokuro." Said Kiba pointing to the poor boy.

Negi looked at the class in the giant crater, he recognized the Ninjas but he didn't know which class that was.

"Which class is this one?" asked Negi.

"It's boy's school Class 3A." said Evangeline who came for the sake of coming, "With the emption of a couple students, none of them are normal…"

"Do you need help?" asked Ryoko.

"If you help us you're only going to rescue Tenchi!" yelled Ayeka.

"Excuse me!" yelled a stern voice.

Everyone turned to see Nitta, everyone faze.

"I think you have to explain yourself to the Dean." Said Nitta.

Sometime later the entire class stood in front of the Dean and Nita.

"Now first all, Ms. Mitsukai after this explanation I believe you should transfer to the girl's school." Said Nita, that was when he remembered something, "Never mind… you can stay."

"Looks like he wants to keep his humanity." Said a boy with blue hair and tan skin whispering to boy with brown hair.

"Yeah, I hope he gets turned into a donkey if that happens." Said the boy with brown hair.

"So can you tell me what happened?" asked the Dean.

"I'll everything." Said a boy with a very long nose and curly hair.


"I the great Usopp says we should go on an adventure!" yelled the boy with the long nose who was for reason overly muscular.

"I'm Uryu! And I'm the biggest idiot ever!" said a boy named Uryu, who hair bluish black hair, wearing glasses a dunce cap, dipper and swinging a cat along.

(Cut out of Flashback)

The rest of the called looked at Usopp.

"Please tell the truth Usopp." Said Sasuke.

"And what did I ever do you?" asked Uryu adjusting his glasses.

"I'll explain the story." Said a boy with Black hair and glasses.

"Go ahead Mr. Ohyama." Said the Dean.

The boy who's full name was Masaaki Ohyama began to tell the story.


Class was about to begin and students filed in…

Now since one is wondering who these are… they will be introduced:

Student Number 1: Ichigo Kurosaki, Notes: Part Soul Reaper, is able to become, sometimes aids Rukia

Student Number 2: Yousuke Fuuma, Notes: Goalie of the Soccer team, half devil (defeated evil side), dates Momoko Hanasaki

Student Number 3: Luffy D. Monkey: Notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 4: Gaara Suna, Notes: Previously Introduced

Student Number 5: Masaya Aoyama, notes: Member of the Kendo Team, complicated back story involving an alien race wanting to take over the world, dates Ichigo Momomiya

Student Number 6: Sakura Kusakabe, Notes: Normal boy, until it was revealed that he discovers immortally that will cause women to stop aging past 12, has died numerous times

Dokuro Mitsukai, Notes: Sakura's "companion", from the future to prevent Sakura from inventing that technology, often accidently kills him and revives

Student Number 7: Naruto Uzumaki, notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 8: Gasser Heppokomaru, Notes: uses his own gas to fight (yes… that kind of gas), Beauty's boyfriend

Student Number 9: Miroku Tsujitani, notes: Monk in training, cursed with a musical hole in his hand, often helps out Sango and Kagome, nitrous pervert

Student Number 10: Sasuke Uchiha, Notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 11: Kiba Inuzuka, previously introduced

Akamaru: Kiba's companion, allowed in classes due to the fact that he's a special dog, previously introduced.

Student Number 12: Ryoga Hibiki, Notes: Somewhat previously introduced, has no sense of direction, cursed to turn into a pug when splashed with cold water

Student Number 13: Shino Aburame, Notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 14: Tenchi Masaki, Notes: Part of the Juraian Royal Family, Ryoko and Ayeka are both in love with him

Student Number 15: Choji Akimichi, Notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 16: Gurio Umino, Notes: A normies

Student Number 17: Shikamaru Nara, notes: Previously introduced

Student Number 18: Inu-Yasha, Notes: Dog Hanyo, father is one of the most powerful Yokai in the world, help Kagome and Sango

Student Number 19: Usopp Sogeking, notes: Notorious liar, good with a slingshot, was in the same class as Nami, Robin and Vivi in elementary

Student Number 20: Masaaki Ohyama, Notes: normie, one telling the story.

Student Number 21: Kiyo Takamine, notes: Genius, Mamodo Bookkeeper

Zatch Bell, Notes: Kiyo's partner, good friends with Tia.

Student Number 22: Ukyo Kuonji, Notes: Really a girl, dressed like a boy and pretty much pretending to be a boy, engaged to student number 28 (see below)

Student Number 23: Zoro Roronoa, Notes: Swords, have no sense of direction, was in the same class as Nami, Vivi and Robin in elementary school.

Student Number 24: Chopper Tony Tony, Notes: Is a reindeer that ate the Human Human Fruit when young, went to the same elementary school as Nami, Robin and Vivi.

Student Number 25: Keigo Asano, Notes: A normies

Student Number 26: Flam "Franky" Cutty, Notes: Due to accident he rebuilt himself into a Cyborg that runs on Cola, was in the same class as Nami, Robin and Vivi in elementary school also refuses to wear pants.

Student Number 27: Musi "Mousse", Notes: Comes from the same Amazon village as Shampoo. Cursed to turn into a duck every time splashed with cold water

Student Number 28: Ranma Saotome: Cursed to turn into a girl when splashed with Cold Water, engaged to Akane, Shampoo and fellow class mate Ukyo.

Student Number 29: Uryu Ishida, Notes: Is a Quincy, a type of human that fights Hollows, does not officially get along with any soul Reaper, unofficially often help the Soul Reapers.

Student Number 30: Renji Abarai, Notes: Much like Rukia, is really a Soul Reaper sent to protect the class, knew Rukia in childhood

Student Number 31: Sanji Blue, Notes: A cook and martial artist, in love with Nami (and other girls) knew her and Vivi and Robin in elementary school (same class)

Homeroom Teacher: Pro. Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo, notes: Insane, can fight with his nose hairs, has a habit of changing clothes in the blink of an eye.

Bo-bobo (as he's called by most), walked into the classroom… dressed like a woman.

"Hello class!" he said a falsetto voice, this made everyone sweat drop.

"Can you please start a class without cross-dressing?" asked Ranma.

That was when Bo-bobo splashed him with cold water.

"Why not… you're doing it too,." Said Bo-bobo.

Ranma-Chan sighed…

"You know you shouldn't say that." Said Inu-Yasha.

"I know…" mumbled Ranma.

That was the windows suddenly exploded and evil laughter could be heard.

(Cut out of flashback)

Masaaki stopped when he heard screeching at the door.

"What's that?" he asked.

On the other side of the door, many of the girl's from class 3a were listening in on it.

"Come on guys… we shouldn't be spying." Said Beauty.

Tomo who was one of them.

"You should be here with us… after all your boyfriend is in there." Said Tomo.

"I agree with Beauty… you should you might get caught." Said Rukia.

"She's right you know…" said a voice, making the others freeze.

They all turned to see a teacher from the university division… one that was imposing yet handsome…

Next Time: A mysterious woman want the class for something... what? It's something important! And who is she? Oh... she's that... does anyone have Déjà Vu?