Changing Times

By London

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men. Duh.

NOTE: Takes place after the whole Apocalypse incident which was the last few episodes of X-men: Evolution.

Chapter One: Pussycat

"Let's GO! HUSTLE IT UP, JUBES!" Logan yelled. He was standing in the woods behind the Xavier Institute instructing an early morning training session.

"Logan" Jubilee panted as she stopped to catch her breath. "It's really cold today. Can't we just go into the Danger Room?"

"Move your butt, kid. You only have a half mile left" Logan said not giving into the whims of the young girl.

"But, Logan!" Jubilee whined. Bobby and Sam jogged by, waving.

"Get going" Logan said. He looked down at her and rolled his eyes. Since the Apocalypse incident, everyone seemed to be a little wiped out. "Look Jubes, I hear that the new cook Charles hired is making waffles with tons of strawberries and whipped cream."

"Really?" Jubilee said perking up.

"Better hurry before Sam and Bobby beat you back and eat everything" Logan replied. Without another question or complaint Jubilee was off running at top speed while yelling something about strawberry waffles. "Kids."

Logan waited for the others to pass him by and growled when he saw Kitty and Rogue walking towards him. They had their sweaters pulled around them tightly.

"Girls" Logan said. Kitty stopped and struck a pose.

"It's cold out here, Logan" Kitty complained.

"Yeah! It's like 50 degrees" Rogue said. The air was crisp due to a rain storm from the previous night, but it wasn't horribly cold.

"You'd be warm if you two were running" Logan growled. "I want to see both of you running back to the mansion. Walk and I'll have a special training session for the two of you. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah" Kitty groaned before she took off for the mansion with Rogue beside her. Logan waited for Imara and Danielle before following them back to the mansion.

The dining room table had a massive spread of waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, hash browns, toast, and sausage. The professor sat with Jean, Scott, Ororo, and Hank talking about various classes. The room was full of chatter as the students came in from the shower rooms.

As soon as Logan walked in and sat down, the volume in the room went down a notch, though not much. He had a copy of the paper with him and started to read the headlines.

"Kurt!" Kitty shrieked from the far end of the table. A sudden 'bamf' could be heard before the young man was back to sitting next to Logan.

"Sorry" Kurt said. Logan watch from the corner of his eye as Kurt set down what he had been after, two waffles.

"How many times do I have to tell ya, elf? Ask" Logan grunted. Logan poured himself some coffee and tried hard to ignore the kids around him.

"So Charles, you said that today we should expect a new instructor to join us" Hank said while he sliced up the last of his waffles.

"Yes, that's right" Charles said. "I feel as though I am not fully recovered from Apocalypse and that another instructor would be beneficial."

"Does this new instructor have any prior experience?" Ororo asked.

"Lets just say that she has a colorful past" Charles replied.

"Great" Scott groaned. Logan shot a glance at Scott, before going back to his paper.

"Can you tell us anymore about this woman?" Hank asked. "What was her profession? What are her powers? What—"

"All in due time, Hank" Charles said with a smile. A man in an apron and hair net came into the dining room, approaching Charles.

"How is everything this morning?" The man asked.

"It's wonderful, Michael" Charles said. Michael Stahls was the new cook for the institute. He was fairly plain to look at with tanned skin and brown hair, but he always wore a smile. "Thank you."

"No problem" Michael said. He walked down the table picking up empty trays and headed back to the kitchen.

"It's kind of nice having a cook around here" Jean said.

"Yeah, it keeps Kitty out of the kitchen" Kurt chimed in over a mouthful of food. Hank was quick to finish off the rest of his breakfast.

"Simply wonderful" Hank said. He stood up and looked out the window. It was still overcast and murky, but at least it had stopped raining. "Excuse me, I have a video conference with some folks from Muir Island in about a half hour and I must get some things in order."

Logan finished up his two sausages and toast and stood up, leaving his paper on the table. The volume from the kids had reached a new level of annoying.

"I'll be in the garage" Logan said. "Gotta fix some stuff."

"Logan, you want some help?" Kurt asked. Logan was already heading for the door.

"No" Logan replied just before slipping out of the dining room.

Barely inside Bayville city limits, a motorcyclist pulled up to a gas station. She ran inside for directions and to pay for gas.

"Fifteen buck on number one" The girl said. The man behind the counter took the money and fiddled around with a computer. The girl pulled out the address for the institute and leaned against the counter. "Can you tell me how to get to this address?"

"Graymalkin Lane?" The man asked looking at the paper. "Sure. You keep going on this road, take a left on 14th. You'll start heading out of town. Turn onto Winston and you'll find Graymalkin up that way. Be careful though. There's a bunch of muties out that way."

"You have a problem with mutants?" The girl asked.

"Not really. Just keep an eye open, is all I meant" The man said. The girl nodded and headed back to her bike, to fill it up with gas.

She had been on the road for the last three days, stopping only when sleep threatened to run her off the road. She waited while the pump filled her tank, briefly glad that she could take a small break. It only took a few minutes before the pump clicked off. She replaced the nozzle and screwed her tank cap back on.

"Damn, I need some coffee" The girl growled to herself. With a kick, her bike started and she pulled out of the gas station lot.

The girl quickly headed towards the institute and was nearly to Winston before noticing a rider behind her. He had followed her since she had passed through the Yukon Territory. She had managed to out ride the man until Pennsylvania, where she had seen him once again.

After a quick glance behind her, the girl raced on, bypassing the local speed limit. The other rider was quick to catch on. The girl took a wild turn onto Winston, nearly hitting a station wagon in the process. She hurried down Winston, her insides telling her that the other rider was nothing but bad news. He looked familiar, now that he was closer to her.

The girl quickly turned onto Graymalkin Lane, nearly getting creamed by a milk truck. Winston had taken her pretty much out of town, into the forested hills that surrounded Bayville.

"Where's the god damn school?!" The girl screamed, irritated that the other biker was still following her. She followed a turn and saw the high walls and the fancy sign proclaiming the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Quickly, an energy blast shot from the girl's left hand, blowing the gates apart. "Finally!"

The sound of something being blown apart was enough to get Logan out from under the x-van. He stood up, wiping his hands on a rag.

"Blasted kids" He growled. The wind shifted. He narrowed his eyes. He didn't recognize the scent. He moved out of the garage and watched as a speeding motorcyclist was heading towards the mansion. The motorcyclist pulled on the brakes, spinning the bike around in a cloud of dust.

Logan's claws were out.

"Who the hell are you?" Logan asked. The rider was off the bike, letting it fall to the ground. Another motorcyclist was speeding down the driveway. With a sniff, Logan growled the rider's name. "Sabretooth."

The girl rider allowed her hands to surge with red energy. She ran towards Sabretooth in a strange game of chicken. Logan took off after her. As Sabretooth grew closer to the girl, blasts flew from her hands, taking out the motorcycle tires.

Sabretooth was flung over the handlebars of the bike, landing between the girl and Logan. He stood up and flung his helmet off.

"Sabretooth!" Logan growled. The man snarled at Logan.

"I ain't here for you, runt" Sabretooth growled. "Though I could make time if it means slicing you open."

Energy blasts forced Sabretooth to collide with the ground once again. The girl made her way over to Sabretooth, as did Logan.

"He's been following me since Canada" The girl said. As Sabretooth started to get up, she simply blasted him back into the dirt. "I can't even believe that I didn't recognize him until just now."

"How do you know this sick piece o' gutter trash?" Logan asked. The girl reached down, pulling Sabretooth to his knees by his hair. She held a hand near his throat, red energy dangerously close to Sabretooth's skin.

"Who are you?" The girl asked Logan. There was noise behind the three in the driveway.

"What's going on here?" Hank asked pushing through the students. "Sabretooth?"

"This bastard just doesn't get the message" The girl said looking angrily at Sabretooth. She increased the energy around her free hand, causing Sabretooth to growl in pain.

"My dear, I don't believe killing him will be the answer for anything" Hank said.

"Actually" Logan said. "I think she's on the right track."

"There are children watching" Hank said quickly. The girl let the energy fade from her hand.

"Thanks" Sabretooth growled reaching up to grab the girl's jacket. In a quick motion, Logan's boot connected with Sabretooth's nose, spraying blood onto the dirt. Sabretooth howled, releasing the girl behind him.

"What's going on here?" Jean asked pushing past the students. "Sabretooth."

"You guys all know this jerk?" The biker girl asked. Jean raised Sabretooth with her telepathy, keeping him from doing any harm to anyone.

"I want everyone inside, now" Scott ordered. The crowd groaned, but quickly moved inside. Once the students were inside, the biker girl turned to Jean.

"Can you send him flying off a cliff or something, red?" The biker girl asked. Jean narrowed her eyes.

"X-Men don't send people flying off of cliffs" Jean replied.

"He deserves it" The biker girl replied. The girl reached up and unsnapped the strap on her helmet.

"We'll take care of him. Who are you?" Scott asked. The girl pulled off her helmet, revealing her face to the others.

"I'm Jennifer Creed" The brown haired girl said. "Your new instructor."

"How come Sabretooth here was following ya?" Logan asked. Jennifer looked very disapprovingly at the blonde man.

"Unfortunately, this jerk is my uncle" Jennifer said.

"Uncle?!" Logan yelled.

"Logan, knock it off" Scott said. "Jean, bring Sabretooth. Let's get rid of him."

"You punks!" Sabretooth bellowed. He looked down at his niece. "I'll be back for you Jen! I'll eat you while you sleep!"

"Get bent, Pussycat!" Jennifer yelled at her uncle. He responded with a howl. Jennifer turned to Logan. "Where are they taking him? He's dangerous. They can't just let him go."

"Don't worry about it" Logan gruffed. "Believe me; we don't want him around just as much as you." Logan finally sheathed his claws and held out a hand to Jennifer. "Logan."

"You're Logan?" Jennifer asked. She shook his hand. Looking his 5'-6" frame over, almost being the same height, she said "I've heard a lot about you. Thought you'd be a little taller though."

"Hey" Logan said. Hank chuckled and approached the girl.

"My dear, I am Dr. Henry McCoy, but you can call me Hank" Hank said. Jennifer wasn't even fazed by his blue appearance. She smiled and held out her hand, which Hank shook.

"Nice to meet you Hank" Jennifer said. "Who were the two kids that left with Sabretooth?"

"That would be—" Hank said, his words getting cut off by the sounds of the blackbird overhead. "I'm sorry. As I was saying, those two were Scott Summers and Jean Grey." Hank glanced at his watch. His eyes were suddenly large. "Oh excuse me. My conference call starts in five minutes."

Hank hurried back to the mansion just as Ororo and Charles Xavier came out to the front.

"C'mon, darlin'. Let's get your bike parked" Logan said moving to help pick the fallen motorcycle up. One of the side bags had spilled a handful of clothes about and Jennifer was quick to pick up her stuff. "We'll have to get you introduced."

Introductions were done in the foyer since everyone was there anyway. Charles moved to address the students, who had been moved from the windows to the large stairwell.

"Can I have your attention please?" Charles asked. The chatter immediately died down and everyone stared at their new instructor. "This is Jennifer Creed, a new instructor here. Please be sure to show her the respect that she deserves."

Immediately hands went up and small murmurs went through the students.

"Quiet" The professor chided. "Bobby."

"Yeah, so what was up with Sabretooth showing up?" Bobby asked. Jennifer looked at the professor and then back at Bobby.

"He followed me from the Yukon Territory" Jennifer replied. "I thought I had lost him, twice."

Jennifer pointed to Kitty.

"Where are you from? Canada?" Kitty asked.

"Close. Alaska" Jennifer replied.

"Miss Creed will be one of your survival instructors, among other things" Charles chimed in. The hands were still up in the air. Charles pointed to Jamie, who had multiplied several times with his hand raised.

"How do you know Sabretooth?" Jamie asked. Some of the hands went down after the question had been asked.

"Just a figment from the past, kid" Jennifer replied. She picked up her saddlebags, which were at her feet. "Anyone mind showing me where my room is?"

"Kitty, Rogue, please show Jennifer to her room" Charles said. "The rest of you, since it is Saturday, you're free to carry on with your day."

"Flag football out back!" Imara shouted. The kids were out of the room in a matter of seconds.

"You're room is this way" Rogue called out. Jennifer climbed the stairs, following Rogue and Kitty.

Kitty and Rogue led Jennifer to a room that had 'dork' engraved on the door.

"Nice touch" Jennifer said pointing to the marking. Kitty and Rogue tried not to laugh as they pushed the door open.

"The guy who was in here had an attitude problem. The room's been empty for a few months now" Kitty said. Jennifer set her things on the bed and looked around the room. White walls, hardwood floor, small balcony that looked like it could hold two people, small closet, and a dresser.

"Looks fine" Jennifer said.

"Yeah, you can see the backyard from your balcony" Rogue said. She stared at the others who were outside playing flag football. Kurt made eye contact, waved, and got tackled. "Looks like they're all having a fun time."

"So Miss Creed, how'd you hear about us?" Kitty asked moving to sit on the bed.

"Firstly, call me Jennifer or something. Never have liked that last name" Jennifer replied. "Secondly, Xavier just up and called me one day."

"What did you do in Alaska?" Rogue asked. Jennifer opened her saddlebag, pulling out a large jar of pain killers.

"Whoa" Kitty said.

"I did a little this, little that. No real profession" Jennifer replied.

"Don't you have a degree or something? I didn't know that the professor was allowing like non-degrees to teach here" Kitty said. Jennifer pulled a folder from her bag and tossed it to Kitty.

"Don't be fooled, kid" Jennifer said. "Logan doesn't have a degree."

"Yeah, but he's like a trained soldier" Kitty said. She opened the folder and let her face fall into an expression of amazement. "There's like five degrees here!"

"Bingo" Jennifer said.

"Five degrees? But ya'll look like you're only a few years older then us" Rogue said. She came over to look at the degrees with Kitty.

"Hey, this one is from 1975" Kitty said holding up a history diploma from Washington State University.

"Whoa. That makes you at least 40 years old!" Rogue said.

"Are you like immortal or something?" Kitty asked.

"Or something" Jennifer replied. "I was born in 1937."

"You have a degree in history, English, fine art, justice, and Latin?" Kitty asked. "Wow."

"Why aren't you teaching somewhere else?" Rogue asked. Jennifer was putting away a small pile of clothes.

"I used to teach English at a high school, but that only lasted for a few years" Jennifer replied. "Mutants tend to attract trouble."

The girls watched as the brown haired woman pulled more things from her saddlebags.

"You know, we're just down the hall. I'm three doors to your left, Rogue is four doors down" Kitty said.

"Logan's right next door" Rogue said aiming her thumb to the far wall.

"Hank is on your other side, but he usually pulls late nights in the laboratory" Kitty said. "He's like totally quiet."

"Hank, the blue guy?" Jennifer asked.

"Yeah" Kitty said. "This is technically the older student wing, which is more or less co-ed."

"The younger students are more split up" Rogue said. "Ororo watches the girls with Jean's help. Scott and the professor maintain the boys ward."

"You know what? You should check out the afternoon training session" Kitty said. "Hank is totally teaching it, which means that it's going to rock."

"Perhaps I will" Jennifer replied. She paused and turned around, finding Logan standing in the doorway. "Logan."

"Whoa. Did you smell him or something?" Kitty asked.

"No" Jennifer replied.

"Girls, out" Logan said making his way into the room. Kitty handed the folder of degrees back to Jennifer and got off of the bed. Rogue pulled her out of the room, shutting the door behind her. With a silent signal, both girls pressed their ears to the door.

"No one bothered to tell me your name before you showed up" Logan said. "Had I known, you wouldn't be here, and I wouldn't of had to feign politeness."

"I'm not like Victor" Jennifer said. She poked Logan in the chest. "If I ever am, you can take me out."

"That's not a problem, darlin'" Logan said. Outside the door, Kitty and Rogue gave each other confused looks. "Less Creed's in the world, the better, if you ask me."

"Don't take your anger at Victor out on me" Jennifer growled.

"If I find out you're in cahoots with that murdering son of a bitch" Logan said letting his claws pop out between him and Jennifer. "I'll take care of the situation. You get me?"

Rogue and Kitty moved to Rogue's room, barely missing Logan storming out of Jennifer's room.

"Holy crap!" Rogue said.

"Isn't Victor Creed like Sabretooth?!" Kitty asked.

"Yeah. I remember it from the professor's files" Rogue said. "She's related to that monster."

By the time Hank's training session was underway, Jennifer was successfully unpacked, having retrieved her single box of belongings from the professor. Jennifer stood with Hank in the control booth, watching as the students went about with their training session. Hank had, in fact, invited Jennifer to test out the danger room, but not with the students.

"So it can change every time?" Jennifer asked.

"Precisely. No two sessions are ever the same" Hank said. He moved around with a certain grace that only Hank could manage, and changed up the program. They watched as the students battled with Hank's latest program. "So, my dear, how are you finding the school? Not too shabby I hope."

"I'll let you know after a week" Jennifer said. Hank raised an eyebrow. "Let's just say that one of my neighbors doesn't like me much."

"The kind of neighbor with three claws per hand is quite the dangerous one" Hank replied. The two watched in near silence until the program ended. "What do you think?"

"No problem" Jennifer replied.

"Wow, zey totally have the levels set on high" Kurt said from the control booth. The rest of the students watched as Hank and Jennifer ripped apart metal arms and blasted through metal walls. "Do you think zat is really a good idea?"

"Looks like they're doing just fine ta me" Rogue replied.

"Hank knows that we don't just set this thing on high the first time we use it" Kitty complained.

"She's basically just blasting through everything, so what's the big deal?" Bobby asked pointing out the fact that Jennifer was doing a fair job of tearing everything to shreds with her energy blasts.

"She makes it look so easy" Rogue said.

"Well, it's like not easy, Rogue" Kitty whined. The control room door slid open with a hydraulic sound. Logan stood there in his uniform.

"What're you kids still doing here?" Logan asked. "I thought your session with Hank was over."

"It is" Kurt said. "But now he's in zere with Jennifer and she's really tearing it up."

Logan moved so he could check out the session. With a glance he noticed the high settings and the particular program Hank was running. He sneered.

"Of course she's doing well" Logan said under his breath. He turned to the others. "Why don't you guys go hit the showers? I could smell you all from upstairs."

"You really need to learn some manners" Kitty huffed before leaving.

"What's her problem?" Rogue asked.

"Knowing Kitty? Mood swings" Kurt replied on his way out the door. Logan watched silently. Hank swung from a mechanical arm and landed on top of a handful of robots that had appeared. Jennifer, her hands surrounded by red energy seemed to slice through everything like a hot knife through butter. Jennifer flipped over one of the robots that approached her and proceeded to take its knees out once she landed.

Despite how he felt about her, Logan noted that she was indeed a good fighter.

"Behind you!" Hank yelled. Jennifer started to turn but was grabbed by two robots from behind; more moved in front of her, surrounding her. The robot before her, the closest one, swung at her face, making blood squirt from Jennifer's nose. "Jennifer!"

Hank tried to quickly make his way through the growing horde of robots, but was not quick about it. Logan watched with peaked interest. Jennifer's hands shot out energy blasts, frying half a dozen robots. The two robots that held her in place grabbed her arms and held them out at ninety-degree angles from her body.

"Hank! I need some help!" Jennifer screamed. She tried moving forward and managed to make the robots take a half step forward. Energy blasts shot wildly from her hands, but none of them hit much of anything. Hank slowly made his way towards the girl, but the surprising amount of robots kept him away. Jennifer let out a scream that nearly shook the walls as the robots holding her arms broke both arms with sickening snaps.

Jennifer collapsed to the ground as soon at the robots let her go. She knocked the feet out from both robots, but more appeared above her.

"Computer!" Hank yelled. It was too late, large robot feet came down on Jennifer's legs, crushing them. "End program!"

Logan pressed the emergency stop button on the control panel. A red light flashed in the danger room. The robots retreated to a side panel where they disappeared, leaving the room nearly empty. Hank rushed over to Jennifer, checking her for a pulse. The girl had a pulse, but she was not responsive to Hank. A hydraulic door opened.

"Is she okay?" Logan asked. He stood over Jennifer and Hank, watching as the bones that broke the surface of her skin readjusted themselves, healing.

"It appears that she has healing abilities" Hank said. He picked up the girl. "I'm taking her to the med lab."

Charles wheeled himself into the med lab where Hank was running basic tests on the newest instructor.

"How is she doing Hank?" Charles asked. Hank straightened his lab coat.

"She has fully healed herself, but something is not right" Hank replied. "If this had been Logan, he would have been up by now."

"Curious" Charles said. "She did tell me that she had some healing abilities, but nothing to the extent of Sabretooth's. Let her rest here for a while. Perhaps when she does come to, she can tell us more about her abilities."