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Chapter 9: How Sinister

Dark dreams of emplates and the death of Shard filled Bishop's dreams. He had allowed his training to consume him as he had passed by her body, but now, in the past, his mind reeled of emotion. A vision of Shard in some sort of dress standing before him popped into his dreams.

"Shard?" Bishop called. Her lips were moving, but Bishop couldn't hear what she was saying. "SHARD!"

She started to fade away. Bishop reached out for her, but she was already gone. There was a sound and the void Bishop was in, was suddenly a dark tunnel. Creeping closer and closer were hundreds of emplates; their red eyes glowed in the dark.

A sharp pain ran through Bishop's hand as he gasped and sat up in his bed. He was breathing heavily and he could feel sweat trickle down his back. He looked at his hand and then at the wall the bed was next to. There was a dent in the wall.

"Great" Bishop said. He swung his legs out from his bed. He was wearing a pair of Peter's sweatpants since he was the only one close in size. Bishop looked at himself in the mirror. He looked tired. He sighed and headed for the kitchen.

The kitchen was black and empty when Bishop started to fumble with the light switch. He was reminded of his dreams before firmly flipping the switch up, illuminating the room. It had been two days since Bishop arrived at the Institute.

"Barbaric technology" Bishop grumbled to himself. He opened a few cabinets until he was staring at boxes upon boxes of cereal. He pulled one from the Jenga-like mess and started to read the nutritional value.

"Couldn't sleep either, huh?" Jennifer's voice said from behind Bishop. He turned as if he was in the middle of an attack. Red energy floated from his hands until he realized that he was safe.

"Sorry" Bishop said in his deep, stoic voice.

"No problem" Jennifer said. Bishop went back to reading the box he was holding and Jennifer started moving around. "You like sugar bombs?"

"I'm trying to figure out what they are" Bishop replied. Jennifer smiled and closed the fridge.

"Sugar bombs are pretty much sugar-coated, sugar-infused corn-based cereal" Jennifer said. Bishop made a face that showed his disgust. "What are you looking to eat?"

"Something simple" Bishop said. "and healthy."

Jennifer reached into the cabinet with the cereal and pulled out two boxes. "You might like one of these better. But, fair warning, if Jubilee hears you bad mouth her sugar bombs then you're in for a world of hurt."

"I'll remember that" Bishop said choosing granola over shredded wheat. Jennifer went back to the fridge and passed the milk to Bishop. Jennifer retrieved a slice of Kurt's cake and a made a cup of hot tea. Bishop went through just about every cabinet until he found the bowls and spoons.

"So…you're from the future" Jennifer said when they were finally eating. Bishop nodded. "How'd you get to the past?"

"A mutant named Fitzroy" Bishop grumbled. "He can travel through time after taking the life-force of others."

"Fitzroy" Jennifer said trying to remember her own past. Bishop narrowed his eyes between bites of his cereal. "He…has green hair, doesn't he?"

"Yes" Bishop said watching Jennifer. She sipped her hot tea and her eye flinched. Without warning, Bishop had her off her chair and up against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jennifer shrieked. Bishop leaned in, looking furious.

"What do you know of Fitzroy?" Bishop asked in a growl. His grip on her shifted until he was holding her neck.

"1949" Jennifer choked out. She let her hands glow red, which immediately had Bishop dropping her. "Fitzroy helped kill my parents." Bishop was in a crouch holding his hands against his body. Jennifer bent down so they were face to face. "Grab me like that again and I'll do more then just leave imprints of my hands."

"You're working with him" Bishop accused.

"With Fitzroy?" Jennifer shook her head and stood up. "I don't think so."


Somewhere amidst the brutal ice and chilling winds was a great jungle. It was a place that the Magician called home. He glided into the old stone temple, through a maze of passages, to the newly built addition. He was stopped by a handful of guards, who were natives that served their new ruler.

"Where is he?" The Magician asked. "I must speak to him."

"Bass nie beskikbaar" One of the natives said. The sound of a hydraulic door made the natives and the Magician look towards the throne that faced the main door. "Bass! Bass!"

The natives knelt as the man in a strange black suit and cape moved to sit in his throne. His cape, made up of strips of black and red, billowed around him. He narrowed his red pupil-less eyes at the Magician.

"How did our little experiment go, Magician?" The man said in a strange voice. His voice almost sounded non-human and nearly made the Magician shiver.

"Almost as planned" The Magician replied.

"What do you mean 'almost'?" The man asked again. The red diamond shaped gem that seemed imbedded in his forehead glistened.

"They found out who I am, which is why I am back" The Magician said. The man on the throne slammed his fist on the arm of his chair.

"Did Xavier find out anything?" The man asked in a pissed-off tone. The Magician shook his head.

"No, I do not believe so" The Magician said. The man on the throne stood up and took his time approaching the Magician. Sweat trickled down the Magician's neck and the taller, more menacing man approached him.

"You had better hope not" The black haired man growled. His teeth had been filed into points and his white skin was so unnatural that it was frightening. "I need you to find Fitzroy before that idiot from the future does."

"Yes sir, Sinister" The Magician said. The Magician watched as Sinister went back to his laboratory, only taking a deep breath when the door had shut.


Remy and Ororo sat on recliners that faced the backyard. The early morning air was crisp with dew and it made the steam that rolled off their mugs of coffee more visible. They watched as Jennifer raced through the trees and into the yard. There were objects in the yard that were obviously planted there by her self.

"What do you suppose she is doing?" Ororo asked. They watched as Jennifer flipped over a basketball, grabbing it in the process, and as she ran towards a chair. She dove over the chair and threw the basketball at a tree.

"Looks like she's trainin' fo' somet'ing" Remy said. They watched her display her high levels of agility while she went back and forth in a zig-zag jumping over things, tumbling, throwing, and even crawling under things. "Perhaps a dangerous game o' dodgeball?"

Ororo chuckled and sipped her coffee. Jennifer had already had a generously sweat stained shirt when they had begun their meditations. Now she was still going at the same pace.

"Perhaps she knows something we do not" Ororo suggested. Remy nodded and watched as Jennifer found her way back into the woods.

"I wonder, Stormy, if her trainin' ain't due to our new guest" Remy said.

"Bishop?" Ororo said. "What would she have in common with him?"

The kitchen patio door slid open and Bishop came out with a cup of coffee in his hand. He took a seat on the other side of Ororo.

"Speak o' da devil" Remy chided.

"Good morning, Bishop" Ororo said with a smile. She noticed his hands; each one had a towel and duct tape wrapped around it. "What happened to your hands?"

"Fell down" Bishop said. He sipped at his coffee and watched as Bobby and Ray came running over to them.

"Morning!" Bobby and Ray said.

"Anyone cook breakfast?" Ray asked.

"Not yet, mon ami" Remy said. "You two give it a try, non?"

"No!" Ororo said quickly. "I mean, that will not be necessary. Jean and Rogue said that they'd cook this morning."

"Good" Bobby said. "I would have just pulled out cereal and milk."

"Yeah, sugar bombs for everyone" Ray said. They laughed and went inside.

"Bishop, would you mind if we asked you some questions?" Ororo asked. The large man pursed his lips for a second and then shook his head 'no'. "This Fitzroy man that you are after, he is here in this time?"

"As far as I know" Bishop replied. "Charles said that he would be searching for him with Cerebro."

"Do you know what has gotten into Jennifer?" Ororo asked watching a flash of color between the trees.

"Fitzroy helped kill her parents" Bishop replied.

"You t'ink she's lookin' fo' revenge?" Remy asked, knowing perfectly well the obvious answer. Bishop stood up and looked down at Remy.

"While I can't entirely hate you, LeBeau, I can guarantee you that revenge is what we all want for murderers of our past" Bishop said. He was inside before Ororo or Remy could reply.

"I don' know what he's talkin' 'bout, Stormy" Remy said. Ororo just sipped her coffee. "I jus' don' like bein' blamed fo' somet'ing dat ain't happened yet."


"Braulio, man over board!" A Chilean man yelled to his friend. The cool ocean water slapped against the 36-foot fishing boat. The two men brought the boat around and pulled the strange looking man from the water.

"Is he breathing, Luis?" Braulio asked. Luis removed the red helmet and felt for a pulse.

"I think he's going to be okay" Luis said. They both looked him over. The red suit was more then well known. "He's the man from the news. Magneto."

"Wake him up if you can" Braulio said. "I'll go find something dry for him to put on."

"We could just leave him" Luis said. "The ocean would consume him."

"And lose our luck? No way" Braulio said disappearing inside the boat. Luis leaned over Magneto and slapped his cheek.

"Wake up, mister" Luis said. Magneto's head rolled and he stirred. "You awake?"

"Apocalypse" Magneto whispered in English.

"Do you speak Spanish?" Luis asked. Magneto coughed and rolled to his side. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Where am I?" Magneto asked in English. His mind told him that he was with someone speaking Spanish, so he switched languages. "Where am I?"

"Puerto Aisen" Luis replied. Magneto sat up and looked around. He was on the ocean.

"I must get to America" Magneto said. "I need Xavier."