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A few days later Draco and Hermione were in her room again, working on homework. Or at least, Hermione was, Draco was balancing a pen on his nose.

Hermione sighed in annoyance, though she wanted to laugh at how funny and strange the past few days had been. Draco Malfoy, pureblood and member of the Slytherin house, was actually acting normally! "Are you going to do your homework?" she asked.

"Nope," stated Draco, not moving.

"Lazy," said Hermione.

"Bookworm," retorted Draco.

"Ferret," continued Hermione.

"Touché," laughed Draco.

Hermione smirked at him. "See, you are learning well. I always win. This took Ron and Harry so long to understand this, but you, you accept your defeat."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "I do not accept defeat," drawled Draco. "The war is on."

"Bring it on." Hermione crossed her arms over her chest.

"HERMIONE!" Draco jumped at the loud voice as Sam ran into the room. He had only talked to Sam once and he was still getting used to her . . . bubbly personality, to put it nicely. "Hermione!" she exclaimed again, then jumped on her bed.

"Yes, Sam?" asked Hermione smiling.

"The date was amazing!" shrieked Sam. "Eric was . . . oh my God . . . he was just amazing. I don't think I even remember what the movie was about, I was just loving the fact that I was with the movies with him AND his arm was around me." Sam squealed. "And he kissed me!"

"Cute, Sammy!" laughed Hermione. "And it only took you how many years for him to ask you on a date?"

Sam glared at Hermione. "Oh miss know-it-all, I don't see you with a guy." She looked over to Draco. "Or do I?"

"Sam," said Hermione sternly, but Sam was already laughing.

"Fine, I get it," she giggled. "He's not your boyfriend, but you should get one . . ." Sam turned to Draco. "Is she going out with anyone at that school of yours?"

Draco burst out laughing. "I don't think I'm the one you should be asking. I don't really know her too well, unless you count tormenting her for five years."

"Fine, don't tell me," laughed Sam again, then she stood up. "Let's go swimming, Hermione." She walked over to Hermione's dresser and opened the second drawer and began to file through it. After a moment she threw something at Hermione and pulled something else into her hands. "Do you have some swimming trunks, Draco?"

Draco nodded, he was about to ask which pool they were going to, but then he remembered the pool in Hermione's backyard. "Cool, met us outside." Then Sam pushed him out the door.

Draco did as Sam asked and dressed out into his swimming trunks, surprise, they were green. Then he walked down stairs and sat by the pool, dangling his feet in the water. After five minutes he heard the door slide open and looked up to see the two girls entering.

His mouth practically fell to the ground.

He almost couldn't believe was he was seeing, or thinking! Hermione Granger looked . . . wow. She had a bikini on and, well, she looked amazing in it. She was tan and pretty lean for a bookworm and -

"Watch out, Draco!" exclaimed Hermione running toward him, her hair blowing in the slight breeze. Before he could even think Hermione had slammed into him, though it didn't hurt too much, and pulled him into the pool with her. When they surfaced again Hermione was laughing. "You should have seen your face!" she exclaimed.

Draco smirked at her. "Oh?" he asked. "Did it look like this?" Then he began to splash her over and over again. Hermione started to do the same and suddenly a hug splash got them both as Sam cannonball into the pool.

The splash war lasted for several minutes, until Sam and Hermione teamed up against Draco and he admitted defeat. "Ha!" laughed Hermione. "I told you would admit defeat." Draco made a face at her. They continued to goof around in the pool for another thirty minutes until Amanda opened the slider door with the phone in her hand.

"Sam!" she called out. "Your mom just called, she wants you back home for a important dinner!"

Sam groaned. "I forgot all about that stupid thing," she muttered. "My family is having this other family over . . . something about drills or something else of boring origin." Sam pulled herself out of the pool. She pointed at the blue bikini that she had on. "I'll give this back tomorrow, hun." She smiled evilly. "Maybe you can save me tonight?" she asked hopefully.

Hermione laughed. "Sure, I'll come over with Draco and we can bust you out. What time?"

Sam shrugged. "Maybe around seven, they come over around six thirty and my parents are planning on tea time for thirty minutes before dinner." She began to walk inside. "I'll be internally grateful!"

After Sam was gone Draco and Hermione agreed to get out of the pool and sit on the side, just like Draco had been doing before he was pushed in. Draco suddenly chuckled and Hermione raised an eyebrow at him. "Draco, are you going crazy? Is the heat affecting you that much?"

Draco laughed again, but shook his head. "Not that, it's just so weird . . . the last few days have been the funniest I've ever had, and they've been with you." Hermione looked confused for a moment and Draco laughed again. "I mean, just picture it, we've been at each other's throats since first year - you've even punched me - and yet we're acting like best friends."

Hermione looked at Draco playfully. "Oh? I believe we are friends!" She laughed. "I have to admit, it is strange to think that we've been enemies for such a long time . . . you're personality is so similar to Harry and Ron's, though you provide more intelligent conversation."

Draco sent her a look. "I thought that was obvious." Hermione laughed again and looked Draco in the eye. Draco froze right there. As crazy as it sounded . . . he had never noticed how beautiful Hermione's eyes were. The were chocolate in color, so deep and brown that they betrayed her feelings. Draco swallowed the lump in his throat. He couldn't believe what he was feeling . . . not only did he find Hermione attractive, but smart and funny and . . . he had fallen hard for her.

He lifted up his hand and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear before he knew what he was doing. Her brown eyes widened at the gesture. Draco took a deep breath and spoke shakily. "So Hermione," he began. "What would you do if I kissed you?"

Hermione's eyes showed her confusion. Finally, she answered. "I . . . I don't know." She smiled. "Why don't you try. . . ?"

Draco smiled and hesitantly leaned into her face. Finally, his lips made contact with her soft red lips. They kissed softly, obviously hesitant at what they were doing, but still enjoying the feeling of the closeness. Draco broke the kiss slowly, and looked back into those brown eyes. This time they didn't show confusion . . . but something else. "Did you like that as much as I did?" he whispered.

Hermione's eyes shown as he said this. "Oh yes, I believe I did." Then she smiled shyly and kissed him again.


Over at Sam's house, she was standing in front of the door. Anyone could sense her resentment of having to be here. Neither did she like the outfit that her mother made her wear. A yellow skirt that went to her knees and a white collared shirt. She bit back the glare when the door was opened and the family that was coming over for dinner walked in.

"Hello, Mr. Dursleys," said her father, shaking hands with the large, large man.

"Hello, Mr. Anderson, but do call me Vernon," replied Mr. Dursleys. "This is my wife, Petunia and son Dudley."

Her father nodded and shook their hands. "And please call me Andrew, this is my wife Linda and daughter Sam." He paused and looked at the small boy who was almost hidden by their large son, Dudley. "And who is this?"

Sam saw the resentment on Mr. Dursley's face. "Oh, that is my nephew," he all but sneered. Sam had the feeling that he didn't want him here at all, and by the look on the boy's face, he didn't want to be here either. "Harry Potter."

Sam almost gasped. This was the Harry Potter Hermione had talked about! Sam looked the small boy over. He had fly-away hair and was very small, especially compared to his cousin. His eyes were the deepest green Sam had ever seen, and the scar on his forehead was just like Hermione had described.

Sam's mother ushered the group into the sitting room; Sam walked slowly so she could catch up with Harry, but she noticed Mr. Dursley whisper to him. "No funny business, boy," he snapped.

"Don't worry, Uncle Vernon," Harry replied in disinterest. "I won't do anything."

Mr. Dursley glared at him, and continued in the sitting room, sitting next to his wife. Sam sat next to Harry, and smiled at him. He looked a bit surprised at that, but smiled back, however it was slightly strained. Sam wanted to tell him that she was friends with Hermione, and ask him questions that had been in her head for years - mostly about the things that Hermione had told her about their adventures at Hogwarts. She had always wondered if it was true. But she knew she couldn't, not now. Her parents didn't have a clue that Hermione was a witch, and it was clear that Harry's relatives didn't like the fact that he was a wizard. And Sam clearly remember that Hermione had told her that they hated him.

Sam sighed softly. She wished that Hermione and Draco would get here soon . . .


Draco and Hermione had gone back to their rooms shortly after their kiss and changed into some dry clothes. When Draco walked into her room after he was done, she even dried his hair off with a quick spell.

"You can do magic outside of school already?" he asked, stilling looking into her eyes.

Hermione blushed and nodded. "Yes, I sort of used a time turner in third year, so I'm really a year older than I really am. The Ministry knows this and allows me to use magic."

Draco nodded and sat on the edge of Hermione's bed, and she sat next to him. They sat in silence for a few minutes. "I told you it was weird," said Draco suddenly. "First we're friends then we're . . ." He looked at Hermione with a confused look. " . . . Boyfriend and girlfriend?" He asked.

Hermione blushed again. "Yes, we are," she said and Draco's face lit up. It was so strange, he had never felt like this before. "I know, it is strange . . . but really nice." Draco nodded and slowly put his hand into hers.

After a moment, Hermione groaned. "Oh no, Sam is going to tease me forever!" she moaned. "She's been calling us boyfriend and girlfriend since she met you . . . she's gonna flip, and there won't be an end to the 'I told you so's'."

Draco chuckled. "Speaking of, shouldn't we be getting over to her house in attempt to break her out?"

Hermione nodded and stood, not letting go of Draco's hand. The two of them walked in a comfortable silence to Sam's house. Hermione rang the doorbell and let go of Draco's hand, not wanting Sam to start with the teasing yet.

After a few minutes, Mrs. Anderson opened the door, smiling at the pair. "Oh hello," she said. "I suppose told you to come to break her out?" Hermione nodded; Sam's mother was just as much hers as Sam's. She smiled and ushered them in. "I don't think that we'll allow that, but maybe you'd like to stay for dinner? I don't think Andrew would mind, and I'm sure our guests wouldn't either."

Hermione nodded and followed Mrs. Anderson to the sitting room, Draco at her heals. "That would be wonderful, but only if it's not too much of a trouble."

"We'll just see then," said Mrs. Anderson. When the trio entered the sitting room, everyone turned to them, Sam's face lighting up at the sight of them. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, these are two of Sam's friends, Hermione and Draco. Would you mind if they came to dinner as well, I made a feast and there's more than enough."

Mr. Anderson smiled. "I don't mind, Vernon?"

Vernon eyed the two and shrugged. "It seems fine for me."

"Hermione?" said Harry, finally finding a voice.

Hermione's eyes widened at the sight of Harry. "Harry? What are you doing here?" Then her eyes went to the Dursleys. "Oh." She said softly.

"Do you know Harry, Hermione?" asked Mrs. Anderson.

"Um . . ." began Hermione, still eyeing Harry's realities. She knew that the moment she said that she went to his school, they would know she was a witch and they would hate her.

"Malfoy?" said Harry suddenly.

"Potter," drawled Draco. "Fancy meeting you here, and no Weasel in sight."

"Draco," said Hermione in a warning tone.

Draco winced. "Sorry," he muttered.

Sam noticed Hermione's predicament, and stood. "Hey mum, is dinner done, I'm starving." Mrs. Anderson nodded and led them to the dinning room. The group sat comfortably around the table, and Harry sat next to Hermione, still glaring at Draco. Draco sat on Hermione's other side and Sam sat next to him. After dinner was on everyone's plates, Mrs. Anderson picked up on the conversation they had started earlier.

"So, Vernon," she began. "I know that Dudley goes to Smeltings, but where does Harry go?"

The Dursleys all paused for a moment, as did Harry and Hermione. Vernon cleared his throat. "He attends St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys," he answered, looking at Harry. "He's a bit disturbed, I'm afraid." (He didn't sound that way at all.)

"Oh," said Mrs. Anderson, looking at the boy across from her.

"Yes," piped in Petunia. "We believe it is a side effect of the car crash he was in with his parents. They died but he lived, that's why he stays with us."

The grip on Harry's fork tightened as the lies spewed out of his Aunt and Uncle's mouths. Draco looked in between the Dursleys and Potter. As much as he hated to admit it . . . he hated Potter's realities. What was this rubbish of his parents dying in a car crash? Draco had always thought that Potter had been spoiled by his realities for being the bloody boy who lived, but that didn't seem like the case.

"That's nice of you, to take him in like that," said Mr. Anderson.

"Yes," said Vernon shortly.

There was silence for a few moments until Mrs. Anderson turned to Hermione. "Hermione? Draco? How do you know Harry?"

Hermione bit her lip. She couldn't quite say that she went to school with him, could she? She would have to reveal that the Dursleys were lying. She looked over to Harry. "We . . ." she began. "We went to primary school together," she answered, shrugging. "Haven't seen him for years, actually."

Mrs. Anderson nodded and the teens at the table, excluding Dudley, breathed a sigh of relief. After dinner Hermione asked Mrs. Anderson of Sam and Harry could come over to her house. Mrs. Anderson nodded and asked if Dudley wanted to come as well, but he said he would rather not. Hermione all but dragged Harry out of Sam's house, Sam and Draco running after her.

When the door was closed and they began to walk over to Hermione's home, Hermione almost screamed. "I hate those people!" she seethed.

"I have to agree," muttered Draco.

Harry turned to Draco and looked at him with confusion. "What?" Then he sighed. "Whatever, what are you doing here?"

"He's staying with me," answered Hermione, opening the door to her house.

"What? Why?" asked Harry.

"I'll explain in a minute," said Hermione. Then she called her parents in and introduced Harry to them.

"Nice to meet you again, Harry," they said. Harry said the same in return, then the went up the stairs.

Hermione collapsed onto her bed, as did Sam with her. Draco and Harry each took a seat on a chair, or in Draco's case, laid out on the floor. "Oh, by the way Harry, this is one of my best friends, Sam Anderson. Don't worry, she knows about the wizarding world."

Sam laughed. "Oh yeah, Minnie's been telling me about Hogwarts since the first year."

"Minnie?" laughed Harry.

Hermione glared at him. "Use it and you die." Harry nodded and pointed to him.

"Mind explaining?"

Hermione looked over to Draco, who nodded back to her. Hermione took at deep breath and began at the beginning.


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