Rated: M (older Teen, though may change…)

Category: Angst/Drama

Summary: Atobe Keigo has a vulnerable side, what would happen if that vulnerable side got pushed to the limit? Mature Themes: Stalking, Murder etc.

Characters: Mainly Atobe

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT nor any of its Characters


I hated him, Atobe Keigo, and I loved him at the same time. Hated him for rejecting me, hated him for bringing my family down but loved him all the same. I was obsessed with him, I wanted him to suffer… sometimes I would lie in bed and imagine him squirming and writhing, imagine him thinking about me. I want him to always have me on his mind, constant agony, shut up inside his house(mansion) torturing himself with the image of me. I laugh at it, it's my revenge for everything he's done to me, everything his family's done to me. He will never escape me…

End Prologue
Atobe's cell phone rang again as he was sitting in the courtyard of Hyoutei with the other regulars.

"Moshi Moshi…"


"Is anyone there?"


"Ore-sama demands an answer."

Beep- Beep – Beep, the caller hung up.

"What was it, Atobe?" Oshitari asked.

"Must've been the wrong number." Atobe shrugged.

About five minutes later, Atobe's phone rang again.

"Ore-sama speaking…"




Atobe hung up again and traced the call, payphone. "Damnit."

"Nobody again?" Mukahi asked, glancing at Atobe's cell phone display screen.


"I think you should turn your cell phones off." Shishido suggested.

Atobe nodded and turned his two "friends" cell phones off (in case anyone hasn't read 20.5, Atobe carries four cell phones).

Atobe's "overseas" cell phone rang.

"Don't pick up Atobe-buchou," Ohtori said.

"It could be business…" Atobe took the call, "Moshi moshi…"


"Whoever is calling, can you stop?"

-Beep -Beep- Beep- The caller hung up again.

"Turn all of them off." Shishido suggested again.

"Hn," Atobe turned all his cell phones off, "Ore-sama should get new ones…"

After Atobe's cell phones turned off, nothing else happened the remainder of the day and Atobe thought it was safe to walk home, at least for a short distance, since he hated riding in limos all day long. As Atobe walked slowly along with Shishido and Kabaji, chatting about tennis and other trivial things, he thought he saw a dark shadow loom behind him and paused.

"What is it, Atobe?" Shishido asked, noticing his friend tense up.

"Someone's following us," Atobe mouthed and kept walking.

Shishido's eyes widened in alarm but kept up and Kabaji followed Atobe as passive as ever.

"Did you hear about Nadal's match?" Atobe asked loudly.

"Yeah, he won the French Open…" Shishido replied, as if nothing happened, "Against Federer too."

"That should be expected, ne Kabaji?"


Atobe took out the golden mirror in his tennis bag (he always carried one around) and looked through it to see a white Benz trailing after him, however, it wasn't clear enough to see the licence plate, Atobe ignored it and kept on walking.

"Who do you think he's after?" Shishido breathed.

"Ore-sama," Atobe replied as if they were just talking about the weather.

Shishido replied in the same tone, "Why you?"

"The phone calls at lunch were on my cell phone." Atobe replied.

"Geki daze," Shishido rolled his eyes, "Why now?"

"It must be something my parents did," Atobe said thoughtfully, "Ma, I'll call my limo and give you guys a ride."

"Arigato, but you really don't need to, he's only after you."

"He might use you to get to me," Atobe shrugged, "A buchou always watches out for his team-mates."

"Stop it with the buchou lessons already." Shishido playfully punched Atobe.

"Get your hands off Ore-sama this instant." Atobe glared at Shishido.

Shishido just rolled his eyes as Atobe turned on his cell phone.


"Keigo-bocchama, your new cell phone is ready, and the new number is written here." A servant carried a silver tray to Atobe with the new cell phones he ordered.

"Thanks…" Atobe shook his head and sent messages to the regulars.

The home phone rang and the butler picked it up, "Moshi moshi?"


"Are you looking for someone?"


The butler hung up and almost immediately, the phone rang again… the same thing happened, and again, and again. On and on for two hours straight that even the butler lost patience. All the time, Atobe buried his head in his pillow and moaned.

"It must be some prank call," The butler was saying to a concerned housekeeper.

"But over and over again?"

"It's just kids."

"Can't we trace the calls?"

The butler sighed, "They're all from payphones."

Atobe thought back and remembered the white Benz trailing after him… he groaned, this was serious…


Two days later, Atobe was getting the same calls over and over again at home, he never told his friends about them, this was ORE-SAMA, getting stalked…? Atobe didn't want to admit it, he didn't want to hire bodyguards, his pride was on the line here and Atobe's pride was worth a lot to him.

Ring… ring… ring…

"I'll get it!" Atobe ran over to the phone and picked it up, "Listen, I don't care who you are, stop doing this!"

"I'll get you Atobe Keigo…" A muffled voice said through the phone.

"Who is this? TELL ME!" Atobe screamed into the phone.

Beep- Beep- Beep…

"Argh!" Atobe slammed the phone down and buried his head in his pillows again.

And the phone rang again…

And again

And again…

And then it rang yet again…

"Just disconnect it!" Atobe screamed.

"What if it's your parents from overseas?"

"Ugh!" Atobe threw the phone to a corner.


Atobe tried his best to ignore it, but every time the phone rang, Atobe would tense up all over again. It soon got to the point where it started taking over Atobe's mind, was the phone always this loud? Atobe thought as he shut his eyes tightly. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat… the phone suddenly seemed to have a mind of it's own.


"Atobe, what's wrong? You seem so edgy lately." A concerned Oshitari asked Atobe.

"Ore-sama is FINE," Atobe replied stiffly.

"You're not, is anything wrong?" Oshitari persisted.

"No, of course not…" Atobe said as he walked into the schoolyard.

"If you're sure…"

Atobe's cell phone rang and Atobe reached over to pick it up, "Moshi moshi?"

"Have fun in school…"


Beep- beep- beep…

Atobe threw the phone against a wall, "How did they find out? How does he know where I am" Atobe asked no one in particular and started looking around, nothing seemed out of the ordinary here.

"Atobe, are you okay?"

"Leave Ore-sama alone!"

"Kei-chan!" Jirou bounced up to Atobe.

"WHAT IS IT?" Atobe snapped.


"I'm sorry, just leave me be." Atobe walked/ran into the main building, I wish they'd just leave me alone!

A/N: Yeah, I'm totally neglecting my crack fics that I'm SUPPOSED to be working on but right now I seriously can't work on crack, I'll make it all angst-y or something… so here I am making Atobe suffer. Lawl, I guess we all love making our favourite characters suffer. I've been reading too much Confidential Confessions, I swear. This is kinda hard to write because… I have to be in a certain mood to write this and yeah…

Oh well, How to Make Sanada Slap You can wait, my top priority (after this one) is Daycare and Librarians…

Oh and (A bit of a spoiler but you kinda need to know this) Atobe's stalker is a MALE! (who is most likely gay…)

Important: I still haven't decided whether to have rape in here or not, it's either gonna be Atobe's boyfriend (Jirou) or Atobe himself, I'm still trying to decide so suggestions are welcome.

To Ica: Oh and have fun Ica, you shouldn't be reading this… heck, I shouldn't be writing this.