Rated: M

Category: Angst/Drama

Summary: Even Atobe Keigo has a vulnerable side, he and his friends are going to have their vulnerability pushed beyond limits.

Characters: Mainly Atobe and other Hyoutei characters.

Warnings: Mature themes: stalking, later on rape, assault, abuse, illegal confinement, abuse of firearms, kidnapping, blackmail, attempted murder, oh and yaoi… etc. -- Lots of laws there

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT nor any of it's Characters

Five days after the incident, Atobe walked out of the interrogation room for the last time. His team greeted him as he reached outside, gazing up at the brilliant sunlight oblivious to his dark mood. Atobe's arms were bandaged, his brand scar cleaned, showing clear letters.

"Another interrogation? It's been five days already, the police are so unreliable!" Mukahi was bitching.

Oshitari patted his head, "The criminal's been arrested in the hospital, but he's still alive, you shot his shoulder."

"So what's wrong with him?" Shishido asked.

"He's not a normal criminal. More than that, he's insane."

"We've established that, ne Kabaji?" Atobe said.


"What if he pleads insanity?" Hiyoshi enquired, "He won't even go to jail."

"That sucks, he should be punished." Jirou pouted.

Atobe swayed a little, "I have to go back for interrogation tomorrow too."

"What why? How many questions can they have?"

"Do you know what's wrong with the guy? Why did he target Atobe?" Ohtori asked.

Oshitari pushed up his glasses, "He is the eldest son of a formerly rich family. His mother divorced his father when he was seven and later on died from a heart failure. His father married another woman who already had a son that was three years older than him."

"I know this," Mukahi grinned, "He was getting bullied by his step mom and his step-brother because he was the inheritor for the wealth not the step-bro. His step-bro was arrogant, narcissist and a tennis freak. Atobe reminded him of his brother."

"Yeah but he said he loved Kei-chan."

"I'm getting to it!" Mukahi snapped impatiently, "The night before his brother left to watch the Australian Open, he stabbed his brother."

"Then why wasn't he arrested?"

"He was too young, he was only put in a Juvenile Detention place for several years before going out," Shishido supplied, "In the course of the years, he almost forgot about it too, until the bankrupt. His father told him it was your family who caused it, probably indirectly and he formed a kind of grudge towards you."

Atobe looked pale but didn't speak.

"When he began observing you, he found out you were much like his step-brother that he murdered, that's when he started remembering his feeling when he murdered his brother."

"The problem is, he mistook his feelings of fear for sexual excitement." Oshitari said calmly.

"How?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

"It's pretty simple if you read into this stuff."

"We don't"

"Sometimes, psychology students will conduct experiments similar to that, they have a young man go on a bridge and ask young females questions. At the end of the survey, the young man tells the females that they would like to see them again in private and give the females his phone number."

"What has that got to do with anything?" Mukahi demanded.

"Let me finish!" Oshitari gave Mukahi a look, "They choose two places to conduct the research, a concrete bridge and a suspended bridge. The majority of the females who called after where the females who were interviewed on the suspended bridge."

"Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Ohtori asked.

"It seems that the girls on the suspended bridge mistook their fear for sexual excitement and called the young man." Oshitari explained.

"Che," Hiyoshi rolled his eyes, "So the culprit got scared and thought he was sexually attracted to Atobe-buchou?"

"That's my theory," Oshitari replied.

"Baka," Mukahi said.

"By the way, who's Suzuki Yumi?" Atobe asked.

"She was a distant cousin of his, who went over to play with him as a child. I think his step-brother raped her in front of him, she was murdered."


"At least it's over now," Ohtori tried to reassure them, "The culprit is caught, we're all out of the hospital, Atobe's arm will heal…"

"That's true," Shishido sighed, "Though it will scar."

Jirou glanced at Atobe, remembering that it was all done for him. "Kei-chan…"

"Are you feeling fine now, Jirou?" Atobe asked.

"Yeah," Jirou replied, "Demo, Kei-chan, you're so pale and cold." Jirou grabbed Atobe's hand.

"I…" Atobe had stopped using Ore-sama after the incident.

His eyes flashed wildly, what was usually liquid silver became the colour of poison mercury; deep, dark, unforgiving.

Suddenly, Atobe jumped back and pointed an accusing finger at a tree. "Th- There! He's behind that tree!"

"Atobe, what?" His friends circled him, trying to calm him down.

Atobe fell to the ground. "He's there! I saw him!"

"Atobe-buchou, there's no one there, he's under custody remember?"

"I wish I killed him," Atobe closed his eyes, " I wish he had died… I wish I had killed him when I shot him."

"What are you talking about?"

"You get it right? He'll always be there, in the corner of my mind! I can't escape him… ever!"

"Calm down, Atobe!"

"It doesn't matter if he's under custody, it'll probably stay like this for the rest of my life, I can't escape him until one of us is dead!"

A/N: I'm not gonna give the stalker a name, cuz I'm too lazy. Yes it's done. My first like mult-chaptered fic, that's not on Anti-Ica. (By Multi-chaptered I mean 5 and above)