'I am soooo bored!' Ginny was bumping her head on the kitchen table of the Burrow.

They were alone in The Burrow. By them, I mean, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Draco.

'Ginny love, stop pounding your head on the table. We're all bored.' Harry tried to stop his girlfriend from getting a concussion.

'But 'pound'I'm 'pound'so 'pound'bloody bored.' Ginny finally stopping and rubbing her head which was now as red as her hair.

'Red, don't you have anything else to do than just sit here?' Draco used his nickname for Ginny, which was red.

'I should've just went with Voldy.' Draco joked.

'Oh would you stop being so immature Draco.' Hermione smacked his head and went down to sit as far away as she could.

'I know! We could play a game!' Luna swayed around dreamily, matching her dreamy voice.

'Wod woo ve lay?' Ron had a mouth full of food. He was the only one not bored but was too busy with food.

'Ronald! We can't understand a word your saying!' Hermione hated when Ron did this.

'I said, what would we play?' Ron finally swallowing the assorted foods in his mouth.

'Oh I know! We used to play this all the time in our dormitories!' Ginny squealed happily as she did a little dance.

'Ginny that's bloody brilliant! Now why didn't I think of this?' Hermione smacked herself and joined Ginny in her little dance.

'No?! You're not saying about what we always play would you?' Luna jumped up and down getting excited. When Hermione and Ginny nodded Luna then joined their dance too!

All the guys were confused. What kind of game would they play? Ron couldn't take it anymore. So he decided to break the dance.

'What the bloody hell are you guys talking about? If you didn't notice we're guys and we didn't know what was happening in your bloody dormitories!' Ron swore at his confusion.

'Fine Ronald as you wanted to know really badly, we where talking about truth or dare! We're going to play bloody truth or dare!' Luna screamed at him too.

All were shocked to hear Luna scream at Ron with such annoyance. Her voice what not dreamy at all. She never screamed at Ron before, they usually get along. And Luna never called Ron Ronald before!

'Sorry.' Ron sheepishly took a seat and waited.

Ginny couldn't help but laugh. She laugh really hard and loud that everybody was looking at her. To her, Ron looked like a little boy that just got punished. Soon Hermione joined in the laughter. And Harry and Draco were rolling down the floor as soon as they knew why Ginny and Hermione were laughing.

'Why in the world of muggles are you laughing at?' Ron and Luna said at the same time. Then Luna took a seat, a slight red was coming to her face. And Ron was so red that it was the same color as his hair.

When everybody settled down, Hermione explained the rules of truth and dare to everyone.

'Okay this is how we're gonna play. The one who starts has to pick another player, and asks if he or she wants truth or dare. When a person picks truth, they will be asked a question and they must answer truthfully. And if they pick dare, they must do the dare or give up. Everybody got it?' Hermione looked at everyone.

'How do you know when a person is telling the truth?' Harry looked a little bit frightened.

'Oh we will know. Just you wait.' Ginny smiled mischievously.

'What if we don't want to do the dare?' Draco had a little spark in his eyes, like he always had when he had something planned.

Hermione was about to speak when Draco cut her off.

'How bout' we make this a little bit interesting? When a person gives up a dare, they must remove one article of clothing. So how bout' it?' Draco smirked.

Hermione was shocked to see that Draco would suggest something like that but she nodded anyways. As for everyone else nodded too.

'Okay let's begin this. Shall I go first?' Luna offered, now with her dreamy voice again.

Before anyone answered her, she had already picked a person.

'Ron.' She smiled evilly.

Ron knew he was about to get what he deserved for screaming.

'Truth or dare?' Luna acting innocently.

'Uhh..truth.' Ron looked unsure.

'cough chicken! cough' Harry and Draco faked cough and made fun of Ron.

'Oh shut up you two!' Ginny was excited to learn a secret from her brother. Luna might not look evil but she is, especially at this game.

'Okay Ronald time to get started. Are you still a virgin?' Luna clapped her hands, happy for herself.

'What?!' Ron spit his orange juice right at Draco.

'What the hell Weasel?' Draco got up and trudged upstairs to clean.

'He deserved it. Little ferret.' Hermione thought evilly.

'Come on Ron! Just answer the damn question.' Harry was happy seeing him panic. He knew he wasn't a virgin. He just didn't know who he lost it to, he never told them.

'uhh..I still am..not a virgin!' Ron couldn't believe he said that. He always told everybody that they should follow him, and be a little more responsible.

'What in the name of Ronald Bilius Weasley happened there?' Draco was in utter shock when Ron told them, he knew that Ron wasn't a virgin, but he thought he would lie.

Hermione was shocked that Draco was already back. And she started noticing how sexy Draco looked in his white fit shirt. But Hermione shook the thought out off her head thinking how stupid she thought.

'Well we did tell you guys you would eventually find out, but I didn't know it would be this soon. You can't lie while we're playing. We put a spell so no one could lie.' Hermione said laughed when she saw the guys' face.

'What?!' Ron, Harry, and Draco screamed.

'Yes that's right brother dear. Now would you kindly tell us to who did you lose it and when? Because you better pray to Merlin that it wasn't in this lifetime, after bragging in front of me that you were clean, and innocent!' Ginny started with a sweet innocent voice, but near the end, it turned to a deadly scary voice.

'What have I gotten myself into?' Harry whispered to himself and ran a hand to his already messy hair.

'Well Potter, we have gotten ourselves into a lot of trouble. This is gonna be a long night.' Draco then went to sit near Hermione.

'It was with..' Ron started already fearing Ginny.

'Cho Chang..' Ron whispered, barely saying anything.

'What? I didn't hear you Ronald.' Ginny loved to see his brother in torment.

'It was with Cho Chang, at 5th year at Christmas eve.' Ron whispered but loud enough to let all of them hear.

'You guys stop tormenting…what?!' Harry finally registering what Ron just said.

'Cho Chang?! Ronald Bilius Weasley! Could you not pick anyone else at that time?!' Ginny screamed loudly.

'I got drunk.' Ron sat down and waited for the game to continue. He couldn't look at Harry. He was dating Cho back then.

'Okay before anything else happens, let's continue.' Luna was snapping out of her thoughts. She couldn't believe he lost it to Cho Chang. Stupid, human hosepipe Cho Chang.

All we're about to continue when Harry started to laugh very hard.

'You..and Cho?! Haha, that it just soo funny, we were dating back then. She was so like a human hosepipe you can get water from her anytime!' Harry laughed and sat down with the others.

'Are you okay Harry?' Ginny sounding concerned.

'I'm okay Gin, don't worry. And I'm not angry Ron you can look at me.' Harry said finally stopping.

'Okay enough chit chat let's get on Ron!' Draco said impatiently.

'We're getting there Malfoy! Stop being so immature.' Hermione snapped back at him.

Ginny smiled at the two, knowing they had fancied each other since the end of the war, she definitely had to get the two together.

'Okay, I pick, Malfoy. Truth or dare?'

'Since I'm not chicken, I'll pick dare.' Draco looked confident that he could take anything on.

This was the moment Ginny was waiting for, she was about to speak when Ron beat her.

'Okay, give Hermione a lap dance.' Ron flatly said.

Ginny was facing Ron open mouthed. Shocked that Ron hadn't picked some stupid dare. Instead a very helpful and entertaining dare.

Like Ginny, Harry and Luna looked shock.

'What?' Hermione and Draco cried out.

'You can't be bloody serious?!' Draco screamed waving his hands frantically.

'Oh he is serious Malfoy. Unless you don't want to do it. But everybody will know you're a big chicken. Draco Christopher Malfoy is to chicken to do a stupid lap dance.' Ginny teased him, she was the only one who knew his whole name was Draco Christopher Malfoy. One day Ginny stumbled upon Draco's birth certificate, and she promised she wouldn't tell anyone. 'guess it's too late for that.'

'Christopher? Dude that's just so..weird.' Harry was laughing so hard that he was rolling on the ground.

'And I thought I had a bad name.' Ron joined Harry too.

'Well I guess I gotta do the bloody dare.' Draco stood up.

'You can't be serious. What if I don't want to do the dare?' Hermione desperately wanted to get out of the dare.

'Come on Granger, you know you want to.' Draco raised his eyebrows, as he regained his arrogant self again.

'Oh fuck off Christopher.' Hermione snapped back at him.

'Let's just get on with the dare already.' Luna clapped.

'Fine, I guess my opinion doesn't count when I'm the one getting a lap dance from a ferret.' Hermione sat down.

'Oh it does count Granger, no one just cares. And you should be thanking the heavens for receiving such a blessing.' Draco went to Hermione and got ready.

'Just do the dare, Malfoy. So we could continue.' Ginny was getting a little impatient.

Draco started to dance on Hermione. Grinding himself on her. He was starting to enjoy himself. He saw Hermione closing her eyes.

'I can see you're in heaven.' Draco whispered at Hermione giving her a smirk, and went back to his seat.

Hermione opened her eyes, shocked to see what power Draco has over her.

'Eww..' Harry and Ron chorused.

'Wow..' This time it was Ginny and Luna, they were shocked to see what had happened.

'Okay I guess it's my turn?' Draco asked snapping them out of their thoughts.

'Yeah whatever.' Hermione said flatly, still wondering why Draco had such an effect on her.

'Well let's see…Weasley #7.'Draco smirked.

'Uhm, truth?' Ginny being a little unsure of her answer.

'Well then let's see, name all the guys you dated from the first to the last.' Draco smirked.

'What the hell are you talking about Malfoy, we know all of Ginny's boyfriends, why ask that question?' Ron looked confused.

'Yeah, we know them all. Why ask that?' Harry also wore the confused look as Ron.

'Oh no.' Hermione whispered.

'God no.' Luna grabbed Ron's hand in case.

Ron blushed when Luna held his hand, but he didn't remove it. He liked the feeling.

'Well Ginny you going to tell the answer to my question?' Draco teased.

'What's he talking 'bout Gin?' Harry searched Ginny's eyes.

'Well, ahh..you see the thing is..' Ginny rambled.

'I didn't tell you all the guys I dated.' Ginny looked at the ground.

'My first boyfriend was Michael Corner as you, Ron, might have known.' Ginny glared at Ron, remembering when Ron punched Michael and right after that Michael broke up with her.

'Well here goes the others: Dean Thomas, Colin Creevey, Harry Potter' Ginny took a breath.

'Okay Ginny your next.' Harry gave a sigh he thought Ginny dated someone else.

'I'm sorry' Ginny looked down then continued.

'Seamus Finnigan, Ernie McMillan, Justin Flinch Fletchy, and..' Ginny had a hard time telling this.

'Blaise Zabini.' Ginny whispered.

'Who? Sorry I didn't hear it.' Ron said.

'Blaise Zabini.' Ginny said a little louder.

'You dated who?!' Ron was about to stand up when he noticed Luna was holding him.

He blushed and sat down, his anger subsiding. Then he let go of her hand.

'What?' Harry softly said.

'I'm sorry Harry, I made mistakes. Please forgive me.' Ginny still didn't look at him.

'You never told me.' Harry whispered.

'Harry, she was scared. She made a mistake like you did mistakes. She forgave you, you should forgive her too.' Hermione helped her friend.

'Draco? He knew?' Harry whispered once again, looking at nothing but the ground.

'She didn't tell him, Blaise told him' Luna also helped her friend.

Harry nodded. 'It's okay Gin. I'm okay with it. I am your only boyfriend now. And I love you.'

'I love you too Harry. Now getting back to the game. Luna. Truth or Dare?' Ginny asked.

'I'll pick dare!' Luna clapped excitedly

'Okay, uhm. Kiss Ron.' Ginny smiled.

Harry laughed and pointed at Ron.

'Oi! Who drained the color out of Weasley?' Draco laughed.

'What?' It was the first time Hermione saw Luna's eyes full of fear. She knew Luna liked Ron since 6th year. Sure Hermione dated Ron, but they decided to just be friends when they both felt like they were just kissing their siblings.

'Come on Luna, you can do it.' Ginny shooed her of the floor, and she went to Ron's place.

Luna slowly approached Ron, then went to his eye level. She closed her eyes then went closer to Ron. Ron went closer to Luna, and pressed his lips with hers. To them, it felt so good. The kiss went on for a little longer than expected.

Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Draco were howling at them and cheering.

Luna and Ron finally broke the kiss, both were out of breath. Luna was a little pink she smiled sheepishly and sat next to Ron.

'Bloody hell..' Ron whispered earning a few laughs from the others and a very red Luna.

'Okay Luna, your turn.' Ginny reminded her, cause she was zoning out.

'Harry! Truth or dare?'

'Me? Why me?' Harry looked scared.

'Cause it's my turn and I picked you.' Luna said matter-of-factly.

'Fine whatever. Hmm. I pick dare.' Harry looked satisfied with his choice.

'That's great! I dare you to…