"I am so bloody bored." Ginny said, lying down on Harry's lap, "Again."

"Yes, we all are Gin." Harry said, "We're actually back to square one, we're all bored."

Tonks played with her wand, and twisting it around her fingers. "I have good news though, the potion doesn't work anymore. I can think without you people knowing."

"Oh thank Merlin!" Remus praised, "If I would've listened to your babbles, I would have gone deaf."

Tonks elbowed Remus on the ribs, "Ow!" But the one screamed was not Remus but Ron. "Bloody hell." Ron said, mending his stomach.

"Oh sorry, Ron." Tonks blushed. "Now, where are you Remus?" Tonks said,

"I'm right here." He replied, Tonks snapped her fingers, "Oh, bugger, are you on the other side of the circle?"

"Yes." He replied. Then silence followed.

Luna kept quiet, until an idea struck her, "You know, this could be done by Purple Haired Snorkacks. They were known to put out the light and make everyone suffer."

Draco groaned loudly, "Oh for Pete's sake Lovegood, there isn't such a thing!"

Luna picked up her wand, and pointed it to where the voice came from, "Now I'm sorry if I hurt someone other than Draco." She said, "Langlock." Her wand produced an orange light.

"Hah, missed me." Draco teased. "Wuna! Wu hit meh!" Hermione's tried to say, earning a chuckle from Draco. Her tongue was attached to the ceiling.

"But you didn't miss Hermione though." Draco snickered,

Luna did the reverse spell quickly, and put down her wand; as if afraid something would happen again. "Sorry Hermione." Luna embarrassedly said.

Ginny sat up, and acknowledged everybody. "Ok, from now on, to be safe, nobody can use magic until the lights come on, ok?" She said, "Which means, no pissing somebody off, especially you Malfoy."

Draco boyishly smirked, "Cool, I got a special mention."

"Shut up." Tonks said, "Ok, everybody agrees?"

"Agree." Harry and Ginny said, tossing their wand in the middle.

Tonks grabbed her wand and summoned for Remus' wand, and threw them with Harry and Ginny's, "Us too."

"Hey! My wand!" Remus childishly said.

"Count me in." Hermione grabbed her wand, and looked at Draco expectantly. Even though Draco couldn't see her, he sensed she was waiting for him to throw in his wand too.

"Fine." He said, throwing the wand.

"Count me and Ron too." Luna said, grabbing her wand, and waited for Ron to give her his wand.

"Ron?" She asked, not really knowing where he was. To their surprise, they heard snores, loud, familiar snores. "Bloody hell, Ron wake up!" Harry yelled.

"Sod off Potter." Ron said, sitting up. "Here's my stupid wand." Ron said, throwing his wand.

"So what now?" Remus asked, everybody else shrugged and continued with their business.

Ron was sleeping, as he lied down on Luna's lap. Tonks was playing with her hair color even though nobody could even see it. Remus was just sitting there, staring into nothing. Luna was absent-mindedly playing with Ron's hair, twisting its strands around her fingers. Hermione was snapping Draco's arm with her fingers, making it red. Which made Draco angry, and thus, they were now playing some sort of snapping game. Ginny was quietly talking with Harry.

"Harry?" She asked, looking up at him.

Harry looked down and looked at her, "Yes Gin?"

"Harry I'm bored." She whined.

Harry groaned, "Isn't everybody?" He said, "I wish the lights would come on now."

"Hermione, come on. My arm hurts, I think it's only fair that I make your arm hurt too." Draco whined,

Hermione silently laughed, "So we're in a first name basis now, eh?" She asked, making another swift movement and hitting Draco's arm again.

"Ron? Are you awake?" Luna quietly whispered, she playing with his bright red hair.

Ron opened one eye, and then opened the other. "Yeah, I'm awake, can't really sleep if you can hear the two bickering over there." He pointed at their left, where Hermione and Draco were.

Luna softly laughed, "Are you tired?" She asked.

To Ron's surprise, she wasn't acting weird or anything, she was acting normal. "A little bit."

Since Tonks wasn't next to Remus, she didn't have anyone to talk with since the couples around her were talking with themselves. She continued to play with her appearance. She even changed her face to Voldemort, but it wasn't as much fun as she thought it would be, since no one even saw it.

Remus was bored. He was even more bored than Ginny. And that's a lot. What could he do? He was surrounded by lovesick teenagers. No, they weren't teenagers anymore. They were adults, young adults. He watched them grow. He watched them fight for their lives, fight for the ones they loved. He was pouring with pride. They weren't even his children, and yet he was so proud of each and every one of them.

But in anyway, he was still bored. He decided to let everybody know, "I'm bored!" He loudly whined, gaining the attention of everybody.

"We all are." Tonks said, turning her face back to normal.

"Can't we just play safe truth or dare?" Ginny asked, "Yeah!" Remus on her side,

"I guess we can play just truth, right?" Hermione asked, stopping hers and Draco's war.

Everybody agreed, "So who goes first?" Ron asked, "You go first Ronald." Hermione encouraged, Ron nodded, and started to decide. "Ginny." He stated.

"Crap!" Ginny exclaimed, "Ok, shoot." She said, "Who's your favorite brother?" Ron asked.

"Ron! You can't ask me that, it's like picking between mom and dad, it's hard!" Ginny reasoned out, "Sorry Gin, but that's what I asked." Ron said.

Ginny groaned, "OK fine, my favorite brother is Ron, OK?" Ginny admitted.

"WHAT?!" Ron loudly asked, he always thought it would be Bill or Fred, not him.

"You've always been my favorite Ron. When everybody was in Hogwarts, and when you and I were stuck here, you were there, keeping me company. I always loved you for that Ron. You were very protective, and also a prat, but you're still my favorite brother." Ginny blushed.

"Well, OK then, if it makes you feel any better Gin, you're my favorite sister." Ron earned laughs from everybody, "You prat, I'm your only sister." Ginny exclaimed. "And that's why you're my favorite." Ron replied.

"OK, Ginny? You need to pick." Luna said, "Uhm, I pick Tonks." Ginny smiled everywhere because she really didn't know where Tonks was. "What's the most embarrassing thing Remus did when you were in labor?"

Tonks laughed, "Oh, when he tried to help the doctor get the baby then fainted at the sight." Remus groaned, and blushed.

"I hate to be the party pooper, but this isn't really as fun as truth or dare with lights." Draco announced, everybody agreed. "Well, what should we do now?" Hermione asked.

"Just stay safe, and stuff." Harry replied. "Well, if we're not doing anything now, goodnight!" Ron said, lying down once again on Luna's lap. After a few minutes, the others could here snores.

"How could you sleep every night with this Potter?" Draco asked, pointing to wherever Ron was. Harry shrugged, "At first I couldn't sleep, but I got used to it eventually."

Silence followed, everyone was just stuck in their own thoughts, and some were asleep.

"Gin? Are you awake?" Harry whispered. Ginny slowly opened her eyes and smiled. "What's with the smile Gin?" Harry asked.

Ginny shrugged, "Nothing. I just love waking up and seeing your face first." Harry smiled, "That's so cliché." Ginny chuckled, "Oh shut up Harry."

"Luna?" Ron said, looking up to the beautiful face he'd grown to love. "Yes?" Luna asked, looking down to her lap. "I-uh-I love you Luna." Ron blushed. It was not like his regular blushes, this was much more red. "I love you too Ron." Ron loved her, for her. He found it adorable how she can be so random, but if you talk to her personally, she isn't that weird, she's normal.

"Hey, I think I hear someone coming." Tonks whispered loudly, "Everybody get your wands, don't cast any spells until I tell you to." She got her wand and stood up, her Auror instincts kicking in.

Everybody stopped what they were doing and listened, footsteps could be heard. They took their wands and pointed in to the door. "Who do you think it is?" Ginny asked, "I'm kind of afraid." She admitted.

Harry wrapped a protective arm around her, "It's probably a squirrel or something." Ron laughed, "Bloody hell, a squirrel that makes a noise like a person. I think Harry's gone crazy."

"Shut up Ronald." He said, getting ready for whatever is going to go inside.

A muffled noise could be heard, "Why is it so dark?" A woman's voice rang. The door was slowly opening, Tonks quietly counte, "Everybody on my count, 1..2.." The door opened, "3! FIRE!" Different spells could be heard, as a loud shriek was emitted.

Ron gulped, he knew that shriek so did Ginny. They both nervously gulped, "Mum?" They simultaneously said, fearing what was to come. Tonks fired a water spell, Remus and Luna fired a Reducto spell, but it didn't hit their target. Ron fired a Stupefy Spell, it was a good thing it didn't hit his target, and Harry, as usual, fired an Expelliarmus but it didn't hit. The only two spells that hit the target was Ginny's and Tonks'. Ginny's spell was the Bat-Bogey.

"Ronald! Ginevra!" A wet and red looking Mrs. Weasley yelled. "Why am I wet and was attacked by bogies with wings?! And why did multiple curses come my way?"

"Err..hello Molly." Remus nervously said, "Hi Molly." Tonks greeted. "Hello, Mrs. Weasley." Everybody else muttered.

"Why is it so dark?" Molly asked them, "The lights went out Mum; we were waiting for it to comeback. And we heard footsteps; we thought it was some Death Eater or something." Ron explained.

"1st of all, all Death Eaters are either captured or dead. We all know that, so who could be attacking you?" Nobody could see her, but everybody felt that she was giving off an angry, stern look.

"And 2nd, are you people not witches and wizards? Did you forget that you can create your own light?!" Her voice rising, "Lumos!" She held out her wand high, and light shot out. The others followed her and looked for candles and lighted them.

The Burrow as now full of light, and everybody could see. Ginny shrieked this time, quite identical to her mother's. Everybody ran back to the living room, "What is it Gin?" Harry asked, she pointed to the corner, where Draco and Hermione were huddled together in a steamy Make-Out session.

"At least they found the right person, instead of us." Ron commented. Mrs. Weasley smiled, "Finally." She smiled.

"I feel so stupid, not remembering Lumos." Remus repeated to himself, "Don't beat yourself up, you're old. It's normal. It's Tonks and us who you should be calling stupid. We just graduated from Hogwarts and couldn't remember, and Tonks is an Auror." Luna patted his back and walked towards Ron and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Am I really that old?" Remus miserably asked his wife, Tonks nodded, "But I still love you." She softly kissed his lips.

Harry and Ginny were huddled next to Ron and Luna, watching the intent couple in front of them. The others followed as well, as Mrs. Weasley went upstairs to get changed. "I can't believe I hit Mum with a bat-bogey hex. I'm just glad I didn't get in trouble." Ginny said.

Everybody agreed, "I hit your Mum with water. Aguamenti" Tonks added, and then she turned back to the others. "You guys didn't even hit her, you guys suck." Tonks joked, "Except for Luna. She rocks." She added.

"HEY!" The three boys defended themselves.

Hermione and Draco both finally pulled back, grasping for oxygen as they heard a loud "HEY".

"Welcome back to Earth." Harry teased, making the pair blush. It didn't help them when Ginny started to howl, the others joined as well.

Draco glared at them, while Hermione just sat there, blushing. "Sod off." Draco muttered, and caught Hermione off-guard and kissed her. Again.

"Harry?" Ginny turned to Harry, "Yes?" He replied, "Mission accomplished." They high-fived and followed the other two couples to the kitchen. "I'm hungry!" Ron's distant voice could be heard, "You're always hungry Ronald." Luna replied, giggling.

Hermione pulled away, and smirked at Draco. "You like me don't you?" She teased. Draco rolled his eyes, "Would I be bloody making out with you in front of Potter and friends if I wasn't madly in love with you?" He sarcastically said.

"Shut up Malfoy." Hermione found a way to shut him up. Only she had the power to do so. She kissed him.

And if it weren't for our silly Truth or Dare game, I wouldn't be making out with Malfoy here. Thank Merlin for Truth or Dare. Hermione happily thought.

The End

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