I Promise You

Chapter 1 – One Step Closer to Hell

Summary: As Naruto spirals down Sasuke watches from the sidelines. Will he be able to suck up his pride before it's too late or does he even have the power to save Naruto from himself? AU Druggie!Emo!Naruto Bastard!Sasuke SasuNaru

Warning: Yaoi (later on) SasuNaruSasu – don't like don't read – flamers will be pwnzored!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…if I did…XD kekekeke – the world would be in mayhem 333 !

Author's Note: First story, yay! Well sorta, first posted story lol! I have an obsession with Sasuke x Naruto.

"blah" – talking

Kekeke - thinking

Rawr – Kyuubi talking in Naruto's head

"I can't believe that you actually.."

"Feel the same…"

"I, I, don't know what to say."

"Then you don't have to say anything." Naruto leaned in to kiss Sasuke. The warm but rough lips gently moved against his own.

"Naruto…" Sasuke softly whispered, as he opened his eyes. Naruto was gone, and a white ceiling starred back at him. It was another dream, no another nightmare, not because he didn't like it, but because it was just torture, he knew Naruto never would feel that way about him. He was his friend, but that was not enough, he wanted, no needed more.

He slanted his head sideways to look at his bedside clock. He had almost 1 hour before training started. It was something he always looked forward to. He knew it was because he got to see a certain blond, but he wouldn't admit it. It was something he was embarrassed about, something he knew he had to hide, though he didn't want to. It was a battle between what he thought was right and what his heart wanted.

Sasuke got out of bed, and went to grab his clothes. He had taken a shower the night before, and wasn't in the mood for one this morning. He had to be there early, he always was and wasn't about to change his habit, especially since it meant less time to day dream, or stare at Naruto from behind his dark bangs.

He took sometime to get ready, as every morning. He took pride in looking perfect everyday, it was the Uchiha way after all. Sasuke hoped Naruto would be there, he hadn't been present the last two times, and he had missed out on quite a bit of school too. Sasuke headed out the door and into his black lotus elyse.

Naruto felt the prick of the needle sharper this time, it was only a few seconds before the euphoria filled in. Finally the relief set in, the pain subsided and his mind was left to relax. Naruto slumped down into the couch, and savored the memory. It let everything fade, let Sasuke fade…almost. That prick still haunted the back of his mind, Naruto hated seeing him, seeing how happy he was without him.

When Sasuke had returned, things had started out bad. Naruto thought that perhaps they would get better, but it was only his wishful thinking that he had now learned to eliminate. Disappointment still lingered, but he was able to deal, sort of, well at least he had found a solution that worked whether or not it was right.

Naruto pushed the thoughts of Sasuke out and returned to his fantasy world of fairies and unicorns, yes, fairies and unicorns, but they were all super cool ninja ones. Naruto laughed at his stupid ideas, it was a cold lifeless laugh. That's what he had become lifeless, cold, unfeeling, untouchable, alone…no never mind, Kyuubi constantly reminded him he wasn't alone. Kyuubi, he hated the name, the name that tortured him, ruined his life, it took from him all that he had ever wanted, but was not allowed to experience. It ran through his veins, through his blood, alongside the dope, eventually Kyuubi would push it out, that was the worst part.

Naruto knew it was coming soon as the peak of his high had ended, the effects were always more mild for him, they never lasted too long, Kyuubi made sure of that. Naruto shook violently as he felt Kyuubi really start to stir. He fought back, he always did, but there wasn't much you could do against your own body and blood.

He curled up in a ball as he fell on the floor, he started shaking again. Naruto felt sick, his stomach turned and he felt the vomit rise up. He didn't retract from his ball as the vomit came, so soon he was curled up in his own stomach contents, which was mostly acid as he hadn't eaten in a while. As Naruto got up he realized that perhaps he had done a little too much this time, but the high was worth the pain at the end. Plus, who cared if he overdosed, he probably wouldn't be found for days.

He got up and went to the bathroom, puked some more and then stepped in the shower. He turned on the shower, which only had one temperature, freezing cold. The vomit washed off his body, leaking into the drain, Naruto watched it swirl around into the hole. It reminded him of his life, never good to begin with but bearable, and all that time who knew that he could have been broken so easy.

Shivering he wrapped himself in the rag for a towel and stepped out naked into the hall, he couldn't stand to see the scared face in the mirror. Last time he had looked in the mirror he had ended up trying to scratch the bloody marks off his face, but it hadn't worked. These marks were deeper than skin not able to reform normally, they were scars into his soul, untouchable, and unchangeable. Naruto was still tanned as he frequently liked to sit on the roof and let the sun burn his skin until it peeled. He had been left with a deep pigment, but the glow he once had had faded. His blonde hair didn't shine, it was more of a dull shade, that reminded you of a dandelion before it has died. His veins were a deep blue, and although he was tanned, he did not look healthy, the insomnia he faced had left him with deep, dark marks under his eyes. He looked sick, unhealthy, if you took a good look at him, but he was good at hiding it.

Naruto stood in the hall dripping, contemplating whether or not he felt like going to training or like breakfast for that matter.

I can't afford it.


Shut up, you know goddamn well know why, and it's all your fault too.

Don't be so harsh, I'm not the one who hooked you on heroin, you chose the path of a druggie yourself.

Can you just shut the fuck up, I'm trying to think.

Naruto waited and no voice spoke. He relaxed a bit and flopped onto his bed for a few more hours of shut eye, fuck training he thought. He decided it wasn't worth it, he would have to attend school otherwise Tsunade would start to bother him. A certain raven plagued his dreams, which led to his sleep being uneasy and short.

Still naked Naruto slowly pushed himself up off the hard mattress, it was 10:45 am after all and school had started at 9:00. Naruto had missed only 2 classes so far, perhaps he would make it to the next three. Actually, he only missed one considering he had a spare first period if it was an A day, but he wasn't sure. He threw on the uniform, he always wore the winter one, he couldn't let anyone see the scars all over his arms, even Kyuubi sometimes was no match for the damage Naruto could do, eventually the scars disappeared, but even that took time, Naruto kept Kyuubi busy most of the time.

School was only a 15 minute walk from home, so by the time Naruto got there he was just in time for Ancient History, it was actually one of the classes he enjoyed. Plus, before he left he had blazed a gram or two, which for Naruto was the usual dosage for a day. His piercing blue eyes usually hidden behind dilated pupils he seemed to be able to focus better, perhaps because he could ignore the looks and sneers. He let time go by, his mouth becoming unpleasantly pasty, and the rash on his arm increasing worse and itchy.

As Naruto walked to the locker room he realized it had been a few days since he had eaten, he was feeling pretty nasty, especially since he couldn't find a water fountain anywhere. The concerned glance Iruka had given to Naruto as he had exited the classroom had not gone unnoticed and had gotten him out of the classroom quicker than usual.

Naruto quickly got changed leaving on the long sleeved shirt on underneath, especially since that stupid rash was getting really, really annoying and he didn't have the self control to stop itching, plus he kind of enjoyed the pleasure/pain mix. Naruto headed out for the gym, not really looking forward to anything much, he was burning out like mad and all he wanted was to go home, he had a pick-up to do tonight after work and he just wanted to get it over with.

Gym was boring as usual, and as usual he had been picked last to play. He hated soccer, but try-outs for the team were next week so the gym class was focused on preparing the kids that wanted to try-out. Sasuke, of course was amazing at soccer too, and made sure Naruto knew it. He hated that goddamn bastard, he made his life shit. Naruto pretty much made sure to stay out of the way, which gave him a good chance to keep itching. He didn't realize he had scratched the rash to the blood by the end of class.

"Hey, Naruto, you want to stop itching anytime soon?"

"You know what teme, why don't you leave me the fuck alone."

"Woah, settle down blondie."

Sasuke and the other guys laughed as Naruto grinded his teeth and clenched his damp sleeve. He refrained from saying anything because it usually only end up in him getting beat up. Naruto made a narrow escape as he saw Gai approaching him with a concerned, uplifting speech face on. What's with the teachers today, Naruto though to himself. His arm was pleasantly stinging now, the blood was starting to dry and it was sticking to his shirt. He liked how it burned when he pulled the material up off of it. The dampness started to reform, thank god his shirt was black, you could hardly tell.

Naruto started to make his way out after he had changed and made sure everyone had left, at least that's what he thought. He noticed someone standing outside the exit, and he had a pretty good idea of just who it was.


Le End. (of the first chapter of course)

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