I Promise You

Chapter 2 – Deception or Acception

Summary: As Naruto spirals down Sasuke watches from the sidelines. Will he be able to suck up his pride before it's too late or does he even have the power to save Naruto from himself? AU Druggie!Emo!Naruto Bastard!Sasuke SasuNaru

Warning: Yaoi (later on) SasuNaruSasu – don't like don't read – flamers will be pwnzored!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…if I did…XD kekekeke – the world would be in mayhem 333 !

Author's Note: Second Chappie 3 Let's go Joe!!!

"blah" – talking

Kekeke - thinking

Rawr – Kyuubi talking in Naruto's head


Naruto growled, luckily he realized that it was just the two of them, which probably eliminated him getting beaten up. Sasukes response was usually a smirk, but he did not smile this time, which worried Naruto. He hoped to god he didn't realize anything.

"Naruto, where have you been?"

Does he sound concerned? What the fuck!?!? Naruto thought.

"I don't feel like going to training anymore, why would it matter to you anyway?"

"It's not just training Naruto, what about school? Do you plan on graduating or what? What's going on with you?"

Naruto…I know something's going on, I can't take watching you like that, I gotta help a little, just a little. I probably can't do much, but you've changed…completely since…

"It's none of your business asshole, I can take care of myself."

With that Naruto tried to walk past Sasuke, he didn't want him to find out of all people. What a field day he would have with finding out Narutos deepest secrets. Naruto tried, but with no avail, Sasuke reached out to grab his arm which was the closest thing, and as fate would have he got the damp spot. Naruto cringed and let out a small yelp.

"Ow! What the hell let go!"

Sasuke looked down at his hand, Naruto's sleeve had been wet. His hand was red, his eyes winded just a little as he looked at Naruto's sleeve.

"Naruto?" Sasuke looked up into Naruto's eyes. "What the hell is this?"

Naruto couldn't deal, not with this, maybe if he had laced the pot he had smoked this morning he would be in better shape, but sadly, no. He just ran this time, Sasuke was still in too much of a 'what the fuck' state to follow. He was just reminding himself of Naruto's constant scratching in gym. He realized that Naruto had scratched to the blood, but his sleeve had been so damn soaking, how deep was it…? Sasuke went to the bathroom to wash off his hand, wash off Naruto's blood. His hand stung, actually it was more of a burn. It was actually really starting to hurt him. As Sasuke washed off the blood it seemed to almost sizzle under the cold water, which he just threw off as his imagination. He was already late for chemistry, which had never happened before, so he shoved thoughts of Naruto out of his mind for later contemplation and ran down towards class.

Naruto's arm was slowly drying now, he had arrived for calculus just in time. This sucked for him though, considering even just the word 'math' made him cringe. If Sasuke asked he would say he had just had a bad cut there that had been itchy and he had accidentally scratched it open. It was a simple enough story, and perhaps Sasuke would actually leave him alone if he did attend class, training was out the window though, not even an option. He couldn't deal with one on one time with Sasuke.

Calculus ended before he knew it, god derivatives, how he wanted to kill them. He tried to figure out how to get the derivative of the problem he had been left with because it helped keep Sasuke out of his mind.

Ok! Derivatives you have now redeemed yourself! Keeping shitface out of my head upgrades you to tolerable status!


Oh no, what do you want?

What's with that Sasuke kid?

I dunno…he seemed like he used to.

Yah, first time I've seen his face with some expression, huh?

Yah…he probably just misses beating the shit out of me in training…

Maybe you should try eating, then perhaps you could actually throw a real punch eh?

Naruto sighed and ignored Kyuubi, it usually shut him up, plus Kyuubi was probably having his own thoughts right now, which meant more peace for Naruto. Naruto threw his back-pack over his shoulder and headed off to work. Of course he worked behind the scenes, he couldn't or at least the business couldn't afford people seeing him there. Ichirakus was the only place that would hire him. You wouldn't believe that Naruto was actually quite the cook, making very delectable ramen indeed. He worked in the back of course. Every night was the same, he loved that it was routine, he was able to relax and do something he enjoyed.

This night was a little nerve racking, like a few other nights, since it was pick-up night. It was always unpleasant, the people were unpleasant, and the place was always sketchy. It was easy though since the neighborhood he lived in was quite the sketchy place.

When work was over, he threw his black hood up over his head making sure that all his blonde hair was tucked away. At night the important people couldn't see the scars. The dealers didn't give a shit who you were or where you came from as long as you didn't double cross them you were in their good books. Naruto liked that, people who accepted him no matter what ran through his veins.

He stood in the dark alleyway, hands tucked in his pockets, money tightly wrapped in his sweaty palm. It was like the movies today, he thought, it had just rained so as they approached you could hear their footsteps echo on the wet pavement. The fact they met in an alleyway always gave Naruto a good kick, he felt cool waiting there with a wad of cash for some of the most intimidating people you'd ever meet. Soon they came into view, dark black cloaks were their outfits, the first time Naruto had almost laughed, but then he saw his face and all hilarity was pushed out of his mind. It was always the same, now they had established a sort of trust, he was a regular. He handed over the money, they handed over the needles. They picked a new date to meet and Naruto asked for how much he wanted, they laid down the price and then it was till the next date.

Naruto walked away, feeling sedated with the thought of the fresh relaxant in his pocket. As he entered the door of his apartment he was almost shaking with excitement. The night ensued like always on delivery nights. The almost overdose always stopped by Kyuubi, Naruto wondered if he'd ever break or get tired and perhaps just let him fade into darkness, into peace.

Sasuke went home, he didn't like today, not at all. Since he'd returned he realized just how much Naruto changed. He never smiled, nor laughed. The perky and annoying Naruto that always was overconfident no matter how many times he was shot down was no where to be found. He wasn't sure what had happened to him over the time, and he had always wondered but recently, with the increase of intensity of his dreams and the way he felt when saw Naruto, the once pondering thought would not leave. He hoped it wasn't his influence, he hadn't been exactly nice to the boy, but he always had expected Naruto to argue back, not lash out the way he did now. Sometimes when the other guys would beat him up he wouldn't even fight back, he just took it.

Sasuke realized that perhaps he should change his outlook, perhaps he hadn't been observing and interpreting Naruto's actions properly, maybe he was in a lot more trouble than he had perceived. Maybe tomorrow he'd try being nice to the boy, maybe he'd try to find out what's been going on these several months. The hope of making the homosexual thoughts leave his mind by being mean to the boy who produced them hadn't worked, actually when he'd seen Naruto bleeding today, his stomach had burned. It had kind of hit the final nerve in him. Tomorrow's a day of change, he thought to himself, tomorrow I'll try a new method, like acceptance, ok so I'm gay, no big deal, right?

The next morning his stomach grumbled, and he thought to himself that perhaps he should actually eat something today. Plus he didn't want Sasuke poking him again, especially since they had 2 classes together today. Naruto arrived in time, he had actually finished the calculus homework at 1:00 am last night after he had recovered somewhat. He hoped it was right, Naruto wasn't a dumb kid, he had potential as Iruka always reminded him. He had decided to throw away that potential out the window and laugh at it as it fell holding the empty needle in his hand as he looked over the sill.

Turned out, he had done quite a good job at the homework, getting two problems wrong since he had written them down wrong, probably when Kyuubi had been yelling at him again for how hard he had made him work that night. After calculus he went out for spare into the woods near the school and lit up a joint. Smoked that, read over the biology material and went to art. Again, as fate would have it Kakashi had arranged Naruto to be sitting right across from Sasuke. Naruto knew he had done it on purpose and it made him want to kick Kakashi in the behind. But, he still loved the guy since he was one of the people whom he shared respect with, and who made him laugh.

Sasuke was early, sitting at his desk already working, he didn't even look up as Naruto entered the room. Naruto was glad, it was like usual, he had hoped Sasuke wouldn't make a scene out of yesterday. Naruto grabbed his painting, brushes and paints and sat down, ignoring Sasuke back. It started to bother him after a while, since out of the corner of his eye he could see Sasuke look up at him every now and then. He really looked like he wanted to say something, probably ask about yesterday Naruto thought.

"Hey Naruto?" Sasuke whispered.

"What?" Naruto replied without looking up.

"Can we talk?"


"Naruto, please?" With that the blond looked up, that was the first time Sasuke had said please, what in god's name was going on!?!

"What did you just say?"


"No, the other part."


"First time I've heard you beg." Naruto gave a smile, which made Sasuke's heart flutter.

GAH! I made him smile, I made him smile, I made him smile, ok calm yourself, be stealthy.

"Shut up dobe, but listen I don't feel like going to physics and I know you have spare so do you want to hang out after bio?"

"Sasuke skipping, now that's a first, I like my influence on you." Naruto grin widened, Sasuke smiled back, this was the Naruto he remembered. It was surprising how easily Naruto got happy, maybe it wasn't too late, maybe the old dobe was still in there. Just that little bit of kindness seemed to have made him happy, which made Sasuke wonder how long it's been since Naruto was shown any kindness.

"You'd be surprised dobe, anyway so?"

"Yah, by the tree, the cherry tree in the woods." Where I like to smoke up. Was the part Naruto thought but decided not to add.

"Ok, see ya there then."

"Sure." With that they smiled and returned to painting.


Oh Jesus – what?

You know you're a fool.

What, how?

You believed his words of kindness with such ease. Bad people don't change overnight, think of the pain and suffering he has caused you. Don't you think that maybe his intentions behind that smile are perhaps a little more malicious.

It's been a while since I've smiled. Feeling, even for a minute, how it use to be, that kindness, the way it was before I need illegal substance to feel alive, it's worth it, even if he plans to make a fool of me afterwards, beat me up, kill me, I don't care. I'll smile the whole time, and everyone deserves second chances, right?

Wow, positive attitude much?

Who knows, maybe today's my lucky day.

Maybe you should consider the past, he's out to get you, he's never been your friend, he betrayed you. How can you let him get a hold of you so easily, look how weak you are. He sees it, I can tell, in his eyes the victory, and your about to feel the pain of defeat. I know you, you'll concentrate on the negative later on, so when he abuses you physically and mentally as always, you'll crash.

Why the fuck do you care anyways?

Cuuzzz later tonight when you shoot up, I'll be stuck with a larger load to kick out of your system.

Sucks to be you.



Art ended soon enough, Naruto plagued with Kyuubi's comments he couldn't enjoy the 'moment'. He started to think of all the things that could go wrong and what Sasuke was really thinking behind those dark pools he had for eyes. He knew Kyuubi was right, he had a tendency to focus on the negative overtime, positive thoughts seemed to flood out quite easily, especially with the help of Kyuubi's voice. With these thoughts running through his head, he completely was zoned out during biology. It ended in a flash, which made Naruto nervous. Sasuke was talking to the professor as he was leaving. The hallway seemed empty despite the numerous students pouring through its halls. The tree seemed to come into view in no time. Naruto sat down, sighed and waited.

Maybe Kyuubi is wrong, maybe Sasuke has changed…fat chance…fuck I'm so gullible, I'm so fucking dumb, even after so many betrayals I still trust him so easily. I'm so fucking stupid, fuck I need a fucking joint.

With that thought, the crinkling of leaves behind him became louder. Once again, he had a pretty good idea who it was.


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