Beauty Is Pain

It was a beautiful tail.

Sleek and shiny, alive and vibrant, soft as silk and strong as steel.

A myriad of silver hairs added a gorgeous finish to the smooth black coat.

It stood, bushy and proud, like a flag proclaiming its master.

However, in situations such as these, Sly Cooper had to wonder to himself whether beauty really was too high a price to pay sometimes.

With a groan and a sharp hiss of pain, he quickly yanked it under the shed, dragging the once-perfect fur through the dirt with a yelp of inner agony more than physical anguish. A spotlight shone on the very spot he had just vacated; he heaved a brief sigh of relief and turned his attention back to his gingerly twitching tail.

A wracking sob escaped his throat at the sight of his pride and joy in such a – well, mangled – state. Hairs were missing, the sheen was hidden by dust, and it hung dejectedly instead of straight and tall.

He loved his beautiful tail, he really did – but boy, did it get in the way of work sometimes.

First story in this section; this isn't really my thing. I prefer FF and KH, personally. Just a brief little tale, because I saw my brother playing this one day and had to laugh at the size of his tail, then wonder just how much time he spent caring for it.