Temptation Affairs: Chapter One

Rated: R

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the title and the plot line to the story. The characters belong to H.A.

Warning: Sexual situations, A lemon here and there, Violence, Language, Heated Moments. Story is Alternate Universe

Summary: Riza Archer is having marital problems with her husband, and their "private" life seems to have gone down the drain. Then, one day, she meets Roy Mustang, a slightly older man, but with a gorgeous, appealing body. They're instantly attracted to one another and an affair begins. It's not hidden for long, however. Frank Archer soon finds out about his wife's affair, and he will not have it. Roy and Riza soon find themselves in danger as Frank tries to put a stop to their relationship.

"Do you really have to go on that business trip?" Riza asked, helping her husband with his tie, as he got ready for work. "It's not for another three days, Riza. This trip could get my company onto its feet again." Frank said, slicking back his hair. She sighed, finished with his tie and stepped away from him.

"I suppose I'll survive." She muttered, crossing her arms. He'd been going on quite a few business trips the past couple of months, and for the past year, their sexual life had lost its spark, not to mention their marriage. They worked well together, no doubt about that, but on a different level, they were just too different. She had entered the marriage happy, and in love. But it had fizzled out, and the glamour of it all had died out too.

Nowadays, she was starting to think of her husband as a friend only. And he wasn't helping the situation any. He never tried to seduce her anymore, never surprised her with flowers, or anything romantic. And most of the time when they kissed it was a peck on the cheek or a chaste kiss.

He had given her everything she'd wanted though. They had a beautiful house by the lake, she had all the clothes and shoes and furniture money could buy, and all the knick-knacks. She even had her own car, and He'd helped buy all the plants and flowers for her garden. He cared about her, just not in a husband-y way.

"See you after work. You're going into town today right, darling?" he asked, kissing her on the cheek as he unlocked his car door. "Uh, yes. Just to get some groceries and supplies for the garden." She answered, smiling as he backed out of the driveway a few minutes later.

Walking back into the house, she went up to their bedroom, and began to dress for her own day. She put on a button up blouse with tight sleeves all the way up to her wrists and then the material flared out. It hugged her slim form, and met the hips of her jeans, which were a dark wash blue to match the shirt.

She brushed out her long golden hair before pulling it into a loose bun and slipping into a pair of low-heeled shoes, and going down stairs. Grabbing her shopping list, purse, and keys of the in-table, she walked out the front door, locking it behind her.

The drive into the city was a rather boring one. None of the radio stations were playing anything, and she didn't feel like listening to one of her CDs. So she just listened to the horns blowing in morning traffic and bad language called out the windows of drivers with road rage. Just a normal morning.

After she finally managed to get into the city, and to her favorite grocery store, she then had trouble finding a parking spot. By the time she finally found one, it was pouring rain.

"Great, just wonderful!" she muttered angrily, grabbing her purse, stuffing the list and keys n it, and running to the entrance of the store. When she got into the store, she looked around, and a couple of people stared at her. 'I'm only half-soaked with rain, what the hell are they staring at?' she thought dryly, grabbing a shopping cart. She hadn't even thought to bring a rain coat or a sweater just incase. The sky hadn't even looked rainy this morning.

She took out her list, and looked at it for a couple seconds before setting off for the frozen food section.

"Will this be all for you today ma'ma?" the cashier asked, ringing up all of Riza's items. "Yes." She answered, giving the woman a small smile. "Your total is 21.50." The cashier replied. Pulling out her checks, she began to fill one out, and signed it with a flourish when she finished. "Thank you for shopping at Super Mart!" The cashier said in a happy voice as Riza pushed her basket towards the door, where it was now drizzling heavily.

She put all her groceries in the back of her car, and pushed the cart into its proper place, then hopped in the drivers seat, slightly wet. "Just let me make it to the flower shop, and then home." She muttered, starting the car and heading downtown, and into a small little neighborhood.

"Stupid car, I've been nothing but good to you…" she muttered as it began to stall out and sputter. She'd own the car for 7 years, during their first year of dating, Frank had gotten it for her during their first year of dating, and she's driven it everywhere ever since. But she'd treated it well, and it was always up to date on tune-ups and whatever else a car needed.

Finally, it coughed, sputtered, and died just before she managed to get it off the road and onto the side. And she was stuck in a mid class neighborhood, and nobody, that she could see, to help her. Letting out a sigh of frustration, she popped the hood, and got out, the rain drizzling around her as she lifted the hood and peered at it.

"Well…I am a bit late on getting it checked on…" she muttered as she noticed she'd forgotten to check the oil, and it looked like it was leaking from various places, and the engine looked pretty bad. She groaned, and clapped a hand to her forehead. "How could I be so stupid!" she cried, stomping her foot.

"I'm not sure, but people in this neighborhood with think you're an oddball if you keep talking to yourself." A masculine voice said from behind her.

"And just who are you?" she asked coolly, ignoring his comment. "I'm the man who'll help you get your car to the nearest repair garage." The man said, looking under her hood as well. "Hmm, well. Thank you, I suppose." She said, looking him up and down.

He had dark black hair, and it was slightly messy. His eyes with a deep midnight blue, and he looked well built and muscular. But not too muscular. His hands looked rough and big, and he wore a muscle shirt with blue jeans, and his feet were bare. 'Ha, whatever happened to me being married?' she thought as she finished her assessment of him. He was, gorgeous. Very sexy, very appealing.

'Nice body.' He thought, smirking inwardly as he looked her up and down as well. Her golden hair was slightly damp, and curly at the tips. Her eyes with a deep amber, with flecks of gold, and her lips were cherry and just a little pouty. She had voluptuous curves, and her chest was such a nice size. He figured about a C-38, maybe a size more. Her legs were long, and he could just imagine how much fun she would be in bed. Then he noticed the wedding ring. 'Fuck.' He thought, slightly disappointed.

"So, I'll call up a tow truck to take it to my friend's garage, and you can come in and stay dry while they fix it." He said, gesturing towards his house. "My groceries, some of it will get spoiled if it stays out too long." She said. "I have plenty of room in the fridge." He offered. She couldn't help but smile, and nodded, grabbing her purse and he grabbed her groceries.

"There, it's all set. They should have your ready for you by 5 at the latest, is that okay?" he asked, coming back into the living room. "Yes, thank you. My husband doesn't usually come home until late. He's a workaholic. And I have to admit that I hate it." She chuckled bitterly, sipping the hot tea he had made her.

"What does he do, this husband of yours?" the man asked, sitting across from her, and crossing his legs. "He's the CEO of a company here in town. He'll be going on another business trip in three days…and why in the lord's name am I telling you this? You're a complete stranger." She said, shaking her head and sipping her tea.

"I have that effect on people, specifically women." He said, seeming very full of himself. 'Cocky, slightly self-absorbed, and arrogant.' She deduced in her head, rolling her eyes at him. "What's your name?" she asked him bluntly. "Roy. Roy Mustang." He said, a smirk coming to his lips. She couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"I'm Riza. Riza Archer." She said, sipping her tea again. "Riza. I like that name. Is it a variation of Elizabeth?" he asked, cocking his head to the side. "Yes, my parents decided they wanted to name their only child something very unique and very short. Yet they gave me a logn middle name. Victoria, after the British queen, Victoria." Riza said, her eyes looking into his. 'He has very, alluring eyes.' She thought, still quite attracted to him.

"You have a pretty name. You are also very pretty, scratch that, gorgeous. Your husband is one lucky son of a gun." Roy said, flirting with her. She blushed slightly, but it barely showed. "Well thank you. You don't look so bad yourself, Roy Mustang." She said coolly, her eyes never leaving his.

They continued to talk until his friend called from the garage, saying her car was ready and working again. At that point, they had covered a lot of ground, and as Riza drove home, she scolded herself. She scolded herself for flirting shamelessly with a handsome stranger, and for revealing things to him she hadn't even told her friend or husband. For basically telling a perfect, handsome stranger half of her life, for telling him how much she hated that her marriage was falling apart, and her husband didn't pay attention to her the way she needed, wanted, and craved that attention.

But he had listened, he had told her things about himself in return. She smiled as she took a turn down a road. She had made a friend. And she would keep him a friend. They had even exchanged numbers. But a voice in the back of her head told her she'd already made the first step into an affair. She brushed it off as she turned into her driveway, and hauled the groceries into the house.

"So he helped you get the car to a garage. That was nice of him." Frank said, as they got ready for bed later that night after he came home. "We…we talked a lot. He's very, he's a very chit chatty person." She said, trying to make it sound innocent. "Sounds like a perfectly nice fellow. I'll have to give him my thanks sometime for taking care of my beautiful wife." Frank smiled, his cold blue eyes on her.

She'd always felt like those eyes could see right through her. But of course they couldn't. Frank wrapped his arms around her. "I'm just glad some gangster boy didn't pick you up, trying to rape you or something." He muttered, kissing her quickly on the lips before going into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

As soon as he shut the bathroom door, she groaned, and threw herself onto the water bed he insisted on getting two years ago for his back. 'I used to love him...but now…he's, he's different. He's changed somehow, and we lost what we had.' She thought miserably, pulling the covers over her nightgown-clad body and closed her eyes. 'But that Roy Mustang…' she thought, smiling wryly before drifting off to sleep.

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