Temptation Affairs: Chapter Ten

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"This airplane ride is far, far too long." Roy muttered, watching the stupid, senseless airplane movie without really watching it. Riza laughed, and stroked his cheek softly. "We could always join the mile-high club." She laughed, and he looked at her eagerly. Then she gave him a severe look and he looked back toward the TV, muttering again.

Finally their plane landed in Honolulu, and Roy all to eagerly gather the luggage they had carried on the plane, and helped the limo driver shove the rest of the luggage into the trunk of the limo. It was nightfall, and everything was quiet when the reached the five star hotel, and Roy hurriedly checked them into the best honeymoon suite they had.

But of course, Riza had ulterior motives, and slowly took her time showering, and then told him to take one himself or else. So he did, grumbling all the way to the bathroom, of course. During that time, she quickly dried and brushed her hair out, and slipped into her naughty lingerie she had bought especially for the occasion.

A white silk bustier, with matching white stockings and silk panties. She even threw on a pair of white heels. And so she waited until she heard the shower turn off, and rushed into the huge bedroom, and threw she in the middle of the king sized bed with red satin sheets, and set herself into a provocative pose.

And that's how Roy found her when he walked in, toweling his hair dry, and had another towel wrapped around his waist. He was showing off his body of course, and he was being cocky. When he saw his wife though, he dropped the towel from his hair, and gaped. She looked positively gorgeous lying there, with that look in her eyes, and that outfit on.

"Now do you see the point of the shower, Roy? I wanted to be perfect for you." She said seductively, crooking a finger at him. He needed no more invitation than that as he crossed over to her, and kneeled on the bed, lifting her up and kissing her passionately.

She giggled into the kiss, her arms around his neck. "I'm all yours now. Till the day I day, and every day after that." She whispered, closing her eyes and kissing him softly. "I love you…" he murmured, burying his face in her neck.

"We're almost home, sweetheart." Roy murmured softly in his wife's ear as the captain's voice went off the loudspeaker. Riza let out a small groan before her eyes fluttered open. "Thank god. Maes said our house was set up for us already, right?" she murmured, stretching her arms and sitting up.

"That's what he said. Are you ready to start our new lives together?" he asked softly with a smile. She leaned over, kissing him softly. Her engagement ring glinted in the soft light, and her gold wedding band gleamed. "Are you?" she murmured. "I am." He replied. She bit her lower lip and smiled. "Then I am too." She whispered back.

6 Years later:

"Hope, Faith, Scarlett, James! Aunt Gracia and Uncle Maes are here, let's go!" Riza yelled up the stairs for her four children. Hope and Faith were two identical twins, and Scarlett and James were two fraternal twins. Of course the first set of twins was born first, the same year Roy and Riza were married, and Scarlett and James had been born a year after them.

The four children came bounding down the stairs, yelling out greetings of welcome to their Uncle Maes and Aunt Gracia. Riza smiled happily, helping them into their winter coats, as they got ready to go to the Christmas party. Hope, Faith, and Scarlett were dressed in similar dressed of green, red, and blue, with matching ribbons in their hair. And James was dressed in a little suit, his hair slicked back. He'd adopted his father's wild jet-black hair.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?" Scarlett asked, her bright blue eyes wide as she slipped into her white coat. "We're meeting him at the party darling." Riza reminded her softly, helping the others into their coats. All of their children were quite beautiful.

Hope and Faith had adopted their mother's blonde hair and eyes, but had gained their father's arrogant, yet charming attitude. They were well-mannered and beautiful young girls. Scarlett's hair was a dark brown, coming out brown because she inherited her grandmother's hair from her mother side. Her eyes were a light blue thanks to her grandmother on her father's side. She had rosy lips like her mother and pale skin like her sister. She was the sweetest little girl, though she did have her temper-tantrums when she wasn't as spoiled as much as her sisters were.

James looked exactly like his father. Same hair, eyes, and attitude. Everything about him screamed Roy Mustang's son. Hence his whole name Roy James Mustang Jr. Everyone called him by his middle name though. Riza loved to dote on all her children equally, and she simply loved spoiling them and loving them. But she didn't spoil them to much for fear of making them vain and rotten with it.

"There's my family! Hey everyone, take a look at them!" Roy called out happily as Riza and the children walked into her in-law's stately home where the party was being held. Maes laughed, and Gracia shook her head with a smile as they went off to mingle.

"Roy, you are so silly." Riza smiled, her golden hair falling down past her shoulders in curls as she slipped out of her white coat, and helping the children with theirs. "I'm just so happy to see my wonderful family again after a hard day's work is all." Roy chuckled, swinging his son up into his arms, causing the young boy to laugh. Immediately the three girls attached themselves to his legs, telling him how much they had missed him to. The children did so love their father.

Riza was happy. She finally had what she'd always wanted. Children, a wonderful home, good friends, and a wonderful, absolutely wonderful husband. And she loved it all so.

"You children go off and greet your grandparents and everyone else. Then go play with your cousins and the other children." Roy ordered, setting his son down next to his three sisters. "Yes, Daddy!" the chorused cheerfully.

"The children look beautiful, Riza! They do grow so fast…" Eve said, coming to greet her friend, Amaya trailing along beside her. "Indeed they do. I had such trouble finding them new Christmas clothes this year." Riza said, smiling at her children. "I believe it. Oh! There's Alphonse and Edward. Excuse us!" Eve said, blushing and rushing off with Amaya quickly, leaving Riza and Roy chuckling in their wake.

"You look dazziling." Roy murmured, looking her up and down as they made their way to the living room to sit down. Riza's dark blue velvet dress hugged her form nicely and modestly, the sleeves running down to her wrists before flaring out, and the hemline going all the way to her knees. She wore matching green slippers to go with it, and no make-up.

"I always look dazziling to you. Even when I was in the middle of labor." She laughed, her eyes glowing as she looked at him. His dark blue eyes were filled with happy humor. "You're just so gorgeous all the time, I can't help being dazzled…" he replied smoothly, caressing her cheek.

"Oh you silly man, how I do love you…" she giggled, kissing him lightly. "Are you still happy with me then, Riza?" he asked softly, the fire crackling beside them, the dull murmur of talking around them from the other guests.

"I'm very happy with you, Roy. And still very much in love." She replied quietly, her rings glinting in the light as she squeezed his hand, feeling his wedding band on his finger as she did so. "Good. I aim to keep it that way. Now, are all the children's presents wrapped and hidden safely?" he asked, changing the subject abruptly.

"Of course. Thanks to Gracia for her help, I was able to get it done before they came home from their play-date." Riza answered, pushing her hair back over her shoulder, and closing her eyes for a moment. "What's wrong darling, you're not sick are you?" Roy asked quickly.

"Oh no, of course not. It's just that…well…there's one present I have for everyone…but it can't be wrapped." Riza said, opening her eyes with a soft smile.

"What do you mean it can't be wrapped, Riza?" Roy asked, clearly confused. 'Oh how absolutely thick he is…can't even take a subtle hint.' She thought with a laugh.

"Well…it's just so…well it's not big…but it's just impossible to wrap, Roy!" Riza said, looking thoughtful for a moment as she looked up at the ceiling. "We'll figure out someway to get it wrapped, sweetheart, don't worry your pretty head about it just now." Roy chuckled, kissing her cheek.

Riza rolled her eyes and looked at him. "Roy. I'm telling you it just can't be wrapped. But I don't know if we can even afford it." She said quietly. "What did you get, a new house?" he asked, looking confused. "No, something smaller than that." Riza smiled, her eyes glowing.

Roy thought for a moment, then it dawned on him. But it seemed so impossible…but of course they could afford it! He looked up at her quickly, looking into his wife's eyes to confirm his theory. And confirm it she did with her next words.

"Roy…we're going to have another baby." She smiled softly, and the next thing she knew, she was being kissed happily before he was up and rushing around bragging. It made her so happy to see him so happy.

"Do you really think we can afford another child?" Riza asked that night as they got ready of bed. "Yes. Business is doing very well for Maes and I. Don't worry darling, we have enough money to take care of the family for quite awhile now. Let me worry about finances." Roy said, climbing into bed next to her, and taking her into his arms.

She smiled and kissed him softly. "I do hope I don't have twins again this time…" she laughed quietly, wrapping her arms around him. He chuckled, "The same goes for me." He replied.

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