Temptation Affairs: Chapter 7

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She'd thought of everything, and now…she was planning. She was going to leave her house by the lake; she was going to leave that life behind. She was going to leave Frank Archer, and divorce him. It had been decided, upon further discussion, that once she filed the divorce papers, they would leave for Texas. They meaning, Roy, Riza, Maes, Gracia, and Havoc. It had been planned carefully, and precisely. Roy especially made sure that no harm would come to his Riza.

She'd already packed everything she would need out of the lake house, and they'd sent most of their things to Roy's parent's house in Texas. His parents were very understanding, and they already liked Riza very much, which astounded Riza because they'd only ever talked over the phone.

So it was now that she found herself writing her soon-to-be ex-husband a farewell note. But she stopped halfway through it. She'd see herself as a coward if she didn't tell him in person that she was leaving him. Forgetting what could happen if she didn't just leave him a note, she resolved to leave a different note, telling him to meet her in the café downtown. He couldn't hurt them there. But she didn't know how wrong she was. Frank was still receiving tapes; voice recordings and photographs from his undercover agent, and his plans for her and Roy were getting to be quite nasty.

"Riza! Don't you realize that he doesn't care where he does his nasty work? I'm positive that the moment you tell him you're leaving him, he'll loose it." Roy said angrily, his fists clenched as she served him his dinner. She gave him a look, "Roy…it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I may not love him anymore, and he may be a cold-hearted jerk, but…somewhere he has feelings…I can't ignore those." She told him, sitting on his lap and putting the pan down in the middle of the tiny table.

"I just don't want him to touch you…or hurt you. I don't want us having anything to do with him anymore." Roy grumbled, wrapping his arms around her waist and looking sullen. She placed her hands on his, and leaned into him, turning her face into his neck, kissing it. "I'm yours now…" she murmured, and felt his grip tighten on her.

"I love you…" was all he said, and she smiled, and broke his grip to stand up. "Now eat, you must be starving after today." She said, pushing his plate closer to him. He smiled, picking up his fork and beginning to eat as she made her own plate, sitting to his right at the square table and beginning to eat her own dinner.

They were silent through most of the meal, only talking when it got too quiet for them. Finally, after they both had finished, Riza stood and cleared away everything. She the dishes in to soak, and she tossed the remainders out in the alleyway for the cats.

She then joined Roy in the living room. "Are you still angry with me?" she asked, sitting beside him in the dim living room light. He had his hand on his mouth, and he looked troubled, and was staring straight ahead. He glanced over at her as she spoke, and then sat up straight.

"No darling…I'm scared. Scared of what will happen tomorrow. When he comes back…" he said quietly, looking into her eyes. She looked down, and he clasped her hands in his. "I just…I have a really bad feeling about all of it…" he finished. She laid her head down in his lap and sighed. "I do to…but it's got to be done so we can leave. And I want to leave without any guilt…" she said softly.

"I know, I know. A clean break." He sighed, running his fingers through her hair. "I love you." She said, looking up at him, into his deep midnight blue eyes. He ran his hand over her cheek, his face expressionless. She sat up, her hair falling over her shoulders. "Quit being emo, it's going to work." She said, giving him a look that made him laugh.

"Alright, alright. Help take my mind off of it all if you're so keen to make me stop worrying." He retorted. She threw the couch pillow at him, and laughed as it hit him full on in the face. "Hey!" he roared as she sprinted down the hall, and he took off after, catching pillows and throwing them back at her.

"Riza, put the pillows down!" he laughed, throwing one at her, and she gasped as it hit her in the face and she dived at him. "How do you like –" he was cut off as she latched herself onto him and he landed in the pile of pillows on the floor, coughing. "Damn woman." He muttered, his hands grasping her hips firmly. She smirked, her hands in his hair.

"We should have pillow fights more often if we end up on the floor like this." He said, running his hands up her sides, causing her to shiver. "You are an absolute egotistical jerk." She whispered, her lips touching his. "Isn't that why you love me, Temptation?" he asked, touching her cheek and moving his hand through her hair.

"That and so much more." She murmured, closing her eyes and kissing him.

"Well, well, well. I get home early Kimbly, and all she leaves me is a note." Frank said, setting his things down in the hallway, picking up his wife's note. "We'll be meeting her tomorrow in the Café. You'll fallow my lead as we discussed." Frank said, looking towards the other man.

"Of course. But it will be in public, what about witnesses?" Kimbly asked. Frank pondered, "It doesn't matter anymore, we'll kill witnesses too. Then we'll flee. Are you with me?" he asked Kimbly coolly. Kimbly smirked; his eyes alight, "Till the very end, Archer."

"We'll be right over here, Riza." Maes said assuringly as he, Gracia, and Havoc went to stand by the bar. Roy remained behind for a moment. "Are you sure about this? We could leave now, be at the airport before he even realizes we've already left." He asked her, his hands linked with hers. "No. I have to do this. It'll be okay. And…if it turns out that…I don't want to think about it…" she whispered, frowning.

"You're strong, you're independent. You're calm, collected, you know your strengths. I love you." He said quietly, kissing her forehead and walking off to join their friends by the bar. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. He was right of course, she was a strong independent woman and she wasn't going to let one man bring her down.

She was sitting at the table for ten minutes before she saw him walk in, with a man in a trench coat beside him. Their eyes locked, and then she knew. 'He knows. He knows about Roy, he knows everything.' She thought desperately.

"Riza. It seems you've been having fun." He said coldly as he sat across from her, the man in the trench coat sitting at a table towards the front. "So you had someone following me did you?" she retorted coolly, sipping her tea. "Naturally. I'm not stupid, Riza. I never was. I thought I could trust you, up until you started wearing the lingerie. You'd never had any inclination to wear the stuff before you met him." Frank said, waving the waitress away.

"Well, since we're both on the same page, am I right in guessing that you know why we're here now?" Riza asked, giving him an appraising look. He smirked lightly at her, linking his fingers together in front of him. "Riza, Riza. You think I would let you leave me and divorce me so easily? What makes you think I'll let you do it at all? You are mine. You have betrayed me, and you will be punished, but you'll still be my wife. Remember, till death do us part." Frank said, his tone, his whole demeanor cold and calculating.

"I had an affair because I wasn't happy with our stupid marriage! My parents shoved me into the damn marriage, and I thought for a couple of years that I actually did love you, but I never have. You just needed someone to help you rise to the top, to get you in with the right people, to produce an heir for your precious company while I sat at home and did nothing. You treat me like crap. Sure, you buy me nice, grand things, but that's not what I want!" Riza hissed, suddenly looking angry as she stood up.

"Is that so? Well then I see we both made a mistake, but you're still not leaving me, oh no." Frank said tightly, grabbing her by the arm as she tried to leave, yanking her back. "That's him over there with your new little friends, isn't Riza? Oh yes, I recognize him from the videos and the photographs. How would you like to see your precious lover die before your very eyes, and you, helpless to stop it?" he said quietly, his tone venomous.

She glared at him and picked up her teacup, throwing the tea in his face, causing her to let go of him. "You'll never hurt us. Never. I'm leaving you, and you can't stop me, Frank Archer!" she said, attempting to run towards the bar as the other came toward her but were held up by Kimbly who had pulled a gun, and the whole Café was thrown into terror.

Frank grabbed her again and pushed her forward until he was beside Kimbly. "So, Roy Mustang. You thought you could have what's mine, did you?" Frank asked Roy, who was glaring at Frank with such loathing, such hatred in his eyes. "She'll never be yours, she's never even been yours." He said through clenched teeth.

"Kimbly, shoot him." Frank commanded, and Riza kicked him hard in the leg wrenching out of his grasp, but not before the bullet was fired. She didn't even have time to jump in front of it as Roy pushed the others out of the way, and it hit him then the stomach. "NO! ROY! NO!" She screamed, rushing to his side immediately as Maes and Havoc fought Kimbly for the gun, taking it from him as police sirens were heard.

He closed his eyes, the hot bullet searing through him, not even making it all the way through. It hurt like hell, but it was for her. It was for his Riza. The woman he loved. "Riza…" he managed to get out, blood seeping out of the wound, covering them both as she tried to stop it.

"It'll be okay, you'll see." She said, tears falling thickly down her cheeks. "Riza…will you…will you marry me?" he chocked out, and she turned her amber eyes to him, smiling. "Do you really think this is the time to be making marriage proposals? I'm not divorced yet, darling." She replied, tears falling onto his stomach, mixing with the blood.

"Promise you'll marry me. Marry me, Riza." He insisted with a smirk that looked more like a pained grimace. She kissed him, both of them shaking. "Of course I'll marry you, you stupid man. Why didn't you move?" she whispered as Maes and Havoc continued to struggle with Frank and Kimbly as the police got closer. "Because…it was for you. To show them all…I'd die for you." He said.

"You're so stupid. I love you. Don't worry, they police will be here soon, with an ambulance, and then we'll get you patched up." She whispered, her hand shaking as she looked up at the sound of a gun. Frank had the gun now, and Kimbly was laying unconscious. Maes and Havoc stood, sporting wounds from what looked like a knife, and looking white in the face. Gracia was trembling, trying to help Riza stop the bleeding.

"He'll die, you know he will. And so will you. I don't need you, Riza. I don't need anyone." He said, looking insane with rage and jealousy. "You're a lunatic. And when the police get here, you'll be charged with all your stupid crimes." Riza said, her tone strong, but her body still shaking as she gripped her lover's hand, his grip was starting to slacken, and fear pierced her heart.

Just when the police and the ambulance people burst through the door, another shot was fired, and Riza gasped as it hit her just below her diaphragm. "Riza!" Roy coughed, white as a sheet. "No!" Gracia and Maes cried, looking stricken as the police took Frank down, and the E.M.T.s rushed over to put Roy and Riza on stretchers.

"Hurry men, before we loose them, The man's fading, and the woman's following him fast!" one of them yelled as they rushed them into the ambulances.

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