Pride and Prejudice
A La Corda d'Oro fan-novel by Gesiika

Part 1

"Yo, Hino!" Tsuchiura Ryoutarou waved slightly as he approached her. Hino stopped, surprised to see him. She was just on her way to the music section of Seiso Academy for her usual violin practice and it seemed Tsuchiura was just coming from there.


Tsuchiura stopped in front of her, holding his book bag over his shoulder. "Are you heading over to practice?"

Hino nodded. "Yes, Even though the concourse is over, I still want to become my best."

Tsuchiura smiled, but continued. "I was just over there; it seems the practice rooms are getting cleaned for the break so no one is allowed in."

"The break?" Hino sighed. She had forgotten how the one week school break would affect the school buildings. "Oh, but I was planning on getting some practice done…"

Tsuchiura reached out and patted her head. "Don't worry; you can practice in more places than the Academy music rooms, can't you?"

Hino nodded, but looked down. She liked the privacy the rooms offered. She didn't want to practice where anyone else who didn't know her secret might see, or hear, her.

"Well, see ya'." Tsuchiura waved and stepped past her. "Feel free to call if you need help practicing."

"Yes, thanks!" Hino smiled and gave a small wave, before turning back to face the music building. "Oh, why do they have to close you?" She sighed, closing her eyes and clenching her fingers that held tightly to her violin case.

Hino realized that she could hear the perfect silence around her. All the students had gone home for the break, and the campus was almost abandoned. Only the rustle of the breeze in the breeze disturbed the silence. Sighing, Hino turned and began to head home.

Hino let her mind wander for a moment over the homework she had over the break. She didn't have many projects, but some of them were troublesome. She could handle her math, barley, but her reading homework…

Suddenly, Hino stopped. Her reading project! She had left it in the practice room yesterday and forgotten it. Last night she had planned on getting ahead start, but found it was gone. She had planned on picking it up today. Hino turned and made her way to the music building. If the rooms were being cleaned, there might be someone to open the practice room she had used the day before.

The halls were deathly silent as Hino tip-toed down, trying to blend into the silence in hopes of to disturbing anyone. She peeked into each practice room window, searching for any sign of someone with a key. No one. Maybe they had finished and gone home already? The thought caused Hino to hurry. If they had already cleaned the room she had been in, no doubt they would have taken her book to the lost and found. There would be no one there to help her for a week.

When she reached the door of the practice room she had used, she saw the motion of something inside. Delighted, Hino jumped forward and grabbed the knob. Relief flooded over her as it turned freely. She pushed it open.

"Excuse me; I left something of mine in he-"

She froze. In front of her was no cleaning person, but someone she'd rather eat dirt then interrupt. The cold glare of Tsukimori Len bore into her, his violin now dropped from his shoulder in annoyance.

"Oh, uh…sorry!" Hino bowed a little, her face going red. "I thought the rooms were closed for cleaning! I left something of mine here that I need for the break and-"

"Then get it." Tsukimori stated flatly. He motioned to the window behind him. "Is that it?"

Hino leaned sideways to see, and smiled, seeing her book lying in the fading late afternoon light. She stepped forward, the door swinging shut behind her.

"No, don't-!" Tsukimori jumped forward, but it was too late. The door closed with a light 'click'. Hino froze a moment before she turned to see Tsukimori holding hand over his eyes.

"The door was set to lock." He groaned, taking his hand down to look at her. "I had asked special permission to practice here while they were cleaning, so they set the door to lock for me after I left. I had it partially open before you came it."

Hino nearly dropped her violin case. "You mean…we're locked in?!"

Notes: Whew! It's been a while since I've written fanfiction of any sort. This was actually inspired by a friend who pointed out the similarities between Len and Mr. Darcy from one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. So I wanted tow rite something that went along those lines, but as you can see not to a perfect extent. X3 I wanted to keep an original feel about it...rubs back of head laughing hesitantly

Anyway, the next part's already written and shall be posted up soon. I'd love it if you R&R to tell me what you think or suggestions you may have. (Reviews food for starving artists X3)