Standing in the doorway of her house, clutching her purse, Hino sighed as she watched as the few bugs who ventured out in the evening began bussing across the yard and road

Standing in the doorway of her house, clutching her purse, Hino sighed as she watched the few bugs who ventured out in the evening as they began buzzing across the yard. Her hair was combed, slightly pulled back, and she put on some more appropriate clothing, only, knowing Yunoki-sempai, the place he would want to eat she would never be dressed for unless she wore a full kimono, with all the works, and even that would be underdressed.

Her sandaled feet were getting cold as the cool night breeze brushed her toes She wriggled them to bring back the circulation. She would have waited inside, but her sister would have pestered her about where she was going, why had she dressed up? Would she be going on a date!? No, Hino wanted to avoidmore embarrassment and assumptions, so she had slipped out before anyone had seen her.

The smooth purr of an engine brought Hino's head up, and she saw Yunoki's white limousine as it approached her house and stop just in front of the gate. The driver swiftly, but still dignified, exited the vehicle and opened the back door for her, bowing low as she approached. Hino embarrassed, bowed slightly to him as she slipped into the car.

Yunoki greeted her warmly.

"Hino-san, you look ravishing. That must only have been a small bug, you look the picture of health."

Hino grumbled, not audible enough for Yunoki to hear, but managed a forced smile. "Y-yes, I'm glad, since vacation is almost over."

"That's right." Yunoki mused, "School starts again, and we all go back to our mundane lives."

The limousine began moving, and Hino wished again that she didn't have to be here.

"So, uh, where are we going, Yunoki-sempai?" Hino looked at him, hoping to keep Black Yunoki away as long as possible. He smiled, running three fingers through his long violet hair.

"Nothing to special, just a simple sushi restaurant."

"Th-thank you for thinking of me, but I insist of paying for myself at least." The last thing Hino wanted was a lavish dinner held over her head.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Yunoki stated, matter-of-factly. "I am the one who has so rudely kidnapped you for company, it is the least I can do."

Hino felt tired. She really just wanted to go home.

"Did you hear about Hihara's audition?" Yunoki asked, airily as he elegantly placed his chopsticks next to his plate. Hino, who had just placed a small pice of sushi in her mouth had to chew and swallow before she could reply.

"No, I didn't, how did it go?" She asked, generally interested.

"It didn't really." Yunoki forced a sigh. "Apparently they wouldn't even let him audition."

"What!?" Hino gasped. "Why not?"

"Most likely because he wasn't ranked high enough, socially."

"But, that doesn't matter!" Hino blurted. "It's a charity concert! How could they refuse a performer without even letting him audition!?"

"Hino-san." Yunoki shook his head, his soft hair falling about his face. "You don't understand high society at all do you? Besides, Tsukimori's parents are in charge of the concert after all." His eyes opened a bit, looking slitted from the angle of his face. Hino could no longer summon the anger that would so easily have taken her the day before. She was tired of fighting the Tsukimori family.

"Is Hihara-sempai doing alright after being rejected like that?" Hino asked, using her chopsticks to push a piece of shushi towards the edge of her plate.

"You know Hihara. He is disappointed, but not willing to give up. He's spent the day practicing. The boy is tenacious…Just like you, Kahoko."

Hino looked up sharply, sensing the sudden voice change, and felt genuinely worried. "What do you mean, Yunoki-sempai?" She asked, accentuating her politeness level.

Yunoki pushed some stray hair behind her ear and leaned forward. "You're such a mysterious girl, Kahoko. You ignore me completely when it suites you, and don't fawn over me like the other girls do."

"I would think you'd find that refreshing." Hino said, ignoring her food and setting her chopsticks down. "I'm sorry," She said. "Would you please take me home? I'm feeling ill again, and not up to eating or conversing."

"So cold, Kahoko." Yunoki smiled. "Your right, I do find it refreshing. It is so much more fun to have a challenge."

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