Title: Love before Lies

Characters: H/L R/Hr - H/Hr R/L

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Disclaimer: I don't own anything at all.

Summary: Harry is feeling depressed and finds himself attracted to someone he thought he would never fall for.

But over time, he finds that not everything is what it seemed and answers are popping up in the most unexpected places.

Author notes: Hiya – yes, you are reading right that I'm attempting to do a story set after sixth book (despite my annoyance of it). I wanted to explain some things before I started – the pairings are kinda complicated but I am hoping to do my best with them to make them more believable.

To all my readers – do NOT worry about Harry and Hermione relationship, they WILL get together but it will take some time. I had been reading a lot of stories set after the sixth book and I have noticed that a majority of them began with Ron/Hermione getting together – not all of them but a majority of them and I decided I wanted to do something different.

I am merely expanding on my views – while I have hopes that Harry and Hermione do get together, I do have my doubts – which is understandable. I have chosen other people that I wish, if Harry and Hermione couldn't get together; then I would have those couples.

I hope you all like it, if any of you feel strongly about the pairings; you are welcome to leave or feel free to contact me and tell me you worries/objections to this couple.

Warning: Romance between Harry and Luna (Not a lot) – nothing above kissing.

This is more of a fun Fic because the seventh book is coming out and I just want to have some fun with it.

A/N – This will NOT have Voldemort or the Death Eaters – mentions of them, yes or the final war because there isn't really any point – this is just focusing on relationships.

Anyway – on with the story.

Chapter 1: An unexpected attraction.

A black haired boy sat on an old worn mattress as he stared out of the window. There was a snowy white owl who sat on the desk staring out of the windowand there were opened letters scattered about on the desk.

The room was practically bare. The room only consisted of a wardrobe, a desk, a set of drawers and a single bed.

The boy had messy black hair and deep green eyes that were surrounded by a pair of glasses. He wore baggy clothes that were obviously too big for him.

There was a packed trunk sitting on the end of the bed.

The boy was obviously waiting for someone to come and take him away from his prison like room when a loud crash came from below accompanied by scared screams and furious shouting.

Startled, the young man's head turned to the door and he saw a tall gangly red haired male standing in the doorway with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Alright Harry?" he greeted and Harry Potter gave him a small smile, one that was lined with sadness.

"I'm alright Ron. Who created the bang?" Harry asked.

Ron Weasley rolled his eyes in amusement.

"The twins. They thought it would be fitting to give the muggle a fright – sort of a 'goodbye' present," Ron explained and Harry laughed softly, understanding Fred and George's reasoning. "Are you ready?" Ron asked. "I'd rather not leave them down there, alone, for a long length of time."

Harry nodded as he picked up his trunk and an empty bird cage. Ron took the cage and they headed down the stairs where Harry saw his relatives huddling together in the kitchen doorway while the male glared at the two troublemaker.

Harry also saw the twins standing in the middle of the room, who turned toward the stairs when they heard a noise and identical grins crossed their face.

"Hello," one twin started.

"Best you get a move on…" the other spoke.

"Mum won't be too happy if we're late…"

"Mind you, we have been late these days."

Harry couldn't stop the grin that covered his face at hearing the twins speak.

"You guys get freakier every time I see you," Harry told them, causing them to bow at the compliment.

"Boy! What is this about!" the male shouted and Harry turned to look at his aunt, his uncle and his cousin.

"I'm saying goodbye – this is my last time in this house. After today – you'll never see me again," Harry informed his family, leaving them gaping at him in shock.

Ron and Harry moved over to the twins, held onto the cage/trunk and grabbed onto the twin's arm before they finally left the area with a loud crack, startling the stunned family.

Harry landed on his feet with a soft thud only to smile softly when he saw Ron trip.

"Damn, I hate side along apparation," Ron muttered and Harry nodded.

"Don't worry – soon you can apparate yourself," Harry told him and Ron grinned at the thought before they all made their way into the creaky house and into the kitchen.

Harry took in the very familiar sight. The dishes were washing themselves. The knitting needles were knitting by themselves. Harry couldn't stop the fond smile that crossed his face when a female voice broke into Harry's thoughts.

"Harry, welcome back!" Molly exclaimed and Harry smiled thinly at the elderly woman.

"Hello, Mrs. Weasley," he greeted before his eyes landed on Ron and Hermione, who were standing in a corner, whispering to each other before he looked away. He didn't understand the feeling that was running through his body and brushed it away when he felt a hand on his arm.

Turning, he saw his ex-girlfriend standing there with a small smile on her face.

"Hello Harry," Ginny greeted and Harry gave her a short nod.

"Hello Ginny," he greeted back, not saying anything more in case it gave her hope that they would get back together.

Harry had thought about his feeling for the young lady a lot over the summer and realised that they weren't strong as they used to be. It just seemed that the more time he spent away from Ginny, the less he felt towards her, and it made him confused to what had happened to him over the year.

"Harry – I'm so glad you're here!" Hermione Granger told him as she hurried over to him and gave him a hard hug. Harry rubbed her back.

"I'm okay Hermione, I promise," Harry whispered into her ear. Hermione pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes before she gave a soft nod. She hugged him once more and pulled away from him as Bill and Fleur made their way into the kitchen.

"Harry," Bill greeted. Harry nodded back in acknowledgement. His wounds seemed to have faded slightly, but Harry knew better – Bill was now a werewolf. There wasn't a cure for that yet and he could only hope that Bill would fare better than another werewolf he knew.

Fleur moved over to Harry and enveloped him in a hug before pulling away and cupping Harry's cheek.

"I'm so happy that you came for the wedding," she told him and Harry grinned.

"How could I not come to the wedding?" Harry teased her and Fleur rolled her eyes in amusement before they all moved over to the table.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Molly asked in her motherly tone. Harry looked at her and smiled softly.

"I'm fine, Mrs Weasley," Harry told her and Molly nodded as she turned back to the table. Harry was about to turn when he saw Ginny standing there and she arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Ginny asked. Harry sighed, trying to hold onto his annoyance.

"Yes, I'm sure I'm fine Ginny," Harry told her when Molly called them all over for dinner.

They all sat down at the table and Molly looked around at her family as they all filled out their plates and smiled softly.

"Everyone is here," Molly said with happiness. Harry looked up at her before looking down at his plate and let out a small sigh before pushing his plate away.

"I'm going for a walk," Harry informed them before waving his hand as Ginny and Hermione stood up to go with him. "Alone. I just need time to think." With that, he walked out of the kitchen and into the night air, hoping that he would be able to sort out his thoughts.

Ginny and Hermione watched him go with a hint of sadness on their faces, each one for completely different reasons.

Harry headed out into the back garden, and breathed in the night air. It was beginning to become suffocating in there with them asking him so many questions.

Harry just shoved his hands into his pocket as he set off on a walk – lost in his thoughts; he didn't concentrate on where he was going.

Harry was just walking about aimlessly, he didn't know where he was going and he didn't care where he was going. Just as long as his thoughts left him alone and gave him space to breathe, he was happy.

Harry wasn't watching when he bumped into another person who had also been out for a walk. Startled, Harry reached out and grabbed the person's shoulders, preventing them from falling when he looked up into their face and smiled slightly.

"Hello Luna," Harry greeted and Luna smiled softly when she saw him.

"Hello Harry, how is your day going?" Luna asked and Harry shrugged.

"So and so," Harry admitted and Luna nodded.

"It's been a tough couple of years, wasn't it?" Luna asked. "Not to mention that last year was even more unusual."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Harry muttered as he shoved his hands into his pocket as he admired her in the moonlight. Her blonde hair shone in the light, making her hair look white rather than blonde and her blue eyes were even more shining than usual.

He was struck with an idea. He really liked Luna and wondered what it would be like to date her. Ron and Hermione seemed to be having their own fun and he didn't want to feel left out so he decided to take a chance and hoped that it would go in his way.

"Luna, I was wondering…" Harry trailed off as Luna gazed up at him, expectantly. "Would you like to go out with me?" he finished off, lamely and Luna blinked, startled, before she gave him a small smile.

"That would be nice," Luna told him and Harry smiled back at her, relief going through his body like a soothing balm.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against Luna, causing her to sigh against him before she closed her eyes as her hand fluttered to the back of his neck. Harry closed his eyes as they both allowed themselves to be swept away with their emotions.


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