Chapter 12

Hermione was sitting on the chair next to a bed. She held a male hand up to her lips as she gazed at the still body that was lying on the bed before she reached out and brushed a lock of his black hair away from his forehead only to sigh softly when she saw the once brilliant scar look more faded than it used to be.

Harry had won the war – he had taken Voldemort down and nearly lost himself in the process.

Hermione had never felt so scared when she came across Harry's still body lying on the grass. She didn't remember screaming his name as she threw her wand away and ran over to his body.

All she could remember was her hands running all over Harry's body before they finally settled on his neck and checked for a pulse. Much to her relief, there was a pulse, a thready one but one none a less.

Ron and Luna had hurried over to Hermione when they heard her screams and helped her carry Harry up to the Hospital wing. Luna had given back Hermione her wand after they had gotten Harry settled.

It had been a rough two days – Madam Pomfrey had told them that his magical level had been severely diminished and he was fighting for his life. The next two days would be critical. Hermione was just relieved when Harry showed signs of getting better.

"Hey," Luna greeted as she moved closer to the bed and placed the tray on the bed next to Hermione. Hermione gave Luna a soft thankful smile.

Luna had been doing this for the last three days – Hermione had refused to leave Harry's side so she and Luna had made an agreement – she would sit with Harry while Hermione got washed and changed and Luna would bring her meals so Hermione was able to keep her strength up.

"Thank you," Hermione told her as she pulled the tray closer to her. One hand still held onto Harry's while she used the other hand to eat her soup.

"He's getting better Hermione," Luna told her and Hermione nodded.

"I know – I just wish that he would open his eyes – anything just to let me know that he can hear me," Hermione admitted and Luna smiled softly as she patted Hermione's shoulder.

"Harry can hear you – no matter how far away you two are – your voice is always the ones who will bring you back together again. You are a half of each other – you can't live without the other," Luna told her.

Hermione looked at Luna started. It was an eerie resmiant of the prophecy that Harry had heard about him and Voldemort.

"Just believe in him," Luna whispered before she left the hospital wing, leaving Hermione alone with Harry.

Hermione lifted Harry's hand up once more before she pressed a kiss to the back of his hand.

"I love you so much Harry Potter," Hermione whispered before she went back to her ritual that she had taken up since staying in the hospital wing with Harry.

Harry stirred slightly before his eyes fully opened. He blinked when the bright lights hit him till his eyes fully adjusted themselves to the light. He felt a weight on his hand and he turned his head and smiled softly when he saw Hermione sitting on the chair, leaning over to rest her head on the bed.

Harry lifted his other hand and moved it toward Hermione's hair, brushing her curls away before stroking her cheek with his thumb – the same way he did when they had shared the hotel room together whenever he woke her.

Hermione's eyelids flickered a bit before they finally opened. Startled, her eyes snapped up toward Harry. Relief and Love flooded her eyes when she saw Harry's green eyes staring back, sparkling with love and amusement.

"My little sleepy head," Harry, raspy, teased. His voice was rough from lack of use and water.

Hermione sat up before she leaned over and pressed her lips to his forehead.

"You scared me so much," Hermione whispered and Harry grinned softly.

"I scared myself," Harry admitted before he tried to clear his throat. Hermione reached out and grabbed a small plastic cup before picking up a small ice chip and placed it on Harry's lips before he opened them and allowed the ice to slip into his mouth, where it melted.

"Madam Pomfrey says you shouldn't have water straight away because your body wouldn't be able to cope with it so ice chips will able to help," Hermione explained. Harry nodded his understanding.

"How long?" Harry whispered.

"Three days," Hermione replied.

"Voldemort?" Harry asked and Hermione grinned as she stroked back his hair.

"He's gone Harry – you did it. He's finally gone," Hermione told him and Harry closed his eyes in relief. Hermione leaned over and rested her forehead next to his cheek. "Just don't scare me like that again."

Harry gave a small chuckle.

"Quidditch," Harry reminded her and Hermione laughed softly as she lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

"Not for a while you're not," Hermione scolded him. Harry just gave her a soft smile before Hermione leaned over and kissed his lips. "I love you."

"I love you too," Harry told her before he went back to sleep, leaving Hermione relieved and happy that Harry had managed to let her know that he was okay.

Harry found himself sitting in one of the chairs as he looked at the priest, who was standing at the altar.

He was now at the funerals for the people who had died in the final battle. Hermione had fought with him – she was worried that it would create a setback but Harry was firm – he told her that he needed to do this – those people helped him to bring down Voldemort once and for all.

Hermione slowly gave in and had admitted that she was just scared – she didn't want to lose him. Harry had spent the night comforting her as she finally gave in and cried for that day where she saw death and relief that Voldemort was finally gone from their lives.

Hermione turned to face Harry when the priest had finished announcing the names of everyone who had died.

"It's over Harry," Hermione whispered as she rested her head on Harry's shoulder. Harry nodded.

"I know – it just feels unreal at the moment," he whispered back and Hermione gave him a soft sad smile.

"I know," she whispered back before she leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"We lost so many people," Harry stated and Hermione nodded.

"Yeah – it was war Harry. Voldemort didn't care for those people and he caused their deaths – he wanted them dead. Don't blame yourself – you weren't ready to face him back then," Hermione told him and Harry smiled down at her.

"I know," he told her before kissing her forehead. "Doesn't make it any less painful."

"He's gone – we'll never have to worry about him again and everyone can live in peace," Hermione told him before she looked toward the large monument that held everyone's name. "These people can rest in peace now that justice has been served."

"Come on," Harry told her as he stood up, taking Hermione with her. "Let's go for a walk around the lake like we used to." Hermione smiled softly as they both made their way off with their arms linked.

Ginny watched as they walked off before she turned her face. She wasn't happy. It wasn't turning out like it was planned and she was desolated by the results.

"Ginny – you can't hold on like this," Ron informed his little sister. He had been watching the same scene that she had but with happiness. "Harry and Hermione are a half of each other – they understand each other on a level that none of us can comprehend."

"They are two pieces of a puzzle," Luna agreed as she looked up at Ron, who smiled softly and kissed her forehead.

He would always be grateful for Harry asking Luna out that fateful day at the Burrow – if he hadn't, none of this would have happened. He would have still been in denial about liking Luna and Harry and Hermione wouldn't have had all that time together.

"Now we're free to live our lives," Ron told her and Luna smiled softly as she rested her head on his shoulder before looking toward Harry and Hermione, who were beginning to make their way around the lake.

Luna would always be grateful for Harry asking her out that day – if he hadn't, nothing would have gone the way it did and it made her realise just what her heart was asking. She would always have fond memories of Harry but it was worth it in the end.

"It's alright for you guys – you have each other," Ginny muttered out and Luna sighed as she looked at Ginny. Over time, their friendship had decreased from what it used to be but in the process; it had strengthened a friendship between Hermione and Luna – one she would never regret. But it didn't mean she didn't miss their friendship.

"If you would stop looking at Harry and look a little more closer to home – you would see what you are missing," Luna told her. Ginny looked at her, confused but Ron caught on and smiled down at his sister.

"Gin – think back to your third year," Ron told her before he and Luna walked away, leaving Ginny along with her thoughts.

Startled, Ginny spun around and found herself face to face with Neville, startling him as he had reached out to touch her shoulder.

"Neville," Ginny breathed out and Neville smiled softly.

"Ginny, I just wanted to ask if you would like get a drink," Neville asked her and Ginny couldn't help the soft smile that formed on her face.

"I would like that," Ginny told him, finally letting go of her hold on Harry and allowing herself to be free for the first time since she had met Harry.

Neville smiled back before he led her over to the table where they could get drinks and eat.

Ron and Luna made their way over to where Ron's family were standing in front of Percy's gravestone. Molly looked toward them and gave them a soft smile. At first, she had to admit that she thought Ron and Hermione would get together but as she watched Harry and Hermione grow closer and how Harry was Hermione's first in her life, she knew that if Ron and Hermione were ever to attempt a relationship – it would have broken up quickly because Ron needed someone who could place him first in her life and she was grateful that Ron had found someone like that.

"How are you?" Ron asked his mother. Molly gave him a soft sad smile.

"I'll live Ron – I'm just so glad that you four made it home alive and that Voldemort is finally gone from our world," Molly told them, startling Ron at the use of Voldemort's name while Luna smiled.

Voldemort was no longer around to fear so everyone had stopped using the common names that they used for Voldemort and finally admitted him by his name.

"The world will be at peace for a long time," Luna told her before she reached out and touched Molly's hand. "Percy is at peace – he died protecting us and justice has been served for him – he's at peace."

Molly smiled down at the young woman before she patted Luna's hand.

"You are a wonderful girl – I'm so glad that you and Ron have gotten together," Molly told her and Luna smiled up at her.

"I'm glad too," Luna told her before she looked at Ron, who grinned.

"How is Harry?" Bill asked. Ron grinned.

"Hermione is making sure that he gets all the rest he needs," Ron told his brother before they all looked out toward where Harry and Hermione were.

"She's good for him," Molly told them. "I'm just so glad that Harry has found someone who can he truly love without fear and that she loves him back."

"Same here, Molly," Arthur told his wife as he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her to him.

Harry stood behind Hermione as he wrapped his hands around her waist, holding her close to his front as she stared out at the water.

"It's so peaceful," Hermione whispered and Harry grinned as he bent down and kissed her cheek.

"And beautiful," Harry told her, causing Hermione to smile softly as she closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest, both of them relaxing in the moment when a male voice broke in.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Ron asked as he and Luna made their way up next to Harry and Hermione.

Harry looked at Ron before grinning.

"The future is ours – we can do anything we want," Harry told him and Ron grinned as he wrapped an arm around Luna's waist, causing Luna to lean into Ron and rested her head on his shoulder as all of them looked out toward the setting sun that was slowly washing away the scars they had gained.

The End.

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