Chapter Nine

A Low Happening

Hermione sits down in her Potions class, not wanting to look back two rows down where she knows Draco is staring at her. He's not staring in a loving way, but the same way he had yesterday—a hungry, fierce, 'I want sex now' look. Were all guys this focused on sex? She looks over at Harry, who sits a seat diagonal from hers; he doesn't seem overly hyped up on testosterone, yet she does remember the party with Ron, but she really doesn't want to get think about that.

After class, she can't catch up to Draco who leaves in a rush.

"Fuck," she says to one in particular, not that anyone is listening.

"I'm pretty sure he's in the Slytherin common room," Blaise says, catching her eye. "I can go get him."

Hermione stares at him, confused. Was he even talking to her? Given her link to Draco, it was a perfectly reasonable statement, and with his knowledge all the more so. But given that the link is supposed to be invisible, it just feels strange.

"Why would she go see Drake?" Pansy says, whining. Blaise looks between Hermione and Pansy, with a mixture of amusement and annoyance on his handsome face.

"Head stuff," Hermione says, feeling Pansy's dark eyes staring at her.

Pansy stares at Hermione, studying her from head to toe, "Lovely." Pansy's sarcasm does not faze Hermione, who only watches as Blaise fetches Draco for her. Pansy stands her ground and Hermione feels the jealously that seers through her.

Blaise returns, with Draco beside him.

"Yes?" He says, and it's antagonizing and sarcastic and exactly the way he used to sound around her, so she doesn't know why it feels so shocking.

"We need to talk," she starts, and realizes how awful that sounds, "about the next prefect meeting." She watches Draco carefully, memorizing the way he acts so put off, how he apologizes politely to Pansy, and follows her out of their sight.

"There is no prefect meeting," he says bluntly, and she is caught off guard. Now what excuse does she have to talk to him? They never made plans, there are no rules about having to remain in contact with someone you had sex with.

Hermione stares at him. What right does he have to talk to her like this? She feels so humiliated. Fine, go fuck with Parkinson then.

"Fine." Hermione says, his voice is irritating her and the way he's looking at her with that mean typical Malfoy stare that had always hurt her when they were younger. But, they weren't younger now, so he should not act this way. He should be like…

Draco waits for her to say something else, but then he walks off without even a good-bye.

Hermione feels herself begin to realize that Malfoy has no will power at all. If he needs sex, he needs it and if it is not coming from her, he'll get it somewhere else.

And suddenly she couldn't remember what made her get involved with him in the first place.

Hermione can feel her shame for what she did with Draco beginning to boil over, and then she's crying, and crying, and not caring who sees. As her bad luck would have it, she is forced to walk past where Blaise and Pansy are talking on the way to where she plans to hide in the library.

She sees Pansy snicker as she goes by, and Hermione wishes in a sick way that everybody knew about her and Draco. Now that would give Pansy something to laugh about.

The doors to the library are locked, and Hermione leans against the doors, letting her body slowly drop to the ground, her head in her hands.

"You okay," she hears, and if it's Draco everything will be okay.

It's not.

Blaise tells Hermione that this has happened before, but what difference does that make? Sure, she believes him that Draco has screwed other mudbloods and not given a damn, but didn't they mean anything at all? Her inexperience in relationships and casual sex is embarassing, and Blaise pitying her is so not helping.

"I can go hurt him for you, if you want," Blaise says, and Hermione says no because Draco is walking by them like he doesn't see them at all, so she already knows that Draco is hurt.

That night, Hermione sits in the common room, wondering what will happen next.

"We have to talk," Draco says, rushing in from outside.

"No we don't," Hermione retorts coldly.

"Don't be so fucking full of yourself. I mean head business. We need to start planning graduation. Already." He's smirking and if Hermione was a stranger she would see two people who severely dislike one another and are not even remotely attracted to each other. Just like last year, it's a mantra and it keeps ringing in her head.

"I'm sorry this happened," she says, and means it too.

"I don't blame you," he says sarcastically, overaccentuating each word.

"No, but I mean--"

"I know what you mean."

As she looks up at him, she wishes she could say what she really feels, that she loves him. It's sick and wrong, but after they had sex the first time, and she had given that much away, she loved him. Did that make her a sick person?

Hermione hardly feels suprised when Draco cocks his head towards his room and says, "You want to go in there?"

The speeding of her pulse, and the mixture of both excitement and anxiety is too much. Very quiety, she says, "Sure."

They are only kissing for less than a minute when Draco pulls off her skirt and quickly tosses it aside along with her underwear. He pulls off his trousers and is left only in boxers. And suddenly they're off, and he's entering her, and Hermione feels the hot, sticky thrusting, and his hands against her back--this is what she has been missing, this is what she has been denied? Sex? That's all it is.

He cums, and then it's over, and his pants are pulled up but he has not yet buckled his belt.

Still laying down, he says, "Come here," and she feels skeptical and irritated, but lets him wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her and hug her tightly. Hermione's eyes fill with tears. There is nothing to do but to touch his hair with her fingers. When they would make out, he would always say how soft her hair was, but the truth, which she never told him, was that so was his.

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