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"Jordan! Jordan" Dr. Macy called

"What? I'm off in 30 minutes." Jordan tiredly claimed.

"I know, I just wanted to take you to dinner."

"Can I take a rain check?" Jordan asked. She really did want to go, but had been feeling sick lately and didn't want for him to worry.

"Well please? We would just be going somewhere nice and I know you need a break" Garret proclaimed.

"Ok, where, when, and what should I wear?" Jordan asked. It was already 7:30 on a beautiful warm and starry night.

"Great." Garret said with a cheesy smirk on his face.

"Ok Garret, what is this really about?" she asked comically with a slight bit of curiosity. She felt that he was hiding something.

"Nothing, I just want to take you to a nice dinner. Ok, so I will pick you up at 8:15. Wear formal attire, if you have any Jo." Garret said.

"He seems pleased, but I still think he is hiding something from me." Jordan thought as she walked to the elevators.
"Okay, see ya then Garret." she said.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Detective Hoyt."

"Hey Woody." Garret exclaimed.

"Sooo… is she coming?" the blue eyed wonder asked nervously.

"Hey, calm down woods! And stay off the caffeine, because she's coming!"

"Cool, so the I will see you in about 35 minutes, ok?"

"Okay, and Woody, good luck."

"Thanks Doc." and with that he hung up. He knew that he would need that. "I truly love Jordan," he thought to himself, "and I hope that she loves me as well."

- - - - - - - - - -

"What to wear." Jordan asked herself as she threw another choice of rejected possibilities on the floor "I mean, I think this is more than just a 'relaxing dinner', but yet again, I have no clue. I wish that Woody and I could have 'relaxing dinners' like how we used to be. Lately it has been sorta awkward between us." Woody and Jordan had just started moving up in their relationship to a slight more than friends, in Woody's opinion. In Jordan's, she wasn't sure if she was ready, so felt awkward at times. "I really miss how our friendship used to be." after saying that to herself she remember a few years back when Woody and Jordan were in L.A. "If only I hadn't answered my damn phone." she said to herself. She did want someone to hold her a little tighter, especially Woody, but commitment scared her then. "I've grown up so mu-" she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Oh Gawd, is it 8:15 already?" she had just found the perfect dress that fit the category of 'formal attire' in her opinion. It was the same dress as the one she wore at Lily's new years eve party. There was no answer. "Hello, wh-" she asked again, but was cut of when she opened a door. A woman with some strange mask thing barged in and she knocked Jordan out with something made out of glass it seemed. The woman picked up Jordan's limp body and dragged her out the door. Lucky for the kidnapper, there was no one in sight, but that was no good for Jordan.

- - - - - - - - - -

Soon after Jordan was kidnapped, Garret showed up to Jordan's door. He automatically noticed something wrong. Her door was cracked open.

"Jordan? Jordan, are you home?" he yelled as he walked into her apartment. Immediately he saw a sign of struggle, along with broken glass and clothes all over the floor. It was like Jordan to have clothes on the ground, but the broken glass? Immediately he called Woody.

"Detective Hoyt."

"Woody, you are going to want to come down to Jordan's place." Garret pled.

"What happened, what is wrong?" Woody asked worriedly.

"Jordan is missing, and it seems as if….."

"As if what Garret? What?" he asked. His heart was full of pain and sorry. Worried and Scared. His emotions were like a whirlwind hitting him hard.

"It seems as if she was kidnapped." Garret replied feeling terrible for woody.

Woody didn't answer, but Garret could tell Woody was really hurting.

"I noticed her door was open, so I went in. There was broken glass and clothes thrown on the everywhere in her bedroom. The clothes were probably because she was trying to find something to wear."

"I'll be right over, and I'm going to nail that bitch that took her from me." Woody said. He was furious at the person who took Jordan. He was on the verge of tears because he couldn't believe that this was happening to her; again. He was scared for her, but knew, or had to at least pretend to know, that she would be ok.