HEY READERS! (yes you)

I'm very thankful for all your reviews, and for your reading at all! It's very kind! And brings me great joy! This story hasn't been my best, but it was my first CJ Fan Fic ever, so it's not the greatest. BUT it'll get better over time. And I indeed going to write a sequel! Not more chapters, but a sequel. That's what I had originally started, but I haven't really started much, and I'm not really thrilled with the paragraph I have so far. So there'll be one soon! My promise! So I hope you read that one as well! And I should hopefully have it up within the next week or two. My homework load is a lot, so it'll probably take a bit. But still, I hope you read the new one, and enjoy it, as I hope you did this one!


Natty (nattylovesjordy)