Angela Marie Snape and The-boy-who-lived

Hey guys... I have been reading Stories about Harry being taken cared of by Professor Snape and decided to have a whack at it... Yeah, I know it's not original but I wrote the whole chapter while attending a class... Honestly you get a lot of break time in college but the bad news is you waste it on studying for this next test or doing an assignment... About the lord of the rings fanfic... Don't worry i'm still doing it...

Full Summary: Dumbledore isn't dead and Severus Snape didn't betray the Order, Now Harry had just enough of staying in the Dursleys every summer so harry runs away when he gets beaten up and runs into an unlikely person who saves him... Severus Snape.

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Chapter One: A new guardian for Harry

"BOY, COME DOWN HERE NOW," Roared a voice that woke a sleeping boy barely sixteen.

Harry Potter sat up and was pulling shirt over his head while walking to the stairs... when he finished putting his shirt that was when he noticed that he was already at the edge of the stairs and that he had already pitched forward and was rolling down the stairs and bumped into his uncle who was going up and they both landed at the foot of the stairs in a heap.

Harry immeadiately stood up ut it was Vermon who had the difficulty standing up.

"Darn it boy," cried his uncle. "Can you learn how to watch your step especially going down the stairs?"

"I'm sorry i didn't see the steps," Harry said in a whisper.

"I'm sorry, What?" Vermon said."

"I said i'm sorry for not seeing those steps," Harry said raising his voice he didn't like it when poeple want him to say the same phrase over again.

"Don't you dare raise that tone on me boy," Vermon warned standing over the boy. "Or you'll learn what it fells like if you do."

At this moment Petunia and Dudley went out of the kitchen and was watching the scene.

"Just because I just missed a step doesn't mean that you should get mad," Harry said. "I'm just a human being for merlin's sake."

"No you are in fact a nobody, a freak and you will always remain a freak," Vermon shouted and in his anger punched his nephew in the face and continued to beat him up.

"I have just about enough of you freakishness to last me a lifetime," Continued Vermon as he kicked Harry in his side and harry felt two of his ribs crack.

He stood up holding his side and faced his uncle.

"You're right," answered Harry. "I'm sick of you calling me just a boy a person with no name at all... I'm sick of this stupid house and especially you and this family so I'm leaving."

With that Harry went up the stairs slowly because his side hurt and he sat down on the bed while he hid his things by one hand and shrunk his belongings and pocketed them and once outside raised his wand arm in the afternoon and the knight bus stopped in front of him.

"Where to Mr. Potter?" asked the conductor.

"Diagon alley," answered Harry and sat down slowly on his seat as the bus popped away.


Harry sat on the afternoon drinking butterbeerwhile his hand still on his side and wandering on that is his next step when he heard a familiar but much dreaded voice.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the famous Harry Potter," Said a sneeering voice full of contempt and Harry turned slowly dread filling up inside him and he looked to see...

"Snape," Harry groaned.

"I am what, Potter?" asked Snape coldly.

"I'm sorry 'sir'," Harry said raising his voice.

"You will not raise your voice at me or you will be facing a month worth of detentions with me... Is that clear Mr. Potter," Shouted the Professor.

"I understand Professor," Harry said hotly.

Severus Snape cleared his throat and faced Harry.

"Now why is it that you are not with your Muggle relatives?" asked Severus.

"None of your business, Professor," Harry answered.

"I make it my business, Potter, since I Happen to be a teacher on the very school you go to," Severus said.

At this Harry kept his mouth shut and Severus and pulled Harry's arm up suddenly and Harry stood with a groan of pain.

Severus whose main reason on doing that was to give Harry a very good beating when he was stopped by Harry's groan and he took a step back and studied Harry.

"Potter, What ever happened to your nose and your side?" Severus asked.

"As I have said Professor that it's none of your business," Harry said.

Severus turned around and looked at the poeple around and pushed Harry into the room he was staying at the meantime and made Harry sit on the couch.

"You know Potter," said Severus turning to his student. "I can get all the answers I want with just a simple mind reading spell... Do you want me to try that on you?"

"Alright I'll tell you I fell down the stairs and hit my side and nose," Harry said.

Severus looked at Harry and was not convinced.

"You are a liar Potter and always will be," Severus said and pointed his wand at Harry. "Legilimens."


Harry saw himself learning about horcruxes with Professor Dumbledore... with Dumbledore getting the fake horcrux, Dumbledore fighting the Death Eaters when they attacked the school, Harry falling down the stairs and getting beaten up by his uncle.

Severus let go of the spell and Harry gasped and looked at His professor who stared back at him.

"So it was your muggle uncl that hit you eh," Severus said. "You will not be allowed to return there at least for the whole day ... even though I hate to say this but You are stuck with me the whole day."

With that Severus took hold of Harry's arm and they apparated away into a beautiful manor where Harry gazed in awe.

'You got to be kidding me,' Harry thought. 'Snivellus is rich?'

"I welcome you to my home," Severus said coldly and helped him up the steps.


A red haired girl with sparkilng blue eyes was reading by her bedroom window was facing the front of the house whaen she felt the wards shift she looked out of the window and saw Professor Snape trying to help an injured boy.

The girl stood up and left her book called "Advanced Medical Potions and their uses" and rushed out of the room.

Severus stopped moving when he saw the front door open and rushed out a preety redhaired girl at first Harry thought that it was Ginny but it wasn't.

"Father, You arrived home early," She said. "But who is this?"

"He is the Famous Harry Potter, my sweet," Severus said.

Harry noticed that the severe coldness and his devoid expression disappeared when he faced his daughter.

"This is my daughter Angela Marie Snape." Severus said.

Angela nodded her hello and helped Harry into the house once there she helped Harry into the couch and she stood beside the door.

Severus turned to Harry and looked at him.

"Potter, I will have to ask to take your shrit off so I can examine the total damage your follish uncle did to you," Severus said.

Harry looked at Angela who was looking at him in a very Snapeish way with one of her eyebrows up.

Severus followed the glance and saw that it rested on his daughter and he immeadiately understood.

"Now, now, Potter," said Severus. "There is no reason to be shy."

Angela raised the other eyebrow and glared at Harry with her arms crossed across her but Harry still refused to remove his shirt and as a last resort Severus turned to his daughter.

"Angela, could you get the skele-fix and the dreamless sleep potions?" Severus asked his daughter.

"Yes, Father," Angela said and disappeared through the door.

Severus turned and glared at Harry.

"You may now remove your shirt now Potter," Severus said.

Harry reluctantly lifted his shirt and Severus help him and then studied his side.

"This is bad, Potter," Severus said. "It's a wonder you are still able to move without pain."

"I am used to pain, Professor," Harry answered.

"Yes, it whould seem so," sneered Severus.

At this moment Angela approached her father with the potions gave them to him.

Severus took the potions and sniffed them afterwards he gave it to Harry.

"Here, drink them," Severus said. "That on your right hand happens to be skele-fix which will cure that fracture and on your other hand is dreamless sleep so you won't feel the excruciating pain while your bones are being fixed."

Harry looked suspiciously at the potions but when recieving glares from both teacher and his daughter drank the skele-fix first before the dreamless sleep and in a few minuites fell asleep.

Severus turned to his daughter.

"He's too thin," Angela observed. "What are his family doing to him?"

"You happen to be a very good legimens," Severus said. "As well as a good occlumens so why don't you try to read his mind... anyway he has inadequate skill on occlumency."

Angela looked at Harry then at her father who was striding out of the doors.

"Father, where in merlin's name are you going?" Angela asked.

Severus stopped and turned and stared at his daughter.

"To a meeting," answered her father.

"A Death Eater meeting?" Angela asked.

"No, nothing of the kind," Severus answered. "I'm just going to Albus for a conference about his golden boy who is in my house."

Angela went to her dad and hugged him and he hugged her back.

"Bring that brat into one of our guest rooms and make him confortable okey," Severus said and playfully pushed Angela back into the house and continued to walk until he got out of the wards surrounding his house and apparated on to number twelve grimaud place and walked inside the house.


Severus entered through the kitchen and ran into Nyphandora and Molly who was chattering about anything and everything.

"Severus, we weren't expecting you until tomorrow," Arthur said as he strode into the kitchen.

"Yes, I know," answered Severus coldly. "But I have something important to discuss with Albus."

"He's in the meeting room," Arthur said.

Severus strodes on with his cloak billowing behind him as he madehis entrance into the meeting room.

"Severus what a surprise," An elderly man cried as he stood up and went to Severus. "Lemon drop?"

"Er, no thanks, Albus," Severus said and watched albus pop one in his moutha. "But we have to talk somewhere that is private."

"Of course," Albus said and led severus into one of the bedrooms.

Once inside Severus cast a complicated silencing charm and albus raised an eyebrow.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" Albus asked.

"Well, it's about Potter," Severus said.

"Well, what about him?" Albus asked.

"Potter, is currently in the Prince Manor recovering from several bruises, two broken ribs and a broken nose," said Severus.

"How did you get him?" asked Albus.

"I didn't," answered Severus. "I saw Potter in the leaky cauldron and I became suspicious and then i saw his injuries and i brought him home... what's more is that his muggle uncle did this to him."

"So what are you sudjesting?" Albus asked. "That we find another guardian for Harry?"

"That whould be satisfactory," Severus said. "I can't stand child abuse."

"Then you whould be a perfect guardian," Albus said. "In fact I have the guardianship documents right here in my robes."

Severus understood what Albus what getting at.

"Oh no, no way," Severus said. "I will not take Potter under my roof."

"Would you like Harry to return to the Dursleys and they might eventually kill him and then Voldemort will conquer?" Albus said. "Please take the boy Severus, Like how I took you in when you had no one in the world who cares about you."

Severus glared at Albus who produced the documents and placed them on the table.

"Where did you get the documents, Albus?" Severus asked conjuring a quill and relunctantly signing the papers.

"Now that will be a very long story Severus," Albus said. "On which I don't feel like telling at this moment."

Severus looked at Albus twinkling blue eyes and inwardly growled at him... after a moment placed his quill down and looked at Albus.

"Well, I am now Potter's unfortunate guardian," Severus said. "How will i tell that to Potter?"

"I will accompoany you, Severus," Albus said standing up rolling the document and keeping it on his robes. "I will personally tell Harry about the transfer of guardianship to you."

With that Albus and Severus left the room and the house and apparated to the Prince Manor and they went up the stairs."


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