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Summary: One year later, and the Supernaturalists have trekked on without Stefan, only to be bombarded by a new enemy; something a little more sinister than the old Parasites. But for how long will Stefan stay gone? StefanOC (but it's not stupid, I swear)

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"Rainy Return"

It was a rare day in the City of the Future.

Rain tumbled from hovering, grey cotton clouds. People had wandered from their box-like homes, buildings, and buses to look up at the natural-looking sky. There were no odd colors mixed with the neutral grey, no whistling and howling of the dangerous and poisonous winds tucked away.

No. It was pure rain—at least as pure as it got in the Big Pig. Which, as a matter of fact, was not acid rain.

In a certain warehouse on a specific Abracadabra Street, this sparked excitement and thrill.

And for a certain boy named Cosmo Hill, he found a special promise in this natural miracle.

Cosmo looked from the tall window and back in the corner adjacent to where he stood. He moved his thin hand away from the black curtain, letting it hide the window. Sitting in the small kitchen area was Ditto, who was quietly reading the holographic news and drinking a cup of coffee. This sight was odd in two respects: it was the middle of the afternoon, and Ditto resembled a toddler. Cosmo laughed lightly. A kid drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.

Mona stood at the stove cooking something in a pot, stirring, stopping, stirring. She had her back turned to Cosmo, her thick black hair hanging by her cheek.

"It's raining," Cosmo aptly said as he sat in the chair across from Ditto.

Ditto pointed at the holographic news with his large blue eyes, drinking his coffee. He set the cup down and nodded. "I'm reading all about it," he said. He glanced up at the high ceiling, to the pricking sounds of rain on the roof. "And I can hear it."

Cosmo lazily nodded and slouched in his chair, laying his head on the table. No one said anything for several minutes, only a solemn silence standing in the warehouse's corner, looking at the floor with the same despair as the three friends.

Abruptly, the sound of Mona throwing her stirring spoon from her hands and into the pot disrupted the room. Ditto looked up and Cosmo jumped in his chair. They look in her direction, startled.

She was hunched over the oven, a hand over her face. Her shoulders were gently shaking. "What's wrong?" Cosmo softly asked.

"What's wrong…?" Mona mumbled, her voice choked. She turned back to the two, her eyes floating in tears. "What's wrong, Cosmo? Are you actually asking me what's wrong?" She didn't wait for an answer, moving menacingly close to Cosmo. She threw her hand in the direction of the window Cosmo had been daydreaming out of. "It has been one year, you two. One year," she let it sink in, her eyes wild. "One year ago today that Stefan died. And what are we doing?" She let her hand fall to her side. "Absolutely nothing."

Ditto slammed his coffee cup on the table. The hologram shivered and the black liquid jumped onto the table. "What are you expecting us to do, Mona? We have no where to go to honor him, per say. There is nowhere for us to go for him," Ditto shouted. Then he laughed sarcastically. "Would you like to go back to Faustino's—"

"Shut up, Ditto!" Mona cried, covering her ears. "Shut up!"

"Stefan is dead," Ditto spat out. He stared at her. "One day, we have got to come to real terms and accept it. Stefan will never walk through these doors again and we will never speak to him again," Ditto stopped and realized what he was saying; that he was not only speaking to Mona and Cosmo, but to himself as well. The anger shattered from his face, revealing his raw broken hear. "And… that's horrible. It's so unfair."

Then, a laugh chimed the warehouse walls. While the sound resonated throughout the building and it seemed to come from the warehouse itself, the echo faded down to the dark quiet corner with the staircase door.

"Unfair," the voice said. A man, young. Familiar? "Unfair is such an interesting word."

Mona had quickly swallowed her sobbing and was suddenly holding a lightning rod. "Who are you?"

"Whoa, don't shoot, Tex," said the man. He stepped forward from the shadows slightly. "I think that if you shot that at me, you'd be pretty mad at yourself. And so would our friends."

"Sure about that?" Retorted Mona, her grip tightening on the rod, disregarding the stranger's grammatical hints. "Because as far as I'm concerned, you're an intruder and I'm entitled to shooting you without any regrets."

"An intruder to what?" The young man said. "Because, Mona Lisa Vasquez, as far as I'm concerned, this is my warehouse and you're intruding on it."

And that's when the shadowed man stepped out and everyone got one good look at the familiar Russian face.

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