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Crimson Night

And if they get me and the sun goes down into the ground

And if they get me take this spike to my heart and…

And if they get me take this spike and…

You put the spike in my heart.

The loud music thumps painfully through Sam's head, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on the newspaper spread out in front of him. He's been searching through all the local papers for nearly two hours and is yet to find a single red flag. A sigh of frustration, or perhaps relief, escapes the young hunter's lips and folding the paper up, Sam finally decides to give in, thinking that maybe Dean's right about this place. It's clean, but not too clean, just supernatural free.

Dean and him had just finished a particularly rough hunt a few towns over, so the older brother declared that they needed a night off to relax. Of course clubbing is by no means Sam's idea of relaxing, but Dean being Dean didn't give his little brother much choice in the matter.

Glancing around the club, it doesn't take Sam long to spot the older hunter, who in normal Dean fashion is flirting with the barmaid, and judging by the wide smile covering her features, she's loving every minute of it.

Boredom setting in, Sam starts calculating how long it would take to walk back to the motel. He'd probably make the distance before Dean even thought about leaving, though he doubts his brother is planing on going anywhere without his new female companion.

Deciding he'll take his chances and leave, Sam's just about to get up off his seat when a voice distracts him from his actions.


Glancing up, Sam's surprised to find himself staring up into the deep green eyes of an attractive woman. "Umm, hi," he replies, waiting for her to extend her greeting.

The woman laughs nervously. "Do you mind if I sit with you?" She asks, appearing as though she's expecting a no, but Sam nods yes, and she gratefully takes the seat opposite him. "Thanks, my friends kind of ditched me, and I don't want to stand around alone." She smiles sweetly, and extends her hand, "I'm Sadie."

The hunter returns her smile. "Sam," he replies, taking the offered hand, "I like your hair," he adds, referring to the blue streaks amongst her short black locks, "it's different."

Sadie laughs again, but this time it feels more causal. "Yeah, I'm not big on following crowds, obviously except when it means I'm standing alone."

For some reason the young hunter instantly relaxes in the woman's presence, suddenly feeling like sticking around may not be such a bad idea.

"So why did your friends ditch you?" he enquires, keeping the flow of conversation going, actually interested in getting to know the young women. Sam's always found it easy to connect with people; he can start up a conversation with nearly anyone, he makes friends quickly, and everybody at his school seems to like him. But Sam has trust issues, growing up in the life he's had he's been taught to be cautious, to be guarded and not let people in. Letting people in means questions, and there's so much about his life that needs to remain a secret, there's too many details that could accidentally slip out.

And then there's Jess, but he can't go there.

"They said they wanted to get a bite to eat, so I turn to finish my drink and when I look back they'd gone. Great friends huh?" She affirms, absentmindedly fiddling with her bag. "So why were you alone tonight?"

Shaking himself from his depressing thoughts, the hunter falls back into the conversation. "My brother and I are just passing through, Dean," Sam gestures over to where his brother and the barmaid are still sitting, "decided we needed time out to relax."

Sadie, who had followed Sam's indication over to Dean, turns her attention back to the younger Winchester. "So you go clubbing?" She asks dubiously.

"Yeah," Sam nods, still not understanding his brother's logic, "not exactly my idea of a night off either."


As Lucia excuses herself to serve a customer, and of course after he tears his eyes away from her retreating figure, Dean casts a glance about the club in search of his little brother. Expecting to find someone sitting alone, the older brother can't help the brazen grin that crosses his features when he spots Sam sitting in the company of a woman, who he'd definitely put in the hot category. Go Sammy. His grin widens when the woman grabs Sam's arm, and leans in closer towards him.

Instantly flashes of Iowa enter his mind, and he can't help but think this may end the same way. Sam seemed to really like that Lori girl, but he wouldn't allow himself to go there, Jess' memory still burning too deep. Maybe with a bit of luck and a lot more alcohol, this time Sammy might actually get laid, then hopefully he'll stop being such a wet blanket.

Sam smiles brightly at her, then getting up strolls over in Dean's direction. At first the older brother thought the gig might be up already, but at the vibrant grin following Sam away he's guessing he was wrong.

"Hey Sammy, who's the girl?' Dean greets, the moment his brother's in range.

Sam shoots a glimpse back at the table before turning his grin to Dean. "Sadie, I'm keeping her company until her friends get back."

"I'm sure you are." The ambiguous comment slips from his mouth.

Sam drops his smile to send his brother a glare in reply, but is obviously in too high spirits to keep it there, as a smirk soon shots back across his features. Signalling to Lucia, she immediately comes over and takes Sam's order.

At seeing his brother happy, and clearly enjoying himself, Dean just has to rub it in; after all it is a rare sight these days. "See, clubbing wasn't such a bad idea after all," he triumphantly declares, glancing towards Sadie, "like I've been telling you for years, the big brother's always right."

Sam smirks and accepts his drinks. "I'll see you later."

"Much later," Dean adds, checking out his own girl, "much, much later."

As Sam turns to leave, Dean scowls noticing Lucia's eyes flicker over his brother, but as her full attention is back on him, Sam's instantly forgotten by both.


"Huh?" Sam grunts, leaning his buzzing head into his palms.

"I said are you ok?" Sadie asks, concern evident across her pretty features.

Sam snaps out of his daze, trying to concentrate on her words. "Umm, yeah, I, I think I had too much to drink." Actually he can barely recall what they've been doing for the past two hours, well other than wasting away Dean's not so hard earned money.

"You and me both," she giggles, "maybe we should call it a night."

Sam's gaze skims, blurry eyed across the club in search of his brother, eventually spotting him on the dance floor, the barmaid wrapped around him with not much dancing actually being done. "I don't think my rides ready to go," he declares, turning to Sadie.

"Ok then, let's go for a walk," she quickly stands, holding out her hand, "the fresh air might sober us up a bit."

Nodding in agreement, the hunter climbs unsteadily to his feet, and grasping her out stretched hand, the couple slowly and awkwardly cover the distance to the door.

The cool night air instantly hits the youngest Winchester, a refreshing change from the club's stuffy atmosphere and he greedily breathes it in.

Suddenly Sam's vision blurs completely, and in his shock his body to forget it's supposed to be standing, and he topples to the side. Sadie's grip on his hand tightens, her free arm quickly wrapping around his waist, trying to support his weight. "Whoa, you don't want to do that," she states, actually managing to steady the 6'4 hunter and help him back on his feet.

"Thans," he slurs, trying to gulp down the growing need to empty his stomach, he really didn't think he'd had that much.

"Come on, let's keep moving," she coaxes. Keeping her arm around his waist and a hand clutching his forearm, she guides him down the quiet, deserted street.

Some small part of Sam is screaming at him, warning him, telling him that something's not right, but this happens every time he gets close to a girl. He still feels like he's betraying Jessica.

New waves of nausea halt his thoughts, spinning his vision and adding to the intense pounding in his head. His body is exhausted; he just wants to get back to the motel and sleep.

"We're here."

Sadie's cheerful tone causes him to glance up and focus on what's in front of him. After waiting for his vision to clear, he's able to distinguish a motel room door. That'll do. Of course he's not so messed up that he doesn't know why Sadie brought him here, but he is messed up enough to be able to ignore the little voice in his head.

The moment the door closes behind them, Sam finds himself slammed up against it, Sadie's lips locking with his, her tongue invading his mouth. Once the initial shock passes, and Sam's upstairs brain switches off, he deepens the kiss, his arms wrapping around her, and pulling her body closer.

"Now, this is where the fun starts," she mutters seductively in his ear, her words sending a shiver down his spine.

She traces her lips down his neck, her hands roaming his body, finding their way underneath his shirt. A groan escape's Sam's mouth as she thrusts into him, her hands grapping hold of the shirt and tearing it open, exposing his bare chest.

The hunter rubs his hands along her body, moving smoothly over her skin, and up toward the bra strap, their lips connecting once more. Sadie sinks deeper into his embrace, moaning into Sam's mouth, as her body is pulled even tighter against him. She breaks the contact on their lips, both gasp at the sudden oxygen, but Sadie doesn't take the time to enjoy it, as she moves back in. A shudder rakes through Sam's body as her lips softy tickle their way down his neck, stopping only when two tiny needle like spears penetrate deep into his flesh.

"Ah!" Sam cries out and jerks back, at the sudden pain shooting down his neck. "W-what?" His fogy mind's not able to comprehend what happened.

Sadie pulls back, revealing startling yellow eyes, and long white fangs. Shit.

"Get off me!" he yells, instantly realising the danger he's in, and propels himself forward off the door, trying desperately to escape her grasp.


Pain spikes up across his body as Sadie easily thrusts him back into the door, her vampiric strength, no match for his weakening state. His fear grows by the second, his heart pumping violently against his chest, as his actions of struggle prove futile.

"What did you do to me," he asks, suddenly aware that the alcohol he'd consumed shouldn't have had this kind of effect.

An evil smirk spreads across her features, "I just slipped you a little something to make all this easier." She lovingly stokes a finger down his check, grinning wickedly. "Come on baby, I just wanna play."

Recoiling from her touch, panic sets in. 'Oh god she's going to kill me,' the little voice in his head screams, but is instantly silenced by another voice, a voice with a surprisingly Dean-like tone, sure can pick em'. Ignoring both voices Sam let's his hunter instincts win out, hoping they aren't dimmed by whatever she'd the drugged him with. Taking deep breaths, he attempts to calm himself and mentally work through his options, which is proving unusually difficult due to the fuzzy smudge covering his brain. Finally realising thinking this through just isn't going to work, Sam does the one thing he can. He acts.

Quickly, he falls into hunter mode, ducking down, Sam slips under her arms and once out of her grasp, sends a swift kick to her torso, a satisfied grin coating his features as she yells out, staggering back. "What do you know, the Dean method actually works," he mutters, happy to finally have made some progress.

Taking a defence stance, Sam braces himself as Sadie all too quickly regains her balance.

"You shouldn't have gone that." Snarling viciously, she dives, colliding roughly with the hunter and knocking them both to the floor, Sam's long legs taking out a nearby lamp in the process, sending it shattering along side them.

Not letting her gain the upper hand, Sam immediately spins them around, pinning the vampire to the ground and delivering a few hard punches to her face. Realising this is no way to kill a vamp, his eyes dart desperately around the room searching for anything that could help him, while trying to hold his position over her.

Suddenly, before he can react, Sadie propels herself from the floor, swinging violently up and heaving Sam off her. The young hunter hits the floor with a grunt, his head spinning at the jolt and exhaustion once again sweeping across his body, but ignoring the overwhelming urge to stay down, he quickly pulls himself back to his feet.

Stretching his hands out to steady his shaky legs, Sam gulps back as his nausea catches up with him, threatening to overcome him as his vision becomes momentarily fuzzy. 'Not now!'

The distraction is all Sadie needs, as she instantly pounces, sending the hunter crashing into the wall, firmly restraining him in place. "There, now I don't want you to do that again," she orders, closing the gap between them, effectively pinning him to the wall, "you'll ruin the game."

Disappointment rings through Sam's mind as he realises his struggle was for nothing, he's in the same position as when he started, only now he's sure he won't be able to escape, feeling like that at any moment he might drop.

Feeling his once tense muscles relax, he knows his body is giving up. The pain in his neck has turned into a dull throb, but he can feel the warm liquid seeping from the open wound.

He numbly watches as Sadie's eyes follow the trail of blood in awe; she appears almost hypnotised, as though she's never even seen a drop. The hungry vampire brings her mouth back down towards his neck, breathing in his scent. "God, honey you smell good." She presses her mouth over the wound, and Sam winces, actually being able to feel the blood rushing from his body.

She draws away again, probably enjoying the fear in his eyes and wanting to remember every second of it. "Damn I needed this."

It can't end like this, he's been through so much, faced a lot worse evil, surely this can't be how it ends. Abruptly changing his mind the hunter again attempts to rake his brain for a plan of escape, anything to get him out of this situation, but he doesn't have a weapon on him, and he wouldn't have the time to reach for his phone. His only hope is Dean, but his brother's so busy with his girl, he probably hasn't even noticed Sam's absence yet.

New pain flares through his body, alerting him that she's back at the wound. Sam can hear his once pounding heart growing weaker by the second, his already exhausted body, getting heavy, slowly sinking to the floor. Losing grip on him, Sadie allows him to fall.

Siding down the wall, he hits the ground, with a light bump, thankful to be off his feet. He realises this may be his last change to escape, but he's so tired, can can't even find the strength to lift his limbs, let alone fight off a hungry vamp. Suddenly images of his brother shove their way into his head, and Sam knows he can't give up, what would his Dad and Dean think of him if he just sat here and let this bitch kill him? Giving up is not the Winchester way.

With renewed strength, the young hunter kicks out at the exposed legs in front of him, delighted when he makes contact, sending Sadie flying to the ground, her head hitting the floor with a sickening smack.

Unfortunately she doesn't stay down for the count, almost instantly springing back to her feet. "That's a bad boy," she snarls, whacking Sam hard across the check, roughly jarring his head back against the wall. "I guess I'm not going to get the change to play with you." She smirks, desire flickering within her eyes, "Such a waste."

The young hunter ignores the additional pain and stares numbly up at her blurry face, shallowing back the betrayal looming in his mind, masking his hurt perfectly with anger and disgust.

She glares down at him, most likely still pissed about her little trip, and as she leans down towards him, Sam wishes he could find the energy to react.

"But you know honey," she whispers sweetly into his ear, "maybe I can fix that."

Before her words can register, she grabs him by the collar of his shirt, and lifting him up, she throws him down on the nearby bed. Hitting the soft mattress, the hunter immediately attempts to haul himself up, not likely the vulnerability lying down provides, but before he can sit up, Sadie's on top of him, saddling his body, and pushing him flat on the bed. Licking the blood smeared across her lips, she leans right over him, their noses only inches apart, her eyes locking with his, trying to intensify his fear.

Sam twitches, terror radiating from his body, and knowing it's probably emphasised in his eyes, he turns away, not wanting to give her the satisfaction. He knows he doesn't have much longer before all coherent thoughts abandon him, but for the life of him, there's only one thing going through his mind. Dean. His brother isn't going to know what happened, what if Sadie turns him, and he tries to kill Dean? God, he can't let that happen, he'd rather die right here and now than be responsible for his big brother's death.

His body spasms irritably, as the blood is sucked from his veins, his thoughts becoming intoxicated by an agonising pain as she digs her teeth further into his flesh. His pulse slows right down, breathing becomes a desperate struggle, his lungs burning for air, but his body too weak to supply. His vision turns into a spinning mess, before all light fades, and he's left staring into darkness.

"That's it sweetie, nearly done."

The sing-song words echo through his mind, but hold no meaning as it begins to shut down, all his senses are suddenly gone, and nothing but a dark mass surrounds him, engulfing him whole.


Dean groggily opens his sleep-hazed eyes, but instantly snaps them shut as an intense light floods his senses. A small groan escapes his lips as the hunter drags his unwilling body from the bed, being careful not to stir Lucia.

Sitting on the edge of the mattress the Winchester, rakes his hands through his dishevelled hair, wishing away the intense pounding against his skull, a constant reminder of how much he actually had to drink the night before.

In an attempt to block out the pain, the older brother's thoughts flicker to the family's youngest member, wondering how Sam's night went, well, wondering if he chickened out and ditched the girl. Assuming he probably did, the hunter shakes his head in a disapproving manner, instantly regretting it as his vision spins, causing nausea to rise. Gulping it back down, Dean quickly tugs on his clothes, and grabbing his cell and keys; he quietly heads out the door. Checking his messages, he finds nothing from Sam; so drives straight back to the motel, expecting to pick his brother up and on his stomach's orders, grab some much needed breakfast.

Arriving at their current 'home' Dean's surprised to find that his little brother hasn't made it back yet. Must have had a good night. Glancing at the time, his phone reads 10:45, that's a bit late for a sleep in, especially for Sam.

An anxious tinge settles over the older brother, and letting his worry getting the better of him, he quickly dials his brother's number, subconsciously holding his breath in anticipation for Sam's voice.

Voicemail clicks on and Dean can feel his heart sink, his worry suddenly morphing into fear. It's quite possible that he's over reacting, Sam could have easily over slept, or has just lost track of time, I mean she was pretty hot, but years in their kind of work has made Dean paranoid, and his mind won't be settled until he sees his little brother safe and sound. Then he can kill him for not calling or answering his phone.

Realising it would be stupid to go searching the whole town just because Sam isn't 'home,' the older brother has taken to pacing restlessly up and down the tiny room, his ears alert for any approaching footsteps, the hangover long forgotten. His eyes flutter down to his cell every few seconds, checking the time, and if there's any messages he might have missed. Ok, so yes, he's almost certainly over reacting, but when it comes to his little brother that's just the way he is. Sammy is Dean's responsibility, that's the way it's always been, the words 'watch out for Sammy' were drilled into his mind from an early age and he's never forgotten them, no matter how old they've gotten. He's overprotective, always has been, and nothing, not even death itself will change that.

Finally getting sick of the four walls surrounding him, the stir-crazy hunter snatches his keys up off the nightstand, and bolts out the door. If Sam's not going to come to him, he'll just have to go to Sammy, wherever that might be. Someone at the club would have had to have seen his brother or that girl, maybe she's a regular, someone might know where to find her. With his destination decided, the Impala soon speeds of down the road.

Exciting the club Dean's heart feels slightly lighter now that he has a lead on where Sam might be. The owner of the club, the only person currently occupying it, had said that Sadie and a group of friends have been coming in every night for the last week, apparently they've been travelling around a lot and wanted a decent stay in one place. It's not much to go on, but hey, it's more than he had before. Now he just has to check all the motels in the area, and hope she isn't staying with a local resident.

Parking outside his third motel, Dean's spirits are slowly becoming despondent as he climbs out of the Impala. All the same, new hope fulls him as he instantly scans the area for a familiar face, or at least someone to question, being very thankful at this point that both Sam and Sadie are pretty easy to describe. It's now about 11:30, and the older brother believes his actions are now just, there's no way Sam should or would go this long without contacting Dean to let him know where he is, something must have happened. Gulping back his growing anxiety, and shoving aside all horror filled thoughts, the hunter briskly marches over to the reception office.

About half way through Dean's ascend to reception; the rumble of an engine draws the hunter's attention, halting his steps, as a strangely familiar vehicle pulls up to the parking lot.

"Bobby" Dean yells while jogging up to his Dad's friend, having recognised his fellow hunter the moment the other man stepped out. The older Winchester can't help but feel somewhat relieved, thinking he might be able to get a hand in tracking down his brother.

"Dean?" Bobby questions, clearly surprised by the younger man's presence.

Dean nods in response, a grin plastered over his features before suddenly turning serious. "You on a hunt?" Already knowing that Bobby would drop everything to find Sam, Dean's asking more out of curiosity, not having seen any red flags in the town.

"Yeah," the older man sighs, clearly exhausted, "I've been tracking a clan of vampires, sneaky little bastards keep getting away."

A sinking sensation emerges in Dean's stomach. "Vampires?" he shakily enquires, not wanting to believe the images assaulting his mind. "D-didn't happen to see a hot one with blue in her hair, did, did you?" he stumbles, praying desperately for a no.

Seeing the fear evident on Dean's face, the older hunter very hesitantly nods in a yes. "Why? What's happened?"

Dean can feel himself shattering, horror and shock overwhelming him, numbing his mind and filling his soul with heart wenching guilt. He let him down, the most important person in his life is probably gone, and it's entirely his fault, he was too busy messing around with some girl, and because of that, he's lost his baby brother.

Suddenly a voice of hope erupts in his head, maybe I'm not too late, maybe he got away! God, he wishes it was true, Sam can't be dead, he can't and won't accept it, not until he has proof.

Another thought swiftly penetrates his mind, hitting him like a physical blow. Staggering back, he's vaguely aware of Bobby's hand on his shoulder, and sound, that most probably should be making words, emerging from his friend's mouth.

He'd forgotten one very important detail about vampires; one he wishes would stay buried. There's something much worse than simply being killed when these demons are involved, something horrifyingly worse, and as that information settles in, Dean comes to the horrific realisation that he may have to kill the one person he's sworn to protect, his little brother, his Sammy.

Struck down, before our prime

Before, you got off the floor

Can you stake my heart? Can you stake my heart?

Can you stake me before the sun goes down?


Is Sam dead? Is he a vampire? Or is that the end of the fic?

I really don't know, I keep changing my mind, but damn it feels good to be writing these kinds of fics again. This was my first Supernatural fic, so I'd love to hear how I did. I wrote this before I saw Dead Man's Blood (only just finished season one), so I'm not following the show's vampy rules.

Btw, the song is Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance.

Thanks for reading!